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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    3 different experiences within 1 hour. I'm trying to stay cool about this but so much in such a short time.

    1) Remote viewing.
    2) OBE.
    3) Picture ( past life again I think)

    Yesterday through day did just 45 mins meditation. During this time decided not to do any music , just silence mind and making my ratatouille. Hadn't done for a while but there is plenty of colour practice here.
    Slept till 4am . Back to sleep. No dream recall at this stage.

    Woke up quite suddenly from a dream but before I had time to recall it a picture flashed up so quickly. This was a young man about 16-18 years old in black and white period costume with beautiful long curly,blonde hair falling onto the shoulders.This was like a picture as he was posing. I recognised him straight away as the same boy I wrote about ( page 4, 19/3/13) previously but back then he was only about 10-11 years old and previously I viewed this after leaving body and like a hologram looking down a long tunnel.
    I know this was him by the beautiful long curly hair. The difference here was that this looked like his own hair. I felt this looked a little thinner and softer and more natural but still long and curly. This was round the time I was getting past lives.
    Have just done a google search and around the 1780 time the younger men were starting to powder their own hair and do away with wigs.

    Remote viewing.
    Checked clock. 6.30 am. After the thoughts about this settled to just stare into the brow and silence mind. After short period of time could see clouds swirling around tried to focus hard and saw an outline of my face. Focused and waited then suddenly colour.
    I was looking at the top of someone's head. Full colour. I saw little black bits and knew exactly what I was looking at.
    My son who lives abroad had had a hair transplant done about 5months ago as he lost his hair early in life and I'd seen what it looked like on Skype. I was able to view all around the head and see how the hair was slowly coming. I could see down as far as just above the eyebrows but couldn't go further down even though I tried. Ended abruptly. Awake.
    I had no feeling of having left body this time andI think this may be the first time I have Remote Viewed ( viewing but still being aware of being in physical body) unless I've forgotten a previous. I put no thought prior to this of visiting him. To be honest I feel a little uncomfortable that I have invaded his privacy. I think he was asleep in bed.

    Settled really happy at what had happened, turned in bed and settled down. Tried to stare into brow and silence mind when very quickly I'm now floating above body. Knew I was out this time with no vibrations and no astral noise. Rose up slightly then to the right then downwards slowly. Everything was light but nothing to see. I'm still travelling sideways then realise now I'm floating sideways submerged in water. I could hear the ripple of water .I knew straight away this was testing my reaction. Everything was clean looking , and could see images of tiny bubbles( I know there wouldn't really be air ) I just went with the flow still travelling sideways. For a second I decided to play with this and just see what it would be like to try to breath under water. I pretended to breath and it worked. ( once again I know we don't breath in astral but I made a game of it. )
    Suddenly the water is gone and full colour sets in .
    I'm standing behind a very small aircraft with a door open. In front of this was a bright red double decker bus parked right at the end of a HARBOUR. I felt myself moving forwards. I was up for it but suddenly my time was up and back to body and awake.

    I was really up for this and so disappointed it ended but so thrilled at everything within such a short period of time.
    Is the bus next? I don't know.
    So far I've had
    1) falling fast from the sky
    2) plummeting underground.
    3) submerged under water. ( had previous dreams recorded where I'm submerged under a puddle and friends pull me out but I was comfortable with this as I was under the mud).
    4) the giant spaceman with the giant drill.
    Am I going to be facing challenges of possible astral fears as well as astral challenges of physical life fears? Looks like it.

    Last point I want to record is why is a spaceman ( space woman?) making appearances, wearing a space helmet ?

    Recorded 3x.
    1) the time when I sensed the big round balls as young lads rolling out of the pub and then the spaceman comes out by himself hopping and felt I was being encouraged to join them in having fun.
    2) the more serious time when I felt I may have been viewing a library with statues coming alive as I entered because a spaceman had left the door unlocked.
    3) the giant spaceman with the giant drill .
    Could this be someone assisting me or maybe just representing something ?

    Reflecting on this I wonder if I experienced all 3 different events because of the recent post that I hadn't wanted to write as it just seemed so crazy.
    Taking away any negative doubts which is important?

    After thoughts.
    When I remote viewed I could only see as far as just above the eyebrows. Even though I felt afterwards a bit guilty that I had invaded his privacy and that he was asleep I think this was just an assumption due to the time factor .
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Another OBE this morning with assistance and I know this was once again specifically for me rather than just landing in the middle of a busy astral. So I'll label it again as a simulation.
    First, very disappointed when went to bed. Why was I urged to open up to my husband? I wish I hadn't told him a thing. He pushed me into why had I given up meat so I took this opportunity and told him of a few things where I think he felt sorry for me and just said that people dream and when they read things and go on the Internet they think it's all real. He's not ready yet but I think he feels sorry for me. Once again I wish I had kept this to myself.
    Damage done so went to bed wondering if this was true. Why not put it to the test? Carry on with energy work but don't send out requests, don't hope for anything, try to Not Believe. It's all a load of made up dreams!
    Didn't last long, OBE with assistance.
    Approximately 5am. Little feet circling settled focused looking into brow.didn't send out any requests, just stayed still and silent and looked. Eventually felt lighter and slightly above body but still not fully out. If anything I would have expected something to appear in the third eye but nothing. Tried to pull up when I felt a hand on my ankle. I knew I was being pulled out. At the same time I was remembering having read a topic on this site about being pulled out . I've had arms try to lift me before,been grabbed by the ankles and thrown away from my body before once out, but was this a co-incidence? that I'm experiencing this days after reading this?
    My feet could feel the astral arm and it had bangles on. I'm thinking at the time " she's wearing jewellery" , she has a bangle on.Someone is helping me out and they have jewellery on. ( I still didn't click at that stage) .Im travelling upwards slowly, no astral noise, no vibrations when lightness sets in. Bit fuzzy at first then slowly I'm just above the ground in a light large area but it leads to another area ( room) but with no doors. The ceiling is low and as I turn around to look I'm saying to myself " nothing will harm me! Nothing will harm me! I expected some kind of test, and was prepared but it wasn't. A girl appeared and came up to me and said " hello" I heard the voice speak to me. She left and another girl came up to me and said hello. As she smiled she seemed similar to the girl I saw in my bathroom who spoke to me. She was wearing black again and was petite. They left and as I looked around I felt this looked a bit like a cave but a bright one this time.
    ( I recalled whilst standing my memory of the cave where the men came out with horses heads that I couldn't understand and was told at the time not to forget that these were my friends. Then of course there was the cave recently with the colourful lights where I went through them underground into a cave and fled with fear. )
    No one was around now so I moved towards an exit without a door but I realised I wasn't going to be tested or chased and this was my chance to explore . As I got to the entrance another girl came up and called me by my name. She seemed nice. I felt warmth from her. She asked if I was any good at roundabouts, ? Junctions? It was something to do with roads but cann't at this stage remember exactly which it was. She asks me if I would like to wait over there and shows me to some chairs in the corner of the room . I felt I was to wait for something/ someone. There was a double row of flat heavily jewelled hats. ( Arabic? Indian?)
    That was it. Ended. Once again I didn't think of body, was just waiting and it ended.

    ......I didn't seem to speak to anyone. They spoke to me.
    .....The cave is certainly a meeting point for a few meetings. Harry potter type dream plus the ones just mentioned.
    .... I don't know if these were spirit or just created for this experience as they were friendly enough but the only feeling I
    got of warmth was from the girl at the end, but I just don't know about this.
    ..... I expected something of a challenge and was prepared but did not create anything with my mind.
    ..... The experience was not at all as I would have expected. If anything I would have expected to see a red double decker

    It has taken me a few hours at work till I think I got it.
    I am currently wearing a Pandora Bracelet which I have had for a while but only recently took charms off and have turned it into my MYSTICAL EXPERIENCES bangle. I have a snowflake charm, a gold and silver Christmas tree,a small purse. As I experience events if there is a charm related I intend to add it so I will never forget my experiences as long as I wear this bracelet. I have it on every day.
    This reminds me of the OBE where I saw an astral hand holding my arm wearing my old wedding ring. At the time I was sure and still am that this was a way of letting me know this was part of what I belong to helping me and now I think this is why I felt the bangle on the wrist by my astral foot as it was being helped out.
    So my husband put doubt in my mind about all of this. Thank you. I think once again this event was important to re- establish faith.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Struggling a bit with the concepts as to the fact that I don't believe in God as a person therefore for a few weeks I'd been thinking that if god is in all of us but it isn't a person but just an energy of love , then why the flip shouldn't I eat meat..
    Tonight I'm thinking in the direction of evolution.
    Read a short chapter today from Robert Munroes book that discussed the animal and man.
    Looking at this from a different perspective.
    If we did evolve from animal brain to human brain then experiences on earth plane here was the training school.We may believe we are here to experience therefore to evolve. So we should also believe that any living organism should also be here to experience and evolve. ( don't authors write that everything in spirit is energy including plants? And I experienced it with a mushroom once in astral ..)
    Therefore your not killing or eating a part of god but cutting short the experience that this animal has to help with its evolution.
    So I make this choice as I would wish to help my neighbour.( chickens have further to go so am still eating them)
    I know it's obvious here what I'm doing but I need to understand the ' why' without the God as a person.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Woke up to singing again, very fast and jazzy, went something like " what's the matter with your own home here ?"
    A couple of dreams just to do with physical life and my wishes but in one it's the colour that was beautiful on the bird.
    I'm walking along a long beach with someone which is lined by a very high sandy cliff. People are trying to crawl up to the top but keep sliding down. This is happening all along the stretch of the coast by many people but there are very large birds( the size of chickens) that are managing to run up in front of the people and make it to the top.
    One of these birds is now in front of me and whoever I was with at the bottom. I notice a small area on the front of the bird and the colours are beautiful. They were like colours from a peacock but just in a small area. Beautiful, almost metallic.
    I see this as attempting to reach/ experience higher realms and the wish to perceive the beauty I've witnessed in the past but on very rare occasions.
    Back to sleep. Upon wakening saw another beautiful coloured bird on top of my garden swing flash up quickly. Once again the beauty of the colour. Bright red covering the whole of it's back.

    Having read the previous posts above I'm a little alarmed just how many times I'm using the term ' I know'. Could lead to following wrong assumptions, it's just that at the time I just feel ' I know' so must try to loose this and leave room for other possibilities.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Unfortunately all day at work I've been thinking of the position of the beautiful metallic colours on that small area of the bird that looked like a chicken.
    Just done a google search and unfortunately the beautiful colours were in the position of the chicken' s heart area.
    There has mostly been good humour in whatever I pick up but .NO NO NO !

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    Re: Nursing babies

    WOW! Woke up wanting to shout this out loud. Had just entered a page of a book and was in the page.

    Prior to this.
    Very grounded through day. Much chopping of bushes . Very productive day and happy with it so early hours of the morning when woke up did little energy work but my heart wasn't in it. Kept stopping and mind wandered to the work in physical . Feeling good about plans for the coming week.
    I just had this feeling I may be on a rest period ( I always get this feeling when I get nothing for a couple of days) silly but that's the way it is.
    Before going to sleep was just thinking to myself that I want to re-read Robert Monroe's ' Ultimate Journey.' I don't need any new books , I need to re-read books to get a better understanding. I want to get back out there in amongst the stars. So much seems planned ( which is great) but I was feeling I would love to be back up there just flying around seeing the beauty.
    As I dozed off I thought I picked up .... ' RENDEZVOUS' .
    Woke up after a decent sleep with the 'WOW.
    The only recall I have is I'm sitting down with a book on my lap ( but my lap didn't necessarily look solid physical)
    The book is open and the pages are splayed out like the top of an opened fan. However the pages were not paper but were like solid plastic. It stops to show two pages ( just like an opened book) . On the right hand side I see my son when he was younger in a Newcastle United football shirt with a football ( I have this photo when he was about 11)
    On the left page as I look it's a field and it gets bigger and bigger taking up my whole vision and suddenly It's real and I'm standing in the field as a football is kicked ,from my right, high up into the sky and suddenly I've taken off and am following the ball into the sky. I was thinking at the time WOW!! I recall the feeling of zooming so high, fast behind the ball.
    Woke up. This was a feeling of going up rather than the drop when entering back in body.


    Yes , going up to the stars is what I wanted but this wasn't reaching the stars. I've had a football kicked before where I strongly felt that this for me was a goal to reach. As I understand our interpretations are individual and personal then I understand this to mean that this is my goal, to aim for.
    Back to the book....
    Previously( page 13, 17/9/13) during I believe to be relating to past life I was given a book where I opened it and it just told a story. I was prompted to open and the story would continue.
    This was different in the sense that it was a book that opened and I entered it with my goal.

    ( I've read about books in the astral by an author but cann't remember who by).

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Didn't try anything through the night or morning but woke up watching a spinning disc in the forehead again. This time it seemed to take ages to stop almost like a fan slowing down, but my dream .
    I had 2 separate dreams about queen Elizabeth and a dog. In one dream I was in the grounds walking with her when a dog ( she loves her corgis) came running past. I went to catch it, I grabbed the collar which came off so the dog came back running up to me . It was beautiful and big. I loved this dog. There was so much love coming from the dogs eyes. I just felt a strong connection to it.
    1 more dream with the the queen and a boy who was her son

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Today something has happened that has upset me and I just want to record it even though it isn't OBE but part of my journal in a spiritual way.
    Spent the day working in my usual Dimentia care home where a loyal visiting husband, brought his wife for treatment to my room.
    She had not been in a good mood today but he had got round her and she agreed to come. As he waited at the doorway he could hear what I was saying as I was facing him but NOT what she was saying.
    He passed a quiet comment suggesting that he was reaching the final point where he felt he was going to crack and couldn't take much more.
    She couldn't hear this.
    A few minutes after having a conversation with her in French to the best of my ability ( as for some reason she was in the French mode today, apparently she used to be sent over there as an ambassador ) she had , I believe , focused so much in the translating her thoughts from English to French that she was able to control what she said in English.
    She said... " I love my husband so much you know. Sometimes I think I love him too much" .
    He didn't hear that.
    I asked her if she had told him that and she said "no". I asked her why not and she just shook her head and said " No, well I don't like to". As I gave her a goodbye hug I suggested he might want to hear this and it would be a nice thing to tell him. She nodded.
    I saw them walk away and I heard their conversation . She didn't tell him. He left a few minutes later with his head down .
    I should have told him.
    I've written before about making that chance contact with the eyes, well today it was having her concentrate on a language enough that she had a few moments of lucidity with complete openness but the person who needed to hear this didn't.
    I wish now I had told him.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Oh, Susan, how difficult! To share (without permission) or not to share? I suppose your professional ethics told you that a confidence should not be passed on, even if it is a good one. But probably your conscience said otherwise....

    Maybe it is not too late to tell him, perhaps next time he comes? But you know the situation and must do what your inner conscience tells you is right.

    As for the lady not telling her husband, she may have forgotten straight away, given her condition, or perhaps the British "stiff upper lip" about not discussing deep love just got in the way.....

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    Re: Nursing babies

    For the last 3 mornings when recallng dreams they have been of the sort I would feel embarrassed to write about but nothing to do with male/ female intimacy . In fact I was pleased to read on a post where one member told of times where he was directed not to reveal what he had experienced.. I got this message 3 times over a period of certain dreams. Could this be an advance suggestion to suggest that what I posted could sound and be interpreted differently to what the true nature of its purpose was.?
    What I will add for the journal though is that this morning in between sleep I picked up a view of a sheet of writing .
    On the top was a heading ....... LOVE
    On the bottom where you would sign your name it read ........YOUR ALWAYS WELCOME.

    ( I think I've subconsciously decided that I'm on a rest overindulgence till after my holidays

    OMG OMG it's happened again!!!! This is brilliant I just love it!!!!
    I should have written just then " I'm on a rest period till after my holidays" !!!""
    How the heck did the word overindulgence get written by mistake??? The thing is I know exactly what it means.
    I cann't believe what I've just written. This is the second time something like this has happened.
    To any one reading this if you think this is made up please just stop reading . For me.... Love you spirit world, please keep working with me.
    I have to go over this and ' rest period ' is definitely what I keyed in. There is no way the locality of the keys for' overindulgence ' are anywhere near rest period. The thing is I decided to have one extra small glass of wine tonight and I've had company and had a lot of pastry . Everything today has been overindulgence and I knew it.

    I really thought there would be no-more connection till after holidays ( 6 weeks) after a dream where this period was mentioned and I have to admit that when I feel any doubt of being connected I am re-assured. Just love it!
    What I wrote was what my subconscious was thinking but what I thought at the time of writing was what my conscious thoughts were. My subconscious took over my conscious .
    Remembering a previous ... I want to take over your ...
    Just love the connection
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