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Aunt Clair
8th May 2007, 12:44 PM
Drawing energy while lying down ~ a modified full body circuit
Recently I have had extended bedrest and I have been trying to modify energy cleansing and raising techniques so that I might heal my spine . Ironically the best method to draw energy into the spine is from the feet but I cannot place my feet on the floor without debilitating headaches due to the CSF leak from the spinal fusion .

Irregardless of the reason , it is practical when sick in bed to be able to continue energy exercises to strengthen the physical immune system and to promote healing .

The insteps of the feet draw in energy proficiently when placed bare upon the floor . But the feet do not draw in well lying down . The hands can be trained to pull in energy though and in time the insteps will start to pull in energy even when lying down too .

To train my body to take in energy while lying down , I used two NEW methods .

Spinal Bounce
http://www.astraldynamics.com/tutorials ... etinID=363 (http://www.astraldynamics.com/tutorials/?BoardID=95&BulletinID=363)
Energy & The Immune System~Set an alarm to practice at intervals
http://www.astraldynamics.com/tutorials ... etinID=243 (http://www.astraldynamics.com/tutorials/?BoardID=6&BulletinID=243)
I set the alarm for hour intervals and did a full body cleansing followed by a full body raising of energy . When I was proficient at this I set the clock to half hour intervals and I am continuing this practice during my extended bedrest . I am thrilled to report that my headaches which only yesterday made me want to die are completely absent today . Energy works wonders . The more you practice the better you will feel .

Drawing in energy through the arms
Ask and you will receive . I wrote a while ago on AD asking for help to modify NEW or QiGong or any energy work to effect a draw while lying down . I got a few ideas from members and a friend had a dream of a dragon eating an orange lion . I interpreted this as the right arm right away . That night I dreamt of a blue left arm dragon eating a wolf from the moon and a gold right arm dragon eating a lion from the sun .

Dragons are of course the archetypical imagery of mother kundalini . The palm is the mouth of the arm dragons . It is very powerful sending out energy but taking in energy from the palm can be managed over time . I began to try some energy ideas . After deep cleansing , I open and closed the palm to push out energy and discovered that I could pull it back in immediately after flaring . So I did exercises while lying here opening and closing the palm each time the alarm went off .,trying to pull energy back into the arms .I continued to trial drawing these spheres into the arm like ropes of thick elemental energy .And in a few days time , it worked !

Priming the palm
Holding the right arm up in the air
pull in a breath from the crown
exhale it out the palm
close the palm by bringing the flat fingers down to cover it
and inhale the flare just sent out
Repeat on the left arm
Prime the palms 5 times at each interval of the alarm

Feed the dragons lions and wolves
I used a similar method to manifesting elemental spheres ;
http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewto ... ing+portal (http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?t=2343&highlight=manifesting+portal)

After the palm is primed .Manifest a golden ball of sun energy .
In my right palm I have the golden lion , hot , bright , dry , light ,active ,electric , male , golden fire. Now the dragon eats the lion . Open the palm and inhale the golden orb . Breathe in crown to heart . Exhale through the palm and quickly inhale through the palm . Each time add to the orb each time draw from the orb until the arm is buzzing with fire energy . This can be pulled easily now down the heart to the legs . I found that it spiraled from the heart down the right leg only .

After the palm is primed .Manifest a sapphire ball of moon energy .
In my left palm I have the blue wolf , cold , dark , wet , heavy ,passive ,manetic , female , sapphire water . Now the dragon eats the wolf . Open the palm and inhale the golden orb . Breathe in crown to heart . Exhale through the palm and quickly inhale through the palm . Each time add to the orb each time draw from the orb until the arm is buzzing with fire energy . This can be pulled easily now down the heart to the legs . I found that it spiraled from the heart down the leftt leg only .

Once you have mastered this technique try to pull the moon into the left and the sun into the right at once . This allows the body to fully raise the dragon as it does with the feet . But like the phoenix before it comes from the heart down and then energy is whipped back up from the feet to the crown . I found that after doing this every hour for several days that my insteps started to be able to draw energy from the air too !

It might help to visualise the 8 openings around each chakra by examining the external centres depicted here on the crown .

http://ca.msnusers.com/_Secure/0VgCuDswaZaRUWpZq8bT5HXD1BPOXvrxaf96sp3Ag8OkQUoKVv JNxDTDnAc2zZMLX!JGO9qcHvxMd!2sXL4fKVkyKI*WlypZbYfc xXp9QLLDr6oXfHZfbAidCzOAWcTyE/stones%20and%20bones.jpg

More chakras manifest lengthening the energy body this is a
Flow Chart through the spine from top to bottom ;
alpha aperture 10 inches above the scalp
Crown of the Goddess ~ a dinner plate sized kanda on the scalp
violet third eye
indigo nose
blue mouth
aqua throat
green heart
yellow chest
orange stomach
red hips
rose genitalia
Throne of God ~a dinner plate sized kanda on the perineum
Omega aperture 10 inches below the perineum

Influent Centres
scalp ~Crown

Effluent Centres
perineum~ Throne

8th May 2007, 02:48 PM
Hello, AC.

Wonderful techniques, it seems! :)

On drawing and expelling energy through the hands:

I'm still in the beginning of this, but have been told that flattening the hand - and therefore opening/extending all the joints within allows expelling energy, while bending/closing the joints (like a claw, but without tension) supports drawing in energy through the hands. I think this can be combined with out breath on expelling, and in-breath on taking energy in.

Your taking in of energy reminds me of the "bone breathing" strategy of Mantak Chia and Marin Gilles, especially in the context of the healing practise of Chi Nei Tsang and Iron Shirt Qigong. I do not practise this, but I still can post a bit about it, since you said you have respect, and therefore a bit of confidence in Mantak Chia. :)

I'm glad you have found a way to keep the headaches in check, and hope the additional rest will help you recover.

Aunt Clair
8th May 2007, 04:09 PM
Thank you very much for the reply and I would love to have links to read regarding similar techniques so I can make this better . I just modified Robert's NEW and listened to dreams and meditations to get this far . I am sure that the arms can be made more powerful . So please post those links .

8th May 2007, 07:00 PM
I will try to summarise a bit from the book "Healing from Within with Chi Nei Tsang" by Gilles Marin, who cooperated with Mantak Chia.

About the practise:

This meditation can be performed lying on your back, with the legs drawn up if that is more comfortable. [...]
Be aware of the bones in your fingers and toes; wiggle them a little and feel their presence. Stay in touch with the feeling in the bones. As you breathe feel them expanding, and feel them contracting as you breathe out. As you breathe in be aware that you are filling these bones full of fresh air, and you are sucking in this air from the tips of your fingers to the wrists and from the tips of your toes to the ankles. Feel the shape and the size as you breathe through them. Feel the weight and let it drop. As you breathe in visualize clean fresh air filling up the bones, cleaning the marrow, cleaning the joints, making more space between the bones. As you breathe out gently squeeze the air out of the bones and visualize dirty, murky exhaust air coming out of the tips of your toes and fingers.

He continues to expand this coordinated breathing as follows (always include the parts included before):
1 ) expand to knees
2 ) expand to elbows
3 ) expand capacity
4 ) expand into pelvis and pelvic girdle
5 ) expand into shoulders
6 ) expand capacity
7 ) expand from the pelvis into the spine
8 ) expand into ribcage
9 ) expand capacity
10 ) expand to skull
11 ) expand feeling more
12 ) move from the hand and feet the bones, try to move the joints while breathing

I hope this can help you a bit. Since it starts in the hands and feet you can experiment a little with the feeling of the exercise before touching any of the spots that you have problems with.


Aunt Clair
9th May 2007, 02:01 AM
I will try to summarise a bit from the book "Healing from Within with Chi Nei Tsang" by Gilles Marin, who cooperated with Mantak Chia.
Thanks Korpo

This meditation can be performed lying on your back, with the legs drawn up if that is more comfortable. [...]
Be aware of the bones in your fingers and toes; wiggle them a little and feel their presence. Stay in touch with the feeling in the bones. As you breathe feel them expanding, and feel them contracting as you breathe out. As you breathe in be aware that you are filling these bones full of fresh air, and you are sucking in this air from the tips of your fingers to the wrists and from the tips of your toes to the ankles. Feel the shape and the size as you breathe through them. Feel the weight and let it drop. As you breathe in visualize clean fresh air filling up the bones, cleaning the marrow, cleaning the joints, making more space between the bones. As you breathe out gently squeeze the air out of the bones and visualize dirty, murky exhaust air coming out of the tips of your toes and fingers.
I llike this , it is helpful . Thank you !


10th May 2007, 01:33 AM
I keep reading this topic and thinking "Dragons, Lions & Wolves oh my!" Anyway, it looks really interesting, and I want to read about it further, but I don't really have time right now. So I just wanted to add that little anecdote.

Aunt Clair
11th May 2007, 03:26 PM
The animal symbolism is archetypical imagery which is historically known.

all of these animals have both alchemic and totemic understandings
The green lion eats the sun this allows the moon to rise . The sun is the electric male polarity and the moon is the magnetic female polarity . For certain stages the body must not be hermaphroditic but become all sun or all moon . The lion is the sun . It defeats itself as we must do . For example by becoming all magnetic the window on the edge of the universe opens to the mystic . Some dimensions require the loading of soecif elemental prana to attain them.

"The feathers one lion has not, the other has.The Lion, the conqueror of the quadrupeds, of a powerful disposition and strong of claws,Fights without fear and rejects flight;Let him hold with his paws the winged Lioness, who flees and wants to take up with her the male lion But the latter stands on the ground immovable and keeps her from flying;May this picture of Nature show you the way."
The mother wants us to become angelic winged and return to source , the father wants to fight and oppress her peaceful pursuits.A wolf devoured the King, and being burnt it restored him to life again.But through compromise they ascend . She must let go of heavy water and he must dump heavy earth . She can not fly unless his fire gives heat to her air .
"The "belly of the whale" is a precursor, however, to rebirth, and wolf and dragon represent Opus nigredo."Black Works
"an engraving of a wolf eating a dead king. Then in the background, the wolf is consumed in fire,from which the resurrected king emerges. Thus, the king represents spirit-Sun-gold descended to and devoured by Physis-Saturn-lead."
This is the savage dog being tamed to become the loyal one .
Images from ;

11th May 2007, 04:09 PM
So Dragon and Serpent are interchangeable? Because I know Kundalini only as the "Serpent Power"...

It's just that I have read that some (?) South and Middle American nations have symbolised in the Flying Serpent what the Chinese symbolise with the Dragon.

In the more TCM-related (my guess, anyway) Five Elements the Dragon is associated with the Lung.


Aunt Clair
12th May 2007, 02:59 AM

Yes the cobra or serpent , snake or dragon have been used interchangeably as archetypal imagery ;

Throughout the Bible, the dragon (or tannin [Fishbane, 1998]) becomes interchangeable with the snake or adder, appearing in Psalm 91:13: "The young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample underfoot." However, the same passage also reads "thou shall tread upon the young lion and the adder" in other versions of the Bible. Psalm 91:13 in the Douay version states: "Thou shalt tread upon the adder and the basilisk" (Smith, 1989). While those taking the passages at face value may count this as a discrepancy or erroneous, this is in fact not so, as an entirely different point is reinforced here. It is not explicitly the dragon itself that is the enemy here, but the strings that have been attached to it through pagan religions. The dragon is endowed with heavy metaphysical imagery throughout the Bible, many of which stem from pre-existing mythology. This is not to discount the validity of the texts, but was well-placed adaptation of symbols existing at that time- many of which live on today.

The basic and simplistic imagery is as listed above
kundalini =serpent or cobra or dragon
sun =lion =male
moon= wolf =female

But there are also complex and subtle idiosyncrasies that become apparent by studying archetypical imagery in tarot , martial arts , taoist alchemy , totemic wisdoms etc . And each culture brings other elements into the archetypes .

Christian mythos indicates that the dragon must be slain and the serpent under foot should be trod upon . There are internet groups who believe in a dragon conspiracy too . I think that fear prevents humans from ascension . We need faith not fear . Christ speaks about mother kundalini in the apocrypha but the Christian church feared and suppressed information about kundalini and reincarnation .

But we are not supposed to kill the dragon , it is not the enemy , the dragon represents the base nature of humanity ascending to a magickal nature . So we feed the energy body the lion or sun which is golden amoris and we feed the energy body the wolf or moon which is silver akasha and this gives light to he hungry dragon who changes from the aggressive destroyer who crawls on its belly and hides in a cave with greed and stealth . The dragon instead becomes a light dragon who can fly or project to other realms who has magickal abilities of healing and manifestation . We all have the dragon within us . We choose what to feed it . If we feed it light of the sun and the moon it grows to help us and others . If we feed it fear , anger and darkness it destroys us instead

I believe in the interconnectedness of all lifeforms and about the subtle universality of all alchemy in a World Tree of Life . The dragon is inside each of us as part of our spiritual DNA . It is by cleansing the dragon , transmuting it and raising it in light that we become whole and reunited to source . This is about taming aggression to become the healer and to become the magick dragon capable of flying and healing instead of submitting to the base nature of humanity and becoming the crawling hiding destroyer dragon.

" Book of Lambspring~ a different aspect to polarities in the fight between the inner dragon and an armed knight (a St George figure) in the Forest of the ...www.alchemywebsite.com/lambjrny.html "
We are not to slay the dragon but to tame it , it is not the enemy , it is us .

"Another symbol of this stage was the dragon, a familiar inhabitant of the alchemists flasks. The dragon is however a more complex symbol and is also used when winged as a symbol for the spiritualising of the earthly substance. Thus to the alchemists the dragon appeared at the beginning and at the end of the work. " ... cd=7&gl=uk (
Thus the fool becomes the magician and yet becomes the fool again .

The Alchemy Website of Adam Mclean has information on this symbolism

And you can google keywords archetypal or archetypical imagery and
choose one at a time ; dragon ,cobra ,serpent, lion ,wolf

Here is an excellent site ; Christ & theKundalini

BOOK of KAOS Tarot~Odin as the Hanged Man on The Tree of Life "whose axis mundi trunk the great Dragon of Kundalini also winds up," http://www.crossroads.wild.net.au/tarot.htm

Aunt Clair
12th May 2007, 03:05 AM
Serpent Code by Gardiner

"Serpent worship was once common in Ireland until Christianity’s dominance systematic wiped it out. Yet according to Philip Gardiner the signs of this ancient wisdom lore can still be found today throughout the world.

Ireland, St Patrick and the Pests
Ireland was once infested with snakes. So say the Christian stories of St. Patrick, who supposedly expelled them with his Baculum Jesu or Staff of Jesus [1]. Of course Ireland has no indigenous snakes at all and so he must have been speaking of a symbolically. But to what was he referring?

For years, scholars, Christians and even alternative historians have been arguing over what exactly St Patrick was eradicating. There is precious little evidence of St Patrick even coming to Ireland, just as there is no evidence that St Paul went to Malta and kicked out the snakes there too! So what's the truth? And is there any spiritual relevance for us today?

Across Ireland there are hundreds of crosses, many of which can be proven to have pre-Christian origins, and many are entwined with images of serpents. The same is true of other locations, such as Malta as I’ve just mentioned, , Rhodes, India, Greece and many more. In all these places snakes are found on ancient megalithic monuments and Christian buildings. These are remnants of a pre-existent serpent-worshipping cult. The serpent cult, is so often misread as consisting of solar worshippers. They worshipped the esoteric or inner sun. For us today this inner light is the realisation of our own connection to the greater universe, of our own inner balance and our own growth towards a more ‘in-tune’ attitude to the world around us. It is also the part of ourselves and our outer world, which gives life, sustains and gives growth.

The sun, found in the sky and as an inner light found within via methods pertaining to the inner serpent energies, [2] as they were perceived. These inner serpentine and solar linked visions were physically represented in megalithic monuments, oral folktales and art.

The existence of this universal cult can also be discovered in other elements of the Irish and Celtic tradition. There is scarcely a design or ornament in Ireland from ancient times that do not show the serpent or dragon image. There is scarcely a myth, a folk tale or a legend, which does not include the serpent. These are not just pagan ornaments or myths - they also bled into the Christian world, or more accurately, the Christians could not keep them out it was so deep in the Irish culture.

The Church had spent many years trying desperately to demonise the serpent, making it the evil snake in the Garden of Eden or even picturing Lucifer, the angel of light, as the serpent. The reason is simple. Knowledge is powerful, but knowledge of yourself is much more powerful - the Church, as the intermediaries between us and knowledge of the Divine could not allow this. But the snake maintained its position steadfastly within the Church, clinging on like limpet. It was in fact the only animal in the Bible to speak using it's own voice; it was used by Moses in the wilderness to heal the Israelites and it was used by the first Christians as the symbol for the Christ himself.

Serpents can be found on Irish Christian crosses such as those of Killamery in Kilkenny County and the font of Cashel, amongst others. Indeed, even the Crozier (priests staff) of Cashel has a serpent emerging from a vagina – which itself is covered in serpents – therefore symbolising ‘new life’ via the born-again serpent.

The crozier itself basically resembles the staff of Moses or Aaron, or even that of an Etruscan or Babylonian priest – all cultures linked to serpent worship. Unfortunately fundamentalists and strict Protestants removed many of these serpents found adorning such crosses, in an attempt to hide the true history.

Also seen on Irish crosses are strange figures, which have extra large heads in relation to their body. Some have said that this is due to the predominance of a "Celtic Head Cult", but the evidence we uncovered in The Serpent Grail [3] pointed to the fact that both the serpent cult and the head cult are one and the same. We found that this was due to the internal psychological and spiritual process brought on by the serpent energies.

In Irish tales these great serpents or "piests" (pests), were said to be "as big as a horse, and have a great mane upon it, so it has." (Legend of the Lakes, Croker, relating to Lough Kittane of Killarney). This has baffled many and has given rise to the link between the snake-serpent and the fabled dragon in many cultures. The tales of the great serpents of huge size and even compared to mountains reveals much. Many of these serpent tales refer to actual locations whereby ancient man created great centres of healing, initiation and ritual – all linked to the universal worship of the serpent.

The Fenian heroes of ancient Ireland are recorded orally in song and one of them, Fionn, was their ‘dragon slayer.’ One of the legends tells us that:

"It resembles a great mound, its jaws were yawning wide;There might lie concealed, though great its fury,A hundred champions in its eye-pits.Taller in height than eight men,Was its tail, which was erect above its back;
Thicker was the most slender part of its tail,Than the forest oak which was sunk by the flood."

Fionn asked where this great monster had come from and was told, "From Greece, to demand battle from the Fenians." Perhaps serpent worshippers had come to Ireland from Greece, and had fought the ancient inhabitants, leaving behind such terror that they became symbolised by this great ‘dragon mound.’ Fionn, it is said, opened the side of the dragon and released the men, going on to kill it. It may be that there is a mixture of wartime fact entwined with the symbolism of this legend. Emerging from the side of the dragon, according to all the myths, gives new life, leaving us no doubt that these serpentine monuments were places of initiation and rebirth.

Evidence of ancient serpent worship in the Americas can be verified from the many serpent mounds that appear across the continent. In Ohio, there is a large serpentine mound with a large head of the snake swallowing (or throwing up) a large egg. Similar snake mounds can be found across the world. Some are man-made, others natural and adapted - such as Hackpens Hill near Avebury in England, where Hack means snake and pen means head - thereby giving us "snakes head hill". These large serpents, still seen in the land today were ancient burial mounds, earthworks and places of ritual for the serpent worshipping cults of our ancestors. The great mane upon the mound, being grass or trees.

In 1871 at the meeting of the British Association in Edinburgh, a certain Mr. Phene gave an account of his discovery in Argyllshire, Scotland, of a mound, "several hundred feet long, fifteen feet high and thirty feet broad." The tail tapers away from a circular cairn, which he presumed to be a solar disk above the head of the "Egyptian uraeus". [4] This fiery Uraeus serpent, or more properly Wadjet, anoints the head with flames, as referred to in the Bible in Apostles, Acts 2, where the Apostles are filled with the holy spirit, and flames lick above their heads. Here we have a clue to the serpents connection to spirituality.

In the Pyramid Texts the Wadjet is linked strongly with nature. The papyrus plant is said to emerge from her and she is connected to the forces of growth, fertility and creative power. The Uraeus is an indication of the divine wisdom and solar-force, emerging from the brow of the head, symbolically represented in the serpent mounds appearing on the brow of a hill. The brow is known as the ‘temple’. Within the Temple is the Holy of Holies, the most sacred place in a human’s body. In Native American traditions many underground caverns within landscaped mounds are where known to be places where initiation rites occurred. From our research, it appears these places were ritualistic re-birthing portals as if from the womb of the creative serpentine mother. In Egyptian history Osiris entered the serpent and emerged reborn and invigorated, and our European and American ancestors mimicked this belief. In all cases it was the wisdom of the serpent, which gave the strength to empower the individual to move on in life, as if born again.

Serpent mounds – a worldwide phenomenon
Further references to serpent mounds can be found across the world. In the Persian holy book Zend Avesta one of the story’s heroes takes a rest on what he thinks is a bank – only to find out that it was a green snake. In Mauritania, Iphicrates says that "there were dragons of such extent that grass grew up on their backs." In Strabo (Lib xv. P.1022) two dragons are said to have resided in the mountains of India, one eighty cubits long and the other one hundred and forty. From Syria Posidonius tells of a dragon which was so large that horse riders on either side could not see each other. Each ‘scale’ was as big as a shield, so that a man "might ride into his mouth." It is thought that these must be ruins of Ophite (serpent worshiping) temples. In some parts of Syria serpent worshippers were known as Hivites (linked with the root word hivvah which from which came the biblical name of Eve which could then be equated with "female serpent"). In India serpent deities are known as the Naga.

From South America text said to have been written by Votan (Quetzalcoatl), in the language of the Quiches says he left Valum Chivim [5] and came to the New World to apportion land among seven families who came with him and were said to be of serpent origin or culebra. Passing the "land of thirteen snakes" he arrived in Valum Votan, founding the city of Nachan (City of Snakes), thought to be Palenque, possibly around 15 BC or even earlier. In reference to Serpent Mounds there is the description of a subterranean passage, that terminated at the ‘root of heaven’ – referred to as a ‘snake’s hole’ while snake heaven was Patala. Votan was only allowed entry because he was ‘the son of a snake’ from which we can infer he was an initiate in the serpent cult.
Serpent Wisdom

There are two distinct elements of practical wisdom originating in the serpent tales, fables and folklore. Firstly that the physical snake itself not only sloughs off its skin and appears to be re-born from within a cave or under a rock, but that the very elements of the physical snake could actually prevent disease and cures ill health. The knowledge of amazing regenerative properties of the various parts of the snake have been discovered in hundreds of ancient medica materia, alchemical texts and hidden within folklore. The venom of the snake was used as an Elixir to help prevent disease through boosting the immune system with high levels of protein. And secondly mixing the neurotoxic venom with the blood of the snake or mammalian host such as a horse brings on altered states of consciousness much akin to certain drugs used by shaman across the world from ancient times. Visions of ‘otherworlds’ seen in such trances are often depicted as tombs, wombs or caves, within which sometimes benevolent, sometimes terrible, serpents are encountered.

In any discussion of serpent wisdom we cannot fail to also mention the ancient Hindu Kundalini practice. Kundalini means simply "coiled serpent" and in the Indian system the ida and pingala energy (through serpent channels) are raised up and down the spine to raise the consciousness of the adept. There are six chakra energy vortices aligning the spine, with a seventh emerging from the top of the head, which is called the bindu. Each chakra location must be traversed upwardly, and in balance, before one can achieve the bindu enlightenment reminiscent of the reference in Apostles, Acts 2 where enlightenment is reached and described as fire licking at the head in the bindu position.

I recently met up with the dowser Hamish Miller who has followed the Michael and Mary lines of telluric energy across Europe finding many examples of Kundalini images and the dual serpentine caduceus known to all health practitioners the world over. We shared our amazement at the widespread frequency of the serpent in myth and folklore

Mankind has from time immemorial searched for longer life and divine wisdom. The result is a sacred and often, secret code, hidden in the landscape, locked away in ancient texts and deep within our own inner energy system. It is a secret code of the divine and wise serpent that has survived the attempts of the Christian Church to eradicate it. If you hear its call, there is a wellspring of knowledge out there for you to discover.


1 According to Giraldus Cambrensis or Gerald of Wales.

2 Today, the inner traditions of the serpent energy are most prominent in the Kundalini and Chakra based systems practised by Eastern adepts and many New Age societies in the West."

Engravings from alchemists indicate that the dragon is to be tamed .The dragon is the inner base nature of humanity as the aggressor , the destroyer and the ego . But when it is transmuted it yields magick and can form an immortal spirit teacher it can help the live magician .The dragon is transmuted slowly over years of works .

The Dragon does not dye unlesse he be slain by a Brother and a Sister, which are Sol and Luna.

But hereby the Dragon is understood [to be] the Element of Earth and Fire; and by the Woman those of Air and Water. Whence the Clangor Buccine saith, " The Dragon is the Matter remaining in the Bottom, after the water is distilled from it. " And according to Hermes, " The water of the Air, being between Heaven and Earth, is the Life of Every thing, for that water dissolves a body into a Spirit, and makes a live thing of a dead thing, and constitutes Marriage between Man and Woman, for it makes the whole Benefit of the Art. " And of the Earth he says thus, " And moreover, understand that the particular earth which we tread upon is not the true Element: Yea, it is Elemented from its true fifth Element. Nor doth the fifth Elemental Substance recede from its Elemented Body from which the Earth is formed. " And a little after, " But the Virgin and true Element, which Fire cannot burn, is in the Center of the earth. This is the Dragon whereof we speak, insinuating itself, even into the Center of the earth, where the heat being great, it conceives within itself a Flaming heat, wherewith it burns the woman or Eagle. "

26th June 2007, 05:08 PM
Great stuff!

Aunt Clair
28th June 2007, 05:43 PM
Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement .

28th June 2007, 06:27 PM
When I lay down my energy flows to my feet, and normally builds up and then releases. It never does this when I'm sitting upright. I dunno, maybe my energy prefers to purge itself this way.

Aunt Clair
30th June 2007, 11:36 AM
When I lay down my energy flows to my feet, and normally builds up and then releases. It never does this when I'm sitting upright. I dunno, maybe my energy prefers to purge itself this way.

The energy flow can be altered according to the pose . When lying down the vibes build up from my feet towards the thighs before separation .

When sitting up , I deep cleanse down from crown to foot and draw up fresh energy from feet to heart to crown .