I would like to start a journal here because recently I find that no matter how much energy raising I do OBE' s seem to be on hold but my dreams are very memorable and I think symbolic.
Looking through the past 15 months my dreams started where I was always searching for something, some one, somewhere.
Always leaving to look.
I am missing so much out here . I wish I had started the journal earlier....
Then a few dreams involved an airport, runway, a really large plane, inside it, but could I travel or not..?.
The plane lands, a large blue car travels up a very steep hill where the occupant gets out and someone ( a news reporter) is standing on the summit recording the arrival of the passenger.
Next dream a while later is really not a dream but a caption just before waking.
A train, stationary with a green light in front and a lot of different tracks ahead.
Weeks later I thought I was having an OBE where someone was carrying me as if in a sling and I got the impression I was a baby or egg and the person I saw carrying me was my husband.
I was put gently down on a child's plastic chair on a veranda and given a bowl of fruit and asked " Haven't you seen a boys kindergarten before?
Recently I am nursing a baby every time I remember a dream, I may be protecting them, or loving them by kissing and cuddling them or they might be growing into toddlers where they are getting under my feet but I am still holding one.
Last night I am talking with and thanking my father who is coming on a journey with me and my mother arrives and I ask her if she is coming too.
Something I forgot to mention..
A few months ago I had an experience where I was taken to my fathers house and I knew someone from the spirit world had taken me but I didn't see him . It didn't seem important.
I was there to meet someone .HE ARRIVED.
I LOVED HIM FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.He had the same colour of hair as mine( mine is out of a bottle)
He was innocent , pure , beautiful , gentle, . I recall telling him how much I loved him. He could see me but not hear me or hear me but not see me ( I cann't remember which way round it was ) To this day I use this love I feel for him for my meditation. )

My other experiences are in the relevant sites but I wish so much I had started a journal earlier .