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  1. Re: Angel Military of Archangel michael working with human class forum members membership

    But first one would need to be capable of projecting out of body...and remembering it.

    A good idea, and one I have considered for many years.

  2. Re: is it possible to project from the lotus position?

    The lotus position is idea for OBE. However, it takes years for most Western people to be comfortable enough, and stable enough, to do a conscious OBE from that position.

    An alternative is to use...
  3. Re: What is your opinion on "Solar Bodies"?

    What they are talking about is the creation of the Merkabah 'light ship'. This is created automatically if you can master the practices, which are generally complex and difficult that...
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    Re: Astral parasites cause breakups?

    Yes. Spirits, including astral parasites, will push people to take actions that will damage their lives. This includes causing relationship problems.

    The practice of 'mindfulness' is designed to...
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    Re: The Void / 3D Blackness

    This place, if it can even be called that, called The Void, seems to be a dimensional area with no structure or content.

    Because of the lack of information concerning this phenomenon, anything I...
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    Re: The Void / 3D Blackness

    Apologies for the delay. I'll reply now.

    peace, robert
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    Re: Used Demons to Help Raise Kundalini

    My first advice here is for you to focus on The Golden Rule. Stop everything, even meditation, and focus on grounding, on your real life, friends and relationships, good food and physical activity....
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    Re: Meditation

    The instructions for meditation are in my book, Astral Dynamics.

    Or, just sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes and focus on feeling yourself breathing. That's all you need to do to meditate.
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    Re: Energy bouncing

    It is natural for breathing to match body awareness actions. This can make actions more powerful. However, this should be deliberate and not automatic.

    The only way around this is to be mindful of...
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    Re: Robert Bruce interviews

    August 2018 Interview with Robert Bruce

    <a href=";v=pdJgeYEviu8" target="_blank"...
  11. Re: top countermeasure designers wanted can be employed by robert bruce's institute (coming soon)

    The problem with using exotic substances to replace water are obvious. First, the volume of running water denotes its efficiency as a countermeasure, and secondly the expense of using something other...
  12. Re: top countermeasure designers wanted can be employed by robert bruce's institute (coming soon)

    I love the spirit in your words....nice

    It will happen when it is meant to happen.

    Running essential oils instead of water...this would have to trialed in real life field,...
  13. Sale on Astral - 50% off everything for August 2018

    There is a 50% off sale on everything on for the month of August 2018
  14. August 2018 Video Interview with Robert Bruce

    The following link holds a two hour video interview with Robert Bruce. Topics range from Astral Projection to the nature of the Greater Spiritual Reality.
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    Re: Feeling a lack of power in dreams

    Low power astral projections are fairly normal when you are new to OBE.

    Astral projection tends to get more powerful with practice, particularly if you are making conscious exits out of body.

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    Re: Felt the snake

    What you describe is probably a Kundalini-related symptom. It is not Kundalini activation or Kundalini rising.

  17. Re: Question about Magic of Higher Self program


    Yes, you are correct, MASH is same program as Magic of the higher self.

    My marketing manager made this change, for some obscure reason.

    peace, robert
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    Re: Healer in Sydney

    Sorry, I do not know anyone like this in Sydney.

    I'd google this as most people like this have websites, etc.

    The only person I could recommend for serious neg issues is John of God, in Brazil....
  19. Re: Defense Against The Dark Arts Program

    The Defense Against Dark Arts video program will be launched sometime in July.

    *Currently, the first chapter of DADA is available free to watch on the new AstralDynamics website.

    The new DADA...
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    Re: APM Pass code doesn’t work

    Sorry about that. All fixed. A new code has been sent to you.

    I'm thinking there may be an issue with paypal. I'll get my IT people to look at it.

    peace, robert
  21. Re: The Relationship of Kundalini to Genius

    You will be amazed at how much difference a clean wholesome diet, and a bit of fasting, can make.

    It is unbelievable the toxic stuff that is in our food these days.

    peace, robert
  22. Re: I think NEW has been disabled within myself

    This is not a case of being blocked.

    There are a couple of factors involved.

    First, after a few months of doing ework, sensations will naturally reduce as the body becomes used to it.
  23. Re: The Relationship of Kundalini to Genius


    Activating Kundalini takes you part of the way.

    Your increased 'connectivity' stems from your improved connection with your higher self.

    It is most true that 'all knowledge resides...
  24. Re: Strong unwanted entity attachment - Can you help me?

    Check your private msgs...

  25. Re: Have you ever thought about making anti neg charity,, RB ??

    I am working on it...

    As for water might like to warn your mother about other things involving water and kettles, water heaters, radiators.....

    peace, robert
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