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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Oh dear when do I stop posting ?
    Just now eating dinner not interested in telly with previous thoughts decided before reading my book just log on to ' notes ' where I can easily write and erase.
    I wrote with one finger and just went with it with a barrier to what my finger would reach and when I looked to see what I had written I was on my last journal page on my last post on this forum.
    How the heck did my finger get to the top to click on journals? No way could my finger have reached the top of the page for the arrow backwards or to the ' nursing section' .
    So maybe. I have to digest what is written or maybe to re-asses what is written? Time will tell.

    Since writing this have switched off and gone through the same format and no way can I explained how I got to my journal post

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    Re: Nursing babies

    This morning Just ordinary dreams to do with what's on my mind to do with physical life.
    The last one I don't know if I became lucid in the dream or if I dreamt of becoming lucid but I was certainly trying to work out the meaning of what I was looking at at the time of the dream.
    In the dream I'm viewing this from the brow and was aware that I was. This was a bit like looking through a telescope and moving it to see what more there was to look at. First I see a glass window in front of me and the most beautiful blue sky with white puffy clouds up high. I could then see roof tops. I was starting to recognise the street as I'm getting a bit excited and trying not to loose what I was viewing. Next some lovely snow flakes fall from the sky and land on the window. At this point I should have tried to go through it ( I even thought this) but was too engrossed in what I was watching as I recognised the street as my late fathers.
    I now see his front garden but it has a bird table in the middle. ( there isn't one ) Next, my deceased cat jumps up onto the table to rummage for food. She looks so so skinny. She always was a thin cat but this was too skinny.
    In the dream my immediate thought was that I hadn't left her with any food whilst on holiday , I'd abandoned her. Then I seem to be lucid again and realised I was just viewing this Im trying to work out what my deceased cat is doing there, did it mean anything?
    A few thoughts went through my mind then I must have dozed off to a deeper sleep.
    Yesterday in my garden I checked the bird stand and noticed they had plenty of fat balls and seed and other stuff. Did that cause the dream? The colours were so crisp and vivid. Better than looking outdoors now. Would love to dream with that clarity every night.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    From 3.30 am doing little energy work in and out of sleep . Couldn't stay awake but every time I woke up I felt low. I even saw a submarine at the bottom of the sea. Even one dream I saw someone who was supposed to be my husband in an old army uniform just returning from war but it was a bad feeling about it and he was a womaniser and I tried to avoid him. I cann't understand why I had a night of dreams making me feel had me sinking down in a mud pool. Strangely two nights ago I thought I picked up " this is where the nightmare starts" , It didn't make sense so dismissed it. ( or thought I had.) so before my final wake up I was feeling low.

    However I feel brilliant and still have a lump in my throat.
    Final wake up this morning was like being on a massive roller coaster ride. From what I remember...
    I'm with a small group of friends in a small rickety airoplane. It takes off building up speed then goes off the edge of what looks like the Grand Canyon. Heads down then builds up speed to raise up just on the nick of time. Next there is a big metal wall in front of us but the plane isn't going to build speed or height . It's going to crash into it . There's a bunny running along in front. At the last second the pilot has gone under the wall where there was a gap. This went on and I'm feeling the excitement and the way your body would feel inside if you were going up and down in that manner.
    I woke up to feeling the lump in my throat ( and still have it) after just diving up high enough to miss an obstacle.
    This was exciting and just what I needed to get me out of the way I was feeling after feeling really low.
    I've woken up in this manner before and it has raised me up from my bad dreams.

    Page 23. 25th Feb14 . Same type of fun event that lifted my spirits up after feeling low, but that time it was on a boat. ( Infact I've had a plane before, just not sure where.)
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Could my dear late father still be asleep in spirit 3 years after his death?
    I can find no other explanation for the last OBE this morning. Anyone reading this , if you have any alternative suggestions or just agree with my interpretation I would welcome your thoughts.

    Leading up to it.
    2days ago I found my self talking fondly of dad on two different occasions to different people just because it was relevant with the topic of conversation. Went to bed and at usual early am light sleep time picked up lot of little dreams but the last one had me wake up suddenly from it.
    Someone is telling me I'm going solo tomorrow. I'm flying a plane, should they go and get it? I then see myself saying goodbye to a group of friends who are leaving on a double decker bus. As I'm walking away someone walks behind me wanting to talk to me and is trying to catch up but before they can someone walks towards me and says ' I hear your going on holiday tomorrow'. I become alarmed at this saying ' who told you, I haven't told anyone. Then the person behind says ' just how long is it since you spoke to your dad?' Then I woke up .
    So everything here so far could be just my dreaming mind. I've written before of my goal to take control and aim for somewhere( amongst the stars). I am going on holiday and I had been talking about my father.
    Through the day this had me think about aiming to try to reach dad. A big challenge and probably unsuccessful but no harm in trying.

    This mornings OBE.
    4.30 am. Visit bathroom. Used the 4 levers that kurt talks about.( assessing how I was with thinking, feeling, sensing, the other was intuition but couldn't do anything about that. ) so I knew I was in an okay frame of mind not to let anything spoil this attempt
    About 20 mins all over NEWS then settled and looked . Didn't take long when I'm slowly raising up. I felt very alert .No vibrations, no astral noise. Vision a bit speckly. Up and slightly to left, still speckly I almost felt I was opening my physical eyes wide to try to see but knew I wasn't. In fact I felt so alert this was great. Was I going to see dad.? I stayed calm, thought of dad hoping this would work.

    Great vision now this was like being high in the sky and coming in to land over a city. Found myself coming in to land still moving forwards whilst lowering and I'm in a building which has a wide corridor leading to a large opening to another part of the building.
    It was here I'm starting to feel very sombre. I can see a large plaque with writing on but didn't digest what was written. As I passed by I wish I had but there was another large stone against the wall like the ones put over a grave.
    OMG, to the right of me was a tall stone in the middle of the floor about 10 feet high, slightly getting narrower nearing the top like the shape of a coffin and there he was. I could see a side profile but knew it was looking like my fathers dead body. I was just taking this in when I've moved to the front now looking at it longways and either I had gone higher or it was now lower but we were at the same level. Everything was silent but now there was a man standing to the side of where dad lay. He was wearing a white lab coat to the knees, had glasses on with dark frames and was holding a clip board and pen and had his head down writing something.
    At this stage I knew this was for me to interpret and it wasn't really dad, but it's still not nice to see because for the quick second I saw him he looked just like when he was laid out in hospital when he died.
    Rather sheepishly I thought I should acknowledge him and what seemed to be a very timid voice said ' hello'. It was almost as if my words came through the top of my head and moved along to his.
    He raised his head a little, hardly acknowledging me, in fact he didn't look at me, and replied " oh hello, " once again the words seemed to travel from him to me but he had no interest in me and carried on looking at dad and writing.
    Time to leave. I didn't want to stay any longer. I don't know if this was just my wishes or if it would have ended anyway but woke up.
    I know this wasn't dad but was for interpretation and to me the most obvious is
    The man in the lab coat writing suggests that dad still hasn't woken up yet but is being cared for, looked after.
    My father in physical had almost no belief in the spirit world. He would never show any interest. Even when dying he never talked of it and we found it difficult as he deteriorated to bring the subject up.
    If I have got this right then thank goodness I've read plenty otherwise I may have thought that I'd just seen my dead father in spirit just lying on a tall stone.
    ( there was me thinking if I was lucky enough I could have a nice chat with him)

    An after thought but if this is correct then I wish with all my heart I had opened up to him and made him listen and think. I just want to shake him and wake him up.
    Mayebe this is one reason I was urged to open up to my husband ( no matter what reaction we may get ) just to plant that seed of suggestion which may help) with the knowledge we have maybe talking rather than keeping silent will help when the inevitable comes.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    I think your interpretation is right on, and I think you'll have the opportunity to interact with your dad when it's time to move on to focus 27.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I hope so CFT.
    Having had 2weeks to read Kurt's ' Otherwhere' for the first time , it was worth every pound I paid. I would have paid even more if I had known what I would be reading .
    The description of part of the 'After Death Zone' where souls are taken/ retrieved, has left me feeling sure I did actually visit this area described in the previous above post.

    There are so many similarities.
    First, my senses were in operation. As soon as I landed I felt very somber even before I witnessed what I did.
    He writes of his guide telling him that he was perceiving on his own now......he was responsible for interpreting what he picked up......
    He writes of Lab Technicians.....( with alchemical apparatus) ....... Wearing white lab coats..........carrying clip boards......making observations.
    Robert Munroe and Kurt ( page 109 ...Otherwhere...) perceived and translated their experience differently.
    Kurt was within a lecture being given to himself and others where he found himself taking part of and experiencing. He describes row upon row of shelves containing deep wooden drawers containing shades as they go through a transformation process.Can'nt at this point find in the book where he compares Robert Munroes description but it seems to be up to the individual to interpret , and as I was there looking for my father , I translated what my senses perceived. Both Robert and Kurt we're learning of souls as a collective with the purpose of writing to inform the public. I believe mine was personal.Hence the interpretation that he may still be asleep.
    He writes of being informed not being allowed to pass the dream zone whilst contaminated with uncentering emotions. Also that a desire to explore is not enough to grant access .
    Maybe this was/ is my only experience of the after death zone because I had wanted to meet with my father and I needed to be informed??? And I had the four levers inplace. .????? Time will tell.........

    Just want to record for journal . Been on holiday and was prepared to eat meat. Didn't want anything to spoil holiday.
    No meat at all eaten. So easy. So much choice of alternatives I have surprised myself. I still don't call myself a vegetarian as I don't feel committed enough to label myself this. This is a long term achievement to aim for. Surprisingly , my husband has been so supportive due to telling him about my dreams about this and the writing , that he followed me around the buffet and almost copied what I ate. Also when visiting family on holiday he pre-warned them and the choice was immense. Just love him to bits.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Recalled this last one as a dream but there seemed to be clairvoyance within it.
    Prior to going on holiday had had some deep thoughts about the other personalities we have been and when we leave our physical body how do we integrate with our other personalities we had been. Remembering' Seth Speaks ' by Jane Roberts, Seth brought forward the future Seth to talk , who seemed to have a different personality and residing in a different location. I found this confusing to try to understand how we perceive things when out of physical.
    The following dream went as......

    I'm standing in a large factory where a woman is teaching me. Suddenly the whole floor is covered and swimming with all the lovely pastries that you could desire. Apple strudel, Apple turnovers, chocolate Clair's, doughnuts. They are swimming in the floor amongst a liquid that looked like custard. To sum up everything gooey and bad for you but a luxury as a treat.
    She explained that everything went down stairs ( saw it flowing down to the lower level) and got sieved and only the best was left behind and this was taken and made into the large inflatable representation of the companies logo.
    Whilst I was viewing the custard and others swimming around I saw a small handbag amongst all of this and it did not belong there. It was out of place.she picks it up and gives it to me as I say that it doesn't belong there. It looks out of place. I took it. I could have it.
    It was small , navy and beige with a lock at the front and a strap long enough to put over your shoulder over your neck so it couldn't fall off your shoulder.
    Fast forward and planning luggage allowance for holiday decided not to take usual handbag but take 5 kilos allowance instead and put necessary documents in zip compartment.
    Shopping duty free and there it was . The exact same bag described ( wasn't looking for anything but this was the first time we had not used a band bag for important passports and relevant papers. (12.00) . Bought it and was so useful for the rest of the holiday. Worth every penny.
    So it could have been random dreaming with clairvoyance added or explaining how our personalities are sieved and cleansed of impurities and eventually made into one .?

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Since over indulgence during holiday I have felt so distant from any connection, but then I've written many times of feeling dis- connected for periods . Early hours of morning today thought would do some energy work and try to get back in contact when I suddenly visualised a police car with its blue light flashing. I feel sometimes for some reason we do not understand we are not encouraged to try to venture out. ( even Kurt talks of his early adventures where he was consciously aware of leaving his body when hands would push him back into body) I don't understand why but out of my control. Due to the light sleep I recalled 2 dreams.
    1) I'm in a corridor with others and being told there is a big test and a written test at the end. I enter a classroom where a lovely teacher who has a class of pupils, asks me what I'm doing here and I have nothing to worry about. I've done this so many times before . She gives me a hug and I feel so much warmth and love from her.
    2). I've crept into a classroom with others and pinched files that detailed our lives and who we had been, there was a picture of me but what I was looking for wasn't there.
    This can become so difficult to dismiss ordinary thoughts that are present in mind at time of sleeping that creates the dream , to something more.
    The reason I say this is that I remember feeling so much love and warmth coming from this teacher in the dream.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    This week has been too tiring and it's showing in my dreams.
    2 small dreams with humour .
    1) I'm watching an elderly couple in a noddy type car just cruising along slowly on the road and a jogger is jogging beside them keeping up and 2 cyclists are cycling fast to catch up with them .
    The exact interpretation of this I'm not sure but in reality, I have to keep reminding myself that I CANNT go at the pace I used to be able to. I'm fit and healthy but getting older and have to slow down. ( something strange again but I wasn't aware of spelling CANNT with capital letters and I ve just tried to write it again incase I accidentally pressed the arrow for a capital C and even then the other letters change to small.)
    2) I'm running round in a big circle and someone notes that there's spilt coffee on the floor. I stop and get kitchen roll to clean it up then rush to get changed for work. A group of people are laughing at me because I didn't realise it was my day off.

    So yes these two dreams are how I'm feeling at the moment but I like the humour in them.

    5am I was just starting to think of trying some NEWS when I suddenly picked up ' SORRY QUEEN' .

    ( one of my dreams near beginning of journal I titled under my magical heading because of the beauty of the colours and sounds all merging into each other ,I was told , ' Even the Queen was calling' .This was when I had come so close to having an accident with an oncoming car and a cyclist and was upset I hadn't been warned about this. The dream followed.
    I've also recently dreamt of the queen and me and a dog.
    Finally just upon awakening I picked up ' the Olympics and saw two white doves. '
    My own interpretation on this is ..
    The Olympics are about excelling , striving , something worked at to perfection.
    Doves to me represent peace and love.
    Well that's me told maybe.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    This morning after a short sleep saw a lovely thin hand with long fingers holding a fountain pen and dipping it into an ink pot and starting to write on a piece of paper.
    Very slow and elegant.
    Have decided to concentrate more work on the brow and not to expect or hope to leave body .
    I went back a few years on the OBE forum and it did me good to re -live my old adventures before this journal started and a lot of good advice is given concerning frustration and confusion which is what I feel at the moment.
    I know I expect a result from the work I put in but deep down I know I'm expecting too much too often.
    Or am I? If my body is asleep anyway and resting why CANN'T I get ( it's done it again, I didn't spell with capital letters) out.
    Advice was that shifts are necessary even if they conflict with our desires and expectations and to trust the process.

    So , still NEWS, more brow work added, bouncing , brushing, colour and will start to just look and wait.

    Something I forgot to add, woke up from another short dream where I picked up ' crystal clear' .something will be made crystal clear. The dream was I suppose to do with my frustration and probably just my dreaming mind but will record anyway.
    I've arrived at an airport terminal and am walking along a long wide corridor towards the immigration, passport area. Someone behind is wanting to kill my friend in front of me ( there was no fear in this dream) The person throws a knife and its embedded in a wall. I take the knife and place it in my Filofax so he CANNT use it again. ( Right! There has to be something playing up with my I pad when writing the word cannt. )
    The dream now has me standing watching some army men walking in my direction. I decide that the man behind the others must be the corporal and they pass me . For some reason I feel I have to salute and do. ( I feel silly even if it was a dream. )
    The corporal leaves the others and comes over to me. He has a very gentle manner and asks me, " if I was to send you to Portugal on your own what is stopping you? . That's when I woke up and picked up that something will be made crystal clear.
    The pen and paper described above was picked up at a different wake up and I have no dream recalled from that.
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