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Thread: Best Direction to Sleep? N/E/S/W?

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    Lightbulb Best Direction to Sleep? N/E/S/W?

    So, my roommate decided to sleep to the magnetic North, immediately won a kindle fire at a raffle at work, and got 2 potential job offers. Said she felt better than she had in years.

    I decided to sleep magnetic north, but find I *can't* sleep laying magnetic north. Only for about 4 hours at a time. My luck certainly did not improve. Got worse I think.

    But I notice, in Feng Shui (which I have been practicing and getting results) you are supposed to sleep where you can see your bedroom door. When she lays to the North she can still see her bedroom door, but in my bedroom I cannot.

    I also read something in a Edward Casey book, that he had to move what direction he was sleeping in, depending on what kind of work he was doing. Like, it was best to face North for one thing, but best to face South for another, or some such.

    Anyone have more info on this?

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    Re: Best Direction to Sleep? N/E/S/W?

    Did a little research into this on my own and found that according to Indian, Asian, and Egyptian beliefs the head should always be in the East, feet facing West. And in fact in most all grave yards the graves are laid out head facing East.

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    Re: Best Direction to Sleep? N/E/S/W?

    That's creepy.
    But, to add to the lore, the idea behind Feng Shui is a practical one, and it's that the power position in any room puts you against the wall looking at the door. This is practical because you can see anyone trying to sneak in, and since your back is to the wall no one can sneak up on you.
    This is also why it's good to put a mirror on top of your stove- so that you can see whoever is behind you while you're cooking. That's another Feng Shui thing.
    The possible reason for the E-W thing is because the west (where the sun sets) is associated with death, so your head wants to be associated with life (the rising sun). Maybe they follow this in cemeteries because of the association with resurrection.

    As to personal experience, I've tried changing orientations and found no results in terms of projection or general health, but I did find that when I sleep the opposite of the usual way, I tend to possess other people (not on purpose) and I found it disturbing, so now I just stay in my own bed on the usual position.
    My astral body tends to wander if I don't.
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    Re: Best Direction to Sleep? N/E/S/W?

    Many years ago, when i was unemployed and in a rather dark place in my life, i was having serious problems sleeping.
    My bed was in a N-S position, with my head facing N. One day i decided to move things around, and put the bed in an E-W position, and suddenly i was able to sleep great. My head was in the East.
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    Re: Best Direction to Sleep? N/E/S/W?

    If its for projection purposes, it doesn't matter. However, read "The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth". He says to sleep 1/2 N and bounce energy and 1/2 S and bounce energy. Read his Tablets for more information.

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