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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Quote Originally Posted by susan View Post
    Thanks IA, well I hope I'm prepared enough for any challenges that crop up in physical. I suppose throughout my life I've had challenges and how they were accepted and worked out at the time made them easy to get through.
    Note for journal,
    Asked for clarification of meaning of previous dream that frightened me where the animal turned into a man and attacked other animal. Was killing it.
    Was with a group of friends along a big motorway when in the distance down a steep hill there seemed to be a massive pile up of cars and can see ambulances. As we look over the top of the hill there is a dead body lying on the road that the paramedics are going to.
    So this wasn't frightening as much but death was the key point.
    I've got so used to death scenes if I took it literally I'd have topped myself by now.
    Hi Susan,
    Well you must prepear you as well as you can...focus...and not loose your self into the event.

    As I see this animal turning into a was shown the transformation...but still that man (human) hunt´s animals because he still are so much animal inside of him...not yet a real human. A real human does know that animals also has soul.

    Yes, you have bean given a good opportunity in this Life to be near should study the Tibetian book of Death.
    To get deeper grip of the process of Death, so you can die consiously.

    Core Affirmation: I am loved and I am worthy,
    I am safe and I am free.
    I am powerfully protected.
    I am master of my body and ruler of my mind.
    By Robert Bruce

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I'm so pleased and excited.
    I had another projection last night but I went out through the brow area ,with no sign of body but could feel it.
    In the past I've either worked on energy body and left from legs loosening first or full body and been aware of having a body,or sometimes viewed Clairvoyantly feeling that I was still in body but this was so different. ( only once I looked into brow and moved to a height above bedroom door viewing hologram of young boy ) but somehow this seemed different.

    Was woken up 4am with an internal door bell. Wondered about this and did little energy work but couldn't settle for long.
    About 1 hour later still awake but dozy saw flickering in eyelids so concentrated hard to see what comes.
    By surprise it was as if I was being pulled up through the brow out of body. I was turning then going forwards. At no stage did I see my bedroom.I'm still turning slowly and forwards when in front of me I see colours and in the distance it looks like a bar with lights on and all the colourful bottles behind the bar but now I'm travelling away from it and down and backwards and turning. This was like going into a dark cellar made with iron structures. I've had this last scene before a couple of times. I just knew this was a lesson and yes it was. The thing was I was feeling excited because I knew I had exited through the brow and could feel the movement in my body but couldn't see body.
    The scene was dark and dingy so a little apprehension stepped in but I quickly binned that incase I created my own fearful animal or monster, then just as I turned my friends arrived. The swarm of yellow flies. Had then a couple of times before .they were all over me but I knew they couldn't harm me so stayed with it.
    They were in my mouth, I could feel them, on my arms,face , but the whole time I had mixed feelings from apprehension,determination not to give in, excitement because I couldn't see my body but could feel the flys but then cowardly I decided I'd had enough.
    Woke up recalled everything then back to sleep. Woke up to seeing me being hosed down, ( according to book cleansing of some sort) but also the first thing I saw was a dirty white towel hanging up on a wall and I seem to be focusing close up on the soiled area.

    These yellow flies had first appeared when I was being tested for Fear. The flies, ugly spiked haired faces,the flies again when I was in Real Time Zone in bedroom and at the end I saw a presence next to me.
    I thought I was over this when I had the trip to what I perceived as the space station. It had helped me stay calm.
    Why have the flies come back again ?
    Don't care I'll take whatever is thrown at me I can always chicken out and back to body.
    Just loved it

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Prior to this last OBE had remembered being in a false looking environment. Just white space all around, no scenery but people were walking on their own with big cameras taking close ups of anything. I just watch them wondering why they are taking close ups of a puddle, the sky, a leaf. In the dream I'm trying to work out why?
    Awake, pondered over this and decided that I'm not focusing enough on the brow area , I need to try harder to stay focused.
    The result was the above OBE ( even though it happened a little later.)
    This morning woke up from a scene where a dream character is saying that he needs to LOOK. Now this was the wrong should have been To Say Sorry. I just knew this word didn't fit into my dream so decided to look into brow area closely and saw flickering in eyelids then a dove flying around. There was no colour other than black background and white dove. Lasted about 30 seconds. Tried to re create this again but couldn't.
    What I have to remember is how Robert describes images you can create yourself with third eye and build and take apart with thought. Maybe I wanted to see something and created this because I was still in the liminal stage.
    I don't think so but I have to remind myself here that I may have.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Think I was becoming lucid in a a dream but missed out.
    But first no energy exercises through the night recently. Too tired mentally. If someone was to write a list of all attributes required to evolve spiritualy ( strength,leadership,compassion,understanding, sacrifice, ) then boy am I trying hard to succeed. This is only a temporary set back which will only last another few weeks then back to normal. I think my first dream was about this .
    Woke up 4 am looking at vision of the screen of an I pad with a coloured margin running across the top flashing up with two snakes crawling across.( this was like when a message has been received through I cloud and it flashes up to let you know)

    Back to sleep recalling two dreams.
    1) I,m looking into a mirror and piling the make-up on really thick, too thick. A man comes to the door of my room whilst I'm trying to blend it in. He's a doctor,my old tutor and he's wondering if there's anything I want to ask him. It's come to his attention that some pupils may need some help in certain areas, is there anything I would like him to show me?
    Now this is where I may have been becoming lucid in the dream because I was thinking that I could ask him what I had asked him in a previous dream( that I felt I had been thrown in at the deep end and needed to be shown how to do certain procedures) .
    So whilst dreaming I was remembering the contents of a previous dream.

    2) I'm in a jungle type garden and see a big fat snake in the distance. I go to tell 2 people about it. I ask if it's dangerous, they say no but they need to catch it. I just stand there watching as they chase it through the trees when they tell me to look. This was funny.
    The snake had stopped by a tree trunk and was resting sitting up enjoying the sunshine that was beaming down on it.
    Dream is finished with men chasing it again as it comes towards me.
    ( I think if I had done some colourful exercises of fruit cutting or the ratatouille this could have resulted in a very colourful dream)

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    Re: Nursing babies

    2 mornings in a row I have been taken by surprise upon wakening and wanted to laugh out loud.
    But first at present had decided now is not a good time to do any energy work with the intention of projecting until things in physical are back to normal.
    ( Currently a member living in house has a medical condition which can and will soon be put right in a few weeks but it is causing a lot of sadness, worry and the feeling of helplessness on his part. All I can do is look after him, understand what he is going through and be there for him but it is bringing me down too which is the last thing I want .)

    So early am after wakening decided not to attempt any type of energy raising till this was over. Went back to sleep feeling quit sad at everything. Woke up with a jolt again and immediately saw a funny vision involving cannon balls being fired through the chest of someone. There was more but this was so funny I nearly laughed out loud.
    I just knew this was clearly that I should keep up the NEWS .( I know this is affective for me)
    Recalled dream which had nothing to do with this.

    This am woke up with a jolt again. I again was almost laughing out loud, this was brilliant. Like being on a roller coaster ride but it was a ferry with no water and the driver was speeding along in control around bends, down hill up hill, sideways. In the dream I boarded the ferry with friends but we were having such fun and laughing I felt the same when I woke up. I willed myself to go back to sleep but couldn't but I still felt the excitement from the ride.

    So ,two mornings in a row going to bed sad and wakening up laughing and happy. So trying to sort this one out.

    Robert Bruce refers to. ' Astral Bob' .

    We are thought to be ' multidimensional'

    Drew's beautiful writing on the soul, ' the qualities of the soul are used where ever they happen to fit in'

    The mind split- mentioning again when I saw myself and we were both the same thoughts but she communicated to me a message to go to sleep.

    We try to raise our vibration and awareness to experience a loving experience,( connecting to our soul that exists on a higher vibration)

    So recently I've been sad so it could be said that what I needed was a bit of fun as well as guidance

    Michael Newton reckons only a percentage of our soul/ essence leaves to come back to physical.

    I am a part of my soul which is why as I was getting closer to connecting I picked up such as KINSHI ( Japanese) ....ASHRAM..multiple lives lived all part of the bigger bit I've come from.

    But even upon death I/ We still need to grow to get even closer to a more evolved and loving part of our soul.
    It is 'nt obvious, it's absolutely confusing but some kind of understanding may be forming but in the meantime before I change my mind to a different way of thinking for the last two nights...

    Astral Sue and I linked up and had fun because that was what I needed.
    Last edited by susan; 25th February 2014 at 09:09 PM.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I think this one turned into a dream due to my tiredness and wishful thinking but it still started as an OBE through the brow again.
    Woke up seeing a vision which I'm getting used to now. They are different every time but clearly give me a bit of a shock and have to do with the brow area. I know now to concentrate on the brow but this time I was really tired . Went with it and just stared into brow when I felt movement leaving up through brow. Was thinking that maybe my physical eyes were slightly open as slight light was detected. Husband puts his hand on my arm.
    Back to body!
    Went back to sleep. Very restless, too hot. Woke up to another vision suggesting the same. Reluctantly went with it again. Very quickly I'm up again, sense movement, no light this time. Once again the yellow flies came and were in my mouth. This didn't bother me but I wasn't expecting them and they didn't last long. I don't know why I got them .
    Now I think this may have been me falling asleep now

    I'm standing in front of a square table with seating around like in a cafe/diner. A man is sitting to the right of me and a woman is standing to the left of me. I remember saying. " can someone tell me who I am" . I look at the woman and she is small plumpish with dark hair high in a beehive. I'm thinking at the time that she looks Japanese. I'm now sitting facing the man as he says
    " We know who you are" .
    That's all I remember of that bit and just wondered what time it was when I saw an image of my old watch reading 6.30.
    Looked at digital clock .It was 6.32

    Yesterday morning dreamt I was entering the ferry but it was flat on the bottom and half just sitting on the land. As I went inside there were different sections to it but when I went to the other side of the ferry choppy sea was all around but I felt safe because I knew it was really on land.
    I was with people but I went up to a man holding a small box that I think had a wedding ring in it. I remember giving it to him and saying " I didn't turn up on the day I should have. I'm so sorry" .
    End of dream
    ( went shopping yesterday . Tested myself to how much it would cost . Wrote on shopping list £ 164. It came to £ 162.)
    Not important piece of info just want to record for journal the intuitive part. Both clock and shopping but 2 out.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    This was like a training exercise.
    I'm with a woman instructor I felt represented the Navy. We went to a large navy ship and I was to fly high up in the sky above the sea and she was showing how the ship would move to position underneath me.
    I'm high up watching the ship spin round and round getting faster and faster. This was like watching a child's spinning top and as the ship spun to an incredible speed it moved along the water getting closer underneath me. At no time did I feel I was falling, more like the ship was getting higher and higher meeting me at the end. As I landed on the deck I could see over the side and it was still in the water but was high up like looking down from a sky scraper.
    I finished by entering a room where some people I vaguely knew were waiting for their turn and was telling them how amazing the speed was and how I'd never seen anything like that before.
    End of dream.
    A note.
    2 days ago all I remember of a dream was a woman telling me that it depends how fast the spinning is as to how high the ship stretches above the water.
    Key points seem to be
    Travel, increasing rotation for movement, landing on target, bringing target closer?...

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    Re: Nursing babies

    A spinning chakra. Now if I could only remember how the elements relate to the chakras? I'll look it up after my coffee.
    Matter is only mind in an opaque condition; and all beauty is but a symbol of spirit.
    - E Hubbard

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    Re: Nursing babies

    bottom earth, then water, middle moon/air, and higher sun/fire/and highest akasha. You're welcome.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Well, Susan, I dusted off my I-Ching and fell on this just by coincidence):

    (I didn't throw the coins, was just getting ready to.)

    #43 Kuai / Break-through
    When the water of a lake has risen up to heaven, there is reason to fear a cloudburst. Taking this as a warning, the superior man forestalls a violent collapse. If a man were to pile up riches for himself alone, without considering others, he would certainly experience a collapse. For all gathering is followed by dispersion. Therefore the superior man begins to distribute while he is accumulating. In the same way, in developing his character he takes care not to become hardened in obstinacy but to remain receptive to impressions by help of strict and continuous self-examination.

    I don't know. Sounded relevant, perhaps.
    Matter is only mind in an opaque condition; and all beauty is but a symbol of spirit.
    - E Hubbard

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