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Thread: AP at night vs during day...

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    AP at night vs during day...

    I have a confession to make...IM AFRAID OF THE DARK!

    Is there anything that lurks around in the dark (on the astral plane) that isn't there during the day? I want to practice AP more, but I refuse to do it at night. I DONT want to see scary ghosts or demons. I know I will see spirits, but I don't want to see scary ones.

    And also, I think I would enjoy projecting my etheric body into real time instead of AP into some fantacy place. I want to REALLY visit Hawaii, not an imagined one. Thank you Mr. Bruce!

    God bless!

    Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

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    Re: AP at night vs during day...


    if fear is a problem, then daytime OBE is best.

    you will rarely see anyone else during obe in real time. In the astral, you will see people, but this is no more scary than seeing real people on the street.

    Having a strong intention, and affirmations, to have nice experiences, will help.

    If you focus on your fear and of not wanting to see scary things, you will likely create them yourself.


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