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Thread: WHO is Stopping others from abusing thier skills?

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    WHO is Stopping others from abusing thier skills?

    Hello everyone,
    Just wondering, out of all the progressive metaphysical skills that many people are now practicing and trying to master-WHO IS IT, THAT IS GOING TO STOP other people from hurting others, and abusing thier skills? Millions if not billions of people now have access to this knowledge. You don't think all of the people who are devoting thier spare time to practicing things like Remote viewing and Astral projection are all actually doing it as an honest hobby. MOst people- who want it that bad are power hungry abusers.
    I am currently being raped by a group of people who are abusing thier abiltiy to remote view. They are using Tacticle Image- Remote Viewing, something the military teaches it's special forces how to do. They have the ability to TOUCH. They are abusing this ability, and are raping me.
    So far, There has been no special Orginized- Remote viewing police force out there, to stop this group of Tyrants- who just go into people's rooms- and do what they want with them.
    IF It's you, and you're reading this, you definetly won't get away with it. For one of you that is learning this abililty just to take advantage over others and gain and have power- there are 2, who are learning this ability honestly- to help others.
    You won't win. People like you, NEVER do!!!!!!
    "It's not what you're doing, It's how you're doing It."

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    Re: WHO is Stopping others from abusing thier skills?

    Hi Kashmirror,

    I am fairly new to this forum, so hopefully I will not offend in providing a some thoughts on the matter, and some physical suggestions for your home. Prior to this knowledge being organized spiritual abuse was already happening. Whether it was a dark witch, dark voodoo priestess, a demonic cult, or an inhuman wildlife creature, innocents were being targeted.

    The best defense is providing the positive spiritual knowledge, and being kind to your fellow person, animal, and plantlife. They will in turn convey additional positive energy out to the collective subconscious.

    To protect your home, I highly recommend collecting naturally occuring 'holey' rocks, and placing them around the entrance way of your home (typically nature holey rocks contain fossils, and properly charged will frighten off astral wildlife). Sprinkling salt in the corners of your home while seeing blue white light radiate outward is also helpful. However these suggestions will work only if this matches up with your belief system.
    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

    -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    beam Guest

    Re: WHO is Stopping others from abusing thier skills?

    Quote Originally Posted by mysteec77
    inhuman wildlife creature
    can u elaborate on that?? is this like a possessed creature?? what do you mean?? thanks.

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    Re: WHO is Stopping others from abusing thier skills?

    Possessed.....not sure. Here is my experience with one type that were nasty. It is easy and difficult to describe because much has to do with the alien exterior feeling you experience, no hate, fear, pain, rage, just a huge BRICK of dread gets dropped on you. I wonder sometimes if these creatures inspired the grim reaper. Some call them wraiths, they glide along at an incredible speed, covered by a cloak. They make no zero sound. If it is a dark one, and they come after you. The immense deep consuming dread makes you literally gasp for breath. It feels as if your energy is being sucked out of every pore in your body, and you absolutely freeze. I have read they are suppose to have red eyes, however in the 3 incidents over the course of my lifetime I saw no evidence of eyes, in this creature, and they appeared gaseous beneath the cloak with a very slight human like outline. The 2nd and 3rd ones were driven off by a combination of visualizing a pentagram of intense blue-white in color growing larger than me, and exploding outward, then I ran to the closest running water source. I had no further difficulties, but was paranoid as all heck for weeks afterward on both occasions. Please bear in mind these events happened over the course of 22 years. The one location, I travel everyday because what else am I going to do? Add miles to my commute?

    The 1st was very very difficult to get rid of, and it took months of research, and then additional months of cleansing of my living space. What is most frightening about the experience is these things can just randomly select you when you're walking down the street during the wee hours. I was a bar manager, got home normally around 3 AM and then would walk my dogs. That's how I picked up this parasite, and no only did I get sick, with continuous bouts of bronchitis, it also affected my dogs. They started losing their fur, needed to be put on a boiled ground meat rice diet, and became just plain sad all the time! It took 9 months to eradicate the damn thing. Looking back, I feel very very lucky and hope no one is picked by one of those things. It didn't try to communicate except by gliding through my house, and scaring the daylights of both myself, and my dogs. Heck just hearing the sounds my dogs made when they saw this thing was scary! I now keep plenty of happy indoor houseplants and running water features. They both can charge you up with cleansing energy, while meditating, if you believe in such things.

    Regarding inhuman wildlife there are both good, and bad just like there are bad and good humans. All things deserve respect, and should be left alone unless they infringe upon another’s happiness. To feel we are the only intelligent species in the universe, in my opinion is ridiculous. However how many of us truly believe in these statements? Just a few thoughts to ponder ☺
    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

    -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    beam Guest

    Re: WHO is Stopping others from abusing thier skills?

    ok. i was a communication thing. i thought of a physical wildlife creature with another spirit controlling it. instead of the robert bruce lingo ('astral wildlife'), which i am a fan of.

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    Re: WHO is Stopping others from abusing thier skills?

    The same people who are keeping you safe in other ways. If you are alone in a bad area, then no one. If you belong to a group of talented friends, then they are. There is no phsychic FBI if that's what you are hoping. At the much bigger level there are organizations that will protect you if you are a member.
    Sin nada (Nothing is impossible)

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    Re: WHO is Stopping others from abusing thier skills?

    There is no phsychic FBI if that's what you are hoping.
    I'd actually prefer there isn't one as the physical fbi and other organizations have been abused in the past and I shudder to think of the possibilities of the government developing its own team to do whatever questionable bidding it might order since it would be alot more difficult to keep track of what members of that team would be up to.

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    Re: WHO is Stopping others from abusing thier skills?

    Quote Originally Posted by wstein
    There is no phsychic FBI if that's what you are hoping
    Dion Fortune in her book Psychic Self Defence gives precise and explicit instructions on how to contact the Spiritual/Psychic Police.

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    Re: WHO is Stopping others from abusing thier skills?

    There symbol is the maltese cross
    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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    Re: WHO is Stopping others from abusing thier skills?

    All this touching and making funny is just the collective unconscious your own vs 'the' way. It's true, you are IN or OUT of the consensus reality. Depends what you believe in. Is the world, the way you want things, or are you happy with the whole truth that you do instead? I have been going through this sort of thing myself - so I am just describing a fork in the road that I noticed.

    Personally I think the world is a little too strict about judgement and morality right now, on an unconscious level... So in my own life I am leading the truth a little more proactively in the real direction i want for me.

    Golden light meditation has been great for the entity issues, in the mean time.

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