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Thread: Pineal gland activation/nausea

  1. Pineal gland activation/nausea

    [I posted this over at the old Forum before I realized everyone had moved...]

    I've had chronic fatigue for a dozen years now. My sleep situation is an ongoing variable. Apart from getting medical (and alternative treatment) help over the years for the symptoms, I've done research of my own and have realized that my hormone system is out of whack. As I've been treated already for thyroid and adrenal problems, it seemed as if there was one more part that wasn't being addressed -- the pineal gland. I was interested in the physiological rather than the spiritual aspects.

    Online, I found reference to binaural 'activation'. Being somewhat familiar with the use of binaural sounds via Monroe Institute, I did some more poking around and found a pineal gland activation video on YouTube and listened to it tonight, thinking it might get my sluggish pineal moving again. There wasn't much to the visual, so I just sat there with my eyes closed for a bit.

    What have I done! All of a sudden I found myself running for the bathroom with nausea and the cold sweats. This went on about five minutes, then subsided. In the last hour, it has happened three more times. That's on not even two minutes of a 9+ minute recording. Needless to say, I won't be doing that anymore.

    Has anyone had problems like this?

    [Update: I tried again last night -- this time, I kept my eyes open and looked at the designs on the screen. Only a little nausea. Fortunately NOT like the night before...]

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    Very strange indeed! And you're sure you were well when you started?

    Well, if it's related, the vomiting could be a purging of sorts. I did hear recently that chronic fatigue may be attributable to heavy metals in the body but I don't wish to complicate matters!

    I do know that there are yoga postures that are said to stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands. I'd choose a gentler form of yoga, such a Hatha with its longer poses, if you aren't well and you wish to consider this path.

    Blessings and wellness to you.
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