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    PUL - Retrievals - Guides

    The following is a post I made in another forum. I've changed it a little to fit better
    here. This thread is about Pure Unconditional Love (PUL) in the way Moen uses it
    for retrievals. The methods I've read from Moen's and then I have my own version
    of them. Moen most likely got most of it from TMI and then developed his own

    The method for doing retrievals can also be used for putting intent to meet guides
    and ask questions to guides. It works best when your questions are prepared in
    advance, perhaps one day in advance.

    Sometimes you get no answers, sometimes you get them directly and other
    times you get "knowings" perhaps months later. Are your guides giving you
    those answers? I don't know.

    But here goes PUL for retrievals first:

    The topic of Pure Unconditional Love (PUL) can be found on different places
    in books or on the net, for example from Bruce Moen.

    But I want to address the subject on PUL out of a perspective of retrievals.
    In my impression the concept of PUL is used by TMI in retrievals, during their
    Lifeline program and perhaps also in some other programs like Heartline
    and Exploration 27.

    How is PUL used in retrievals of discarnates?

    1. Before starting your retrieval you gather some PUL. I do this for about one minute,
    but apparently the recommendation is to gather PUL for about 3 minutes, while still
    in C-1. Here is how you gather PUL:

    You think of someone you love. When the feeling fades, you think of
    the next person you love. If you have few persons you feel love to,
    you shall think of some kind of surrounding where you feel at peace
    and feel fine. You could think of a forest walk, the beach or somewhere
    else where you are filled with good emotions.

    2. You use PUL in two different ways:

    2A. Whenever you encounter scary entities. Send them PUL and watch
    them transform as they become non-scary.

    Whenever you feel a dull a scary emotion. Cover the whole area with PUL,
    until it brightens up.

    2B. When someone doesn't want to exit their emotional loop which keeps
    hem stuck, for example in F 23. Or when you can't convince someone to
    follow you to exit the afterlife area where they are stuck.

    When a discarnate feels hostile (against you), or afraid for something.

    You send love to the discarnate without requesting anything in return,
    that's PUL.

    PUL may not always work, and in that case the best to do is to call for
    help from guides and helpers, so they are able to move in and try solve
    the situation.

    How is PUL gathered?

    By feeling love to someone else without requesting something in return
    could be one definition of PUL. You have to direct the feeling by intent.
    You'll probably find out completely natural when the need arises.

    PUL is unconditional, so it doesn't demand the receiver to actually do anything.

    PUL breaks painful emotional loops or painful loneliness.

    PUL is part of healing.

    PUL cures fear.

    Once having experienced PUL and F 27, the receiver is free to go back to whatever
    painful emotional loop or painful loneliness there is. This may happen, but very
    seldom does.
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    Re: PUL - Retrievals - Guides


    This is how I go about doing retrievals.

    Let me first of all state that in most of my sessions I don't intend to
    go for retrievals, and often I have some other goal like getting answer
    to a question, doing healing to someone I know, try to OBE or just hope
    for some good energy work. Sometimes I have no expectations at all and
    try to be open to anything.

    Being open to do retrievals is just one part of many things I want to do.

    (Note: This text is long and may not be without faults or unclear parts.)


    The question is when will you get results, when will you get your your
    first retrieval?

    I did NEW with meditation & OBE attempted sessions for half a year, before
    getting my first Moen-style retrieval. I would guess that it can take anything
    from one attempt to more than a year to make any successful retrieval. It has
    also been reported from many people who have tried the Moen method, that they
    have gotten very different results. Some people get one very clear retrieval
    followed by many retrievals with very poor perception and then perhaps give up,
    any further attempts.

    Most of the time, I get my retrievals after I've entered a deep meditative
    state, but on a few occasions the retrievals have started within less than
    5 minutes of almost no preparations. One one occasion my retrievals started
    AFTER I was done with my session and was just resting. So my guess is that
    deep meditation will help, but it's not absolutely necessary to be in a deeply
    relaxed state to get a retrieval going.

    Also, there usually has to pass about 2-3 weeks between my retrievals, give or
    take 1 week. And I think my retrievals are prepared & arranged by astral
    discarnates, so I can't do much to get things going. I have to patiently wait.

    I am also under the impression that there is some kind of internal
    development in me after a retrieval. That development has to be taken
    care of before I can do the next retrieval. But I'm not absolutely sure
    about the existence this development-adaption issue.


    Maybe I should give some background. I'm +40 years and I'm poor at
    doing OBEs. My LDs tend to be short and far between in time. When I
    get to view the 3-D blackness in a session, I usually can't hold it
    for more than 30 seconds.

    I've had one very mild kundalini like experience.

    Before I managed to successfully start with retrievals I had a lot
    (still have) of physical sensations during my sessions, like the
    feeling of a thumb pressing with painful force on the top of my
    crown. Most physical sensations have greatly been reduced over time.

    I often do NEW or some kind of energy work which I at least imagine is
    similar to NEW, about once a day for 15 minutes - 1 hour.

    While doing a session, I sometimes listen to Hemi-Sync of various kinds;
    MetaMusic, HumanPlus, JOOB, Wave etc.

    I have wondered if my detailed remembered retrievals are the results
    of me having done retrievals for many years, but without fully knowing
    what I was doing. It wasn't until I read Monroe's & Moen's book that I
    found a tool which worked more directly. Most of my much older retrievals
    have been from C1 in clear daylight (or in the evening) and with me only
    sensing (no visuals or sounds) the presence of a discarnate with whom I've
    spoken to verbally in the physical.

    My retrievals in those early days were nothing like the methods Moen teaches,
    instead I acted verbally only, in C1 based on emotions I received. Occasionally
    I still do old-style retrievals, and now I know more how to deal with them.


    I can't prove that NEW or Hemi-Sync aid in doing retrievals or do anything
    helpful at all. But because I get some kind of physical sensations, sometimes
    I see 2-D images with my physical eyes, I think that both energy work and
    Hemi-Sync speed up the process of developing better abilities to work with
    the astral. I regard those various physical sensations as some kind of
    development over time. I don't know where it will lead me.


    Let me first state that the retrieval person doesn't need to be a human or
    even a being from physical Earth, so view the expression "retrieval person"
    in a broad sense.

    I've divided my method into several points, so they can easily be referenced.
    At the end I have some additional comments, from little different point of
    views. I go about retrievals like this:

    1. Sometimes I begin with setting intent one day in advance. I may state
    something loudly like talking to some imaginary being and say: "Tomorrow
    I will do a retrieval. If you want to, you may prepare a retrieval for me.

    The "you" is directed to any astral Helpers and I say it in physical.

    2. The next day, I may state verbally: "Now I will do a retrieval."
    And I start a session, sometimes with any random Hemi-Sync CD in headphones;
    MetaMusic, HumanPlus, JOOB etc. At other times I begin with no expectations
    or no Hemi-Sync at all.

    3. I lay down, eyes closed and state: "I request help from those Helpers or
    Guides, who know more than me, less than me or as much as me and who want to
    help me do OBE, projection, healing of myself or others, retrievals of Aspects
    or of others, get information, remove obstacles for myself & others, get
    personal growth of myself or others. And I'm open to anything else including
    that any of you may modify me in any way you want.

    Sometimes I direct myself specifically to my I-There or Total Self, instead
    of using the more general words Helpers or Guides, just to see if I get any
    different result.

    I know that the "modify" part may not be to everybody's likings.
    I don't advice it either, as I still don't know the end result, it will
    probably take years before I know if my request for random modifications
    bear fruit. What kind of fruit, one may ask, too.

    (Note: One channelled entity in the TMI Explorer Tapes has stated that you
    should not request help from anyone less than you, so I'm not sure I do
    the right thing. At the same time I don't want to exclude anyone just based
    on knowledge as they may have other useful astral abilities.)

    I think that at least one member of my I-There is a non-human being, which
    I named Almost-Turtle, because it looks like a big, prehistoric turtle.
    This Almost-Turtle may know less (on certain things) than me if it only has
    animal intelligence, but may possess other abilities, like much greater wisdom.

    4A. Laying down I do the Moen "circulation" of non-physical energy. I
    imagine that I draw up energy through my soles and through my body up
    to the crown of my head an out into infinity. A part of the energy from
    my crown is circulated in a balloon shape around me down to my soles again.
    I do this three times as I take deep breaths each time, constantly making
    the energy move around on both in and out breaths. See AKG for details.

    4B. I do the same three breaths/circulations but now in the opposite
    direction, from my crown down to my soles.

    (Note: Moen does this a little differently in his AKG book, so you may
    want to check that out. I think Moen's energy gathering is a sort of a
    Monroe REBAL.)

    4C. I bounce energy in a kind of NEW style, from the soles of my feet
    to my crown. The bounce is done by an inch thick imaginary disc with a
    diameter of about one meter. The disc moves up and down through my body,
    like the slice of a cucumber. I change speed at times and bounce maybe
    15 times in total.

    4D. Sometimes I do the tense-then-relax two body parts at a time, in
    pairs, for a few seconds. Sometimes I skip doing any relaxation techniques.

    5. Sometimes I "put intent" to do a retrieval at this point in time, by
    thinking about some very short retrieval episode/scene I know of. I'm
    not always doing it as Moen suggests; the so called Silly Little Finger
    Exercise (in AKG), but I think I do something very similar if not exactly
    the same.

    6A. I gather PUL into my being. You can read about that in the start of
    this thread. I alternate between thinking of a person and thinking of
    a nice place outdoors, where I've been.

    6B. To "prime the pumps" I do the Moen exercise, to peel an orange, eat
    it, taste it and feel it in my mind's hand. Or a clementine, which is
    easier to peel. The purpose is to help the retrieval scene to emerge.
    Sometimes I peel more than clementine.

    7. Then I wait. And I try to un-see. To un-see means that I don't focus
    visually. Instead I do something which is hard to describe, but I stop
    watching. I stop looking at the back of my eyelids. You could say that
    I stop "Noticing". Stop seeing. I unsee. Un-see.

    8A. I wait. And wait.

    8B. I become single minded or empty minded. Wait.

    8C. I try to go deep into my session mode. Deep. I relax. And wait.
    Close to sleep.

    9. Wait. Wait. Wait.

    10. Sometimes I may get bored and look again at the swirls or darkness
    in front of me. Then I return to unsee. As I unsee I try to sense. Is
    there anything around? If I'm unlucky, I fall asleep.

    11. If nothing happens after about one hour, I usually feel that I'm
    somehow done and finish the session. Sometimes I may have other kinds
    of experiences than retrievals, like physical sensations or see some
    odd vision, even meeting guides.

    12. If I get to see the grainy 3-D darkness, I'm usually close to finishing
    the session, but sometimes I continue.

    13. So I don't see. I perceive, and sometimes I get a view as a 2-D image.
    I don't imagine. I wait. Un-see. And try to perceive, sense if anything is

    Sometimes I notice that I go into a sort of sleep/dream state. Then I wake
    myself up by quickly trying to remember what has happened, to stay more
    awake than asleep, which makes me remember almost everything of the
    retrieval as I always want to write it down afterwards.

    If I start to sleep, I quickly start to dream. And dreams are easily lost
    on awakening. I try to stay awake.

    14. If 11 & 12 are not reached, a retrieval may occur. I never request to
    meet any Helper to start the retrieval, and I've never managed to start
    a retrieval from the 3-D darkness in a Ginny/Selski/Moen style. Retrievals
    start differently for me. Ginny does things different than me.

    I unsee and suddenly:

    I may get a non-visual vision in my mind's eye. On a few occasions the
    vision may start with me seeing a blurry image with my physical eyes,
    but the scene very quickly moves to a non-vision image, and from that on
    I view the scene and actions by un-seeing.

    If my retrievals start with a 2-D scenario image at the back of my eyelids,
    while I still am in "see" mode, I may even see some kind of movement in the
    scene, but soon the image shifts into non-physical vision and I start to unsee.

    How can I "see" anything if I unsee? Well, try to get the image of the
    Statue of Liberty into your mind. Can you see it in your mind's eye? I
    sort of do that, but I try to not imagine too much. If I would see the
    Statue of Liberty, I try to perceive/sense what more I can non-physical
    view. I also try to perceive any emotions and observe any thoughts that
    get into my mind throughout the scene's actions and my interaction.

    15. Now I'm in un-see mode and I "see" something. It may be a wooden stair.
    Some outdoor settings. A road. Perhaps one or more persons in front of me.
    It can be a factory, workshop, a train viewed from the outside or a ship.
    It can be a beach, a huge room or a forest.

    The scene is non-visual but very clear in many details. Other details may
    be more blurry or completely unviewable, specially if they are far away.

    16. I usually also get feelings, emotions and impressions of the scene.
    If I'm lucid enough I will notice that I'm still in C1, and I'm fed a lot
    of info about the scene. I can slow down and try to sense what's around me
    but usually I get the feeling that "someone" wants me to keep some speed
    in my actions once things starts rolling. I may have rapid changes of
    my place, sudden shifts of location. Usually I may see a building from the
    outside, and in an instant I'm inside the building, without any actual
    movement or attempt to move from my part.

    I'm very poor at switching between the Moen "Perceiver & Interpreter" modes.
    I want to stay in Interpreter mode as much as possible and just be fed with
    impressions of the scene. If I go deeply into Perceiver mode I too easily
    click out and forget what happened.

    17. The emotions and informations I get into my mind may come slowly at
    first but in bunches, like time period, mode of the scene, state of
    mind of any thoughtforms. Well, thoughtforms don't have states of mind,
    but someone has applied their expectations to the thoughtforms so I may
    get a sense of mode in the surroundings or the purpose of a thoughtform.
    For example I may see a bald man in a white shirt, he is a thoughtform
    and at the same time I get the impression that he is a CEO of a company.
    Sometimes I may start with seeing only part of the scene like a doorway,
    then my view expands to show me an old saloon.

    When I get to see the person who needs to be retrieved, the flow of emotions
    may increase and I may get some info which is aimed at helping me doing my
    retrieval. It can be things like, "this man killed his girlfriend", "this
    person is a drug addict", "this person is in a good mood, but stuck because
    she is waiting for someone", "this person is hard working and arrogant, but
    puzzled at the same time", "this person feels worthless and depressed", etc.

    Sometimes the retrieval person may get into my vision so quickly that I have
    to stop the action for a few seconds to figure out that the person in fact
    is the one who needs retrieval. The start of most of my retrievals are
    often confusing until I figure out that I'm in fact in a retrieval scenario.
    If I see more than person, I wait and try to figure out who is who. At
    times I just know whom I should follow from the start.

    I never get any particular warning that a retrieval has started. I just
    have to be observant.

    18. Action. Now when I know the scenario, the surroundings, the persons who
    are thoughtforms, the buildings, furniture and the mood of the retrieval
    person, things may start rolling. It can happen fast. Some retrievals are
    over in a minute or a few minutes. Writing them down can take hours because
    of the amount of impressions, details of the scene and actions quickly
    unfolding. A single retrieval seldom takes more than 10 minutes, but my
    preparation and relaxation phase may take more than half an hour. On a few
    occasions the retrieval has started within a minute, but that's unusual.

    Sometimes my perception of myself may alternate between first person and third
    person. When I switch to third person, I may find myself look different,
    having a different age, hair color or body shape, being non-human, wearing
    different clothes than I normally do, and I usually fit very well into the
    time era and expectations of the retrieval person. While in third person, I'm
    not _completely_ in third person as I'm at the same time an individual acting
    in the scene. The third person mode is more like a kind of bi-location mode.

    19A. My own actions. The scene may change as the retrieval person is moving,
    perhaps by bike or walking or moving some items around. At this stage I'm
    not completely lucid. I have to concentrate both on going with the flow of
    the scene and remain concentrated on my task as things may not go as
    smoothly as the Helpers have expected.

    One thing I try to keep in my mind at all times is to send PUL. At a few
    times I have not been able to send PUL early enough, and I don't know if
    that is due to lack of concentration on my side or that there was some
    kind of purpose of initially keeping me appear more neutral in the eyes
    of the retrieval person.

    But I think it is wise to send PUL as soon as the retrieval person shows
    signs of distress, fear, distrust, refusal or if the scene turns into
    something threatening or gets hostile darkness. I've at a few times sent PUL
    covering the whole area of the scene, not just to the retrieval person.

    I am under the impression that I must talk to the retrieval person to
    transfer energy and get the person's attention to initiate the retrieval
    and open the opportunity for Helpers to step in as soon as possible. I have
    often noticed that my words come natural and that I will tend to offer or ask
    the person to go to some nicer place or to meet someone the person recognize.
    Sometimes my actions and words come so natural that I act like a
    pre-programmed intelligent robot. I guess that I act out the scene
    in accordance with some kind of plan made by Helpers.

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    Re: PUL - Retrievals - Guides


    Now to one very strange thing:

    At some odd times I may get the intention to carry out an action, but I
    doesn't seem to have created the intention myself. In the moment I become
    aware of the intention, the intention feels like it has been put into me by
    some outside force. At the same instant, the scene or the retrieval person may
    react in a way, which indicates to me that I may in fact already have carried
    out the action, somehow in advance of, or in the same moment as I become aware
    of my intention. Yet I may think that I haven't actually carried out the action,
    as I still only am aware that I received the intention to do the action. This
    odd effect before action is sometimes a little disturbing to me. Or perhaps my
    action and the effect come at exactly the same time, but my awareness of doing
    the action comes first afterwards, which even may cause me to redo/repeat the
    action once I become aware of my intention. I'm not sure at all times what has
    happened. If any of you experiences this, effect-before-action and figures out
    what happens, please let me know.

    Talking to persons is done by me stating a question in my head, and then
    I very quickly get my own thoughts as answers, like someone pushes their
    thoughts into my mind and those thought immediately become my thoughts.
    This happens so fast sometimes that I don't always figure out that I have
    got the answer almost in the same moment I formulate my question. And I
    use the same method to talk to Helpers & Guides. Some retrieval persons
    may not respond at times. Finding what triggers a response can be tricky,
    but sending PUL helps. Some Aspects of Self never respond, but can still
    be integrated and merged with.

    Click outs. Sometimes I may click out, but I've also noticed that the more
    retrievals I do, the less I click out. But I may still experience shift
    of scenes quite dramatically, from being indoors, to suddenly being outdoors
    with the retrieval person.

    Eventually things will unfold to a kind of natural end and the person will
    move on somewhere. I don't see any Helpers in many cases, but sometimes I
    can feel their presence.

    19B. My own actions when retrieving an Aspects of Self. An Aspect is not
    always as coherent as a discarnate person. Things seem to be different
    and I have to trust the scenario and my "automatic" actions much more.

    When retrieving an Aspect of Self I don't think it always is sufficient
    enough to only send PUL in the form of love. I have felt that I also have to
    send feelings of Acceptance. I think Moen calls that PULA (PUL Acceptance),
    but I'm not totally sure.

    Sometimes it has been enough for me to call my Aspects to me and allow them
    to enter me, all by themselves. But at other times I have had to hug or lift
    up my Aspect from the floor and push it into me so we merge. I usually tell
    the Aspect that it is accepted, I want it back into me, so we can be one.

    I think that the purpose of retrievals of Aspects of Self is to merge with
    lost Aspects, so they no longer are alone and so I'm no longer incomplete.
    I think that if the Aspect can't move on its own, I have to non-physically,
    in my minds eye, take action and lift and hug/embrace my Aspect and push it
    towards me so it merges into my chest.

    Sometimes when reading about Aspect retrievals, people mentions that this
    kind of retrieval is the hardest to do as there are so many emotions involved.
    I agree with that statement.

    Sometimes the retrieval of an Aspect may be from an already discarnate.
    Such an Aspect just has to be moved to F 27 by Helpers, I guess.

    When retrieving and merging with my own Aspects of Self I've several times
    felt fear and had some disturbing feelings, sometimes days after.

    20. I have often had to do more than one retrieval at a the same session.
    So when I'm finished with one retrieval, I wait and sense for new
    surroundings. If I see something, I often have a new retrieval going
    during the same session.

    If I have gotten more than retrieval in the same session, the first
    retrieval has always been the hardest one to complete and also the one
    which has taken the most time and interaction from my part.

    Two or three retrievals are not unusual in the same session for me, when
    things start going.

    I've had one sessions where I switched between two different retrieval
    sites, as the first retrieval had to be rebuilt (by Helpers) with better
    non-visual clarity for me.

    21. After retrievals I can sometimes have residue feelings. I try to
    seek out a guide or place and request to be cleared and healed of any
    such bad emotions. I do this with a kind of varied success.

    Sometimes the healing has to take place on the next day's session.

    At some times, I've been adjusted in advance of a retrieval to better
    follow it through. At least that's my interpretation of my guides
    adjustments, when they put hands into my head or chest and spin around

    If the adjustment has ever given me any physical problem, I don't stop
    it. Instead I accept whatever change I have to go through. The problem
    has always been temporary and usually disappeared in a day.

    At some retrievals I can get tons of physical sensations. Most are
    goose bumps, where my hair stands on end physically and I physically
    feel waves of energy floods over me. Specially when I finish a retrieval
    successfully I get those physical waves of goose bumps.

    22. At some times I've went back to the site of the retrieval just to
    check that I indeed succeeded with the retrieval. Most of the times
    the retrievals are finished, but on one occasion I had missed to
    merge with an Aspect who was crippled and immobile.



    Some more details, with the risk of repeating what I've already said:

    My retrievals are done in a sort of 2-D mind's eye vision, like a kind
    of interactive remote viewing done from C1, often with me in a state close
    to regular dream, where I'm (almost) fully aware of my retrieval actions
    as well as of my presence in C1.

    The retrieval's Interactive RVing, is a state where I can interact with
    the discarnate or the surroundings, like moving objects, untying a rope
    of a prisoner, talking to a discarnate and be observed as I go about.

    One note about PUL. Sometimes I have to mix other positive feelings with
    PUL. I include enthusiasm, happiness, joy, the good feeling of old friends
    rejoining and other emotions who intuitively are initiated in me and I send
    those emotions to the retrieval person. I also have to use reasoning, perhaps
    manipulation, putting ideas forward to the retrieval person, ideas which,
    usually are fed into me from an outside source; the Helpers.

    The part where the retrieval person is manipulated and tricked into be
    retrieved, was questioned in a thread, Old Man Jesiah & Engineer. And
    there are two more retrievals of mine White Collar Business Man, Aspects
    of Self retrievals (in werewolf form).

    I'm under the impression that all retrievals are initiated by Helpers and
    Guides. I just have to wait until they have set the scene.

    Sometimes I've skipped one or all steps from 1 - 12 above except for
    laying down and closing my eyes. With no preparations at all, I've suddenly
    entered a retrieval which the Helpers & Guides must have prepared in advance.
    I become quite surprised when this happens, as my preparations have been so
    poor, but I try to go along with the flow an perform as usual.

    I've at one time entered a retrieval when trying to go to sleep.

    I've made one retrieval with eyes open while sitting in my bathroom. I
    suspect that retrieval had to be done soon as I skipped that retrieval
    on the previous occasion as I wanted to sleep.

    At the times when I've gotten into a retrieval without having put any intention
    in advance, I wonder if my Guides just picked me, because someone needed a
    retrieval and I was the most appropriate available at the time? Or perhaps
    some of my previously placed intents suddenly had come into effect?

    A comment on my "Wait" part; usually it seems to go 1-4 weeks between my
    retrievals, and many other things happen in between, and many times my
    sessions are completely uneventful, I may not even see any hypnagogics or
    hypnopompics (as I sometimes fall asleep) during my sessions. Sometimes
    I meet a guide who just takes me to a town and run around with me, perhaps
    to see how much I pick up of my surroundings and of his running. Sometimes my
    guides do some modifications or adjustments to me which can be interesting
    experiences, but the adjustments don't lead to retrievals.

    So between retrieval sessions I may have 10-20 rather uneventful sessions
    (read: 10-20 days) with absolutely no retrievals at all.

    At times when I've realized that a retrieval is starting and I've stopped
    actively observing the scene and instead gone with the flow, I can at times
    act like I do in a regular dream, not questioning my actions too much. I may
    do things which I initially had no intention of, like pushing down a wall or
    picking up a thoughtform baby. Some people who do retrievals have said that
    one knows intuitively what to do once the retrieval starts. I would say
    that to some extent I've lost my own free will and just do whatever is
    prepared for me in my role of the retrieval.

    Regarding my retrievals which can be found in written form on some forums.
    I write them down as soon as I've finished. Because I'm mostly awake in C1,
    I also remember most details very well. I also think I'm good at observing
    and perceiving details, and good at stating my retrievals in text.

    But in order to remember my retrieval actions & emotions, I sometimes pause
    in the middle of a retrieval and for a moment memorize exactly what actions
    I've taken and what has happened during the retrieval. I actively imprint
    events and feelings to keep the story line intact in my mind.

    A retrieval is like watching a movie, in which I participate. If my
    attempts to imprint the story line in my memory are successful, I'm able
    to afterwards describe the whole retrieval in as much detail as I'm able
    to describe a movie I've just seen, including emotions and "knowings" I
    perceive during the retrieval.

    But sometimes my Interpreter looses it and I forget parts of the events.
    So what I perceive as events unfolding may be more or less fuzzy. Some part
    may be very clear, to the extent that I would recognize the face of the
    person if I met that person in C1. Other parts of the retrieval may be more
    unclear, like the memory of a dream which flows to your mind. Later I can
    force myself to remember things like emotions, "hidden details" or partly
    forgotten details, if not too many days have passed. Sometimes I will
    not be able to remember some details until the next day.

    But clear recall of actions and emotions is quite possible.

    Imagine yourself walking to your local shop, putting on your outdoor
    jacket, your exit from your apartment, your walk down the stairs, your
    walk on the pavement, your view of the surroundings or houses, you pass
    people on the way, etc. That's how the scene of my retrievals flow, but
    with the difference that I don't have to put any effort into perceiving
    anything as it comes to me like the action in a movie, which I'm part of.

    Or the retrieval memory can be similar to when you remember a regular dream.
    Some parts may be faint, but other parts may be clear and connected. Think
    of those parts that are more clear and view them as a continuous movie. That
    may be how the retrieval action unfolds when I have a very clear retrieval.
    But my retrievals have never been as clear as an LD, as I don't see, I unsee.

    I also think that my persistent request for being modified by Helpers and
    Guides, to become better at astral activities has helped me improve. For
    example, I don't click out as often as I did in the beginning. At the
    same time, I don't know where this road takes me.

    If I feel I'm being modified by Guides, I just go with the change in as
    positive a manner as possible, even if it hurts a little physically
    during my session.

    I think that anyone can develop their own method for doing retrievals. I
    think it helps for me to be open to anything and state that I want to do a
    retrieval to eventually get a retrieval going. I then try to keep an innovative

    I avoid trying to make things up. This approach of mine may be a little
    different from Moen's, as he suggests people to actively imagine things
    or scenes.

    Once into a scene I watch it. For example I may turn around a full turn to
    get the impression of what's behind me; people, furniture, walls, paintings,
    floor, outdoor elements like, bushes & trees. I wait and absorb anything from
    my surroundings. I try to sense emotions and absorb "knowledges" like
    time period or type of environment - am I in a company or resident building?

    I don't fantasies. Instead I wait until a non-visual impression or image
    comes into view. Then I start to absorb as much impression of that scene
    from all possible senses, including non-physical emotions, as I can. I
    collect info, then act on that info.

    If in a room, and I see a table, what more can I sense? I wait a few
    moments. If nothing comes into my view, I continue moving and make
    a contact with the discarnate.

    By some reason I don't ask many questions to guides, while the retrieval
    unfolds. I rely in the fact that I can perceive things.

    I try to seldom reject anything I see. On a few occasions I have "wiped"
    the impression from my view for a moment and tried to have it rebuilt again
    until I am sure I see the same thing again and again. But I don't reject
    something because it seems implausible. I try to stay open and believe in
    what I see. Moen mentions this rebuild-procedure in AKG.

    Sometimes a scene may be very implausible, and on those rare occasions I
    may choose to reject the scene and ask for clarity to have the scene
    become improved. I think Ginny has elaborated more on this matter.
    Usually I accept most of the scenes I see, with little questioning.

    Sometimes I can sense that an individual is a Helper or Guide and not a
    retrieval person.

    I try to be aware of all senses not familiar from the physical. If I sense
    that a building is empty, except for one discarnates, then I assume that
    anyone else I meet in the building is a thoughtform.

    I can speak to discarnates or call for Helpers. I do that by thoughts.
    Sometimes I manage to non-physically shout, but that is also done in
    my mind, by thoughts. If I ask questions, the answers come quickly to
    me in my own mind, in thoughts.

    When anything become awkward, threatening, hostile, fearful, dark or
    menacing, or distrustful, I always send PUL. I send lots of PUL if

    Perhaps my unseeing, my non-visual impression and perceiving, to some
    part is what is called NVC (Non-verbal communication), but I'm not
    sure. And I can only guess with whom I am communicating.

    Many times I don't manage to stay simple minded. My mind may be filled
    with lots of everydays thoughts. But then, at some point, I see a scene
    and the retrieval starts going. A few times I've seen the scene briefly
    the day before, and as I think back on the setting, things may start
    to unfold. Sometimes there may be a "first part" where I can't interact,
    and that first part serves to give me some background info. Then the
    "second part" starts and I'm in the middle of the interactive action
    with the retrieval person and sometimes thoughtform people. The scene
    pushes behaviors into me, into my role, which is constructed by Helpers
    to fit the retrieval persons expectations of whom the retrieval person
    will meet in the F 23 environment.

    Sometimes the second and third retrieval, in the same session, can be
    difficult to get rolling. Perhaps because I've used up some kind of
    astral energy. I try and try, until I get a clear vision of the scene.
    Once the scene or setting is established the action is more stable
    through the retrieval.

    If I do unexpected things, its probably my guides who have taken
    me over for a moment and taken control. I accept losing "free will"
    for a moment and do what seems natural. I avoid being too surprised
    if I do things I normally wouldn't do, to avoid breaking the scene.

    If I don't know what to do, I ask for Helpers to step in. If I'm left
    alone I try to figure the situation out.

    I have never myself transported the retrieval person to F 27. I've only
    been a passenger in a car driven by a Helper who took the retrieval
    person to F 27.


    This text may not be without errors and there may be references to persons
    not on this forum, but I hope it doesn't matter too much for the overall text.

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    Re: PUL - Retrievals - Guides

    I'll add some info about retrievals which may be of help or may not.

    Retrievals starting late.

    I've noticed lately, that when I've had a meditation session, fallen
    asleep and nothing has happened, when I wake up again and don't step
    out of bed - a retrieval may start.

    So clicking out or falling asleep is not bad. I get rested. And if there
    is a need to do a retrieval somewhere, I can do it with much greater
    ability to not click out once I'm awake again, and have better focus
    on what actions I am supposed to do.

    So staying in session a few more minutes after I've thought; "I'm done
    for today"
    , has resulted in surprise retrievals, often rather short,
    like 5-10 minutes.

    So being a little patient after you think you're finished with your
    session, may start a retrieval. It could of course also be the result
    of me stating at the start of my sessions that I'm open to do anything
    which can be good to others or help someone else, be it retrieval or
    something of the Helpers' choice.

    This makes me think that perhaps we sometimes need to do retrievals
    while awake, to use some sort of energy from awake life, which is
    needed in the retrieval. Some kind of energy which may not be fully
    present while we sleep and dream (and do retrievals).


    Also, today I almost never listen to H-S doing retrievals. H-S is a
    great "training wheel", but when things get going, I feel limited
    by H-S as it locks me into a certain Focus Level.


    Fearful creatures.

    Sometimes I may encounter some kind of entity which looks scary, "evil"
    or dangerous, attacking me. I've gotten so used to it that it doesn't
    feel or seem as scary as it did before.

    Those encounters with scary entities may often be rather short, like
    a few seconds or one minute and seldom more than 10 minutes.

    Sometimes I thought those scary beings just were Aspects of Self, but
    now I've begun to wonder if the scary beings in fact are dead humans,
    who are stuck in Hells. The scary feeling accompanying the "evil" entity
    is the emotion, which that human feels in the Hell (be it F 23 or F 25),
    and that's the reason I think that I perceive that a being is attacking me
    and looking terribly "evil".

    The emotional feeling of fear is so noticeable, that I have more and more
    begun to think that those Hells are shaped in such a way, that they can't
    easily be displayed visually in a way I can perceive clearly, so the only
    thing I sense is the person, the individual who is stuck in that Hell and
    who want out, and that person's emotions and despair.

    And the only way for that person to get out of the Hell, is to approach me
    in all that persons fear and emotional pain, which appears as a scary entity
    to me? Or maybe the Helpers just put me face-to-face with that person, and
    then I feel the fear and get some scary impressions.

    By sending PUL to that "scary entity", who may be an ordinary human,
    only dead and stuck in a nonphysical Hell, I can help that person
    get enough energy so the Helpers can step in and retrieve that
    person to F 27 or at least to some place better.

    So, put in short:

    1. I somewhere see a very scary entity.
    2. I decide to deliberately face that scary entity face-to-face.
    3. I also notice that an emotional feeling of fear follows that entity.
    4. I sometimes (rather seldom actually) get attacked by the entity.
    5. I send PUL to that entity.
    6. I absorb and allow that entity to enter into me so it can calm down.
    7. I send that entity Acceptance and Forgiveness.
    8. I send more PUL and try to talk to the entity.
    9. When the feeling of fear subsides, I eventually leave the scene.


    Some more messages (which may be wrong) I've got from guides are:

    A. You already have all Aspects of Self within yourself. This probably means
    that it's difficult to absorb anyone else's Aspect. But you may find Aspects of dead
    people, and those Aspects will then go to F 27 by the help of Helpers, in my opinion.

    B. I think that sometimes people may pick up Aspects of Selves, who they are not
    prepared for. The Helpers most likely don't mind, I think they want us to pick up
    any lost Aspect, regardless of if we are prepared for it. If we are unprepared, it
    will take much longer to re-integrate the Aspect or some part of the Aspect
    may get lost again, for some time, I think.


    Improve retrieval recall.

    To get a good recall of a retrieval, when I've done like 3-4 "parts" of the retrieval,
    I step back for a moment (but without leaving the retrieval scene), and work through
    those steps, memorizing them.

    By doing that, I also become a little more awake, and reduce the risk of clicking out.
    It can go like this:

    "Oh... Now a lot of things have happened. I'll have to recap. Let's see...

    It started with... a lamp post. A man was standing beside a lamp post. Dull evening or
    beginning of night. The man walked along a street. He stopped at a window to a shop.
    I tipped his hat over by some reason. I excused myself and picked his hat up.

    He said something I couldn't hear. Then he was standing near an old car. Were we in
    a workshop, indoor suddenly? Something probably happened and I've already
    forgotten it, but that doesn't matter. I'll continue with my recap...

    He brought a toolbox with him. I think he wore a dirty coverall. His hat was gone.
    I followed him from behind, we walked past a second old car and continued through
    an aisle (?). Were we in a shop or a theatre?

    Hmm.. Now lets go back to the scene and figure out how to retrieve him...

    Then I return to the scene and continue my work, usually trying more than one
    approach to the person, sometimes I change appearance until I have succeeded
    with the retrieval.

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    Re: PUL - Retrievals - Guides

    You are very good at this Pauli.
    I agree in the way you have come to think of 'scary' entities. I have had similar experiences, and often felt the despair and self-judgement, and it's a terrible thing to feel- I do think it can translate to 'monstrous' looking, if the entity has come to believe it's what they are.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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