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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I would think that he may be so involved in his own grief that he can't see anything but what he's going through with his mother. Grief can be incredibly blocking.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    For the journal I just want to note that having re-read previous post it may have come across as self centred. My only hope was that I could give some glimmer of hope of my husband seeing his mother again.
    Everything has gone very quiet( 22nd October) was told of this . Still raising energy daily but when at that trance like stage I get " busy" this had me thinking of the disasters recently and felt very selfish so accepted this. Still did daily energy raising and round about 5 am after visit to the bathroom did more when I would get " Busy" . This am doing more when I heard . " your productive time is around 6 am" . So on this decided to just go to sleep and sleep. Woke up about 7 am when I heard " have you noticed your "Clair's..... are getting " and with this I saw a beautiful oblong colour of deep purple but more bluish..

    All dreams recalled seem to be of a puzzle. With people I don't know but trying to do something. Not enjoying the dreams at the moment but the main note for me is nothing negative.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Another brow centre strobe and vision screen is building up again, but first .
    Yesterday am woke up from dream then saw a lovely red colour with deep red dots within the red. Just lay there looking and eyelids were like a snowy flickering tv screen with the Ariel not plugged in . ( had this before so knew the extra brow work I had been doing was working) .
    Back to sleep ( no energy raising) . Woke up and fully awake could hear traffic outside and was viewing a large spinning white disc in brow area like a beautiful magnified snow flake,then a small deep purple snowflake like disc spinning in front of it. These disappeared then the snowy TV screen again.
    This morning, very much aware of a brilliant white flash in brow area that was like someone putting two live wires together.

    Just want to record that all over body energy raising the News is always done before any longer brow work.
    Learnt the hard way . ( men pregnant, ??? women fighting ???)

    I have hesitated in posting this for any interpretation thought by others but I remind myself that this is a journal for my own reflection so here goes.
    The last few dreams seem to be of topics that I am failing in. ( maybe a particular country that I have no wish to visit because of their habits . ( this turns into a dream and upon remembering am feeling guilty . )
    More but the point is made.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Nothing happening in the brow area, just a feeling of a tight band around and dreams recalled are to do with what I am thinking anyway.
    Must clear out the body and drink plenty of water and watch more carefully what I eat.
    However, just at the point of wakening yesterday I quickly saw a scene where I was walking towards an elderly woman dressed in long clothing and I think her hair was covered. She was standing outside a hut I took to be her home and it seemed to be made of mud. There were no other huts around that I could see and she was walking towards me with her arms out. This seemed quite a throw back to a long time ago .
    This happened so fast that was all I got but the strange thing is that this had no relevance at all to the two dreams I recalled .
    This has reminded me of my first ever OBE where I catapulted into the air and had someone take me on a guided tour over snowy hills above a castle and then we were flying over a village with huts made of mud and straw and people were just laying around.I remember describing it like the Robin Hood days.
    This was recorded on the old site about 4-5 years ago.
    This latest could be described as similar .
    Well one of those things, probably never find out.

    Just did a bit of homework . Found it.
    OBE Forum page 15 , titled " Mystery tour ( but not alone) "
    Recorded 20/3/11
    It seemed to have happened around 2006.
    At the time Greytraveller suggested it may have been a Non physical Belief System territory.
    If this was the same then have I been taken back there again? Last time we just flew above it.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Woke up to watching lions and tigers( like black drawings) just facing me and moving.( brow area )
    Went back to sleep and remembered being on board a massive cruise liner in the middle of the deep ocean and decide to jump overboard. Not because I was being chased or had to but because I had faith that I would surface and not drown.
    I remember every part of the feeling of falling down, even holding my breath just before touching the water.( I plummeted down to the bottom and was even wondering if I had taken enough breath in, then got to the surface no problem.
    Felt great. Knew I could do it. I'd survived!
    Following this I look out of my house , my bin is out waiting for collection. Someone says OR I SAY, no need to , " it's already been emptied" Then I see a table full of dirty dishes and I'm standing at the side ready to clear it.
    ( I think this last bit has to do with me feeling I need to get healthier and clean out my body. I think I still have a long way to go.
    Also some dreams recently may be suggesting to see people as individuals and rid myself of categorising some .( you see I'm not so sweet)
    Last bit has me walk downstairs in my house to see that every light has been left on. The house is lit up.
    ( sons visiting, say no more)

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Two more brow centre strobes about 30 mins apart this morning.
    But first, yesterday morning felt light headed, nauseous, fatigue. There was no headache to this but I didn't know if it was due to too much energy work on brow ( even though as stated previously I always spend more time on all over body work first)
    OR the fact that I am cutting down to loose weight and it's working and that morning had only had bottle of mineral water and mug of coffee.
    Could have been combination of both but rested in bed through day, ate soup, by 3-4 pm felt much better.
    Decided not to do any energy work yesterday just incase.
    This morning woke up from a dream where I'm on a train with 3-4 friends. The train is stationary but tilts and I fall out into a deep deep muddy puddle. Now I am completely submerged standing upright under the mud but am not panicking because I know my friends are extending their arms to pull me out, and they do . However whilst under the mud I was focusing on my breath. I didn't need to breath but decided to try a little breath and it worked.I was okay being submerged. I just felt we were having a bit of fun.
    Whilst recapping this dream I was awake and once again like two live wires going off in the brow area with a large crackle / explosion noise saw a purple flash of light.
    This was such a shock that I did actually jump slightly with my physical body as I was awake when it happened.
    30 mins later approx just starting to doze off when it happened again.this time it was a white flash.
    This woke me up unfortunately.

    Just a note that this is the second dream involving holding my breath and being submerged, but feeling really good about it.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Many years ago when I was first becoming lucid I used to dream of tea parties under the sea. From this I came to actually believe I could breath underwater. And in fact, I could, years later as a swimmer, cover the length of an Olympic pool underwater - no problem. The secret to that, of course, was the lack of fear, being totally comfortable underwater. In effect it seemed I could breath through my skin.

    Just this morning had a dream of a train - a piece of mechanical mayhem that didn't work.

    Another thought; while your success is great in your ambitions, I wonder if maybe you ought to take a vacation from it all? Maybe stop working it so hard for a little while. Just a fleeting thought.

    As always, I stop by here whenever I visit the site. I get a vicarious enjoyment from it.
    Matter is only mind in an opaque condition; and all beauty is but a symbol of spirit.
    - E Hubbard

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Something strange just happened during attempted meditation but then if you read this journal what's different?
    First, took Richards advice and had a break ( through the night anyway).
    felt great today, full of energy took xmas tree down , cleaned up , household chores ,so decided to have 1 hour with binaural beats
    Ascension CD that I always use and just lye on the bed and switch mind off. No energy raising.
    Into 2nd track when mind wanders.
    ( my sister and I have started a thing where we communicate via the Internet in rhym. Very childish but fun,we communicate a lot more and have fun trying to find the right words to fit. So I had just sent a reply back to her and this was what I had started to think about when I should have been silencing the mind.)
    Then in a flash in the left hand corner of my vision I saw an Ancient Egyptian man standing sideways and he had traditional head gear on but his head was a snakes head.
    Once again this was completely out of the blue and no relevance to what I had been thinking about.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Oh, oh, oh. I think you're fixin' to be initiated, if you haven't already. Welcome to the cult of the anaconda!
    Matter is only mind in an opaque condition; and all beauty is but a symbol of spirit.
    - E Hubbard

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Woke up this morning after a short sleep to a heavy thud and feeling energy travel right up my body. Recalled dream immediately and it was very very similar to one I had 18 months ago which was never recorded here so first I'll record the previous dream.
    August 27 2012.
    Entered a massive plane with my husband. Going on a long haul flight. Got separated from husband .Looked for seat but someone is sitting in it . We had been double booked. Looked and found a member of staff who was to help me find a seat.
    Passed 1st class which had double beds with gold bedspreads on. Went to the back of the plane where I found a seat where a female member of the crew was sitting down playing with a mobile phone.I remember her shoes so clearly they were black and white.
    She told me as she got up to leave that she was not working today as she she had been getting presents from the ' Captain' and crew for ' graduating' .
    Now I realised I couldn't take that seat because it was the back of the plane where the crew sit so an annoyed crew member took me along a corridor to see the captain to see if I was allowed to fly. The corridor had doors leading off when she pulled the arm of the captain from just inside one of the doors and brought him in front of me. He took on the appearance of a funny old sea captain with a white beard and was grinning and holding a mobile phone up to his ear. The crew member was annoyed at this and took his phone off him.
    End of dream.

    Dream today.
    I'm sitting on a runway with husband and we are in groups waiting to go on a journey in a big plane. The group before us do a bit of showing off flying in the sky in formation. They are showing off because they have done this before.
    Now it's our turn to go but I suddenly realise that we don't have tickets to board the plane. The ones we have are old ones because we have done the journey before as well. Hubby reassures me it's okay he bought 2 new tickets off someone. We board the plane to look for seat. My hubby isn't around anymore and the seats so far are full. A crew member is helping me look for my seat. One part of the plane is so squashed with people they are standing up then I'm shown to a massive part of the plane almost the size of my old school hall. I can sit anywhere, although there are no seats but it didn't matter there was loads of space.
    My son looking very young and my nephew also looking only about 10 years old are at the other end playing on their computers .they are with similar aged children and they all ask me to just keep quiet, not to talk. A large screen is in front of me for me to look at . I say something to them when they put their hands to their heads and urge me to please stop talking and just watch the screen.
    I woke up to the heavy thud and energy rush .

    I know this first dream was a good positive dream .
    Both of them had a little twist to them that there was some doubt whether I could fly or not.( although this last one ended up with no doubt . I could.
    Both of them has my husband come with me then he isn't around anymore.
    This time it's a journey I've already done before like the group ahead of ours.
    This last dream has me at the end with young family members.
    Two definite messages at the end is for me to silence the mind and look into the brow area.( I call it my vision screen)

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