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Thread: 90 days end with a bang!

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    90 days end with a bang!

    Last night I completed Day 90 of the Mastering Astral Projection course, and as if on cue I had my longest and most detailed trip to date. I found that funny that my longest trip would be on the last day. Especially since there is no "last day" per se, but at 2 am this morning after my night time exercises on Day 91 produced the quintisential OBE. Sleep paralisys, a floating exit and finding myself on the Astral with my ORIGINAL teacher of Spiritualism and Energy . This was an awe inspiring visit with her to say the least as well as having my lovely twin soul pop in for a moment. While it is not uncommon to to meet others in the astral I was shocked and so happy to meet back up with this lady whom I have not seen or spoken to in some 25 years. To say the LEAST it was beyond words and left me feeling so spiritually refreshed. I woke up in good shape, got most everything written down about it and Im very happy with THAT as well. I wouldve hated to have forgotten this. So Laurie, if you read this, Thank You for the visit. And to my beautiful twin Deborah, darling, it is for YOU I have done all this so that we could be together while we are on opposite sides of the veil and I adore it so when we meet up. I await the day with much impatience when we can continue our lives in each others embrace forever in Spirit. I Love You Deb more than any words can say and I KNOW you are helping me with this. Thank You My Beloved.

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    Re: 90 days end with a bang!

    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    Re: 90 days end with a bang!

    Looking for assistance in sorting things out in your life? My intuitive friend Robyn can help.

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    Re: 90 days end with a bang!

    That's wonderful, rf. Congratulations.
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    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: 90 days end with a bang!

    Thanks all. Being able to do this and visit with my twin means more to me than anyone here can begin to imagine. Thank You to Robert and Brian for designing this program and to all here who have encouraged and helped me. My lovely twin Deborah thanks you all as well.

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