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Thread: Your Warnings on Raising Kundalini

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    Your Warnings on Raising Kundalini

    Hi Robert,

    I read an article you wrote about raising kundalini and was wondering if you would care to clarify your strong warning offered at the end of the article:

    Warning: This subject must be approached with great care and respect. This is a long term goal, a lifetimes work. Raising kundalini is a dangerous thing to do. And the less prepared and developed a person is, the more dangerous it becomes. Madness and or death can result, as can a variety of serious physical and mental disorders, if one who is unprepared does this. As said, master wake induced OBE first, as this is not only a more achievable goal, but it also helps prepare one for higher levels of energy body activation and kundalini.

    Have your opinions changed at all since you wrote the article or do you continue to stand by this rather strong warning?

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    Kundalini Uraeus Serpent of Fire - Cautions


    I stand by my earlier warning, but with some clarifications.

    Apart from my own experience in this area, I have encountered many people in various stages of kundalini awakening. Even the strongest and most stable and well prepared encounter major problems. Those without this generally develop a range of psychological and mental and physical problems. There is a lot of information available on these problems to be found on the net.

    There is a big difference between awakening kundalini and raising kundalini (Uraeus Serpent of Fire). My earlier warnings specifically relate to the latter, eg, the heavier energy work to fully activate the energy body and achieve the highest level of consciousness and direct contact with the divine etc, etc.

    Kundalini is dormant in everyone. Its awakening can be triggered by spiritual or devotional work, and sometimes by spiritual/intellectual work.

    Kundalini is the Eastern term for this energy. But this is not just related to Eastern cultures and spiritual practices. It is universal.

    Kundalini is an evolutionary energy. Once awakened, it begins a transformational process. This cannot be stopped once it begins. How long it takes and how far it will evolve persons depends on the individuals concerned.

    The early awakening kundalini is a major event, but most people can usually deal with this without too much difficulty.

    But raising kundalini (Uraeus Serpent of Fire) is to be approached with extreme caution. This event fully activates all chakras, removes all natural protection from the chakras and energy body, and exposes the energy body to the greater reality. This can be a shocking experience that, if unprepared, could cause physical death through shock. After this, the energy body and mind are wide open to everything. The onslaught of impressions and energies that come with this can cause persons to become mentally unstable. This also opens one up to all spirit influences, positive and negative and all the range between.

    To approach this, it is obviously wise to have some idea of what one is doing and to prepare oneself well. This is sensible, but many people tend to skip the preparation and jump straight into the higher work, just to see what happens. There is no way one can account for this type of madness. This is like a person with no experience with sky diving grabbing a parachute and jumping out of a plane at 10,000ft and working it all out on the way down; eg, very high risk. This is why kundalini is usually only taught in person, through a strong teacher student relationship.

    So, to teach this, some duty of care is obviously involved. The basics of spiritual development must be learned and practiced first. These include self observation, mind control, ego control, willpower training, inner balancing, inner cleansing, physical preparation, etc, etc, to develop a harmonious and balanced spiritual approach. With this kind of preparation, the risks are greatly reduced.

    For those who survive the awakening and or raising process intact, varying levels of creativity, genius, psychic abilities (enlightenment or illumination) arise naturally.

    The enlightenment process is directly related to kundalini awakening. But this does not happen in an instant. It is a staggered process, one bit at a time. One may have moments of full abstract God consciousness where one knows and perceives 'everything' in the abstract. But after such a peak experience, one reverts back to normal consciousness.

    I hope you can see my points here. So many people are desperate for real spiritual progress, and they want this right now, eg, a quick and easy way to enlightenment. They don't want to spend thousands of hours in training. They want it right now. This ego based approach obviously causes a problem, as the risk level for students is directly proportional to their preparation.

    For all that, awakening kundalini should not be feared. This is the brightest hope for humanity. The more enlightened people there are, the better the world will become in a spiritual sense.

    Robert Bruce

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