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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I Want to just note here what a wonderful day I've had that could have ended so differently.
    This morning in between short light naps I woke to, " Susan, this is the way to best barbecue chicken". It made me laugh a bit because I didn't enjoy my evening meal. I overcooked the veggy sausages whilst cooking hubby a steak. This was almost like a tease.
    So when going back to sleep I just sent out a thought that I appreciate I may be talking to me in my sleep, but a me that knows far more than me . Woke up again. This time picked up

    " When I passed over the Lord called out to me. "
    I find this interesting considering the topic on suicide I reluctantly felt I needed to respond to.
    I have never referred to the Lord in this journal. I do not follow any religious pattern.
    So by the time I left for work this am I was disturbed by what I had read in a thread on this forum. If I had been day off this would have stayed with me all day, but I was with my lovely ladies in the Dimentia care home. I was met at the door by six residents , all smiling , saying good morning and my day was filled with laughter and hugs. Loved it.
    These ladies have no idea how much they can lift you

    Forgot to add, after the chicken thing ( and barbecue I used to love) I started to think of the soup I make and freeze. Will soon need to make more and was thinking of the chicken I put in this and as I dozed off was feeling sure this tiny amount would be okay.
    Upon wakening I picked up. " oh no, that would be wrong"
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    Re: Nursing babies

    It's been a long time since I could record something under my "Magical Experience" heading but this excels even the ones already recorded.
    I saw / was shown, either Angels or Fairies.
    There is much to record about through the night and the questions that built up to this but for now only time to record the event itself.
    This happened between the last time looking at my clock 7-50 am and 8-10 am when it was over.

    Looking closely into eyes, silenced mind from looking at nothing to the nothing becoming blacker then blackness. This gets my attention.then in the distance I could see Black and White cubes. Hundreds of them slowly turning in space. Some of them were filled in more on some sides with black than the others. As I saw this it reminded me of CFT's description(and others) about geometric shapes. Thinking ' this is great, I'm finally back out in space again and it's the first time I'd come across the geometrics. I've got somewhere deep in space without the feeling of exiting the body.'
    Then looking deep into the black space over on the distance my vision was taken up with different groups to look at from right to left. Everything was made up of sparkling silver. Best way to describe this is if you were to get a glittery silver pen and draw dot to dot without joining the dots but close enough together to form a shape.Awesome to look at.
    Also what I also noticed whilst viewing was that they were at different levels. Like fish under water would be, but then this was space with no ground level .

    So to the right this looked like a silver city, buildings of different heights grouped together standing alone in space. Stars sparkling alone behind them.
    Now to the left of this OMG! I was looking at a group of either 'ANGELS or FAIRIES', and they had WINGS!!!!
    I couldn't believe what I was looking at. I didn't believe in Faries and I thought that the idea of Angels having wings was just a myth used in writings and drawings. A sight I would never ever have witnessed. They were grouped together far away at different heights facing each other, but I still felt they looked tall and their wings were almost as big as their bodies and looked slightly pointed at the top. Tried to quickly count them 6/7 no more, one was slightly apart from the others.
    I have always tried to stay realistic and grounded when thinking of Angels but have thought of them as being portrayed as bigger than Fairies, ( not that I believed in Faries) due to their size I'm going along the Angel route.
    ( I cannt believe that I'm writing this)
    Further to the left groups of stars sparkling, swirling around going deeper into space forming like a vortex.( recorded this before from a dream)
    Then everything faded and was gone.
    8.10am. The recent OBE where I felt humble to have had the experience, even though I thought this was a simulation for my consideration, well this one I feel I've witnessed the most magical sight to date. Don't think anything will beat this.

    I think I know why I was shown this. There is so much to write up as to the lead up to this through the night but will have to do some homework on the journal as I can see the jigsaw pieces fitting together if I was just to take my magical experiences and put them in a group of their own they would make sense.
    1) the sky covered with angel wings.
    2) no contamination beyond this point.
    3) the giant sparkling head deep in space.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Referring to the last post need to note what lead up to this.
    I had already given up meat but for a couple of weeks I noticed that my wine seemed to be on a hit list. I ignored this. I would have dreams suggesting that a character in the dream was drunk and was slurring their words. This confused me because I never had enough to cause this and I had read a suggestion that a small amount of alcohol could even aid events. From 3 glasses per day only in the evenings I cut it down to 2 . The dreams got stronger, my amount got even smaller. Not even a full glass per night. Then the other night husband off I had TWO glasses of wine. ( that's not even half a bottle)
    So that evening I woke up from a short scene where there was no dream recall with a story , just a quick short scene where I'm in a prison cell and two prison officers are standing at the door then very slowly you see a mans legs slowly walking into the room and stands in front of the officers. He was the warden and has a whip in his hand as my view moves up to see his face. ( friendly enough) I was told " your not going to do that again are you?
    That was it.
    So at this stage it could be said that Susan was just dreaming this because she felt she was being pushed to give up alcohol. All through the day I was recalling this with humour.
    However by evening time ready for bed I sent out questions. My pleasures are being taken away from me. When I have a meal now I can no longer look forward to a lovely piece of roast chicken. My wine is to a bare minimum. How far is this to go and why should I follow this? What benefit is there for me? I can see non. Others who drink and eat meat have lovely experiences so am I being foolish here ? Please help me here because I don't understand.
    That night I woke up approx 3am. Recalled very vivid dream. 3 people sitting on a couch saying that there is someone else in the house . I was told to go upstairs and wait. I then see a light from a torch slowly descend the stairs and position in front of the other two people. They ask " what do you want" ? Then a big comic book bubble appears above one of their heads with a very old looking man with a long beard in old clothing . This was connecting to spirit.
    So awake, once again this had been a strong dream realy getting my attention. But once again just a dream. Stayed awake a while deciding this was still a heavy price to pay for giving up pleasures.
    Then between 7.50 am to 8.15 am I saw whilst still very lucid the silver city and angels I could not have ever thought in a thousand years I would see.
    So my questions were answered. What could I expect as a reward for giving these pleasures up.?
    Better contact with the spirit world and to witness the most beautiful unimaginable sights .
    I suppose it's all about raising your vibration.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Pregnancy is back . Walking into a church where a woman is sitting with a man behind her . He puts his hand on her pregnant bump and smiles , laughs and starts singing.

    2 weeks later son announces his girlfriend is pregnant.

    Baby Alexander born 11/08/15
    9 months to the date.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Have just googled ' Silver City and Silver Angels' and came up with .....
    The silver city was first named and explored in the book of CAIN. It stands in testament to the glory of the High Heavens housing all Angels and also the Angaris council.

    However this looks like a computer game so not sure whether it's taken from a religious book or just made up. Bit of a co- incidence. Will google more later.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    A friend has just informed me that Bangkok in Thailand is known by the Buddhists as ' The Silver City of Angels'
    Could this have been shown to me not just to show me the beauty we can witness out there when we try to raise our vibration but for me to work out the connection towards the Buddhist teachings. Just recently It was suggested I should swap kurt for Buddha. I took this at the time not as a religion to follow but maybe to read teachings on how to best live our lives and how to think compassionately and more? This could once again be a little nudge.

    ( thank you Ann. You have a new job as my researcher, unpaid of course)
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Saw a quick flash of a side profile of a white head and shoulder with what looked like Egyptian head gear on and it was surrounded by lovely thin circles the colour of energy.( colours of the rainbow)
    This was at the end of what I took to be instruction on what to do. I Decided that after the last experience it would probably be a while till I get something else, as this had been a corker. I find I'm enjoying each day with decorating and work,but my mind is running non stop when trying to meditate. A whole hour each day wasted with monkey mind.
    4 am. I'm undecided. I read Roberts reply on the forum that to reach higher energies you had to work on the higher chakras. This made sense. So do I concentrate on all over NEWS or concentrate on the brow and crown?
    Ending with circling the feet continually ( which has always worked for me) , or do I ???? Just at a cross roads at the moment.

    Just woke up from a dream that ended with a surprise.
    I'm upstairs on a house seeing a van pull up and two young men in suits getting out. They are double glazing sales men. The door bell goes. I run down stairs shouting to my mum that I will get that and as I open the door they were in the porch.
    But they weren't the men, they were two young boys about 6 years old and lying slouched in chairs arms outstretched and just grinning at me. In the dream this surprised me as it wasn't meant to be like this and this had me start to wake up .
    Before I was fully awake I seemed to get instruction.
    " now lie straight.....( I wasn't) ...and focus on each chakra.....this will activate the energy centres....
    Then I saw the lovely side profile of the colours around the Egyptian bust described at the beginning.
    I'm going to try this. I just feel I need to have a slight change.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Well the wine issue seems to be sorted now. One glass each day seems to be acceptable as the dreams have stopped. However if I want to have more I shall. ( I took this attitude with the meat but still haven't eaten any) the decision will be mine to make but I know I will be letting myself down if I do.
    So to date .....
    ****. I've been reprimanded when speaking in an unkind manner .( not to judge people till you have walked in their shoes )
    This was brought to my attention via a dream and face change .
    **** I've been directed towards compassion..... Thinking of people's feelings.
    **** I've been directed towards giving up meat ( couldn't even keep the chicken)
    **** I've been directed towards accepting what I have in life and being grateful. ( to stop wanting what I don't need)
    **** I've had my alcohol level reduced to an acceptable level.
    I don't know if anything else will be picked on ,will just have to wait and see but for a few months I would have an occasional recalled dream where masculinity was the topic. Then the other day as I was waking up from a dream ( to do with my every day life) I got a quick shot of two men walking side by side then the view went down to show they were holding hands.
    The previous post included a door bell and two young lads.
    This morning I was woken up by the internal door bell. As I wake up the dream is still being acted out. I'm in my house and the door bell goes. I can see the shadow through the glass of an adult outside. As I go to the door and open it there are two young men standing very casually and dressed very casual. They didn't realy say what they wanted and there were two big removal trucks parked outside.
    So this is twice I've opened the door to two males, first time they were young lads , this time young men but both times they didn't say what they wanted. They were just there. ( although Instructions were given after seeing the young lads. )
    I don't want to get hung up on this theme as I may be responsible for future similar dreams but just wanted to make a note.

    I've just remembered that somewhere in this journal I picked up being in a house being told " when the house is empty the body moves on" need to look up.

    Found it.
    Page 32 17/8/14
    " as the body is emptied the house is cleared and moves on" .
    This was during the final stage of giving meat of all types up and spelling the ,message on the I pad.
    Just before ' Compassion' became the topic.
    Only reason I'm bringing this subject up is because the men had removal trucks.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Early hours am after a short nap. I woke up to ...

    " You Cann't ( Stork? Stalk ? ) A Pregnant Woman."
    Pregnancy has recently been mentioned.
    One very vivid OBE when I decided to start this journal detailed me being carried in the sky in a sling by what I sensed was a stalk ( but took on the appearance of my husband) and placed in a child's small chair on a verandah and asked " haven't you been to a child's kindergarten before?"
    The statement makes sense. If the baby isn't born yet the stork cann't deliver it yet to where it is to go.
    Storks have been associated with delivering/ babies/ family for centuries.
    In Egyptian mythology the soul of the person- the ba- was usually represented by a stork.
    I've had plenty of notes here on Egyptian themes. ...thousands of Ankhas seen, being by the Nile where a massive pyramid comes up with the one eyed glass ball on top representing cleopatra ....where the pots of honey were noted they lasted for thousands of years down a cellar in the dessert ...pyramids..... The eye of Horus.....
    But the stork can have many different meanings.
    At the moment my thoughts on this are that after witnessing the most beautiful sight of the silver city and angels I want to see more beauty. To raise my vibration and experience more. The woman is still pregnant . I'm trying to rush this . I've been shown true beauty but that was to show me and I think I'm not ready or able yet for this. Patience .
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    Re: Nursing babies

    I just love the words I'm picking up some mornings. They seem to be statements at the end of a dream to explain something on my mind that I try to work out. I seem to have to put thought into whatever is said. I know it's me and who ever I am I love me. A more intelligent, wiser, quick whitted ,deeper me.
    I was even contemplating letting my hair grow a bit longer or get it cut when I don't remember any dream associated with this but I woke up to" CONFIDENCE COMES WITH IMAGE".
    I recalled the dream straight away after the " she is part of your deepest thoughts".
    I'm in a room where someone brings a girl I know into the room, but she ignores me. I start to think how rude this was that she just ignored me. As I approach her I realise she isn't who I thought she was . I didn't know her. I apologised for the mistake but the other lady told me to look at her. As I looked at the face I don't think there were any features, I cannt remember seeing anything to the face but then woke up to her telling me that she was part of my deepest thoughts.

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