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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Quote Originally Posted by susan View Post
    IA, you've got me creased up with laughter. Cann't remember when I laughed so much. We have to solve this . Does anyone out there know if snails mate, oh frig what does it matter it wasn't a dream .
    Hi Susan,
    Both snails and worms are hermafordits. As far as I understand that...they do mate...and they do change the gender to be able to mate, like an agreament who is who...haha

    Core Affirmation: I am loved and I am worthy,
    I am safe and I am free.
    I am powerfully protected.
    I am master of my body and ruler of my mind.
    By Robert Bruce

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    Re: Nursing babies

    OBE this morning.
    But first , had cut down a bit on energy work or visualisation practice and been trying to learn more from multidimensional human.( Kurt Leland) Felt the need to use daytime to practice what he suggests for developing inner senses. Also to try to analyse more the meaning or purpose of past experiences, rather than just forging ahead and wanting more and more.No contact for few days and strangely no dream recall .
    oh, just one small one....had been travelling in a long compartment( bus or train) but no one else was with me when it stops and I get off. My sister meets me and tells me that her brother ( we don't have one) is to drive me to London Today.
    I felt disappointed having to go but she insisted that the police wanted to interview me about a murder that I had witnessed Today.
    Now the emphasis was on the word Today. End of dream.
    So got ready for work and went out to greenhouse to open window when I saw a big snail. It had eaten the slug pellets covering the soil to keep them away. It was frothing and bubbling, obviously dying. Unfortunately when arrived back home hours later it was still dying but alive. Took hours to die . Not nice. Sometimes I find messages can have double meanings but pellets will be taken off tomorrow.

    However OBE

    Slept well. No dream recall. 7.15am.
    Decided just little energy work, then visualisation practice using nice coloured flowers as I thought of them. Settled when fairly soon I sensed my arms were floating. This stopped, moved onto my side when I was thinking the same thing. Then felt I was sinking.knew this was a good sign. Started to sink and sink when next thing I'm travelling up, no noise or vibration heading in a fairly straight angle of about 45 degrees. I didn't think I was lacking vision, it was just that there was nothing at this stage to see .
    Then I see a silver spark, then another one, then more and I seemed to curve to the left now when the silver increased and I could see silver Christmas trees. Then gold sparks, more and more. These were gold Christmas trees. I'm now floating around looking at beautiful sparkling silver and gold Christmas trees . I zoomed closer to the gold trees and saw my golden snowflakes hanging on them. ( I was just going wherever I was going, did not attempt to alter direction ) to the right I saw my conservatory chairs and this gave me the feeling of a garden centre when you are in the outside area of it.
    Then it ended abruptly.
    Checked the clock. 7.45
    I have to analyse this.
    1) I had no perception of my body.
    2) As beautiful as they were , this was as if viewing with a fine muslin cloth over . The sparkles were there but the true beauty wasn't.
    I even got the impression of a transparent white cloth between my viewing and the trees.
    So this had to be for my attention to work out.
    1) I had been wanting to utilise day time for practice and I Love my gardening and greenhouse. Could this be that by focusing on my gardening that I love this would help me . Eg) the beauty of watching the growth of a leaf originating from a tiny seed, or the near dead young plant that slowly grows and opens out and strengthens.
    2) could the veil between me and the beauty I want to see in astral be thinning.?
    I 'm going for 1) at the moment.

    I just need to add to this just incase it has relevance in the future.

    I was going to be interviewed previously.
    The taxi driver was going to interview me to tell me how many people he had lost.
    The witch type face was suspected of being an imposter. I saw the back of her being interviewed and there was a very vivid long black wig hanging up on the wall behind her.
    This is maybe going to confuse the original meaning but will keep in the back burner just for future reference. ( it's just that she was in a police station being interviewed)
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    Re: Nursing babies

    This morning upon wakening. I saw a container being closed with something in it and got " put those chocolate treats away" .
    I very rarely buy chocolate but today my sister arrived unexpectedly with a gift of chocolates brought from Austria.

    Morning time about 2 months ago ( didn't record) I woke up to remembering in a dream see some very acrobatic type moves by male and females when they disappeared from view . As if behind the board at the bottom of the bed and I heard some giggling. ( this was sweet) A hand appeared holding a box of breakfast cereal. ( this type is advertised for people wanting to loose weight.)
    Went to work that morning ,in a hurry as usual. Came back late afternoon feeling very weak and wanting to drop. I hadn't had any breakfast.

    I've been warned before about needing sugar and lacking energy the day it happened.

    Also this morning I picked up that I should take my glasses.
    This morning went to my first Tai Chi class and regretted not taking them as I couldn't see clearly the hand movements from the instructor.

    What I'm trying to show myself here is that often we can dismiss what is picked up before wakening but many times for me it has been relevant for me to take notice.

    I just need to tidy up the end of the last post in the hope there may be some sense of it.

    3/5/14. Conversation with very strong male presence suggesting it was my 'INFINATE FATHER'. ( good short contact but left me feeling exhausted rest of day) Kept options open to the fact that this could have been an imposter.
    8/5/14. Taxi driver ( previously could have been my ' Yer TACHI Man ') waiting to interview ME. To tell me how many puppies he had lost. I saw a zip opening and puppies getting out.
    9/5/14. Cartoon witch type face being interviewed in a police station with a long black wig hanging on the wall.suspected of being an imposter.
    14/5/14. Bus driver is the witch,( contents of the dream had me feel they were helping me)
    12/6/14. The police wanted to interview ME.

    To sum up
    Infinate father suspected of being imposter.
    The witch was being interviewed suspected of being an imposter
    The bus driver is the witch
    I am going to be interviewed by the taxi driver.
    The police want to interview me.

    Could this person claiming to be infinate father, be the taxi driver and the bus driver taking me and helping me,and at the same time be me ?
    I had to write this but I have a feeling there will be no conclusion to this , just confusion so no more attempt will be made to make any sense of this unless......

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Dream. / failed OBE / Dream.
    Very unusual dream which seemed to take on a different direction. Nothing relevant to previous posts.
    I had previously picked up that my mother was disappointed and could I meet up with her on Sunday?
    So , Sunday evening had had a very heavy full meal late in evening ( which I try to avoid) Early hours of Monday morning when awake I recalled a dream of a police woman telling me that my car had failed Its MOT.
    Whilst awake I feel so disappointed with myself to have had such a heavy meal, feeling I had failed myself in the possibility of experiencing something.
    Taking this as ' get back to sleep your not going to experience anything' , I just accepted and decided there's always another chance another day.
    Visit to bathroom, little water , settled to token gesture of energy raising then settled for sleep when jelly feeling , wobbling and I knew that this was a good sign. Focused on brow area , could feel movement but here was nothing fast about this. This was in one direction and steadily in one direction. As I focused I decided to just experiment with vision as I had nothing.decided to open astral/ etheric eyes and they opened. Thinking how good this was that I hadn't opened physical !!!! Stupid! End of , back to body .
    So once again in one evening I'm disappointed.
    Back to sleep wake up next morning. Recalled dream .
    This will seem stupid to readers but here goes.
    I'm in a large area where I'm waiting and flying around and practicing keeping up off the ground when someone of importance comes in . I just see a pair of trousers but see nothing from above. They give me a book. This is thick and heavy and as I open it the first page shows a 2x human bodies at the top, at the bottom was an animal of some sort and a baby and I got this is how we evolved to humans.
    Woke up again and thinking how vivid this was and in fact (a bit in your face .), visited the bathroom and slept .
    Woke up later in morning to dream recall .
    I saw a statue representing my mother ( I thought at the time)
    I' m sitting opposite someone who is advising me .
    The statue comes next to me . Next thing it is a giant plant , like an anemone from the sea.
    This was / is my mother.
    I touch this /her as I ask questions.
    Can you hear me? The flow from her is a yes.
    Can you see me ? The flow from her is yes ,
    Can you feel me ? The flow from her is yes .
    Can you talk to me ? The flow goes in the opposite direction.
    End of dream .
    When I woke up, this had such a impact and got me thinking deeper than I have .
    Thinking of the evolution of plants .
    Can plants communicate to other higher intelligence? Animals can to humans . Humans can to higher beings in spirit ??
    Oh just a dream but food for thought .
    I am no biologist and this is just a dream . For my own way of thinking for this journal anyone reading this just think of this as a dream that Susan had ,
    For me ?

    ( I know we don't have eyes within the astral body but the thought of opening eyes was more like requesting vision)

    Add on .
    I felt the need to do a search on Sea Anemones and was showing my ignorance when describing this as a plant.

    ***Although often known as the Flower of the Sea it is in fact a Water Dwelling Meat Eating Animal.
    ***It has a primitive nervous system.
    ***Has an Intelligence Within. Some form relationships with green algae receiving oxygen and sugar as the bi- product of the algae's photosynthesis.
    Upon reflection I think the sea anemone was an excellent example for me to be shown. From the page in the book I would have expected within a dream to be shown an animal that I knew definetely as an animal.
    This animal , previously thought by me as a plant highlights the intelligence within anything living from aquatic animals to terrestrial animals to amphibians. Then of course there are the plants.
    Conclusion. This last dream was for my attention .
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Babies are back// locker room is back// the man character I didn't understand is back.

    2 short dreams.

    1) I'm with 2 friends ( no idea who they were) in what looked like an airport shopping mall. We are going to meet one of my friend's parents. I run up ahead of them up the parents who are waiting in the distance. I tell the woman that I am her daughter's friend.
    At first she doesn't understand me. Then she does and turns to her husband to explain what I said. He replies but I couldn't understand what he said.
    ( It's the same man during an OBE that I concluded was being used as a character , to relay a message from the ( shadow/ spirit/ guidance/ teacher) that I perceived during the same event.) the woman was different. Very elegant.
    They walk towards their daughter who lights up a cigarette.
    ( I don't smoke)
    The mother takes the cigarette from her daughters hand and stumps it out and throws it aside, telling her that she cann't smoke if she's pregnant.

    I think inner senses still being worked on as I still couldn't understand what the man said and although I don't smoke I think cleansing the body may be the suggestion here .Also my liking of nice things and wanting to spend a little more than I really should.( shops within airport) This may be necessary for me to advance further.
    I believe these characters were used to get a message across.

    2nd dream same night.
    I'm with people who take me to my locker to collect my things.Im told I cann't go to the care home I want to go to. I was taken to the one that was not so nice. I'm standing whimpering , crying silently feeling so sad. I'm told I'll soon get used to it.

    I feel sure again that I have to curb my spending and be content with the simpler things in life if I want to progress.
    Previously I had had disturbing face changes within message dreams pointing out to clean up my thoughts and words.( not to judge anyone till I've walked in their shoes.)

    I'm with a friend again ( don't know who she is) in what seems to be a mobile home. A man comes in and I really liked him. He was nice. I felt much warmth from him. He takes my friend outside to talk to . I wake up.
    I felt much warmth and peace when wakening up this morning.

    Already noted 18/4 celebration at airport terminal and given a green coat. ( green, heart chakra, 4th Chakra)
    """"""""""""""". 22/4.picked up Heart Chakra is now open.
    I've been noting myself in journal recently that I'm starting to sense real spirits from characters where I feel nothing at all from the characters.
    Just read some of Kurt Leland's work within the dream research forum where he writes ,

    " the Fourth Chakra of all bodies is the one that allows us to tell the difference between non physical entities."
    ( just love it when things fall into place)

    Good to hear from you Richard.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    The parting of the Red Sea, Susan. The Kundalini is stirring and necessarily throws this to the right and that to the left. You're dream of the gold and silver Christmas trees has been with me for days. Your presents are unified in the coming together of the Sun and the Moon - the marriage at the crown which completes the circuit and forever divides the World from the Spirit. It is so nice to see this awakening in a gentle way.

    Even if I'm 'gone', I love to read your journal.

    Matter is only mind in an opaque condition; and all beauty is but a symbol of spirit.
    - E Hubbard

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    Re: Nursing babies

    You will always be my internet mentor Richard , as you have a deeper understanding of symbolism than I currently have.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I just want to add something as a point for me to notice about the previous dream recorded above concerning the locker room and not being able to go to the care home that I wanted to go to .I have thought before that sometimes I can touch on more than one possible meaning and this week I have 2 care homes to visit. The first , ( visited today) is a lovely new build and most there are able to have a conversation with you. Loved the day . No big challenge.
    Tomorrow is the Dimentia care home that mostly leaves me feeling exhausted but at the same time I feel so rewarded at the end by that chance contact with the eyes, and the warm touch of their hands or the cuddle and kiss. The words that come out are of the past
    and make sense to the patient but maybe not to me. Look into their eyes and they speak.
    When we meet our partners we fall in love with them and their/ our eyes have that sparkle ,
    These people unfortunately are not able to put into words what they used to be able to . But just look into their eyes and the understanding is there. Inside I feel they are crying out because they know something isn't right.
    I've ranted on a bit but feel its important for anyone reading this to remember.
    One day one of your relatives may have Dimentia . Make physical contact with them and look them in the eyes. You will feel that connection that science says you have lost.
    Okay I've ranted on but I think I've proven to myself the benefit of working with what can seem to be more tiring and more effort required but at the end of the day is more rewarding spiritually.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Woke up from a short nap after my main sleep hearing just two lines to a song being sung.
    " No two children should be the same.
    Look in Your eyes and I see Mine."
    Recalled short dream.

    I'm boarding a plane with a friend ( don't know who she was) . But this time we are the crew and this is our first flight. Our full uniform hasn't arrived yet. Only the coats missing. Two very smart experienced cabin crew arrive for the flight as well. I note how smart they look with their navy coats on.I step forward to ask her a question. As I do I see a small pile of rubbish on the floor at the side with a credit card on top. She dismisses the pile as okay.
    End of dream. I forgot what I asked her in the dream!!
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    Re: Nursing babies

    2 x dreams this morning.
    First was after main sleep and going back to sleep again.

    Dream1 )
    I'm with my old nursing tutor from the past in physical. She is asking me why I haven't done what I said I would. This helped me recall a previous dream just recently about slowing down . This is obviously what I'm trying to do and have written about, and work has been either really quiet or too much like this week and next week. . I cann't seem to get a happy balance .
    This is what I know I need to sort out so nothing out of the ordinary for a dream . Because I already know this.

    Dream 2)
    This was quite a funny one and I was the observer.
    I had tried a little energy work for a short time but now I get no energy sensations. This makes me feel I'm wasting my time. I know I'm not , and I know energy sensations can diminish but when you feel energy surges up your body you just know that you've activated something.
    Decided to just go to sleep. Needed to be up sharp.
    Woke up 30 minutes later than planned but recalled the whole dream.

    I'm watching someone on a big boat being chased by another big boat. The guy looked like Hulk Hogan . He steers the boat in time onto the beach weaving amongst the sun worshippers lying down. The boat by now has turned into a sand bearing hovercraft.
    He takes it up to a building just off the beach and runs in for safety.
    This was like watching Miami Vice. This was a modern police station.
    He's safe now. The people from the other boat ran in . They were police also and wanted to talk to him but he was safe now as the chasing police were out of their designated area.
    This is the interesting bit.
    He's sitting at the end of a long table being interviewed by the new police. He explains. ( Once again I'm the observer within this dream)
    He says. " They've got it wrong. It wasn't me. It's like this . You know when you just take a pen and paper and draw squiggles like this.." )
    His left side of his moustache now slips. He sorts it.
    He now picks up a piece of paper and pen and starts to draw lines.
    He continues. " I just do this and this happens"
    At this stage I see his face change to a fatter face ( face changing) and I hear .
    " I just want to take over your life" .
    End of dream .
    ***** forgot to write that whilst talking his forehead had a large red circle throbbing as if he'd been hit with something .
    ( third eye)

    Right throughout my experiences I find memorable experiences may come across quite strong to stay ' MEMORABLE'.
    They have to be strong to get your attention. Once again I have no reason to believe this was anything menacing.In fact it was quite funny like watching an old TV series.
    I wondered about this after dream recall and wondered if this was anything to do with automatic writing.however now that I've written about it I'll probably be proved wrong but still an interesting dream.
    ( also I picked up ... I'll tell you when ....
    Also just to not I've noticed a pattern forming .
    I play on line scrabble with my sister and so often after coming in from doing something I have really enjoyed and feel happy about I sit down switch the scrabble on with a cup of tea and think of a word immediately that very often has been between 50-60 points. 4 times I didn't even know the words existed.
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