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  1. Just starting out

    My dad used to project out of his body. He's passed on now. When I was a kid he told me only a few things about it (the vibrations, travelling by the speed of thought, and seeing his body laying there) I used to see people's auras when I was young. I could also see spirits following some people. I've see many spirits in my lifetime. I dont tell people for obvious reasons, but I've always felt like life was much more than whats going on here. I want to experience conscious astral travel. I have just started doing some energy work as instructed in the 90 day program. I have had some real results from the energy work especially the awareness hands. It was a little difficult at first but now i can create stimulation in my energy body instantly on command. I think it will take longer than 90 days for me because i work so much and it is advised not to do these excercises when extremely tired. Anywho...I am looking forward to making progress and having my first OBE. See you around!

    -Nomad's Brother

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    Nice to meet you, Nomad's brother.
    Don't worry about what the expectations are- sometimes being tired actually helps, if not in the beginning (the beginning few weeks may even make you tireder, but you'll get over that quickly). So do the exercises as instructed, and don't worry about expectations- you'll do fine, especially if your dad used to do it.
    I have no scientific reason to say this, but I think this kind of thing runs in families.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    I was sleeping and I woke up and reached for my cell phone on the nightstand next to my bed because i wanted to see what time it was. When I looked it said 4:51 and i laid back down and said out loud "four fifty one". Then, I woke up and said "four fifty one". I think I was pretty loud because i woke up my wife, and I reached for my cell phone. I was nervous becouse i knew what I was going to see.... the time was 4:51. Whew.

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