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Thread: Root/Base Center = Sub-Navel?

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    Root/Base Center = Sub-Navel?

    Okay, this has been confusing me.

    It has come to my attention that the Sub-Navel and Root center are both generally stated to be located in the same place (below the navel , in between pubic line).

    The generally believed location for the root center is two inches below the navel, specifically in the extact same place you mentioned in NEW energy ways. I release that some my just in reality be refering to the Sub-Navel, without any knowlegde of much else about that subject, such as certian styles of Chi Kung.

    However, in my years of researching energy, all articles on primary chakras , where, to say the least, similar (they still had conflicting issues on the functions of each Chakra center) but they location were exactly the same each time. Below the navel. 2 inches.

    So, this leaves me to believe, since you tend to use Western Terminology in your works, could "Sub-Navel" just be another title for the Root/Base Dan tien?

    If they aren't they same, this is all terribly confusing for me.

    Please help me!!!

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    The root or base center commonly refers to the area between anus and genitals (perenium) and also sometimes the tailbone (coccyx).

    The area you describe as being two inches below the navel is a storage center. I call this the Sub Navel center, QiGong call this the lower Tan Tien

    The base center (also called the base or root chakra) is a large energy structure occupying the hip and groin area. It contains several major energy organs, with the perineum area being the focal point where the base center connects with the central channel. Stimulating any part of this structure will contribute to the activity of the base center as a whole.

    Imagine a large cross structure, with vortexes extending into the genitals and coccyx, and into each of the hip joints. Each of these areas can produce strong sensations when directly stimulated. Extending down through the middle (perineum) of this cross structure is the central channel.

    Cross section of base center - 4 points, spine and central channel.

    The base center is the most important primary center to stimulate during early development. Energy will usually not flow strongly enough into the higher centers unless this is sufficiently activated. However, an inactive base center will not in itself stop other primary centers from functioning. Any primary center is capable of functioning independently. For example, while your base center may appear unresponsive, your heart or brow center may be naturally active. The reason for undertaking energy work is to develop the entire energy body as a whole. This nurtures healthy balance and promotes the safe spiritual development and evolution of the energy body.


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