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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Woke up yesterday morning trying to get back to sleep.wondered if I should do some energy work when a water melon flashed in view, then an orange. I knew this was to do with visualisation because it really is effective.
    Wondering if this was just me I sent out a thought asking if this was someone in spirit who knows me when I got the thought God. Now I knew this was just a joke because there usually is humour so I sent out a thought that I knew it wasn't and immediately I see 2 pieces of wood, different shapes and they are slotted in together to make one whole piece, then immediately as if right in front of me I see flashed up an outline of a face ,white transparent with no depth as if so close ,then a symbol of a bright white flame.
    I'm so disappointed with myself because once again I was startled by this and lost concentration. I've been asking for any spirit to show themselves and I've flipped out again.
    This was the same kind of outlined head that I saw during an OBE when I saw it in the mirror next to me .
    I do not for one second believe that this was an earth bound spirit being mischievous as The two pieces of wood were viewed immediately before the face and the flame immediately after.
    I feel the two pieces of wood could mean
    two different parts made into one??..( flip, big crack sound in ceiling when wrote that)
    Two separate spirits belonging to the same???
    I'm giving up now,running out of ideas.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Woke up this morning feeling so sad,as if I could cry,and Elvis Presley singing a song .His voice was as you would expect very deep and emotional and he was singing about " Going Home". I loved the tune, it was catchy and kept singing it over in my mind.I've forgotten it now but have just googled Elvis to find he did bring a record out about " Going Home" and I've been trying to click on a site to listen to see if it's the same tune but cann't get any site to play the tune.
    now the sadness didn't last long but I immediately recalled a dream where I was lying in the back of a car and I was dead but I was awake and knew I was going home.
    I don't see this as anything frightening to dream as I may have made this into a dream after picking up the music so the only interesting point for me to note is the sadness felt and a song I didn't even know Elvis made.

    Other morning had two dreams.I think they were connected ,but the change in how I was viewing the environment was interesting.
    First one was black and white and vague.
    I was watching someone who was down a large ditch that had been neatly dug.This person was on their knees with a little brush.I could see something metal like a ring for opening something when in the dream I felt this was an excavation site and she was looking for old remnants.
    A break in the dream now to go to bathroom . Just did a little fruit cutting exercise then went back to sleep.
    This next dream was beautiful bold colours just as I can see now in physical.
    I see this woman with a deep red cloak on sneaking along a corridor. The building was like an old church or castle. She was trying not to be seen by someone. I felt she was looking to retrieve ( not steal) something that did not belong to this place.
    Someone is walking in the opposite direction and he has a red outfit on to the ground and it looks like someone belonging to a church.
    She gets what she wants and risks walking across the corridor to get to the opposite side to get out but this is the funny bit.
    She turns around to face me and smiles .I could see her face and it was as if she wanted me to see her.she leaves just as the man hears something and gets suspicious.He turns and heads in her direction but goes out through a door where I now see the edging to a wall that they would do with castles and a massive wolf standing on top with it's teeth showing ready to attack. the colouring of everything was so clear compared to the first part. I knew this meant that the girl was safe.
    So I've had a mixture of black and white and hazy, and bold and colourful in one nights sleep.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Have just heard the Elvis song . DEFINATELY ! Not the beautiful tune I heard sounding like Elvis singing.
    As I always say ...hey ho go with the flow..

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Spent today reading Kurt Leland's website where he talks of recognising different types of dream simulations. I can recognise by his description experiences I've recorded here that I think were.

    Eg. OBE finding myself in a dark room with three characters and a television where I was ignored so I punched one in the leg.
    Recognising some of these as simulations makes perfect sense now.
    Also when having OBE and just waiting to see where I am going.
    Eg. Raising up and floating outside my dining room doors to the cherry tree in the garden and feeling the branches scratch me and smelling the sweetest of smell from the grass.
    It is easy to think we are on our own just because we might not see anyone so becoming lucid in a dream and trying to use that as an opportunity to explore or go somewhere specific Sometimes may spoil the lesson.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    This is the first time I have dreamt of having an OBE. ( or think I've dreamt) but there was something during this that stood out as one of those memorable experiences that leave a picture in your mind that I cann't forget.
    Background to event.
    Had lovely relaxing day off with hubby. Looking forward to holiday coming up.
    Went to bed in relaxed calm state of mind.
    My thoughts on the spirit world are always close by , so before going to sleep had been wondering what this was all about. I cannot dismiss the reality of some of it (due to experiences that have proved true)some have not been written.
    So KNOWING something / one/ spirits/people/ are with me my thoughts went to wondering where it all started and if we have had numerous lives, when did it start? Leyla posted a beautiful experience. I just wanted more experience of the before and the future, ( when my physical body leaves here what I will experience. )

    Here goes,
    Dreamt I was talking to 3 friends about Spirit world.I now feel vibrations in body quite heavy and my thought went out that I could feel this in my physical body so this must be a real OBE in progress. In the dream I'm thinking " is this me wakening up in the dream?" I could now feel my feet raising up leaving my body and now my body.
    I'm now lying down looking up at the sky .
    THIS is the bit.
    I look up at the sky and it is muddy dark brown and grey.
    As high up as the stars I can see movement. the muddy colours have brighter colours coming through and moving. They take shape and they are giant bird like creatures flying as high as an aeroplane would fly.there was a lovely colour coming through that was like a turquoise with blue and yellow. They filled the sky. Many of them .Fantastic to watch ( awesome, a word I dont use in physical)
    I now look in the distance and can see a group of giant elephants on a raised area of land but they are unsettled and one shoves another off a cliff. This is survival, aggressive. I remember dreaming this isn't nice ,this is like pre- historic times.

    Next part of dream I'm watching a woman on a small stage addressing a small audience and she is saying " I hope you don't mind the humorous start but Which do you believe"?
    I'm now driving fast in a car by myself when people are spread out on the road. Alive and some on the edge, this was a protest , I couldn't go any further, they had blocked the road. ( ACCESS DENIED.?).
    This next bit was hazy but someone takes me and leads me onto a dance floor to dance. I sense I'm in my cozy casual clothes that in reality I was wearing in physical that day .
    As we dance I see an arm appear in front of me . I can now hear choir music singing in the background. The hand places a small round piece of something on the mouth of the person I was dancing with ( in the dream I wasn't showing who he was.)
    ( on reflection this was like a communion? I think they place bread in the mouth??? I'm not catholic but this felt like a spiritual ritual.
    Singing stops and I see the stub of the end of a lighted cigar. ( male?)
    I now see a young man with red hair ( ooooh quelle suprise) ( forget please the spelling) and once again he looks directly at me.
    This was as physical, not magical viewing.
    The last bit had me viewing a door sideways that was opening and out comes the colour fleece my husband wears.
    I woke up . I've done it again!! If this was something belonging to my husband I should not be frightened.
    I'm asking for spirit to get close and I'm still wakening up at the point I feel if I had continued I may have seen something.

    No interpretation put on this because I think it's self explanatory that either Susan's failing to disconnect from imagination or coming through from spirit world with a little dreaming added.
    The most vivid part of this was viewing in the sky and the elephants

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Just want to record here a few points for my own benefit about recent types of experiences recalled.
    1) Doors
    2) Faces.
    3) Friends.
    4) Escort.

    Doors.------ 12th August. Popped head round corner and strangers came in. ( felt they were family members)
    9th September. Chose door to go through and had wonderful Harry Potter type flying dream with the flying giant Blue
    Lady and Blue Man.
    12th September. Someone opens a door and invites me in and it turns into a lift but then environment changes to
    Bold colours and railway station.
    15th September. Someone standing at an open doorway waiting to take a young girl somewhere .
    3rd October. Door opens, someone is coming through with the same colour fleece that hubby has.

    Faces.......... Faces are appearing a lot . All different.They are recalled mainly as dreams but at the end the person
    will turn round and look directly at me.These type look as we do in physical and none of these
    resemble anyone that I know.
    Then there is the white transparent face seen during an OBE in my bedroom. The white outline of a face
    that flashed up,transparent again. Then the giant sparkling head with a mans face.

    Friends.......... Often I'm with friends ( don't know who they are)

    My escort....... Recorded many times of having someone with me .( this may not always be the same person but
    it's as if I'm not allowed to have memory of this person.

    So doors are well documented as being a portal to the other side.I hope this is the case here.

    Faces change,sometimes with my hair colouring but mainly not.I don't know what to think of these.However the transparent outline of a head( spirit/ person) I trust as I don't think there is any pretence there.

    Friends are around but I don't know if they are friends. I just feel they are supposed to be friends. Wouldn't remember any of them.
    Have read other authors having these. I'm sure it's quite common.

    Escort. This is well documented from others about knowing someone is with them but no memory of features or who.
    I just hope that one day I can record here a conversation with my escort when OBEing.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Life can,t get any crazier.
    Woke up from a dream about walking in very large garden,almost size of a football pitch.Felt that this was mine now and new to me and it reminded me of my mothers place, and there were strangers around ( not around me ) Noticed there was sand under the grass in areas.
    Woke up and closed bedroom window, settled down again.5.30. Decided to do the brushing technique this time as it would be nice and relaxing and would see how long I could keep it up for. After maybe 20 mins I could hear talking. This sounded like a lot of people in a room on both sides of me. Knew just to ignore this but could feel feet wobbling and then raising. Was thinking that this has happened quite quickly and when it does There may be something I'm going to be shown so just to go with it.
    Feet are out,legs out now whole body out raising up and then to the right slowly.
    I'm still on my back with only 180vision but felt as if I was viewing with half closed eyelids.Wasn't sure what to do with vision so decided to look down at my legs. Could see them, they were long, hologram and I could see them swaying with what looked like the hem of a nightdress swaying as well. Relieved to see I had something on because I would want that but in physical didn't have this on.
    The area I was flying in was a light grey but I was going slowly and I could still hear these same voices chatting.

    Next everything changed and I'm sitting in I think a plane looking out of a small round window. Someone was opposite me. As I look out this was the best bit.
    All I could see that got closer and closer was a very old worn paper map.It was yellow/brown as old paper gets and had big thick bold lines drawn on it mapping out territory like countries or towns with big bold print on each area ( names) the writing was I think the English alphabet but I couldn't quite see what each said.

    Once again like my dessert map experience I'm thinking. " This is great what a brilliant idea showing me where I am going. Excellent.
    I could still hear these voices. This was strange to still be hearing the same voices.
    Next I'm immediately in a different environment and am in a dark environment almost like a black basement with a cave like look to it.I'm looking straight ahead at 3 entrances leading into where I was. The voices got louder then they came in ...........
    4-5 men, smaller than average wearing suites as if working talking to each other BUT their heads were HORSES HEADS.!!
    As I'm looking in disbelief I notice that one has red marking down the front that looked like paint as if the head had been painted.
    Then it finished and opened my eyes.
    I said it couldn't get any crazier.
    How I didn't laugh out loud in bed I don't know. This wasn't meant to frighten me. If I had been frightened then maybe I could understand why I interpreted what I saw as something like that but I wasn't frightened.
    Went back to sleep after a while and woke up to " whatever you record don't forget these are your friends"
    I felt on wakening really happy as if I had had a really long conversation with myself ( ? Higher self)
    So to sum up everything was going fine until the horses heads. can think of no logical reason for me to be shown horses heads .
    If anything, the voices stayed with me from going into trance, during the journey and got louder as the people were shown.
    Could this have been a simulation with no real important information for me but maybe practicing with help my clairaudience ( hearing ) As I've said before this has gone past the point of no return.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Just a reminder for journal in connection to horses heads.
    Page 8 , 29th May in journal, when feeling a bit deserted people sat with me to the left but a girl sat to the right of me looking directly at me , smiling, and I noted that she was smiling at me but looked strange as she slightly resembled a horse.
    This was 4 months ago.couldn't work out why she looked like that. Still can n't .

    There has to be a connection here,therefore I think I was meant to perceive as I did. Don't think fear had anything to do with it.
    Maybe time will tell.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Have googled horses and mysticism just trying to find some kind of meaning and was drawn to my first site to look at.

    Remembering that friends are around a lot .
    Also page 8 as noted above I was feeling a bit deserted and a group of people came to me
    Also the last , where after the experience, I picked up " whatever you record don't forget these are your friends.

    The page with Aristotle ( Greek philosopher) had 2 different sized and coloured horses.
    His quote....

    Aristotle has some seriously fab quotes for anyone who wants some deep thinking.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    A horse is on the outside [spirit] like a man is on the inside [spirit]. Horses without fail reflect the Human, or what within the human is. Crazy Horse was a mystic, but the name Crazy Horse was given to him by his enemies, whom seeing him untouchable on horseback were dismayed and frightened of him. Both he and horse were somehow protected.

    as far as aristotle goes, he is pointing out that a horse does not do well when alone. common practice is to place a small pony, or a burro, with a horse. together they are a joy to watch as they happily interact. but he speaks from the sense of a man owning a horse that he is not with unless he wishes to visit the horse. Unlike horse cultures, whom at early ages pair child with colt to become friends, always together. Like the Souix called the horse "Big Dog". This can also be seen in afganistan, or mongolia, and in the bedouin. these horse cultures bind with the horse because their survival is interdependent as horse to man and man to horse.

    horses as beasts of burden, breeding stock, work a rather late outworking in mankind's history, perhaps very western civilization as formation. though horses as prized bloodlines go all the way back in man's coexistence with horses, but this is more at the horse cultures. Arabs hold the horse most high as spirited partners, their Arabians are the most durable horses on the planet.

    though, the common Arabian horse or bred mix we find outside the Arab culture are misunderstood horses, dismembered from their original purposes. they thereby command a different approach when training, but sadly most folks deal with all horses the same, with human brute force.

    the return of Natural Horsemanship techniques is gaining popularity in western culture, this where each horse as an individual is through an individual human working toward equal partnering, not through a human will overpowering, but rather allowing the horses's natural capability to reflect the the language that brings about that partnering. that right there is what horse cultures have done for ages. from this returning western angle, in that humans are so far removed from natural, this practice is a very healing outcome through the partnering with a horse. this is why equine therapy is being utilized more and more with children, young adults, and even adults who have handicaps/disabilitys. however, it ~behooves~ anyone to enter into such a healing modality with a horse.

    something mystical happens, as it has always happened just so between one of man and his/her horse/s.
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