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Thread: strobe again?

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    strobe again?

    I had been doing secondary energy work for about 6 weeks (after doing it for 2 months a year ago) and had just started primary work. The second day I was stimulating my base center and my brow center strobed. It was totally unexpected and very interesting because it took a couple of seconds for it to fade. I have been doing secondary and primary work now for an additional 6 weeks about an hour a day total. My question is what next? When should the strobe happen again? What are some of the effects of energy work past the initial responses given in your books?

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    the strobe effect is kundalini related, a major symptom, but it can happen independently.

    This shows that you have strong dormant clairvoyant potential.

    You should be able to make your brow strobe just by brushing your feet for an hour or two; which is an interesting exercise.

    I would need more information before I can say more. But given what you have said, you should get more vivid dreams, lucid dreams, astral projection, visions, etc.

    Taking up healing would help balance your energy body 'see the Heart Center healing method' on my website.

    I suggest that you do not have anything terrible to worry about. Just keep up what you are doing, including daily meditation, and follow the golden rule of energy work, eg, to stop and ground yourself when you get an uncomfortable of worrying symptoms, and only return to e work when everything is normal again.

    Let us know how you get on with this.

    Robert Bruce

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