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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Yesterday body aching and feeling rubbish ( is the polite word) after 3 days full of heavy manual work that had to be done. Recalled a dream which was suggesting that I'd crashed my body. So of course they are my own thoughts anyway taking shape in a dream.
    Decided the whole of Monday will be a rest day . Shopping nothing else. Just dozing back off again when I saw a four pointed shape within a circle starting to spin. It then introduced colour. Blue circle with yellow pointed shape inside. Knew immediately this was the front cover of Astral Dynamics book in my cupboard I hadn't looked at for long time.
    Okay, so was this a suggestion to do some energy work.? Too tired but decided I may do an hours NEWS in the afternoon. Then I saw a square take form and the number 4 inside it. 4 hours NEWS! Flip that's a bit excessive for me.
    So 2pm, shopping done,still aching over body settled to start energy raising. Just bouncing ball, brushing, circling,bringing energy up and down.( a little extra I throw in is to imagine I'm at the bottom of a tea cup and someone is stirring the tea with a spoon, just a quick way of stimulating energy.) approx 3hours done and must have dozed off waking up four hours from when I started.
    Saw a massive ship right in front of me, picked up " the heart chakra is open" .

    Great! No aches or pains, felt refreshed, walking straight again. Just what the doctor ordered.

    At a later date I realised 4 is the fourth chakra . As noted previously often signs can have double meaning.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    I have a feeling tests are going to get more ( frightening) testing. Just had the biggest one yet.

    3.15 break to bathroom and drink. Back to bed and settled.
    Just dozing off when a short scene started.
    A very old character from a soap opera was lying on a floor with her eyes open and blood coming from her head. 3 men came in through a door as if to rescue her when she got up smiling saying .' So it looks I'm not dead after all.
    This is my communication message about energy loss. A while ago I learnt that wherever the blood loss was from , this was an indication of energy needed to be worked on in that area / or concentrate on that area. Usually bleeding feet or bleeding head.
    So with this knowlege I did a little all over NEWS but the about 15 mins brow area.
    Decide now to just look , silence mind and listen, and wait. I was expecting some visions if I could stay awake.... But..

    The loud engine sound astral noise started and to my surprise I'm raising slowly up through the roof, slowly above trees and houses.
    Going higher and higher and higher, noise getting louder,had 360 vision so could see things getting smaller and smaller.
    Then movement stopped and in a flash realisation set in. I'm massively high up in the atmosphere on my back, having been brought here and nothing is happening . Something is going to happen here this has to be a test of some sort. There's only one way down!

    I plummeted at an incredible speed to the ground and could feel this. Nothing can harm me here but the noise in my head was like standing next to a rocket taking off. 2-3 seconds and trees are getting closer. I knew I was heading Under Ground so just in time decided no vision. I knew when I entered the ground. I could sense a slight pressure against astral body, even a little resistance
    Although no vision the darkness seemed a little darker.
    After 2-3 seconds the movement sensation seemed to slow down, even the noise lowered a little. Travelling sideways now and vision again just skimming over tops of trees and houses then it ended and I woke.
    WOW . That was a corker. What else is in store.
    I find it interesting that just the other day I read for the first time a very old post from CFT about warnings for people entering this area of discovery and mentioning the tests you may go through until you learn to handle any fear.
    I wonder how many people experience really bad things thinking they are negs when in fact they are tests.
    I have a feeling there may be more to come.
    Maybe I should have kept my vision open for the full impact, don't know. Maybe next time.
    Bring it on!
    This morning recalled a dream which in reflection was a hint .
    No time to post but will later.

    Dream before OBE.
    Was in a crowded department store where I worked and needed to go downstairs. Went to stairs but were full of people because the lifts were broken. Very crowded. Someone pulls me to one side and shows me a secret lift I can use that will take me downstairs.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Nothing of importance for journal but just thoughts.
    Watching Star Wars on telly. Never watch stuff like this but a good quote came up got me thinking.
    " your perception is how you create your reality" .
    So .....
    You see things as not going your way ..... They won't
    You think things are out to harm and frighten you ..... They will, negs etc.
    You see things as positive .. Okay no wonderful experience but things are major problems.
    You take that step further and eliminate anything negative in your thoughts. Distance from negativity. But the important part here is to distance from physical contact with negativity.
    So what do you do when something/ someone annoys you with their words.?
    Analysis. why did they say that? What response are they expecting? They haven't got it yet ! Let's show them how it's done . With compassion and understanding and dignity.
    But my main thoughts here are on our non physical experiences.
    Are we just creating our own non physical experiences ?
    The more we want to explore non physical reality ....the more we will, because we may feel the need to raise energy and meditate more .
    The more contact we want to have with our peers ... We will because we will send out loving thoughts to reach them.
    The more people dwell on a problem and who caused it the further away they are from a more peaceful existence, but the closer they become to the problem they have created in their mind.
    It IS all the mind in control.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    This was short.
    I'm standing in front of a fireplace and disappointed that it's nearly out. The coal has nearly all turned to ash and only a small flame is left. Next I look at it again and the fire surround has completely burnt away and all that's left is a hole in the floor. Everypart of the fireplace has burnt away leaving nothing. Someone comes ( this person I know as a client in physical) in and shows that the fireplace was over at the side and now the brand new fire is standing back where the other had been.
    This same person tells me she moved the television from up the tree .
    Was awake trying to make sense of the fire but couldn't. Wondered if the second one was to do with me watching too much telly but decided to concentrate on the brow area just incase I was being encouraged to look. Within minutes I heard " Susan look at this" .
    I saw myself in bed as if I was viewing myself from above the body. No colour just black and white like an outline of my body. I was aware that my physical body had it's right arm above my head on the pillow and saw this from above. I found myself laughing at how I was lying. Vision disappeared.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I've just had a conversation with a spirit calling itself " your INFINATE FATHER" .
    This is a term I have never used before and I cann't get it out of my mind. I'm aware that any spirit can pass themselves off as anyone but I have to say that any contact I have had has been helpful, enjoyable , enlightening, and left me feeling safe, not scared.
    Leading up to this,
    Yesterday evening couldn't watch television. Not interested. Browsed the net and played scrabble but my main thoughts all night were about all the books I've read and the theme they all seem to suggest. From Robert Munroe, kurt Leland , Robert Bruce, Jane Roberts, Bruce Moen, William Bullman, Sai Baba books , Michael Newton.The list goes on and on. But trying to work out just who we are when we pass over and the merging of energies still is far from clear for me . So where do I go from here? Was it to be Franz Bardon or David Carse.
    Slept well. Woke about 5.30. Couldn't recall any dream and tried to go back to sleep. 6.15 woke up and recalled looking at a bird on a wall unaware that there was a bigger bird hovering above it trying to get its attention. It used its beak to pick it up by its feathers and flew away with it , cradling it.
    Did little energy work on feet but went back to sleep. Woke up a little alarmed and put my hand to my chin to see if I could feel any stubble. I had been looking at myself in a mirror and saw facial hair on the chin and upper lip. I can clearly recall the face .
    This kept me awake for a bit and finally wondered if it would be worth thinking out my thoughts to see if I would get any response.( after all the big bird was trying to get the little birds attention) . After a while it started.

    I saw I was being given a child's birthday card and it had obviously been drawn by a child and had a drawing of a big elephant on filled in in pink.
    Heard. " Tomorrow"

    I repeated my question about which book to read out of the two mentioned to progress further.?

    I saw a CD .
    Heard. " both, a bit at a time."

    I repeated my struggle to understand things better.

    Heard. " you will in time"

    My legs were now floating above my body and I felt two hands under my legs trying to lift up but unsuccessful.( I was aware that my husbands legs were on top of mine. ( could this have been a problem?.Was I going to be taken somewhere? )

    Heard. " it's good we can communicate like this"

    I asked. "Who is this"?


    Gone, fully awake now just fixed on this last bit. I know I wouldn't use that terminology.

    This was definately an energy displaying a stronger male side. The words I got sounded a lower tone to the feminine ,softer, more chatty voice I've picked up in the past.
    I've learnt not to focus on a time frame, so tomorrow means nothing . ( apart from bringing the monkey to the room for 8am and I had the aborted OBE at the exact time, followed later by the hologram of a young boy in period costume)
    Could this have been A guide ?, A teacher?, A part of what I am part of and belong to with a more male presence ?,
    Or could this have been an imposter, pretending to be someone connected to me?
    I don't know but those two last words have me thinking.

    I need to add a note here for journal .
    Had such plans for today but did none. Extreme energy loss. Feeling exhausted all day. Just want to sleep but didn't. So tired.
    Heavy feeling in forehead . ( but then the rape seed fields are out in full, no other symptoms .took an anti histamine.) Still heavy feeling in forehead.
    When I had serious thoughts in my head about these other parts of me I felt such love build up inside me.this is recorded in journal.
    This one left me with exhaustion . Will not put any decisions on this .

    Time now to put an understanding to this after more experiences.
    I believe this was a part of me but more advanced, more masculine side. ( this definitely had a more masculine feel and tone than the more softer female side )
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    Re: Nursing babies

    2 OBEs

    Very unexpected. Checked clock at 7.15am. No energy work , tried to get back to sleep when I feel a sudden movement from inside my body and I'm going higher and higher and fast. I turn sideways, down, up ,backwards. I'm thinking " wow didn't expect this, I'm hardly asleep" .Couldn't see anything but without doubt was moving in defined angles. If you got a pencil and drew lines with a ruler in all direction, that would be it . Not twirls. Concentrated on brow( had forgotten to) . Real time zone I think, everything so fast skimming along the side if a wall then thump back to body. Time was 7.30. This had all happened within 15 mins of checking clock.

    Really pleased at going out unexpected settled back when within minutes it happens again. Now this was really great because I had put no effort into it. Same type of movement. Very poor visibility, just hazy, snowy speckled but then saw some figures( I think animals) . Decided to try changing direction but felt resistance. Couldn't so put more speed into it when shooting upwards I'm suddenly in black space. Far in the distance I could see stars. I then see ( me) in front . I say me because with 360 vision this may have been me looking at myself? Or not? But I saw a light translucent whitish/ sparkly outline of ( me?)
    Then I see golden coloured snowflakes in the distance. Either they came towards me because I wanted a closer look or I went towards them, but they were beautiful. Just like the flat ones I put on my Christmas tree. Thinking this at time then down back to body with no wish to. My time was up. Time 8.00 am.
    Just love it but think I have to work more maybe on colour exercises for brow although I saw the gold colour.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I need to record here for the journal that last night was not a nice dream .
    For the record --- very content in everyday life. In fact have re- arranged work load to give me more time to find myself / ourselves
    to understand more fully. I need to remind myself when re- reading this journal that I can not think of any disturbances that could have created this.
    I started to write the dream down but have deleted it.
    Reason--- when I re-read journal I do not want to be focusing on subject. Hope to forget !
    Important things I think to remember are ........
    When the disturbing event was about to happen someone to the left of me whispered in my ear what to do and I did it. It worked .
    Further in the story of the dream when another bad issue might have happened with this bad person someone told me what to do ( close the door ) and it left me safe.
    The final part of the dream was a taxi driver waiting in a taxi. I am told he is going to interview me to tell me " How many people he has lost??? " I see a zip opening and many puppies come out.
    This seems like ( my favourite expression) gobble goop.
    The taxi driver reminds me of the early contact with spirit when much humour was involved when on journal I recorded picking up ,
    YER TACHI MAN., Which I realised was translated .... Your Taxi Man.
    I seem to be having a mixture of beautiful, lovely, exciting, testing, and now not so pleasant experiences.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I have re read this and have a thought to its meaning but will wait for further events before adding thoughts to journal.

    ( adding this bit 5months later and it seems this may have been referring to retrievals. Posted ( page 34, 6/11/14) .
    Clearer description of the zip is detailed on page 34.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    For the record another bad night. Yesterday through the day had one of my most peaceful days. Even stuck to water, fruit and vegetables for body. If anything I would expect a peaceful non eventful sleep.

    1) someone massive is trying to catch us. We are on a plane trying to close the door on time. He now opens the window which is layered, he takes it off and another one underneath.

    2) I'm faced flat against the inside of a bus window as it goes round corners. I'm frightened it will tip.

    3) someone with a cartoon witch like face ( ugly) is being interviewed suspected to be an imposter.

    Now I can understand the stories because.
    1) spent yesterday cleaning the glass to a disassembled green house with loads of glass. ( can not wait to get it up)
    2) Much glass again and tipping over from a bus is one of my old fears from days of travelling in a bus.
    3) My quiet reminder in the back of my mind that this ' Infinate Father' could have been misleading and something to forget.mayebe mischievous spirit.

    So the topics I can understand but they were frightening. I don't know why especially after the kind of day I had.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Reads like a 'threshold' dream. The ' cartoon witch' is an imposter; i.e. take off the mask and her beauty will be revealed. The 'green house', though real life, is a wonderful metaphor of care-given growth.

    I think I'll build a greenhouse a grow a special cactus. Oh, probably not.
    Matter is only mind in an opaque condition; and all beauty is but a symbol of spirit.
    - E Hubbard

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