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Thread: Sudden depressive states

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    AstralCody Guest

    Re: Sudden depressive states

    Thanks for the reply guys. My klonopin helps me so much. I don't wanna go on any more meds. Lots of people say I should go on anti depressants but that's a no for me. This spiritual path has made my depression go away (for the most part) Like I feel I can fix this without taking something. The anxiety is what kills me.

    Dreaming- I feel I don't belong on earth. At all... I don't connect with hardly anyone and if it wasn't for family I dunno if I would be here, and if it wasn't for finding out about astral travel etc. I am very lonely on this plane. I feel I don't fit in at all. I been to countless of therapists. They do help but only temporarily, and going there just to talk kicks up the anxiety...

    It's all a big mess.

    @butterfly- I hear you... I was like that. I used to get panic attacks everyday. I dunno how I kept on striving.

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    IA56 Guest

    Re: Sudden depressive states

    Quote Originally Posted by AstralCody View Post
    Does anybody else get suddenly depressed to the point to where you just want to lay in bed? I just got back from that.

    I don't know what causes it. I don't cry but my gash it would feel great to. I did once with one of these.

    I slept in... felt non motivated the moment that I woke up. Then the depression hit. I keep thinking of reasons why it happens so sudden. I feel drained every moment of the day. Even going to my moms office to say hi, I cringe if anyone tries to make conversation with me, because it hurts me deeply. I talked about that in too many other topics so I will drop it. But to say the least it's exhausting.

    I just simply don't feel I belong here. At all. Like it was a mistake for me to be here. I simply can't function in this (POS society) << Sorry. But it's true.

    Maybe I still need to keep clearing my conscious. This might sound weird I don't even feel human. I feel kinda crazy. I have the weirdest thoughts throughout the day. I read once people like me are "geniuses" (long long topic I read somewhere I will have to find it)

    But I feel low here...


    Does this happen to anybody else? It's got to be energy related or something. I tried meditating but I felt so down I just fell asleep.

    PS:Sorry about the sig. I saw it was deleted. I don't know if it was too big or what not. Sorry!
    I have noticed that this state is to cleanse the inner and to get out the "upbringing" we are brainwashed get depressed because of the fear to not fit in if you start to be your self as you want to this is to start to relese you from your become independent and free....When I started to dare to relese me from everyone and felt I can take care of my self, and get over the fear to be ALONE...we often do as we are told because of the fear to be alone, and we do everything to fit in, no matter what it costīs...this is from the baby state when we really couldnīt take care of us self and had to be dependent on others, this is so inprinted in our psyche that it feelīs like death threath....but remember...there are no death, only body death...we are energy and pure energy only re-shapes...but do not die.
    So this fear has to be overcome ..I have noticed that the most of all "problems" are fear based.
    TRust your will be okay, always.

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    AstralCody Guest

    Re: Sudden depressive states

    You're okay Michael. Nobody can influence me to take or not take prescription drugs. I can't operate on at least klonopin so I know for my own good whats best for me. But I took everything else you said and it was great stuff... Don't worry about it you didn't offend me.

    I have OBE's on or off of them anyway. So I just want to FEEL good. I'm trying many things. I even want to go see a guy who can open up all my chakras for me. See if there is any blockages. I really need to start energy work... I keep slacking. :/

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