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Thread: How to rescue a Canada goose frozen in ice?

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    amazingjourney Guest

    How to rescue a Canada goose frozen in ice?

    I pushed hard for this rescue--a Canada goose stuck in the ice with its bottom frozen in the lake for apparently 3 days!!

    A heart warming rescue (I shot this video. Turn off the volume. I rejoice too loud at the end

    Saugus news run this story ... -in-Saugus

    Boston Globe also report ... rentPage=1

    A canadian goose was rescued today (12/12/2010)by Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL), after it was stuck in the ice for 2,3 days at Breakheart Reservation in Saugus, Massachusetts.

    The whole thing quietly played out over the weekend, and was finished beautifully due to a few unsung heroic rescuers, who deserves to be known.

    I really has pushed hard on this one. It certainly was frustrating and was not easy, because several things were against the chance--- It's weekend. The weather was stormy with wind and rain. Ice rescue is a very big deal. And it is just a goose, esepcially a Canadian goose, which some see as pollutants. Every place did tell me they don't do rescue. ARL told me that they cannot guarantee. They also seem to want to just wait until today when the weather is warmer and the goose might be able to free itself. But the ice never melt today. The goose needs a bed of water to take off.

    The goose couldn't move yesterday and today it was giving out distressing calls. People were concerned but no one could do anything. I sat next to the water for 2 hours yesterday to see how the bird was doing and made some phone calls. Then I went into the visitor center to see what else I could do, while waiting for ARL. One guy did come to assess the situation yesterday, but didn't have proper equipment to do anything. He planed on returning today.

    I knew I would be miserable that night. I didn't have a good night and couldn't sleep well. The thought of the goose stuck in the ice all by himself all night hungy and scared really broke my heart.

    What's the meaning when I am so sensitive toward suffering of this world?

    I am not being fair to myself when being bothered so much by sufferings of other's.

    With the weather warming up to the 50s today, it's hard to know what the condition of the ice is in the lake. The sky was all gloomy, the strong wind and the rain went off and on. When I got to the lake, it's so good to see a guy with a dog was by the water. We shared each other's concern about the bird, really good to have someone to talk to in this frustrating situation, since we really didn't know whether the rescue would take place today.

    I stayed by the lake for another hour or so after he left. The goose could move around now, so it turned around, flapping the wings a few times, giving out distressing calls. I was just broken-hearted.

    I said to the spirits around to please help him. He needs help. Please help. This is wrong.

    I walked to the visitor center to wait. The Park Ranger Michael happened to return after a hike with three hikers. Suddenly I felt a bit better. I told Mike about the situation. He just assured me that he would be happy to help out if ARL needs him to.

    It's so good to see ARL truck arrive at around 1:30. We went up there to assess the scene. The technician Mark then made a call and they decided that they would attempt the rescue when another guy come with some more gears.

    I then went to get a sandwitch. I was just finishing my last bite when they came in to get me. I again walked up to the lake. Enroute, I say it firmly to the spirits around that "He will be rescued. He will be out. No more another night. He will be out right now. "

    It is so moving to see these three rescuers all started to suit up. Mark started to try out the surface of the lake, a rope was attached to Mike. The lake surface is solid. He was on his hands and knees slowly crawling on the lake to get close to the goose 300 feet away. As he got near, the goose glided farther. They glided around for a while, looking almost impossible. And then, the bird was stuck in a part of the ice and was trap by Mark's big net. He slowly and gently brought the goose back to shore.

    I am so grateful toward these rescuers. It really takes commitment and effort to get this mission underway and to complete, as this is on a weekend with holiday getting near. Some might alo criticize rescuing a Canadian goose, a pest in some people's view.

    This situation is different, however. When an animal is stuck in the ice like that, it is in distress and needs help. It would wrong to have an animal stuck and suffering in the middle of a beautiful lake, with people walking around the water without doing anything.

    The goose has no voice. I need to be the voice for him to ask for help. I would not take no for an answer, in this greatest country of the world.

    This bird apparently has been stuck in the ice since early this week, when the lake started to freeze up. It stayed in the middle of the lake to avoid dogs or coyotes on land. It got stuck when the water froze up more and more, until finally there was nowere to take off.

    The sight of the goose stuck in the middle of the icy lake is pretty odd, since you think it would have flew away before it got ice up.

    I wouud not be able to imagine another night for the bird to be out in the cold and wind suffering alone. A hawk or a coyote can easily get to it and finish it up.

    The rescuers from Animal Rescue League did a beautiful job. It says a lot when you could get three guys coming out here in this stormy weather. on a Sunday afternoon, for a goose stuck in the icy lake.

    These rescuers really deserve to be recognized.

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    Re: How to rescue a Canada goose frozen in ice?

    What happened to it after the video?
    Nothing to fear but fear itself.

    "Fear is the great barrier to human growth. It is said that when we are born...we bring with us only two fears, of loud noise and falling. As we grow older we learn more and more fears so that by the time we reach maturity we are loaded with them." -Robert Monroe

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    sono Guest

    Re: How to rescue a Canada goose frozen in ice?

    A round of applause to you for caring so deeply about another life form!!

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    amazingjourney Guest

    Re: How to rescue a Canada goose frozen in ice?

    Quote Originally Posted by Blaze
    What happened to it after the video?
    Hi, Blaze:

    The goose stayed in a shelter overnight and then from what I was told it was transferred to a wild life rehab center. At first, it appeared to have a bit balance issue. But they thought the bird was healthy and were planning to release it after making sure it's okay.

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    amazingjourney Guest

    Re: How to rescue a Canada goose frozen in ice?

    Quote Originally Posted by sono
    A round of applause to you for caring so deeply about another life form!!

    Thank you!! n

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