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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    The morning before I got good news about my own health which had been chewing me up for a while( presented in recorded dreams of half chewed rat and cockroaches which I am scared of in this life), I had been hoping for another experience.
    It didn't happen but I woke up to a very vivid dream where I am holding a telephone to my ear and listening in to a conversation.
    It sounded like me speaking and said.
    " I am supposed to be flying today ( felt she was an air stewardess) but I've been told I'm not allowed to because someone has told them that there's something I'm not understanding. I have to stay until I do ".
    Now the news I got was much better than I had been expecting so I can completely understand the comment and the physical tiredness on occasion therefore feeling on occasion I was being Dis - couraged to raise energy.
    So early am tried to raise just for a short time when,no astral noise but that jelly feeling,wobbly raising up but I had no vision,then it set in and I,m flying over my late father's home about 2 miles away.this only lasted for seconds then I'm back in body. About 30 mins later the same starts again but I have no vision the entire trip but am aware of flying ,moving. I tried the command "vision now" but no vision came.
    Back to body and I was just thinking that that was a waste of time when I heard " we'll your back out again" and got a flashing picture of a pair of large framed glasses.
    This morning just at the wakening stage saw a lovely image of a woman floating down from the sky and a man catching her. (These weren't looking like real people, more like just the outlines of the two.)
    Then I heard " One Eyed Glass Ball". I think I need to do a little visualisation exercises.

    Now this might read as daft thinking but I've already recorded previous experiences about the need to conquer fear in the astral ( even though I didn't know I had any) and what followed after.
    I have a feeling I may be trying to conquer fears that I have in physical life but through dreams.
    This morning one short dream where I am with friends and we are on the top deck of a double decker bus and I'm sitting right at the front next to the window and it's pitch black but the bus is moving fast and tilting all angles.
    Another one yesterday where I'm looking up at the ceiling of a room. I'm sitting on the floor and someone is with me. We are watching a long line of rats mice beetles ants just walking above us along the ceiling and I'm commenting how they could easily fall on top of us . But I didn't feel any fear.
    In physical life I no longer go on buses but when I did I always had a fear that the bus would topple over if I leaned on the side.
    Even leaning against the inside of a plane I had slight fear of it tilting, inside a train even,if I lean against a window I have a little fear.
    This is silly I know. However, I wonder if this may be something carried over from a past life?

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I've just re- read what I've written and only now seen what may be a connection.
    The fear of falling from a height, and the image of a woman being caught as she falls from the sky
    I've said before how slow I am at seeing possible links!

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Just a little note for the journal of 2 small dreams recalled.
    1) Was sitting on the floor talking to a few people when someone was sitting facing all of us talking.I looked at the person and noticed that she was talking non stop to no one in particular. in the dream I thought " oh I think she must be channeling and we are supposed to listen." I listened. Cann't remember what was said.
    2) popped my head around the doorway leading to a corridor,walked around it when suddenly loads and loads of strangers walked in .All wearing the same kind of of traditional costume.They were all strangers to me but I felt they were all family members of my husband. One man was sitting and for some reason as I passed him I seemed to be working out that I thought this was my guide. I was sure it was,but there was no reason why I should think this. He didn't even speak to me . Just looked at me.
    ( ps . No he wasn't handsome,)

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Woke up at 6 am with no recall of dream .
    From 6-8 am in and out of dream state with 4 different dreams where with all of them I felt I was being woken up quickly to remember. I've posted before it can be like someone clicking their fingers and I'm awake,definatly feeling someone or some people want my attention. Will post the last 2 which were more interesting than humorous.
    1) I only remember the last line of the conversation where someone is saying.." The difference this time is you are dealing with Angels". Then,
    I am looking through a round window in a door and see myself sitting talking with someone at a small round table in a room .
    The room was all white and the person I was talking to was the entity I met when I was taken to what I perceived as a space station.
    Once again I saw a human shape but it's colour was white all over with no clothes. Side profile the head was in proportion to ours with no distinctive features to note. I remember seeing folds around the neck just as we may have.Woke up quickly.
    I've already posted in a previous post what may have been the cause of me perceiving what I saw last time.
    With this one I'm not putting any interpretation to it. Just telling it how it happened.

    2nd) I woke up hearing a telephone ringing in my head . I knew it wasn't outside or in the house. it was an old fashioned ringing tone and went on and on till I thought. " okay, you've got my attention" .
    Then a quick flash of a young boy about 11- 15 years old. I've seen him before. He was very innocent looking and gentle.I feel sure this was the same boy I was taken to meet at my late father's house one time during an OBE which I would have put in a Magical section if I had documented it in the journal. I've mentioned this on my first page of this journal how the atmosphere was shimmering colours and translucent and I loved him from the bottom of my heart.he was pure,innocent and gentle.
    Who is he? Is he me? Was he me?
    He is someone I should know.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    My journal was started on Feb 13 but my paper journal was started well before that.
    This next OBE happened ( or recorded , 17 th Dec 2012) this was just days after I had been sending out wishes to get closer to any spirits working with me .I wanted to see them. ( come to think of it this has been ongoing) I had previously had an experience where at the end I felt a presence standing behind me as I lay in bed on my side and felt two indents on the bed behind me as if someone was leaning on the bed looking over me but I turned chicken and got too frightened to turn and look.

    Decent nights sleep.6am sleepy stage when usual symptoms start suggesting I was loosening from body and OBE in progress.
    This was not expected by me.Was moving upwards,then vision set in. Crystal Clear.(as clear as the one when I was travelling amongst the stars and heard a bang landing in someone's garden)
    I was being carried in the sky in a sling. I felt this was like a stork carrying a baby or an egg in a sling.( the thought came to me )
    I looked up to see what was above me and was alarmed to see a man wearing a nappy with a big safety pin holding the nappy together.( don't use them nowadays)
    It took the appearance of my husband,and he just grinned at me. I was being transported somewhere.
    I was placed down in the corner of a verranda onto a small child's plastic chair. A small table was next to it . A small bowl of grapes was put in front of me on the table and I was asked ,
    My gaze was fixed to the floor because I saw the most awful clumpy old fashioned shoes on this person with the thickest of tights that were wrinkled at the ankle. ( obviously the spirit had changed appearances).
    Now when I woke up I was annoyed that that the spirit world would impersonate my husband and have him looking so stupid.
    I stayed annoyed for a few days and even sent out thoughts that this wasn't a nice thing to do and I wasn't amused.
    I always knew I had a sense of humour but this was aimed at someone very close to me.
    It took days before I really came to grips with 'Why'

    I had been asking them to show themselves. only days previously I had chickened out when they might have been getting closer.
    This was the best way to show they were close by impersonating someone who I wouldn't be frightened of seeing, with a bit of humour thrown in.
    But also using the opportunity for me to gain knowledge.( or at least to try to work it out)
    Possible interpretations taken from Betty Bethard's dream book which is the only one I have.


    Stork. New directions- new growth -spiritual beginnings.
    Baby. New birth within self,new aspects coming into being.
    Egg. Seed of new life.
    Boy. Masculine child part of self,growing masculine qualities within.
    Kindergarten. ( nursery) A brand new part of self has been born and now needs love and nurturing.
    Grapes. Nurturing for the soul.( fruit) reaping what you have sewn,a job well done.

    This explains why when starting this journal I chose to call it NURSING BABIES.
    I felt at the time I always was with a young child,and even now my experiences still contain babies or children or teenagers.
    NURSING ( A Baby) Nurturing a brand new part of self with love.
    I just love it when the jigsaw starts to it slot in place.
    I would have missed all of this If I had stayed annoyed not looking further.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    This was recalled this am as a dream but I remember working something out as to the meaning during the dream.
    It starts with me in a classroom and someone is teaching history which I have little interest in and am not paying attention.
    The teacher seemed to notice this and chose me to take over the note taking. He was nice and didn't tell me off when he noticed that I hadn't really written much. He kept giving me bits of sticky tape to highlight points on my note pad he wanted me to remember.

    Next part of the dream I've a feeling I've gone back in time and I'm in a dark walled room,storage room I was thinking.The room was below ground level but there were steps in the corner leading to daylight. It was only just below ground level. I felt this was a storage room to keep things cool. Someone comes down the steps and asks me to pass the jar of honey.Many jars are hanging on the wall with string wrapping a cover around the top then a long piece of string was hanging from it to hook onto something on the wall.
    I ask the person what it was to be used for and was told that it would preserve for thousands of years.

    Next part of the dream I'm standing with a large group of people on a giant map.this had a long river to the left that ran along the whole length of the map.I felt this was Egypt with the river Nile to the left.
    This was the best bit....A massive pyramid comes from the distance looking so powerful,sliding along the sand getting closer and on the top is a big glowing ball with the head of Elizabeth Taylor in it.( I know she played cleopatra and was stunning in a famous film.)
    In the dream I'm thinking Wow how clever,what a brilliant way to tell a story.I'm now this person again and this was a sign that we have to leave the land. We must not come back .I knew I was having to leave a woman I loved and If I came back again I would be killed. I would never see her again.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Just want to add a little following from the above dream.
    When I wrote that I was told the honey would preserve for thousands of years I almost didn't write that point because I thought it couldn't be right. But it's not up to me to change what I get or cherry pick what I give.
    Delighted I gave it.
    Have just googled ancient Egypt and honey and it confirms how important honey was to these people.
    I found that,

    Archaeologists opened an 18th century Egyptian tomb discovering vessels of edible honey over 3,000 years old.

    Ancient Egyptians used honey in the mummification process to preserve the dead.

    Ancient Egyptians paid their taxes in honey.

    Ancient Egyptians used it as an offering to a God 'MIN' for fertility.

    They also used it to treat wounds as an anti- bacterial.
    Pyramids have been mentioned a few times by me recently.
    Being shown 3 beautiful coloured pyramids.
    Being shown a single big stone pyramid with light coming down the side of it from the sky.
    Flying over 3 big pyramids in the dessert.
    This last one.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Yep, honey was the main antibiotic used. We tend to romanticize them and give them an air of mystery, but we have a lot of writings that they left, explaining all the amazing things they were capable of.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Nothing of interest for anyone to read but for my own benefit want to record how I feel .
    For the last week have been very very grounded. Wonderful to have family reunions,( with family problems to work on) General anaesthetic inside body, therefore much tiredness .
    My body is tired( just for a day or two) , but my night time recalls of dreams have been very memorable but not nice but full of interpretation. I know that through the day so much is going on in my mind and my night time recalls reflect that but the point is just how vivid they are.
    .... Two elderly cats that I have ( don't really) that are really old and unwell and need to put down but I don't want to put down, but realise I have to ,and to look after a young kitten.
    Someone whoI am trying to help but she has me chasing her around with the help of her family then she tells me I have " hodgkins Lymphodemia " and says it in a very loud voice opening her mouth very wide to say the words.

    Now any newbies reading this I just want to emphasise I do not have this condition and have no reason to believe I ever will. I can relate to reasons why I might have these stories in my dreams( except this )
    So my message to my self and any newbies is that no matter how real dreams my seem , if there is a lot going on in physical,don't trust what follows.
    Distractions cause a problem. ( love family but need to eliminate outside distractions ) to get back on track.
    Last edited by susan; 27th August 2013 at 08:19 PM. Reason: After thought . Hope next time to come back as a Buddhist monk. No distractions, just pure concentration.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Just a dream about 3 weeks ago but it was so strange.
    In a large room with a lot of people when we have to look under our chairs to see if we had an umbrella under it. I did, and it was black,the winner. I had won the prize. It was a T shirt,but when I opened it it wasn't.It was a gorgeous white lace overcoat that was three quarter length and went over my clothes. Someone was with me as I tried it on and I felt like a French model on the cat walk. Now this was not that I really felt this, I mean I felt so smart in this I could have seen it on a cat walk.
    Next part I have to do something first before going somewhere but am running out of time and everyone else is going in one direction so I give up on what I had to do and join everyone else walking in their direction.
    We were all heading for a large church entrance but behind me were animals of all kinds coming in as well.
    The church was full of people and animals. It reminded me of Noah's Ark. I found a seat in a shed within the church with others. We are all looking towards the pulpit when a horse puts it's head over me into the shed and I say to someone next to me. I've never seen a horse with glasses on before." It had large framed glasses on.
    Said it was a strange one.
    The church was like Noah's Ark.
    Is there a connection to "search the land and sea and put a shout out for God" that I got a while back?
    Last edited by susan; 3rd September 2013 at 06:12 PM. Reason: Spelling

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