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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    This was recalled as a dream and has no comparison to other experiences .
    Thinking about it I suppose it relates to what was on my mind , however there are a couple of parts of the dream that stood out.Sorry to say pregnancy and eggs are back but I really don't want to get hung up on eggs and pregnancy again but when dreaming how do I stop this?

    Woke up to remembering looking into the eyes of a baby and it had sharp piercing snake eyes.
    Visited bathroom,settled down. Did a little NEWS and visualisation then must have gone to sleep.
    I remember I'm pregnant andwith a friend and she is heavily pregnant. I have a small bump showing,not as far on as she is and she says it's too early for me to visit the doctor just yet.
    I,m in a corridor with doors around.don't know which door to take when someone opens a door from the other side and asks if I'm coming in the lift. I get in and the lift plummets down so fast I am aware in my dream that I can feel this in my body. I wasn't frightened as the lift was working as it should.As it slowly comes to a halt I feel my body raising as if I would want it to do in real life if it really happened to prevent any injury.
    The door opens but I'm now getting out of a train on a platform.All the doors to the train are open but I'm the only one on the platform and getting out of the train.
    ( what stood out here was how lovely the train was. It was colourful,red and white.Almost like plastic and very rounded. No square corners.It was smooth and almost child like. The floor was white,the walls were white.everything so bright and clean)
    My friend is now behind me and two people are waiting for us down the steps leading outside.
    I am given a bag of eggs.I empty them out on the floor and they are lovely. Six soft pastel coloured round eggs.They almost look like gobstoppers.I admit to my friend that when I picked them I ate a couple.( I know this doesn't make sense but I think I can relate to this) One of the men says " we shouldn't have heard that but doesn't matter .we've all done it before" .
    We all walk out of the station.
    Wake up.

    No flying in dream but when I was experiencing the plummeting down in the lift it has me wondering if this was me re- entering body , but the dream continued after this?
    Prior to entering the lift everything in my dream was dark and hazy,but from leaving the lift the colours were lovely and bright.I was perceiving differently. Even the eggs were beautiful.
    Note--- I think I can relate to the comment from the man about shouldn't have heard this but we have all done it.
    In physical---- Alone in a room the other day where there were some things belonging to a care home where the hairdresser works.A big container of those small metal hair grips they use. I had wanted to try a couple and wondered for a second about taking two. I didn't. Now in the shops they are so so cheap to buy and I know they wouldn't have missed two.The problem is that that would have been stealing.No matter how cheap to buy,someone had earned money to pay for those items and I would have to live with the knowledge that I had taken something that belonged to someone else. ( flip they would have probably just told me to take them if I had asked)
    I think this was a light hearted way of reminding me that it would have been wrong but no big deal if I had. No one can be an angel here.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    This is not a metaphysical topic as such but using his space to air my daily concerns.
    Went to a care home,saw my usual lady ,in her 90 at least. Wonderful, saw that twinkle in her eye and she wanted to feel my hands that she said were cold. At the end she felt them and said they had warmed up. Connection was in that twinkle in the eye. If you look deeply anyone could see it regardless if the patient suffers from dementia or are just suffering from old age and intolerance to touch.
    Got a cuddle and went down stairs.
    A new lady of my age is newly appointed and deals with me.
    She is stressed,miserable, unwelcoming and abrupt.
    Her face told a story and the vibes I was getting from her was " not welcome , I don't have time to deal with you, I have more important things to deal with. This job is too much for me. .....
    I wanted to go out and buy her some flowers that would put a smile on her face and tell her to lighten up and connect with the beautiful people she is surrounded with. .
    I didn't , could you imagine me a woman going in with flowers for another woman????
    Stressful jobs I am saying will prevent anyone from connecting to anyone.
    GET OUT!!!!!!

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    Re: Nursing babies

    could you imagine me a woman going in with flowers for another woman????


    friend of mine died this year, owned and ran a florist. we keep an open account there for various reasons. last year another friend's Mother passed away, no way he could afford the floral arrangements, so we secretly made it happen. still secret to this day. anyway, flowers were glorious at the funeral, all was well for the grieveing family. after the evening service we're all out in the parking lot (smokers) and my departed florist friend walks up, we hug, and we give the slightest kiss on one another's cheek. well, you'd have thought the earth moved, everyone got silent, even my friend whose Mama lay in the funeral home. did i care? nah

    coupla weeks later, my friend whose mama passed and I were way up in a backwoods farm doing the farm chores for a couple who are mutual friends gone to florida for a week. my friend begins to ask me about scriptures in the bible about homosexuality, where they are at, what do they actually say, so i listen to all that with a grin, because i figure he must imagine that i am gay, which if i were, so what. but i aint, could be i reckon if like John Stamos came a courtin or sumptin.

    anyhoo, i did straiten him out on the scriptural content vs common literal-mis-translation. then i opened my arms for a hug, he did too, we hugged and i planted the slightest kiss on his cheek. why, he didnt seem the least taken aback. since then we always hug and such when greeting, seeing one another during each week, saw him yesterday as a matter of fact.

    ya see, this is exempliary of what we've lost in our everyday world, the ability to be intimate without it being blown the hell out of proportion by ignorance or fear of what other's might imagine. all the men in my life who know me, greet me in kind, strait men, gay men; even women that i know, strait or lesbian. we be friends, brothers and sisters. human fellowship, mi familia, dont need a building to do it in, we got the whole ding dang sky to upunder be that.

    last week a friend and i had us a little tift, and he got all puffer fish on me, standing over me with his arms/hands flailing about, me sitting on a saw horse. why I just reached out my hands into his, my fingers into his, stood up, and said brother love, aint no need for for all this disagreement, because imma gonna love ya beyond this. he quitened down and we discussed the matter to it's good end. yesterday, his wife came around where we were doing our horsey thang, i am a head taller than she, she comes up arms out, i grab her up with my arms and plant a kiss on the top of her head. she said to me, "ya know you are my brother, right?" i said, yep.

    most of us have waited our whole lives to be this freely expressive, having worked our ways through a rough world of ignorance and fear. we're old enough now i reckon to do what we feel to be doing right by one another. the world may never grow up, but that aint got nuthin to do with growed arse folks who by now ought to know better. let the world pass by, but let us be always and in all ways fellowshipping our gathered way without a care. the earth is our tabernacle, and apparently the earth dont care what color we are, what religion we believe in, what our sexual identities are...etc. we all be human yearning to be humanly treated.

    i cant bear the inane thought that while we are to continue to treat one another like crap, we profess to be waiting for a "god" bring down love and deliver us from our ignorances, fears and hatreds. WHAT!?

    if such a "god" does show up, imma be asking where the hell ya been? why, such a "god" would reply, "I been locked up within y'all, waiting for individual release throughout". i'd say, "i understand, had ya locked up within my self for the better part of my life....welcome".

    release intimacy....
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Yes TIM, I do agree. More showing of affection instantly breaks down barriers. My husband was brought up in another country and culture to me and at the beginning I was amused to see him and everyone else welcome people with a kiss.Even if you had already met someone that day and bumped into them again they welcomed you with a kiss on both cheeks regardless of sex.
    On holiday in Cuba hubby and I both commented how nice it was to witness the staff coming into work and their bosses would welcome them with a kiss.
    Anyway, just a little thought back to the post on 9 th September about the Harry Potter type dream( OBE?)
    Have just read Leyla's thread ( OBE Fourm) where the Blue coloured dancing Shiva is mentioned and I think she mentioned that she is frequently seen by different people.
    Now this figure that I saw was all blue,large and as she flew up in front of us with the blue man behind her they swayed from side to side doing a little dance before they kissed as I remember the dress swaying side to side.I felt at the time that this was a special appearance for the party.( just didn't bother to write that bit ,wish I had)
    I wonder if this was her?
    I have never even thought of any spirit of any kind being blue in colour which is why This was a complete surprise .
    Never even heard of "the dancing Shiva" .
    Back to dream this morning.

    Not nice and colourful like the last and death is the topic.
    Just before opening my eyes I see a side profile of a man in a black suite with his arm down to his side and he was holding a white chrysanthemum. This was a sharp picture not shadowy.
    recalled bits of dream and I see a coffin coming out of a house into a hearse.( I recognise the house as an elderly lady that I know in physical)
    Another bit where a young girl is combing her hair in the mirror and someone is waiting in an open doorway for her. A dead body is lying on the ground behind her.In the dream I'm watching this and the girl hasn't noticed the body. She gets up and sees it saying "well that will have to go before I can get out of here" and she gets it by the arm and drags it along the floor to get it out of the way so she can leave.
    Another bit where I'm in the doctors and telling the nurse symptoms. The doctor is behind muffling his words. I didn't understand what he said. He is now sitting in front of me telling me it sounds by the symptoms that it is time now to see the doctor.

    Now in physical I am perfectly healthy. Had a scare, got sorted no big deal.PERFECTLY Healthy.
    Maybe the lady I know in physical is going to die??
    This dead body on the ground that needed to be moved because it was in the way.
    1) could this be something I have to kill off before I can progress any further?( something I'm doing or thinking?)
    2) pregnancy is back, discarding the old and nurturing the new?
    3) possible that the dream part was just a load of mish mash from previous events or thoughts but,the image was so sharp that I got at the point of wakening of the man in the black suit.
    Bring back Harry Potter.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Couple of days ago decided to download a Sri Sathya Sai Baba book just to put a slight change to the books currently reading .Also because I'm getting through Bruce Moen really quickly. This is called The Golden Age. The fourth dimension that will change the world, by Amla Chaudhuri MD.
    Have just started reading the Acknowledgements where she mentions the 'Dancing Shiva in the Ecological Age'
    ( from experiencing a blue lady this is twice today I have read about this entity. On the other hand it could be like once you buy a car you start seeing just how common they are.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    a true fact, when women group together, eventually their mentrual cycles will rythmically merge. co-incidence? time is time, rythym rolls in and rolls out like the tide.

    same happens when you get folks spiritually gathered, rythym receives what time had individuated apart from one another.

    certainly all the women in the group are individuals, yet the grouping is of rythym's [dancing blue woman] nature given to.

    here's some cool artwork that depicts well..on the page's left column are other links to videos of interest.

    Three Dimensional Femininity:


    there is earth, and there is world. there is rythym, and there is time. there is human nature, and there is individuated uniqueness. there is that which we are all within, and there is that which is within us all.
    I Don't Ever Give Up:

    "I'm no fighter, but I'm fighting, this whole world seems uninviting..."

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Beautiful to watch TIM.

    Usual restless night. Did little NEWS but not much at all when decided to settle down. Got to that lovely warm relaxed cozy state when the noise started.It wasn't loud but tried to concentrate on it when I felt myself slowly raise up and go slightly to the left. Decided to look closely into the eyelids when I saw lines swirling around like clouds when someone/ something pulled my hair at the back.
    My thoughts went to "was this hubby, maybe his physical hand,maybe his astral hand, or did someone want my attention? "
    This spoilt it and I was back in body.
    A little disappointed that it had ended so quickly I checked if his hand was near my hair and it was firmly tucked down.
    Seemed about 20/30 mins later when I felt myself drifting off. I was aware I was on the edge of sleep but I didn't feel any movement or hear any noise so I looked closely into eyelids/ brow. Saw fine drawings moving around.This time they took the shape of faces just twirling around,then I saw an eye. this wasn't like previously mentioned. This was just like a drawing of one.

    Next bit I feel I'm standing in a room in front of a square table. A shadowy figure comes in and I seem to know its a woman.
    She brings in a baby Moses whicker basket.( in physical I was given one by my work mates years ago when I left to have my first
    baby) she puts it on the table in front of me and it is full to the brim of small square photographs and messages .( I just knew).
    She wanted me to look at them and to read the messages. I was thinking that this cann't be for me because it was for someone else so I shouldn't be given it.
    At the same time I got the feeling this was meant for a young crippled boy who had to be carried around everywhere.I could see his bent legs.I could feel such love that was being sent in these messages and I could feel the emotion of these people loosing this person. He had to leave them.
    I thought I would just take a few out to read when the lady moved the basket and showed me the side of it. Messages were stuck to the side of it.I couldn't clearly see them clearly but knew they were loving messages when she puts a book in front of me.
    This front cover had a soft pastel colours and seemed to look like an ocean with a large pointed rock standing up in the middle.Just as a lighthouse would stand out all alone in the middle of water.
    The front cover was telling me a story.I just had to look at it and it was talking to me but no words were heard. Once again that this boy was loved so very much but he had to leave and he was missed so very much. I could FEEL the emotions of these people.
    The book was now prompting me to open the book to the first page where the story would continue.
    I was aware of putting my astral arm in front of me to turn the page and couldn't see any arm or hand .I was aware of this and thinking at the time. Although I couldn't see my hand I could feel the page as I turned it but I couldn't read anything on the page.
    The book was telling me that the story was just beginning but I also knew I was loosing focus.
    I lost focus and knew I wasn't going to be able to maintain it then lost completely so focused on eyelids and saw drawings of faces just swirling around. Opened eyes,awake.
    Just at the best bit and I loose it.
    ( This has happened before when I was in the room talking with someone during the OBE when I perceived a space station.)

    Went back to sleep and was dreaming that I was sleeping when my mobile phone went off( it didn't, checked calls) This part of the dream woke me up.Looked at my watch...House phone went off.

    Now the parts to this that stand out were the strong feelings of love and emotions of missing someone, but these emotions were from many people.I wasn't just thinking this but was feeling this.
    Also how the book when just looking at it it was conveying messages to me.
    It was telling me the story was inside and to turn the page.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Yesterday morning woke up with a really heavy re- entry back into body.woke me up straight away as if I landed with a thud.
    Recalled end of dream immediately.
    I'm with someone high in the air in an aeroplane.Something starts to attach itself to the back end of the plane . This will allow a new section to the plane that we can go into. Big heavy vault like doors come down to lock it and give access.
    Just then I feel the plane has tilted upside down and I can feel the disorientation as if I had been tipped over.I,m looking up at stars then feel what was like a thud and wake up.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Yesterday morning shortly after wakening up from the episode posted above tried to get to sleep . I decided not to raise energy this time but to just concentrate on brow. Something was flickering and I felt my hubby turn over in bed. I knew something was coming and the next surprised me. Behind closed eyelids I could see a black and white ( movie) of a man and a woman and a young toddler moving ,playing with the toddler in bed .I looked closely and realised it was me when I was younger and it was my husband when he was younger. He looked exactly as he did in his mid 20s and me as I did at that time. I recognised my first son as a toddler as he was beautiful with thick dark wavy hair.
    I could now hear a tune singing. Cann't remember the singer but it was " You make me feel so good" .This verse was repeated about 3 times then it all disappeared and stopped. Turned round and hubby fast asleep.
    ( I wonder if we communicate to each other in our sleep ? ( although I wasn't asleep) )

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I feel I'm past the point of no return.
    The more I search and ask , the more incredible the events which go past the belief system of most .
    I was telling a friend of my previous encounter in a cave over a water fall and as I was speaking I was feeling more and more stupid.This sounds crazy but then I looked down at her place mats.they were very mystical with a woman flying while on top of a fish.
    It had me thinking that there are so many mystical drawings, on cards,religious places, mystical web sites to name a few but why does it seem so incredible to say " I've Experienced something mystical? "

    This last experience still has me going over and over the events.I have to write it down before I can think of doing anything grounding,such as a pile of ironing waiting for me.
    Last night I had no exit symptoms so will record as a dream, but I know it wasn't just my imagination.
    In and out of sleep,husband going to bathroom,me going to bathroom, noise outside. Each time I wake up I remember the dream and as it was enfolding I'm asking questions before going back to sleep. Will record just as one long continuous dream.

    I'm in black space with someone. In the distance I can see what I would just call a hub ( container,room,) We both enter it.I know that outside in space there is no oxygen so I ask what happens if the door to this place opens? He's talking on a mobile phone.
    I ask if ( whilst awake) my guide is with me. I got a flash of a folded white handkerchief. I'ts unfolding and it's black on the other side.
    ( had a person before that was black on one side and white on the other posted somewhere else)
    I'm in a craft of some kind sitting looking out of the window.i seem to be leaning forward as if resting my head on a table sleeping but KNOW that I am looking out and can see clearly.
    In a distance the most beautiful sparkling stars.I tell the person next to me to look. This was an awesome sight as they were so silvery and sparkling and an area in the distance seemed to have a collection together forming a group. Inside the group were more stars closer together and they looked as if they formed a shape. Almost like the shape of a fish,bit I remember thinking that I couldn't make it out if it was a fish or not.
    I'm told I'm on a journey to meet God.
    Then right in front of the window, out in black space, a GIANT SPARKLING HEAD WITH A MAN'S FACE. This stayed just for a second but it was made of stars.

    The plane? lands.
    The last bit has me driving in a car with the man next to me. I pull up.He asks for my car keys. I give them to him and he gets out with them and walks away round the corner.
    I then see the front of a mobile phone which has a download in progress which is three quarter the way through.
    Woke up for the last time and had overslept.
    Now I'm not going to put my own interpretation to this because I didn't have exit symptoms,but then I know you don't need to have them for the experience to be real.
    I remind myself of the beauty of seeing the golden threaded universe. This last experience has left the same feeling of witnessing the same beauty,and as I previously wrote,Jurgen Ziewe wrote of viewing the same universe whilst flying around in space.

    Right,done it, now off to do the ironing.

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