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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Woke up this morning after a short sleep to a heavy thud and feeling energy travel right up my body. Recalled dream immediately and it was very very similar to one I had 18 months ago which was never recorded here so first I'll record the previous dream.
    August 27 2012.
    Entered a massive plane with my husband. Going on a long haul flight. Got separated from husband .Looked for seat but someone is sitting in it . We had been double booked. Looked and found a member of staff who was to help me find a seat.
    Passed 1st class which had double beds with gold bedspreads on. Went to the back of the plane where I found a seat where a female member of the crew was sitting down playing with a mobile phone.I remember her shoes so clearly they were black and white.
    She told me as she got up to leave that she was not working today as she she had been getting presents from the ' Captain' and crew for ' graduating' .
    Now I realised I couldn't take that seat because it was the back of the plane where the crew sit so an annoyed crew member took me along a corridor to see the captain to see if I was allowed to fly. The corridor had doors leading off when she pulled the arm of the captain from just inside one of the doors and brought him in front of me. He took on the appearance of a funny old sea captain with a white beard and was grinning and holding a mobile phone up to his ear. The crew member was annoyed at this and took his phone off him.
    End of dream.

    Dream today.
    I'm sitting on a runway with husband and we are in groups waiting to go on a journey in a big plane. The group before us do a bit of showing off flying in the sky in formation. They are showing off because they have done this before.
    Now it's our turn to go but I suddenly realise that we don't have tickets to board the plane. The ones we have are old ones because we have done the journey before as well. Hubby reassures me it's okay he bought 2 new tickets off someone. We board the plane to look for seat. My hubby isn't around anymore and the seats so far are full. A crew member is helping me look for my seat. One part of the plane is so squashed with people they are standing up then I'm shown to a massive part of the plane almost the size of my old school hall. I can sit anywhere, although there are no seats but it didn't matter there was loads of space.
    My son looking very young and my nephew also looking only about 10 years old are at the other end playing on their computers .they are with similar aged children and they all ask me to just keep quiet, not to talk. A large screen is in front of me for me to look at . I say something to them when they put their hands to their heads and urge me to please stop talking and just watch the screen.
    I woke up to the heavy thud and energy rush .

    I know this first dream was a good positive dream .
    Both of them had a little twist to them that there was some doubt whether I could fly or not.( although this last one ended up with no doubt . I could.
    Both of them has my husband come with me then he isn't around anymore.
    This time it's a journey I've already done before like the group ahead of ours.
    This last dream has me at the end with young family members.
    Two definite messages at the end is for me to silence the mind and look into the brow area.( I call it my vision screen)

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Hi Susan. I should know, but pardon me; do you fly in dreams? In both dreams you do not have a seat, and the large hall is obviously not a plane - somewhere else. That you end with young family members points to immaturity of some sort.

    Just my take, dear. It's a twist that points to a twisting nature of something of perhaps even an insincerity about something. May be a lead, but no solution. Oh well.
    Matter is only mind in an opaque condition; and all beauty is but a symbol of spirit.
    - E Hubbard

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Ummmmmm, have to sleep on that one and give it some thought.
    Insincerity? I've thought of two things recent but these are in my opinion quite acceptable( if you get away with it)

    Completing my tax return which definitely will be an insincerity,
    and the price of the beautiful bag I bought for my hubby to give me for Christmas. It was 3 times the price he thought it was.
    However I'm okay with those two. The last one is a woman's thing.
    As I said, I'll have to give this one some thought or just keep it stored as it may not have happened yet.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    HeHe. Who among us is not insincere from time to time...
    Matter is only mind in an opaque condition; and all beauty is but a symbol of spirit.
    - E Hubbard

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I could do with some input from this one but first,
    If you are just about TO EAT, please don't read this till you've digested your food!! ( not joking)

    This one ended up not so good so first I want to set the scene and record the events leading up to it. I know there is a lot of personal detail in here but to get a clear picture as to why , I need to record.

    Monday - Friday knew I had a heavy week ahead with three of the days going into care homes. I always get a buzz from the interaction with them and cuddles but was going to be tiring .
    Day 1) Not good. One lady is gunning for me and as I affectionately during conversation cup my hand under her elbow she gives me daggers with the eyes, as if to say " get your hands off me" . The message was clearly there and the staff rescue me telling me she has been leading up to a confrontation all day with someone.
    Another lady is so so angry with being in here she lashes out at me . I kneel down and hold her hand as she gets everything off her chest. ( 10-15 minutes of listening to unhappiness she later came up and made me promise to see her next week , she was just getting things off her chest.)
    Went to bed late ( hubby off)
    Day 2) dementia care home, everyone seems either ill, or in bad mood ( or dead ( 6) ) .A lot of aggression today. Zimmerman frames being slammed in temper, extreme quick change from being smiley and yes to aggression and temper "no" . Hot room to work in and I'm going down hill quickly.
    Day 3) morning appt gentleman has just vomited into his long beard before I arrived. He wasn't aware of this so I didn't want to embarrass him and spent 30 mins trying not to look .
    Came back for a break and replied to Richards response. The above conversation wasn't anything to do with what was going on with me in the last two days .
    The scene is set as to what led to this.
    Last night decided to go to bed early and have a good nights sleep . 9.40.
    Slept well till 12.30, then 1.30, the hubby gets up to toilet at 2.30 when the phone goes off. This really wakens me up but no number is left.
    Slowly drifted off when I thought my knee was going to fall off the end of the bed. Checked and really pleased because I was well away from the edge so knew I was close. ( no energy raising)
    Slowly silenced the mind and waited when the vibrations started. Not heavy but the noise was loud. Knew what was going on . Really pleased. Felt the back of my head being patted gently twice. I found this comforting and thought " good, I'm not alone" .
    Raised up slowly then sideways, then down and down and down. I've had equally good experiences going down so wasn't frightened but wanted to shift the direction so tried to shoot upwards fast. Worked, in amongst stars and a lot of red. But very quickly down and sideways.
    Was travelling amongst grey and backwards speeding past what looked like iron structures to buildings before they are completed. ( had this type before but this was not as if in water as the last was. ) flying backwards in empty dark buildings just skimming the ceilings I knew and was thinking at the time " this isn't real time zone, nor is it a part of the astral, ? I don't know."
    I'm now heading away and next thing I'm back in bedroom just above my headboard to re- enter when I think " right. It's over" when in front of me I see a large dark/ black shadow.
    Immediately I knew this was a bad sign . Black is dark, lower energy/ spirit.
    1). Had I been taken on a journey by a lower entity, because of what I had attracted over the last couple of days? If so why did I get a reassuring pat on the head before the adventure? At no time did this energy try to frighten me, I think this is important to remember.
    2) was this dark energy I saw something to do with me ( dweller on the threshold) with all the negative energy around for the last 3 days? But then who patted me on the head that I felt was reassurance and comforting?
    3) could this have been a 2 with guidance ( the pat ) letting me experience what I had created around me to let me know what is out there for the unprepared , open, unprotected. ( naive.?)
    Maybe it is about time I experienced the bad. Just to be aware.

    Another care home tomorrow..... OMG.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Face Shifting.
    I've just realised something new is presenting itself when remembering dreams or quick flashes of a scene before waking up.
    The persons face in the dream will change which then when interpreted comes with a definite message.
    AND I think it's a big telling off.

    But first last week was one of the worst I can remember physically therefore mentally as well, which showed up in the dream state.

    ( I've been getting strong suggestions to use the brow area to just focus on that rather than to try to loosen body and project.)

    As I was going down hill as I experienced last week one of my conversations was about people in this country.I didn't start it but I definitely didn't defend these people and I ended up agreeing with the elderly gentleman.( I failed in feeling what it must be like for these people we were talking about.)
    3x Face changes.
    1) After the previous OBE posted above I went back to sleep and had a quick recall of chasing someone into a shop. When I entered there was one of the people We had been talking about. He was putting on a shoe to see if it would fit onto the foot of an old boss of mine.He smiled at me then his face changed and he grew horns and took a devils face.
    Interpretation taken from the only book I use.
    Shoes-- do not judge another until you have walked in his or her shoes.
    Devil---- lower ignorant side of self, procrastinate, to dwell in negative thoughts.
    The whole of last week was good for me because it has highlighted what I'm failing in and I need to clean up my thinking.

    2) Another is a bit personal and I can understand its meaning but the message was understood when a part of his face turned into an object.

    3) The recorded dream where her face got closer and as I focused on her mouth it turned into a door.
    This was a good one though I feel and so did IA56.
    I'm trying to cleanse my body a little but I still have to face my inner thoughts and clean up my act.

    ( I would say Richards thoughts could relate to (1) and once again the plane dream, the message, came before the event

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Very low powered but no problem getting out. Conditions perfect, main sleep over,still very relaxed,stirring feet only but just stirred, stirred and stirred with no effort at all. Didn't care if I was to fall asleep.But I didn't.
    Slight vibrations,then listening to the noise in the ears.Knew what was going on and was even thinking just how many different noises there are. Could hear radio station,someone talking, knew it was up to me now . Stared into brow area,flickering. Tried to shoot up fast and felt movement but all I could see was darkness . Very disappointing,going backwards again then I'm flying towards a wall that I can now see and it has been stripped of wallpaper and still has little bits left on.
    This last bit may have been my own creation I suppose considering the past week. One day I'll get back up there.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Yesterday 4am after main sleep mind wandered to Michael Newtons 'Memories of the Afterlife'. All subjects hypnotised had memory of the people they encountered in spirit. Who they were,what role they played in previous lives with them and even now, what part they are playing, which seems to re iterate what I've read before that only a part of ' the whole of us' is incarnated.
    This had me try to work out the other me I saw in front of me once who was prettier and acted independently but I WAS her thoughts and she was mine. She showed a sense of humour when she suggested with ZZZzzzzzz coming from her mouth that I should go to sleep now.
    I've had many humorous events recalled from sleep.
    I lay in bed wondering just how many times I've had an experience thinking it was a guide helping me, taking me , showing me ,when in fact it was this other part of me. I'm still open to the idea of higher guidance assisting but I've had a hint before that I didn't realise who it was helping me.
    So while these thoughts were trying to make sense I felt energy travel right up my body 3 times.
    I then sent out a thought that if there is anyone listening, am I right? Am I connecting to ME.
    I then felt warmth and intense love travel through me. Not upwards but from inside as if building up with intensity then I felt heavier and heavier AND I FELL ASLEEP!
    I had had so many thoughts going on in my mind it didn't make sense to fall asleep.
    Woke up hearing myself say ' that was beautiful, can I see some more?"
    The reply was ' maybe , we'll C " .I even saw the reply in writing using C instead of see.
    The feeling of peace and harmony stayed with me for a few hours but I have absolutely no recall of anything between that time. ( bit like going into the white room in what I perceived as a space station when I had no memory of what was said, but I did recall coming back to body.)

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    Re: Nursing babies

    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    "Jesus loves me this I know/ for the Bible tells me so". Your work in care centers triggered that memory. I was appalled. I was an 11-yr-old pianist and had come to entertain the inmates of a psychiatric home. I played Bach, I played Chopin but the crowd was restless. Finally one soul asked if I could play "Jesus Loves Me"?

    So I did, and Wonderfully I was then received. It was a shock to me. That's all these people wanted? A simple little song when I had real musical delights for the offing.
    Matter is only mind in an opaque condition; and all beauty is but a symbol of spirit.
    - E Hubbard

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