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    Re: Imagery Behind Eyelids?

    This sounds like training and testing experience.

    It will help if you do a running commentary in your mind on what you are seeing and doing.

    The next step will be to try to take control over...
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    Re: Fasting Advice - water is key

    I would not recommend a total fast with no water.

    Water is needed for the body to break down fat molecules for energy...and you need a lot of water. This makes fasting far less uncomfortable.
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    Re: Access to program from Iphone 6 plus

    I just spoke to my tech person, the guy that put APM program together. It is designed to work with any cell phone, tablet, or computer. We've just tested it and everything works fine.

    As you have...
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    Re: Access to program from Iphone 6 plus


    First, did you contact our help desk?

    As far as I know, our programs should work on a smart phone as well as computers.

    Have you tried updating your phone's flash, drivers, etc?

  5. Re: is there such thing as natural occuring moles RB ??


    I have known several people over the years that, the very first joint they had, they woke up in the psyche ward a few months later saying WTF just happened? So, yes, agreed, in some people...
  6. Re: is there such thing as natural occuring moles RB ??

    Did your voices start when you started smoking MJ? Many people have had a similar experience, and some on the very first joint.

    Have you ever tried say a month on an organic diet?

  7. Re: is there such thing as natural occuring moles RB ??

    I have had a lot of success with reducing symptoms of sz and 'voices' through dietary changes. EG., removing wheat and dairy from diet.

    What is the nature of the voices you hear?

    There are both...
  8. Re: is there such thing as natural occuring moles RB ??

    The problem is, even if I am giving it away, which I am, that this is just too weird for anyone to want to look at it. LOL.

    I recommend you get the latest version of PPSD. The 2nd Edition is way...
  9. Re: is there such thing as natural occuring moles RB ??

    I explain this in my book, The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook.

    Yes, there are naturally occurring and harmless moles. Think of them as each being connected to tiny jellyfish type non...
  10. Re: Signs that one is ready to safely to Raise Kundalini

    The only way to determine this is to go for it. Your first attempt should tell you what you need to know.

    Try not to be paranoid about this. This is understandable given the available literature...
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    Sticky: Art Bell Radio today

    I will be on Art Bell's radio show for a 3.5 hour interview in a couple of hours.

    This will focus on practical psychic self defense.

    I am sure they have archives

    Here's the link ...
  12. Re: Energy work: Why has science not proved it works?

    The nearest you can get to something more than anecdotal evidence, for actual proof of energy work having an effect, is not difficult if you focus on increased activity in nerves. I did some informal...
  13. Re: Astral parasites and healing experience excerpt

    The flow of prayer, as this may you cite experienced, is interesting. It does not have to be specific or poetic or follow any particular formula. It does have to be genuine and heartfelt and...
  14. Re: Astral parasites and healing experience excerpt

    I, too, am a great believer in prayer. Prayers are a bit like affirmations, in that they communicate with your higher aspect...the part that can aptly be called God/Divine, Father, etc. Note that...
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    Re: Minature strobes & meditation Q's

    Mouth breathing should not overly interfere with what you are doing.

    The light phenomena you experienced is a prelude to clairvoyance, possibly the 'vision stream' This is awesome and totally non...
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    Re: Kundalini question...

    While this may be possible, it is outside my personal experience relating to kundalini.

    Think of raising kundalini as being something like upgrading your computer from Windows 3.1.1 to Windows 10....
  17. Re: "Main event" kundalini (need a definite answer)

    Kundalini can raise in a number of ways, depending on persons development and chakra configuration and psychology/personality.

    I think the full serpent, as I experienced, is the optimal...
  18. Re: 8:00 am Disturbing discovery in the Astral

    The books you have on order will explain how to burn, or scrape, or banish, such things away.

    Read these first, as this will save me a whole lot of typing.

    Next time,. use imagination to create...
  19. Re: A constructive challenge for robert (kundalini) please, dont delete me.

    I think kundalini is dormant within the DNA of all humans, because we humans are a hybrid race that was probably engineered by ETs hundreds of millions of years ago. This may help explain the...
  20. Thread: Music

    by Robert Bruce

    Re: Music

    Music is fine, but can be a distraction while learning energy work.

    Am not sure you can delete older posts. A moderator would need to do that, I think. This is because, as a regular user, you do...
  21. Re: Astral dynamics 1999 version question

    You mean, the first edition of Astral Dynamics, originally published in 1999?

    If you want the first edition book, I have some. PM me and we can discuss this.

    I have no plans at this time to do...
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    Re: Questions to the mystic

    This energy is active Kundalini energy in its evolving state. The level this is felt depends upon the configuration of your chakras at birth, plus environmental influences. In your case, this level...
  23. Re: Undoing Intense Psychological Repression?

    The first thing I would recommend is for you to go totally gluten free. I have worked with people that have very similar symptoms as yours and gluten free can be a huge help.

    Wheat bread in...
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    Re: Spine energy bouncing

    Be patient.

    With rare exceptions, you will not generally feel anything amazing in the spine doing ework; not like in hands and feet. Work on the spine is cumulative and has long term results.
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    Re: Kundalini experience: twin energies

    This certainly sounds like kundalini rising, yes. But I have never heard of it happening in this way. There are several ways kundalini can rise, so I guess this is one of them.

    What were the...
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