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Thread: Astral projection, energy work, and marijuana

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    Astral projection, energy work, and marijuana


    I suppose I should start off by saying that I've been smoking marijuana for 4 years. For the first two years I used everyday, all day. The third year I restrained myself to use only on the weekends. After that, I quit completely for a year, and during this time I confronted fears which had been repressed (fears that I believe are present in everyone, and repressed by most). The fear that I confronted felt very pure and unrestrained. Logically, I could not deny nor condone the fear, as it was terror of the unknown, death, the invalidity of self, uncertainties and realities which can not be denied, but also can not be condoned, as fear itself is an illusion. This persisted for a year, and manifested into a variety of sub-anxieties stemming from the raw fear (hypochondria, self-esteem issues). I spent every night battling it with little success, until I had a life-changing experience on LSD, which allowed me to gain control over my mind and the fear. I believe that I was finally able to rationalize the act of ignoring the fear, which allowed me to repress it (LSD seems to allow conscious manipulation of the psyche - yes, this could backfire). After this experience, I began to smoke marijuana every night, a habit which has persisted until now. I rarely use during the first half my day, if that matters.

    Lately I've been practicing energy work, telekinesis, and astral projection everyday for the past month. I've yielded mixed results. The energy work has had a positive effect on my mood and health, and I've seen small but steady improvement in my psychokinetic ability. I still battle with anxiety on occasion, but it no longer controls my life.

    I know that marijuana use is generally frowned upon by most, but right now I'm asking for an unbiased answer to my question: what effect does marijuana have on the energy system and astral body?

    I've decided to quit using after winter, at least for a few months. I rarely practice energy work or meditation while stoned, but I'm concerned that there may be adverse effects of even residual THC in my system during practice.

    I know this much: these pursuits are my destiny. I will do anything necessary to accomplish my goals. Robert, have you ever observed the energy system of a person using marijuana on a regular basis? Do you have any first-hand experience? What should I expect from my practices, assuming that I continue using marijuana every night? Will I make any progress?

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    Re: Astral projection, energy work, and marijuana


    While smoking this substance can induce altered states, it also reduces coherence and promotes lack of control. In general, this substance 'muddies' the energy body and reduces motivation and drive.

    The relaxed state this substance causes can produce obe, but again, the lack of control becomes an issue.

    For best results with energy work and spiritual development, including obe, a fairly clean lifestyle and body mind is the best approach.

    Anything that is overdone can cause problems, including overeating, smoking, cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, prescription drugs. None of these cause significant problems if used in moderation. Each will cause problems if used to excess.


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