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Thread: On astral parasites

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    Nikpalj Guest

    On astral parasites

    Mr Bruce,

    I've managed to see one of the insect-like astral parasites that have infested my body by using a part of the human aura viewing excersize (looking to the sides, not directly). The world gradually lost it's colours, but the large parasite that's sitting on top of my head appeared, in gray and bluish tones of colour. I've seen that it's sucker is right on my third eye chakra, and that it's, well - sucking...

    Myself and a few other posters have been attacked and infested by these astral entities in massive numbers... so I know that i'm not alone in this. While browsing over the net, I found out about a strange new disease that appeared a few years ago.

    Almost all of it's symptoms can clearly be described as an attack by these same astral parasites and/or energy draining:

    sensation of "hair on top of head moving on it's own",
    invisible strands moving across theface,
    freezing cold hands and feet, extreme lack of energy,
    various neurological symptoms the most prominenet being attention disorder (from the huge astral squid/spider growing it's "body" into the frontal lobe area) and later on mild psychosis,
    sensation like the eyes and skin around the eyes was covered in invisible goo (I have a small squid-like parasite latched/grown into each of my eyes and it's the same kind of feeling),
    "visual hallucinations" (seeing half-visible things moving right in front of person's eyes or a part of vision space shimmering like the air in front of the viewer was extremely hot),
    stomach cramps/indegestion problems/diarrhea or constipation etc (I have a huge astral spider completely filling up my stomach cavity, with long leg-like tentacles extending into my legs and it's actually doing something to any food or liquid that I take, mixing trough it with various parts of it's body moving around my intestines like it was "eating" it - probably extracting prana from the atoms) and many more which I can't presently remember....

    I developed my energy awareness quite nicely and am using my "astral hands" to fight off the smaller astral parasites that are subjectivelly inside my head area. A day or so ago while I was trying to push one of them away from the unknown part of my e. body in the central part of my head area which they thump frantically with their bodies from time to time, one of them took completely over my left arm and (mockingly) made a perfect motion of pushing someone to the left side of me, the same kind of virtual puppetry that you've described in your Psy SD book...

    I've contacted Spectral Dragon here about half a year ago and he has been trying to heal me for all this time, largely unsuccessfully. I'm sure he has sent me insane ammounts of energy to replenish what the negs drain from my body daily, but from all of that I clearly felt my hands get warmed up and start buzzing with a kind of electric static only once (!) for all this time.

    They also seem to use some advanced astral imagery/ilusionary techniques to hide themselves from him, are jamming him.

    From the various ways in which they know how to interact with my brain (closer to what an experienced brain surgeon then simple "astral salad" would do) to start off various shizophrenia symptoms (mainly psychosis attacks by ramming their small half-corporeal bodies into one precise spot in the center of the brain on the lower side of it and staying "glued" to it, which creates a maddening pressure-like feeling) and many other things I'd say that these guys have been thought how to do all of this.

    They are working (co-operating with each other in generating symptoms by influencing various parts of the brain/glands/chakras) in a very organized and efficient, military-like way.

    One other poster on the heavy neg-abuse forum has pm-ed me, writing about how she has telepathicaly asked one of the astral spiders latching onto her body why she (the spider, felt female in energy) was doing this to her, and the critter responded: "I have to do it because they will destroy me if I don't".

    I managed to cut up one of the parasites inside of my head area badly a few days ago and while it floated lifelessly to the bottom of my throat it sent a telepathic message to me in a tired, sober voice, saying:

    "I was just doing my duty."

    Once, a few months ago, I've heard them saying that their "astral army is getting ready".

    So, what I would like to know is simply, have you ever noticed a guy on a street that had his head and most of his body completely covered in insectoid astral parasites? Why don't any of you advanced mystic guys know about this seeming parasite invasion going on?

    I would like to ask you if you could get in touch with a higher being (or your own Higher Self, if you're advanced enough to initiate contact) and ask it what exactly is going on with these parasites?

    Also, could some of the so-called "morgellon's disease" suferrers be viewed psychically by yourself or anyone advanced that you know of, in order to confirm that what in fact is going on is that they have been overrun with astral parasites... from my own half-year experince of having to put up with an infestation, I'd say that they are. The difference between myself and all the others being that I have mystic knowledge and they do not, so are writing all of the symptoms to various classical diseases...

    I have a nasty feeling also that the various mental health institutions are full of these same kind of critters - that the "invisible bugs" that the thousands of presumed shizophreniacs have been complaining about for centuries are infact, a ver real & present danger.

    One of the smallish snail like critters that I've caught crawling up my face when I've woken up a few nights ago, when I've tried to pick it up and throw it away with my energy said to me telepathicaly, quote: " F### off, imbecille! We'll give you cerebral paralysis!"

    I know it's just a threat in order to make it easier to attach to my e body by using my fear, but - my god! - what a peculiar disease choice for a tiny astral critter! I've never before heared about this disease, had to look it up in a medical book. I wonder how many cer. paralysis cases have actually been engineered artificially by the negs... which we know nothing about.

    The smaller and smarter types of these negs that are garrisoning my e body are calling the big, moronic astral spider/squidd types the "disease spreaders" or "plague carriers" and as I have understood, they consider common viruses to also be of astral origin. That may well explain why the viruses adapt so wonderfuly well to ever new medication, in a seemingly intelligent way - because they are intelligent.

    Or maybe a neg uses a bunch of them as a kind of modular (many-part, but one, neg consciousness "driving" them) astral vehicle/body?

    The big, dumb spider parasite in my stomach has threatened me when he penetrated my e body in his moronic, bass voice that he can give me collera, anthrax and that he can screw up my biorythm. I have no reason to suspect this, because this is such a peculiar thing for a neg to boast - in fact I think that the negs and not rats may be responsible for medieval plague infestations (just a theory).

    All the while I was writing this post the negs inside of my subc. mind have sent to me messages about how you'll think that I'm a shizophreniac... Well, I think that many of the shizophrenia cases are also in fact neg attacks, that they destroy the person in question's mind and then massively obsess/attach to him in order to feed, staying attached for decades while the person spends the rest of his/hers life staring off into empty space, fighting off dozens of "voices in his head" or trying to shake off (or throw off the larger ones) "invisible bugs" from his body... completely unable to make anyone believe him, because he's obviously a goner, a nutcase - sees, hears and can feel what's not there for the rest of the normal folks...

    If this parasite thing is starting to go off/spread as I think that it is, then somebody should do something about it, if nothing else, then to confirm the reality of the attacks.

    Somebody gifted with "astral sight" should try viewing a few disco clubs, large cinemas or shopping malls, in search of astral parasites. I've had one of the smallish critters crawl up on one of my feet about 30 meters from where live, in the middle of a street in my town, and another time even further away, about 50m...

    But most importantly I think that it's about time we start helping those poor, poor people in mental health institutions suffering so horribly and needlessly in some way, any way... Maybe try applying the Kirillian's photography to a number of morgellon's disease sufferers? - don't know, just thoughts...

    I think that you have encountered this kind of case before, the post "Robert Bruce please help" in the psy sd part of the Astral Pulse forum (2nd page) is the same kind of thing (the guy complained about a heavyish, bag or pillow-like critter sitting down on top of his head, running a kind of "wires" - tentacles - into his head and across his face, giving him severe attention disorder etc).

    I mean, I am aware that many neg attaks are in fact karma based, pre-determined by our higher selves, but you should see my head area - it looks rediculous, like it's covered in freezed chicken bodies and sea-food salad... how many people are like this, but not aware of it? I've read a few posts of severe, long term morgellons disease sufferers on various forums, how they describe that they almost have to walk an all fours from the attention disorder, are slowly going crazy from the severe pressure like some kind of a plant was penetrating their frontal lobes and from the weird type of a hallucination - the hair on top of their heads starting to crawl with "illusionary" movement as soon as they turn off the lights in order to sleep.

    I'll repeat, some of these negs know exactly what part of the human brain "does" what, are able to simulate various neurological disorders perfectly from my exprience, god only know what else.

    I wonder just how long have they been doing this, and where exactly have they acquired such advanced knowledge, it couldn't just have fallen off an (astral) tree...

    I am sorry for the length of the post and my grammar, english is not my native language.

    With respect for you and your work,

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    I agree with what you say about mental health, in that many are victims of nonphysical entity attachment.

    The Morgellan disorder seems to be caused by some kind of unknown parasite, according to the Morgellan Foundation.

    Evidence shows that this parasitic infection is affected by diet. I would suggest that the modified food and drink we ingest may be part of the cause of this spread of this malady. What is classed as normal food today is relatively new to the human specie, since food procesing began about a hundred years ago. Not only is our food modified but it contains lots of chemicals.

    The water we drink, for example, contains chlorine and often fluoride. Ingesting chlorine causes many problems, including iodine deficience which affects the thyroid. Low iodine reduces resistance to radiation. We life in a sea of em radiation. I read that about 80% of people in modern countries have a significant iodine deficiency. This can be addressed by supplements, eg, kelp tablets, iodised salt, etc.

    I do not think there is an invasion of these things, per se. These things have always been there. But the increased population on our planet may make these things seem like an invasion.

    Robert Monroe mentioned these things that attach to the head. He called them 'flyers'. They are quite common and I come across them all the time. I work constantly to discover ways of removing them.

    We know these things exist and that they are inorganic parasites of the human specie. I focus on finding ways to remove such problems.

    With regards to your problems, have you tried taking Mega Salt Baths, as per my article on this? I'd be interested in knowing the results.


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    Re: On astral parasites

    I hope it's alright for me to post a reply.
    Fascinating to hear of you talking to them.
    I've never had conversations with them, but what you describe gels with how I view these things.
    I'd imagine that Robert Monroe got his term "flyers" from Castaneda where they are referred to as flyers (in spanish volares).
    They are the great sorceror secret - that we are fed on energetically by these beings.

    According to Don Juan one can only totally get rid of them by ceasing the internal dialogue.
    Or by moving to Ireland Apparently there are none in Ireland - though I take this info with a pinch of salt as this was passed on second hand by one of Castaneda's followers.
    Of course, ceasing the internal dialogue is incredibly difficult, and for most represents a multi-lifetime project.
    Nevertheless using meditation to calm the inner world would probably give good results.
    Fighting them on the other hand creates internal turmoil and would probably attract them more.
    I've also destroyed them, on multiple occasions. Initially I noted that attacking one would call in many more to help it.

    Robert Bruce mentions I think in the Psychic protection book that they hide behind spiritual blocks.
    This is also my experience.
    They hide behind these blocks (which we would call obsessive thought processes), stimulating them, drawing our attention to them.
    When we put our awareness into the block in response (give it energy) they then feed off this energy.
    The best way to remove them is to destroy the blocks using one's intent. Robert Bruce gives a good method for that. I choose to attack the blocks more directly rather than symbolically.
    Recently, I discovered a dead one floating behind a partially destroyed block.
    I'd imagine that they are forced to feed their energy into the blocks to activate them. As a result if you withhold your energy from the block I'd imagine they'd drain themselves dry trying to stimulate it.

    And yes they perform a vital function in this world.
    We are all beings of immense energetic power, both on the etheric and the spiritual level.
    But we are broken and incredibly dangerous - more dangerous than anybody acknowledges.
    As a result it is a requirement that we are energetically controlled until we attain enough spiritual self-control.
    The more spiritual self-control you attain, the less the negs will bother you.
    These spiders are not the worst by the way. I've found they generally attach to the higher chakras (crown, 3rd eye, throat, heart).
    The other chakras are dealt with by much more powerful entities - especially the base (spine) chakra.
    Be aware that once you deal with the higher chakras, you will have to deal with these other entities whose pressures are far more powerful.
    But the method of dealing with them is the same, and it is the self-training you gain in dealing with the higher chakras that allows you to face these.

    Hope this helps. We live in a spiritual world and the answers are all spiritual, though for many of us that is not what we want to hear.

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    Re: On astral parasites

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaster
    I hope it's alright for me to post a reply.
    It is, because Robert already replied to it and it's already been moved to 'Down Under'.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

  5. Re: On astral parasites

    I don't know if someone erased my message or if it just got lost during a crash...

    Nikpalj - I noticed you don't post anymore. I hope you got rid of your astral parasites because it did sound you were having a lot of attachments.

    I'm currently having something very similar to what you had on top of the head. I got the hot air view, something almost constantly moving on top of my head almost like some kind of insect flapping It's wings, highly out of balance, brain fog, blocked mind, psychosis, itching around the head when sweating or bathing in salt and energy drainage. I noticed that when whatever is on top of the head decides to lift off a bit the symptoms disappear.

    I have been told there were no more negs by an astral traveler. I don't think this is just a disturbed crown chakra like I have been told. Just like you are describing I did only have the movement when I went to sleep but now It's almost constantly present.

    I've tried the mega salt bath without success. I pray every night to rid my self of this thing without any success. My healer has been sending a lot of energy as well and tried to remove this thing without any success. She has identified it and said the energy was intense.
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  6. Re: On astral parasites

    Many people who have these parasites can see how another life, when in fact they simply take energy from the last host in the case of a reptile or gray while they watch one of them, they can sometimes see another man and think he is a malevolent spirit. It is not, its just residual energy of the final host. The parasite is not to say an entity on its own reflection, but it may take some of the intelligence which it is attached to the end, they wander in search of breakfast, a bit like a flea astral.

  7. Re%3A+On+astral+parasites

    Very+interesting+.+.+.+Iv+been+haunted+by+these+ph antoms+ (as+i+like+to+call+them)+for+a+few+years+now+.+A+c ouple+months+ago+i+
    decided+enough+is+enough+and+its+time+to+go+to+war +with+these+astral+
    +and+i+have+been+pretty+sucsessful+,+the+only+prob lem+is+it+pisses+them
    +off+bad!+when+i+completetly+push+them+off,They+li teraly+growl+at+me!+
    and+gargleing+and+scratching.+And+i+know+im+not+cr azy+because+other+
    people+can+hear+them+plane+as+day!+My+mom+got+frea ked+out+the+other+
    day+when+she+heard+it+growling+at+me+from+the+ceil ing+.+I+had+to+lie+to+
    her+and+tell+her+it+was+a+possum+in+the+attic...+A ctually+its+doing+it+right+
    now+as+im+typing+this,+like+its+angry+that+im+shar ing+this+to+the+world+.+
    What+a+trip!+Any+way+i+just+wanted+to+hopefully+in spire+confidence+in+all+

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    Re: Re%3A+On+astral+parasites

    Quote Originally Posted by NikademusTheMage
    Very+interesting+.+.+.+Iv+been+haunted+by+these+ph antoms+ (as+i+like+to+call+them)+for+a+few+years+now+.+A+c ouple+months+ago+i+
    decided+enough+is+enough+and+its+time+to+go+to+war +with+these+astral+
    +and+i+have+been+pretty+sucsessful+,+the+only+prob lem+is+it+pisses+them
    +off+bad!+when+i+completetly+push+them+off,They+li teraly+growl+at+me!+
    and+gargleing+and+scratching.+And+i+know+im+not+cr azy+because+other+
    people+can+hear+them+plane+as+day!+My+mom+got+frea ked+out+the+other+
    day+when+she+heard+it+growling+at+me+from+the+ceil ing+.+I+had+to+lie+to+
    her+and+tell+her+it+was+a+possum+in+the+attic...+A ctually+its+doing+it+right+
    now+as+im+typing+this,+like+its+angry+that+im+shar ing+this+to+the+world+.+
    What+a+trip!+Any+way+i+just+wanted+to+hopefully+in spire+confidence+in+all+
    Hi Nidademus. If the noise is problematic at bedtime, a tabletop fountain can help both mask the noise and keep them away while you sleep, because the moving water is something that keeps them from manifesting- it wears them down.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

  9. Re%3A+On+astral+parasites

    They+only+growl+when+i+completely+detach+them.its+ kinda+scary+to+be+dead+honest.
    ++Iv+been+trying+to+record+the+sounds+they+make+,+ so+i+can+have+some+solid+
    proof+of+thier+mccobry,+but+as+soon+as+i+pull+out+ the+recorder+they+shut+up+with
    +a+quickness...+I+will+definatly+try+your+fountain +trick+out+,+it+seems+like+a+good+
    idea.++Iv+been+using+the+elementals+of+eggs+to+abs orb+them+into+the+egg+then+
    bury+it+.+Seems+to+work+better+than+any+thing+iv+e ver+tried+but+its+only+a+
    temperary+fix,+still+cant+figure+out+how+to+keep+t hem+away+once+iv+gotten+

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    Re: Re%3A+On+astral+parasites

    Hi Nikpalj. My name is Steve from Garfield NJ in the USA. This post/response is about 5 years overdue as I started to get the crawling sensations all over my body in May of 2006. It is an interesting coincidence had I actually *looked* at these forums back then at the time I would have undoubtably found your post...but things were a little or should I say a lot crazy at the time. Anyway, I confirm 100% that these things exist and some have weight to them. Just this morning the heaviest invisible "thing" I've ever felt dropped onto my mattress shaking my bed. It then proceeded to walk up the bed (it thumped as if it was walking on two legs/things by the weight felt by it moving) to my head where it then positioned itself right next to my pillow and a bit on my head. That's just for clarification. I could go on in the ways these things manifest. But suffice to say I've had it all to brushing, sweeping, poking, stinging, creeping etc and all over my body.

    I don't know how this happened, why they are here or why it is happening. I've learned to live with them. I've also been put on an antipsychotic (risperdal) in response to telling this to a doctor in the hospital. But anyway as far as health problems I do suffer from depression and major psoriasis and now arthritis. Now lately I've been getting hot flashes and my joints are aching pretty bad in my left arm. I went to the doctor the other day and saw that I might now have lupus. I am going to find out Friday what the blood results show. How much the negs are invovled in this I don't know. It's pretty sad that the universe has these things even as existing even though they might have a karmic reason to exist.

    I honestly feel this is a serious problem. Mr. Bruce suggested salt baths, which I've done, though it helped calm them down they were still active in the bath. I wish there was a whole psychic self defense book dedicated to this one problem! I at first did think it was parasites but that possibility was quickly eliminated given what has happened to me.

    Might I add, cut up onions/garlic, fumigating the apartment with white sage and church incense, classical/children's music, direct sunlight, using NEW techniques to "cut them off of me", spiritual healing done to me by the "spirit mentors" of a Spiritualist church and even the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram done for over 2 solid years straight has not made them go away. I studied Donald Michale Kraig's Modern Magick to learn the LBRP. But I want to tell you and all who are reading this something. Help will come.

    Somehow I have been given what I call Grace.

    What I mean by Grace is that while all this is happening I have no fear of them. But this in my opinion is a supernatural lack of fear. By all intents and purposes I should be scared out of my wits by this happening and to be honest in the very beginning I was. But as the symptoms got worse...the calmer I came. It might be argued that the antidepressants/antipsychotics I'm on could be contributing to this as well. But my gut feeling, my instincts are saying to me drugs just can't induce this state I'm in now. I feel so at peace and actually happy when I go to bed now even though every darn night they are in the bed with me thumping the mattress and the pillow I sleep on like someone banging the drums leaving strange stains everywhere!

    How did this happen, why do I have this Grace? I don't really know, but I do know that without it I would be done, through over. What has happened to me would seriously drive someone crazy. Is it still hard yes. It is annoying and it hurts my body and I feel the pressure on my head is sometimes incalculable and I get very dizzy...yet in the midst of it I feel actually happy. I'm not flaunting or bragging about this either. What I am suggesting is that any victims of these negs/spiders/insectoids or other just know that if a higher power is going to step in, it will. I'm not saying that spiritual countermeasures like I indicated above shouldn't be taken but I didn't pray for this peace to come it just came. Praying and even magick didnt' help me. Honestly most of the time I feel like the "Charlie Brown of Spirituality"...always failing no matter what I try spiritually. Am I lucky, I guess so I don't follow any religion and don't even practice the Kabbalah anymore but the peace still comes.

    Practically speaking I guess have no direct advice as to how defend oneself from these things unfortunately. What I'm saying is that sometimes the universe steps in and helps indicating there is a power for good stronger then these negs' power for bad. I guess thats my the end we are ALL taken care of by some higher power than ourselves even if we don't believe it. This is my first post on this forum and I've been feeling to investigate this site for a solution to my problems for quite a while. Now was the time as I found this post instantly on my first try. Now is the time for that simple message.

    In conclusion, this isn't really over and possibly it is only just beginning. With December 21st 2012 coming in about 7 months things just might intensify for us neg sufferers of ALL types. I honestly have no idea what is going to happen but I think something least on a metaphysical level anyway. I guess we'll have to wait to find out. I invite anyone to personally contact me through this post who is suffering. I would like to help in some way even if it's just someone to say hey its ok you're not crazy.

    With that said I wish you Grace and Peace from the depths of my soul. I hope things change for you and all us who suffer from these neg attacks. Please understand that I know it must be bitterly hard for you and I know it's easy for me to say this but if this small miracle could happen to me maybe its hope that the Highest power of all has authority over All of these negs..and it could happen to you.


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