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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Don't understand why I dreamt this but I woke up instantly from it with a lump in my throat.

    I'm lying on a wide road sunbathing when a double decker bus comes nearer. A child runs out into its way and I quickly warn the driver about the child. He misses it and gives me a wave in thanks then does a 360 degree circle with the bus very fast.
    I notice that the bus is so packed full with people that they are almost hanging out of the window with suitcases going on holiday and very happy. Then in horror he's gone too fast and the bus topples onto its side. This is horrible, worst thing to happen.
    People running over to help so immediately I'm in emergency mode. I run up steps to an office to ring 999.a man is on the phone just smiling at me . He couldn't have been calling for an ambulance because he wouldn't be smiling. I keep repeating 999 ambulance. As I'm using the phone I'm thinking of the blankets in the bedroom next door. I'll take them outside . They'll need them.
    Woke up with a lump in my throat.
    Dissapointed because I was in the middle of about to help people/ relieved because it had only been a dream.

    Was this because only yesterday did a bit of reading and kurt talks of the best way to progress with experience in the spirit world is to request to be of help. So I sent a request out but the thing is I know this already and I've already made this clear.
    Am I going in circles here?
    Written before of never liked to ride upstairs on a bus as a child incase it tipped over. ( a fear?)
    Was this trying to wake me up in a dream to become lucid?
    Well it's logged anyway.

    A few months later this seemed to be linked to the massacre of tourists on holiday in Tunisia where we were booked up to visit

    Tourists trusted suddenly does something ......a fear ( bus toppling over)The feeling that this was the worst thing imaginable.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    A beautiful coloured dream early am.
    I was dreaming that I was dreaming lying in bed and my astral body sat up to view pictures that were appearing on the wall.
    One was pastel colouring,energy colours with a sky and sea blending into each other with a woman and I think a younger daughter at the side of her just looking ahead. There was slight movement it wasn't a picture. In the dream I seem to be aware that I'm dreaming this. Then I saw a completely different scene with bold colours as in physical. This was like , well, kind of pre historic . I cann't remember much about it but was trying to understand in the dream what this was.
    Later after wakening up did some energy raising when third eye opened. Was aware of lying in bed watching this. Got a bit excited .
    It stayed black and white like an old film but was a man on the left brushing his teeth with a lot of toothpaste in the mouth. It ended.
    Well, I always get excited when anything comes in the brow but this was a disappointment. Maybe just something passing through my vision/ perception space.
    But I loved the first one.

    Need to add something that was picked up after the dream that I was dreaming.
    Picked up .. "What's happened to Paul Burrell these days? "( then there was a pause, then) something about "she's the queen's????"

    I forgot who Paul Burrell is/was so have just googled him.
    He was the queens footman before working for princess Di. ( I'm a podiatrist even though obviously different, as a joke I have been called the foot woman before.)
    The queen has been mentioned a few times over the last two years of this journal
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Just followed a link on a website that took me to Robert Petersons book . I recognised it. It's in my cupboard. I read just now on Internet about a section on inner voice and he describes how he first encountered his inner voice and how it spoke back to him and mostly was more a voice than an inner thought. Was able to ask questions and get answers.
    The humour shown, the advice given, advising the advice would always be there for him to help him but the choice will always be his but the advice will not come through when it involves an important part of his lessons. The voice said that it was part of him, trying to help him through this life. . He writes that he then came to the conclusion that it was his higher self helping him.

    This has helped me to understand why I get more than just thoughts and do actually hear the words. It could come across as a best friend you can confide in. In fact that is how I see it because it only has my best interest at heart. A best friend.
    Even Kurt wrote of starting his journey as a youth on a ouija board and made contact who later channeled through him. He had a name given . This was just for communication. He later decided it was his higher self. It is thought that Jane Roberts who channeled Seth may have been channeling her higher self but once again a name had been given. We live by names, we need a name.its easier to have a name.
    I am so pleased to read of Robert Peterson's description of his ' inner voice ' conversations.
    This has taken away any doubt and reservation I would have on writing about this same inner voice. Some people say that it isn't a voice , just a thought , but that is not always so. It can be a voice. Through the day then maybe just a thought but in silence with no distractions this can be a voice.
    I remember a few years ago when I read this book I wasn't impressed. In fact I don't think I finished it . I remember reading this section with him having a conversation with his inner voice and it seemed too much in the imagination to me.
    How wrong was I? Maybe I just wasn't ready to understand at that time.
    I have a best friend.
    Just to note for journal I actualy came here to record OBE this am but no sight. Seemed to last about a minute just movement. Left from my left leg first then the rest of body followed. Upwards , forwards but just blackness. Waited for vision but nothing came. Tried to focus on my eyes, stupid I know, that was it finished.
    Don't know why because I've been doing brow work as well as the rest.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Flying dream with magic tricks.
    Woke up about 4am, raised energy then circled bottom of feet over and over and over . Could feel energy travel up legs. Full body circle taking the whole body in one swoop as fast as I could. Finished just circling feet over and over again until I fell asleep doing it.
    Woke up . Recalled dream.

    I'm flying hovering near the ceiling of a room where there are two men sitting at a table in an adjoining room. I decide to stay up so I can make a quick getaway if they are not friendly. I enter the room and approach lowering to the ground as they Dont seem bothered about me.Next thing I know I am sitting opposite them at the table but the table is now outside. Behind me is another air show taking place. Statues flying up into the sky. It seemed to be in the distance. I remember jokingly sticking a pen in one of the men to see if it would hurt. It didn't, it just went through him. I remember asking him how I would find my way back here again if I wanted to come back and he told me to just think of this place and I will find my way.
    Another part of the dream was me sitting in a room with a few other people in what was like a shop. 3 other people were behind the counter. One by one my group were asked what kind of ice cream they would like. This was magic. We were being shown how to create something out of nothing. They were all given their chosen ice cream but when it came to me I didn't get asked. I was missed out.
    Next the group including me were shown how to create puppies. A dog was just lying there and someone put their hand near the dog and produced a ball. Threw it over to me and it suddenly turned into a big bouncing dog.
    This is all I can remember from the dream but points I want to note.
    1) I turned around to see the airshow. I didn't have 360 vision. However during consciously induced OBEs I don't always have 360 .
    2) The 2 lessons were on materialisation.
    3) I didn't get an ice cream because I was dissapointed in myself last night when I went to bed because I knew I had had more than my 1glass of wine that I have been keeping to. ( still only half a bottle but I was dissapointed in myself for failing)
    So this wasn't me just landing in astral and communicating with who ever was around.
    The two men may have just been conjoured up for my benefit to experience the difference. I felt nothing from them. There were no feelings of friendship, joy, fear, nothing. Just contact.
    I may not be getting this right. It's a difficult one because I seemed to be with other students learning about materialisation but the bit with the two men have me stumped.
    Well it's logged anyway.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    This seems to have been the theme for my light sleep from 7am- 8.15am.
    In physical I'm not aware that I do discriminate in any way but maybe there is small part of me that does that I'm not aware of.
    The first bit was lovely like watching a child's cartoon.
    I'm at sea on a boat with someone looking out to the water and a seal is half out of the water in front of us and starts singing in a male voice. It was lovely, as if for children , it sings something like " follow me and come and see what the heavy boys are doing to us here". I woke up and thought how lovely this was but then to the meaning. Almost a dread followed incase this was going to continue on a theme of giving up eating sea life of all kinds. I've given up meat but will not give up fish. I need to eat something other than vegetables. Dozing back off then saw a horrible sight of guts all over a floor and a lot of big heavy cleavers chopping This all up and blood splashing everywhere and picked up " the choice is yours".
    This has me awake now but I could then remember a dream from earlier in the night and it has someone cutting something and producing blood from it and trying to put it on my lips like red lipstick. I run away, I don't want it on.
    I went back to sleep very slightly and had singing again and saw a teenage dark skinned young man on the dance floor with a very young white skinned girl. She was very young. There was singing again but I've forgotten what it was.
    The two different coloured skins could emphasise discrimination.
    The age difference could cause disapproval which could be seen as discrimination.
    The fish could be seen as I've decided to give up meat a while ago after heavy nudges from the other side which didn't stop till I gave it up.
    Have I discriminated towards still eating fish.?

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Bit of a headache this morning and yesterday. A little too much brow work, will lay off a couple of days.
    Other morning I had flashed up in brow a small hexagonal looking thick wooden wheel with spokes and picked up " try spinning the wheel."
    So I do a lot of bouncing the ball but tend to just finish circling the feet .
    Have put together recent advice I've been guided on.

    1) ' Raise the garland with the level of the cadence.' ( increase the speed of the circles, faster)
    2) ' Lie straight, focus on each chakra. This will activate the energy centres.'
    3) ' Try spinning the wheel'.

    So yesterday focused mostly on brow imagining a heavy wooden wheel in the brow area with a small handle that scratched my forehead as it was being turned. This was hard and very slow moving. I couldn't increase the speed, almost slow motion.
    Did some more this morning and surprised to see how the speed has increased. It is becoming easier. Also I'm changing the colour as I'm doing it . I think this make take over from my usual coloured vegetables I practice with .
    However I need to do this with all chakras if I'm to take the advice and not just focus on the brow.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I have just realised that for the past month I have been frustrated at not getting out of body but in actual fact I've had almost continual advice given ( inner voice) with my experiences being from a dream state.
    Looking back in journal, 7 th January in dream state in a boat with someone in a cave the other person taps on the dirty water and a lovely white dolphin emerges and she tells it to JUST LOOK AND LISTEN ( this isn't the normal kind of everyday dream so it got my attention)
    The advice recently has been on how I can increase energy. What to do. I've never needed this advice before or been given it and I've been projecting for a number of years. So why now?
    Early hours of this morning I was awake and decided to do little energy work but to stay off brow due to too much previously and slight brow ache. Fell asleep. Very restless night. Woke up hearing
    So I did but was too tired and fell asleep again. Woke up dissapointed that I had fallen asleep feeling I was failing tonight.fell asleep.
    Woke up to
    So going back to 7 th January advice, then yes, I think I am being directed more towards using the brow and listening.

    The dream recalled may have just been due to a conversation on this forum a few hours previously but I'll log it anyway.
    I'm late and have missed a trip out. Told the teacher is coming back this afternoon to take me out on my own on a river trip.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Dreams last night I could understand as being my deep thoughts as to my actions . They had TV characters in them that had recognisable characteristics I saw in myself. However there were some bits I don't understand.

    In a small cute cottage and come downstairs to find the coal fire which is lit has been alight all night and the coal ( even though the size of the pieces of coal are large like logs) has been piled up to reach the ceiling and this seems dangerous. They could fall and cause a fire. I try to move the log size coal pieces as it wobbles.
    That was all I remember to this section. Don't know if in fact there was any more to this.
    I know when I'm raising energy I've been noticing how quickly I feel the energy fill the whole lower body when working feet.Circling the chakras is not the same impact but I read that this is normal.
    I was cautious in drawing back from the brow. Thing is I've had a few strobes in the past and if I did end up having another one it wouldn't frighten me because I would understand what it was .
    Was this thought of the fire possibly being at a dangerous height me realy having a fear of the energy I'm working on.
    I don't think so.
    Any thoughts on this welcome.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Hi Susan,
    Was the coal piled inside the fireplace or outside it, you wrote it reach the ceiling, so I got the impression it was outside the fireplace??

    Core Affirmation: I am loved and I am worthy,
    I am safe and I am free.
    I am powerfully protected.
    I am master of my body and ruler of my mind.
    By Robert Bruce

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Hi IA,
    The fire was in the fireplace with a chimney above it. It was a big wide fireplace but I still felt it could topple because of the height.

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