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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    This am recalled dream, worked it out,Was to do with my daily life.
    Did some energy raising ,felt strong energy sensations from the base moving upwards( not uncomfortable,) 6 times.
    Although I always start from the feet working upwards, taking my time ,when I get to the heart I then change direction and slowly bring energy from crown down to the heart. This I know is what triggers the sensation I can feel it starting as I descend.
    I think it was Aunt Clair who suggested this .???

    Would like to record an OBE in the very early stage after starting to read Astral Dynamics.
    Had had unexpected OBEs prior to this but needed to understand what was going on..
    ( This is a reminder to me about how I experienced events prior to reading about them )
    2010 I called this Merging With The Mist.
    Vibrations started and loud buzzing sound.
    Without warning I'm now by the bedroom door,ceiling height watching mist rise up from my body back in bed.I'm now this mist moving towards the mist by the door and we merge into one
    This totally zonked me out the next morning when reliving it as none of this made sense.
    A short while later reading AD the book detailed similar experiences explaining Roberts understanding that we have more than one body. ( page 49) talking of the projectable double and the mind split . He also explained that all 3 copies are capable of functioning and thinking completely independent.
    This explained an encounter with myself that I recorded ( I think on the old site)
    I would like to record it here if allowed ( it may be somewhere else), just trying to remind myself of the definite reality of what was happening then so when I become doubtful with present experiences I can read this.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    This morning mixed dream but not Sure if relevant or not so won't record it but at the point of waking up saw a lovely quick flash of 3 pyramids but they were lovely colours (Flourescent)

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Flourescent was the wrong descriptive word. Should have read as coloured and shimmering
    An experience about 15 months ago needs to be remembered. (I am recording here so eventually I can bin my paper journal,I am concerned incase my other half finds it and is worried for me .) He has no idea about any of this , he just cann't talk about death and if I bring the subject up in any way he sees it as a negative way of speaking.

    About 15 months ago I did something that made me very happy at first but then .....the consequence......
    Found ring in jewellery box hadn't worn for long time. Decided to trade in for ring to wear all time (engagement ring)(hadn't worn one for many years . Problem was this was white gold. So decided to change wedding ring to match new ring to white gold.
    Ooooops..... Sentimental..
    I think of love..honour ..respect ..feelings ..consideration..all of this. Ring was just a symbol to me.
    Big mistake. When he found out he wasn't angry.
    I could see and feel the hurt he was feeling.
    After 3-4 days of feeling really low I remembered a vivid dream when wakening.
    A woman with a big ugly snake coming out of her abdomen ( which was really horrible to see) and I got the words
    "You did't take ".........' S feelings into consideration. This was said with love not conviction .
    I took this on board and apologised using this knowledge.
    I feel it was the right thing to say and he has forgiven me.
    At the time I saw this as a horrible snake coming out of my abdomen just maybe for my attention but now I think this was my higher self getting my attention .( common sense , but when you are not seeing it ( as others do ) it needs to be pointed out. )

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    Re: Nursing babies

    If nothing to remember in the morning will record " encounter with myself"

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Yesterday got a lovely big close up of a different pyramid this time described in the "Mysticism " section.
    I ' d also had a dream concerning my late fathers house and a surname was given but could be just made up so decided not to post .
    However ,during the dream my late mother comes out of the house and I'm thinking "
    " What is she doing here she is supposed to be dead?she looks taller and slimmer, I preferred her when she was overweight ,anyway I know it isn't her it'll be someone in the spirit side pretending to be her for some reason." ( I was actually thinking this in my dream)
    She hands me a half empty bag of sugar and tells me my order had arrived. Behind her were crates piled up of bottles of lucozade I had apparently ordered.
    Pondered over this in the morning and was day off. By 12 mid day all my plans of things to do went out the window.
    Gradually I became weaker and weaker until I felt a little shaky and lay on the bed.stayed there for 3 hours with a little sleep.
    Interesting point for me to remember is that whilst in the dream I seemed to be working out why my mother looked as she did and worked out that it was a spirit person impersonating her instead.
    It was later that I realised that the sugar and lucozade ( energy drink) both provide energy.

    This morning started with recalling a dream at about 4 am after a visit to the bathroom.
    I was lying on the floor with a lot of other people( they were sleeping)A baby monkey was jumping around the room between the people when I noticed that it had pink sticky tape stuck to it's mouth. I removed the tape when a man walks in to see the monkey and says. " Can you see that you bring the monkey to me by 8 o clock for photographs.
    Wasn't sure if nonscence or not so just did a bit of energy raising then sleep, woke up,heard the birds outside but didn't stir .
    I must have just got into that mid way stage when the birds got louder and I could now feel my feet raising up . I knew this was an OBE in progress, my legs were out now my body was fully out and I was slowly drifting upwards and forwards with no thought of direction ( decided to just wait and see where I'm going)
    The birds were so loud my thought went back to my body thinking they Were next to my physical body.Wrong thing to do, back to body and awake.
    Checked the time...7.55 am.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Time to record
    2010 Encounter with myself .
    This was shortly after starting to read Astral dynamics at the beginning of my ( dare I say journey, YES I Do)
    Vibrations started all over. Physical eyes were closed. Very loud noisy buzzing sound. Knew something was going to happen.Waited.

    Saw a black shadowy figure which then took the shape of a head in front of me and full colour set in.
    The hair was my colour.
    The head turned around and I was looking at another ME! I looked younger and prettier.
    This other me had independent movements
    "She turned and smiled at me ...BUT... I could feel the excitement from both of us at the meeting.
    Then " SHE" turned and smiled at me ...but I will never forget the excitement from both of us at this meeting.
    Then she pulled the bedclothes up to her chin and facing the ceiling seemed to chuckle and bubbles came from her mouth like in a comic book with ( Zzzzz) snoring images.
    Felt I was being told to go to sleep now.
    Whatever dreams I may have now that leave a doubt ,I may not be well read on the subject , able to advise to others, but no one will ever convince me this was not real. IT WAS.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    ...but no one will ever convince me this was not real. IT WAS.
    I can't imagine who would want to do that. You're describing seeing your own expanded double, what I call 'dweller on the threshold' or 'astral feedback.' Many of us have this type of experience, at one time or another.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Thank you, CF Traveller.
    I recently decided to give up the development group. It was a great start but I felt it wasn't going in the direction I needed and my OBE's had nothing to do with the development circle. In fact most of the time was spent talking about how we should react to other people ,with others in the group talking of their challenges through the week and how they did or should have reacted.
    Even during one meditation on cutting "ties" I couldn't think of anyone I knew that caused me a problem,we were supposed to be thinking of someone who gave us reason to want to deflect their negative energy. I just sat there with my eyes closed thinking "there's no one in my life I don' t want around. I only know lovely people . ( and this was costing me money) , so this site is all I have to keep me on the right track.

    Now back to a " Magical Experience"
    16th Sept 2012
    Through the day had been travelling in car 6pm to an appointment when most people are finishing work.
    Car coming in my direction decided to overtake front car meaning he was on my side of road just at the time I was overtaking a cyclist.Near collision, had to act fast -did -but left me very shaky.

    Went to bed repeating many times in my mind WHY? WHY? Why couldn't spirit have warned me.?
    They warned me previously about a roundabout so why not this?
    Woke up to remembering a beautiful dream
    I was taken back to a village I used to live in but the colours around we're soft and hazing into each other.we were on the bridge looking down into the river. Someone was with me.The most beautiful sound was around us( I would like to say harp but there was a mixture of sounds so beautiful and got an impression of a large white bird in the sky) I could see other people lining the bridge all looking into the water. They were not solid. Everyone was as the environment was , Shimmering and Translucent.
    I looked into the river where everyone else was looking and the water was so clear and undisturbed and clear sand could be seen at the bottom.
    Suddenly, MY CAR came travelling fast at the bottom of the river and the boot of the car opens. I remember saying The driver will be drowned. Then someone just "pulled a plug out from the bottom of the river and the water drained away.
    The person next to me tells me "we were all calling , even the Queen was calling"
    I then got a flash of a white blanked wrapped around me.
    The sounds were out of this world, the colours and shimmering translucent environment I've experienced before.
    I feel sure I was being told that they tried to warn me but that I was protected.
    Took the speeding car in the river as a message I should slow down.( didn't think I was but then Who does?)

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Short one this morning. Woke up to two bangs ( thought they were outside ) and a song .....take you to the picture show......
    Recalled immediately and remember watching a big fish at the bottom of the ocean. It was swimming around, came across a similar fish but it was dead so decided to leave it alone. Went down to the sea bed where a similar fish was asleep with some kind of glass covering over it whilst it slept.The fish I had been watching flipped it's back tail against the glass ,making the noise I woke up to . I woke up to the song.
    About 30 mins later thinking about this but still too early to get up my mind must have paused for a while when I (Thought.)
    "Lightening may strike again " and I saw a lizard's head.
    From what I understand symbols can have many different meanings, especially when I look up meaning on the Internet it is worrying that so many people can publish books that have completely different suggestions for needy people.
    I adapted a policy to use just one book and sent out a request that any beautiful spirit that is working with me if possible to use the symbols within this book so I can understand anything that is sent.
    The interpretation seems to suggest I need more meditation to see the information I am asking for.
    I. 'M guessing here but the lightening strike may??? be brow centre strobe. I'll wait and see.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Where do I start? I,m not sure.No. OBEs since last quick one .Will have to leave a lot out,will try to summarise but first I want to record that I am completely Grounded and have done no energy work on the brow or top of head.
    Came back from work at 4.03 pm and had my first bite of the day to eat.Had felt disorientated all day ( not weak) As if my brain was wanting to wander somewhere else.Felt sick and went to bed at 8.30.
    Next morning in bed decided I must look after my body better and eat regular so decided for a week I'll eat regular,no red meat, no bread, no alcohol, In fact nothing will enter my body unless it's healthy.
    Thinking this over I thought the words " that sounds a good thing to do" then deciding how this will really benefit my body I thought the words " Not enough people think that Susan"
    I was being answered back and being called by my name. I started to wonder if I should record this here when I thought " your very brave I 'm not sure I could."
    Now remembering 'My Encounter with Myself ' She( the other me) had independent thoughts that I ( this me ) was thinking as I remember the excitement FROM both of us at this contact.
    So my puzzle is was this someone else from the spirit world communicating to me by thought? Or was this the ( other me)? Talking to ( this me)? Is this (other ) me what we refer to as the subconscious mind in astral form? Is she privy to loads more info about my evolution or does that belong to even another (ME) from a higher plane.
    At what stage do we think of ( higher self) ?????? Confused dot com. I need to re-read Kurt's " The Multidimensional Human"
    Will have to finish rest of journal tomorrow. Eggs and bees the topic.

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