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Thread: A newbie here with his first projection experience!

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    Re: A newbie here with his first projection experience!

    When I want to project I can usually do it multiple times in one week, usually not every day though. To help induce projections I usually take the supplements choline, galantamine alcea tincture and also do energy stimulation with the intention to project at some point when I go to sleep. If I do all that usually it gets good results, I was holdinf off on projecting until recently because I was trying to work out an issue that prevents me from traveling to different astral zones. I may have found a workaround to this though as I may have successfully jumped to where I was going in last nights projection I'm going to try again tonight to see what results I get tonight.

    But anyway I'm inclined to think that the white space you went to most likely was not the end of the universe, it may have been in some other dimension or some astral realm that you went to. I went to a place that appeared to be an alien planet once, according to a spirit guide communicator I talked to this was a real alien jungle I visited, I'll need to try going back there as well in the near future.

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    Re: A newbie here with his first projection experience!

    Thanks again for all the welcomes!

    I like the thought that 'In a way you were Already out of the universe even before the flight into space.' Thanks for that one grey!

    I've been thinking about my experience a lot lately and i'd like to pose another question! The only real difference i noticed with my projection and other attempts is that i somehow stimulated my chakras properly. The day before my projection, i had spent a lot of time in shops looking and handling chakra pendants (i assume thats what they're called). They were basically gemstones that had been set in some other kind of stone and each gem corresponded to a chakra. Does anyone have any experience with these sorts of things? Do they work, or is it pure coincidence that i happened to be handling them the day before a projection?



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    Re: A newbie here with his first projection experience!

    I recently bought some Iolite stones. Have'nt got enough experience of them to comment yet, but will as soon as I have.

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