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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Quote Originally Posted by susan View Post
    Hi IA,
    The fire was in the fireplace with a chimney above it. It was a big wide fireplace but I still felt it could topple because of the height.
    Okay, it feels that you really are frightened of your own force, it was so huge (wide fireplace with coal big as loggs who will burn long time and with fierce fire) if it had bean outside the fireplace, the you would have seen your force coming outside of you.
    But in the fireplace it is in you. are a Power force, really . Good for you!!

    Core Affirmation: I am loved and I am worthy,
    I am safe and I am free.
    I am powerfully protected.
    I am master of my body and ruler of my mind.
    By Robert Bruce

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I think I've had a history lesson last night going back to an era when I was around.
    Woke up to

    " YES MY DEAR".
    Tried to recall dream but absolutely nothing came. Went back to sleep. Woke up to

    I had to google OCTAVIUS this morning and came up with
    Gaius Octavius, Born in Rome 63 BC- AD 14. (76yrs )
    His mother was the daughter to Julius Caesar's sister.
    Upon Caesar's death the treasures of Egypt fell to him.....Conquest of Egypt 30BC.
    Did not have any sons of his own so adopted two of his daughter's sons as his own, to be his Heirs but they died early so he then later adopted another.
    This was the time when rulers were frequently worshipped as Gods.
    So that said, why do I feel this was a history lesson connected to an era when I was alive.?

    I decided a while ago events can be hinted at,

    ****just the other night was told a teacher was going to take me out on my own on a river trip.( river Nile ?) 9th Feb.
    ( this wasn't to be with other students but was maybe something specifically related to me.)

    ****an air show behind me with statues going up in the air. ( at the time these statues reminded me of the ones I had seen in a
    Vault which I entered and the White statues came to life.People and animals. Had me think at the time these were prominent
    people from history books and I may be learning about them at some stage.( 15thJuly 2014)

    ***** a possible past life recorded ( 17th August 2013) Egypt, river Nile to the left, pyramids, Elizabeth Taylor on top of the pyramid
    Who I thought at the time represented Cleapatra as she had played the part in a film. Feeling of being banished from the land
    and leaving a woman whom I loved and would never see again. Being down under the sand in a room where honey was
    stored and was told it lasted for thousands of years.

    At the time I felt Egypt was very prominent in my experiences.
    So here we have OCTAVIUS, emperor, involved in Egypt around the era of Cleopatra.
    I think this was me learning of my past , going back to a previous life and learning of the rulers and how it was in those days.

    What I didn't record the other morning was a very short dream where I was walking down the aisle of a coach and turned round a corner of the aisle and it turned into a plane looking first class. 2cosy looking leather beds were available but I went to one of the two chairs , opposite, to sleep in. A brother figure followed into the second chair. They were realy cozy and snug. Realy felt like first class.
    I didn't take the beds because they were for our parents.

    I never had any interest in history, but we all have it. If we believe in reincarnation then we all have history. We just don't know what unless we are guided with information. I think it would be very rude of me not to learn more on this era.
    Need to add am getting a click inside the head as if between the ears upon wakening before hearing the message. Read of this beforebut never experienced it before
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Woke up to this but once again absolutely no dream to recall.
    So frustrating because this one had me stumped until this morning when I had to do a bit of googling.

    1) I was once again getting a history lesson but the memory is stored deep in me and won't be recalled till I pass over .( like the meeting at the space station in space)

    2) someone on the other side is just having a bit of fun with me and maybe wants to see if I'm going to believe it.
    If that's the case I'm dissapointed because I realy was on a high working out the previous post which I truly believe. The voice that came through was very gentle and loving.

    I googled code and planet and just came up with computer games. The Da Vinci code came to mind so googled it. ( which I never read or saw the film) knew it was fictional but seems to have stirred emotions within the religious groups.
    All I'll say here is that the previous night for certain was a lesson.
    Also that the time frame of Octavious's life was during the birth of Jesus.BC- AD
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    Re: Nursing babies

    All I want to note here for anyone who passes by this thread is my thoughts on the importance of keeping a journal.
    We know what we perceive one night can seem so important to follow through but a different topic may present the following night . Not like physical where what you decided to do the next day you actualy do ( or decide not to do). Said many times by people ' astral is very fluid' . If you don't keep a journal things perceived may just be thought of as ' oh that was interesting' , I wonder why I dreamt that.? So so easy to just be amused. That's good.
    All I feel is that when you realy want to learn all you can about what is happening to you , what information you are opening up to , because astral is very fluid a journal is so important for looking back and putting pieces together. I notice people start journals and loose interest. Is this because they feel they are competing with stories?
    A journal, even though open for others to read is for you to put your experiences together and fit the jigsaw pieces together as things develop.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I've just felt every molecule of my body electrically charged, tingling but not uncomfortable. I could feel my toes, fingers top of head, the lot.
    This lasted about 5-6 seconds after I was awake experiencing it. I think this was me returning to physical but it was different from past experiences. In the past,( and maybe again in the future) it has felt like falling in with a heavy thud. This time I just felt electrically alive.
    When it dissapeard my thought was that I had just missed a chance to exit but after recalling dream it was the opposite.

    6.15am visit bathroom, drank water,did some stirring, bouncing, individual chakras but also whole body. Now looked into the brow and this is where I must have fallen asleep.

    I'm waiting patiently in a small room where someone is helping someone else. This person is being helped to find someone who has gone missing. Next someone puts a small drawing in front of my face. It is pastel colours and I'm asked to look at it and see if I can find where this person is. But the drawing erases and there's only a tiny bit of colour left at the top. ( this may have been me now leaving) As I start to think this I'm not in the room anymore and this is where I felt the electric and was aware I was awake in my bedroom.
    This is similar to previous experience where I was looking into a paper bag and was aware of changing locality, and experiencing the little girl (25/01/15) . This was me this time looking at a picture with the instruction to find where this missing person is.
    I suppose I found her, ME.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    A while back I was encouraged from the other side to stop eating meat of any kind. It was followed by nudges till I got down to an acceptable 1 glass of wine per night ( occasionally missing the target.) When I questioned why should I give up my pleasures I was shown Clairvoyantly the beautiful angels and a silver city. So the reason seemed to be spiritual progression.
    Have just had my yearly health check and I've lost weight to a good size. No more puffing when going up a ramp.
    My blood pressure brilliant. 124/72 . (Nearly60yrs old) previously always around 154/86 and upwards over the years. I have far more stamina.
    So although spiritualy I don't know if this is yet an advantage, what I experience now would I still have picked up if I hadn't given these up? But for my physical health I have certainly been pushed in the right direction.
    What I don't get though is I see obese clairvoyants on television and around .
    Jane Roberts who channeled Seth seemed to smoke heavy and I believe drank beer.
    The late Doris stokes was obese. Look at any statue of a laughing buddah and they all have fat bellies.
    So I'm a bit confused here . Not able yet to conclude

    Just had a thought. Maybe yes the meat was a spiritual thing and the wine was just a health thing I would benefit from.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I've been "encouraged" to stop eating meat to, Something, a thought form, spirit...what have you... went so far as to bad mouth my Tacos at El Nepal once a few years ago, must have went on for atleast 5 min, and I am by no means a clairvoyant, calling it "disgusting animal flesh" and exhorting me to stop eating it as it was filthy. He [I got the impression] wasnt upset at me in particular just found the act gross and revolting and... I cant help but relate spiritually ignorant. Ive also had dreams and stuff pretty backing up his remarks especially regarding red meat. I never saw anything but he was loud and clear, and needless to say gave me food for thought har har har...
    Ive tried goinig vegetarian several times but it just seems like there's NOTHING to eat. You can only eat so much pasta and soup and salad. Reading your remarks sure makes it worse coupled with things I've read about the effects of especially eating beef has on your spiritual bodies. I know from plenty experience what alcohol more than maybe 1 beer anymore...occasionally.
    I sent my soul through the Invisible. Some letter of that After-life to spell: And by and by my Soul returned to me and answered. "I Myself am Heaven and Hell." - Omar Kayyam

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I know what your saying Osiris and I think there are many many spiritual people who have the thought in the back of their minds about the meat business but have not had the push yet from the other side.I say this because as you discovered the message can be very strong or/ and repetitive. I suppose because we have free will they will step back once a decision has been made.

    But about meals. I tried all veg but got bored. I love fish so have loads of that ( which is why I don't feel ready to give this up yet, this is a long time goal).I also still use quorn products to substitute meat. I've stopped putting the emphasis on the meal, even though I have to cook for husband I try to keep my mind on what I want to do after I've finished.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Feel great this morning as if I've realy enjoyed myself last night flying high in the sky.
    I'm entering a large college/ school where all the pupils are finding their seats. I don't know which class to go to but the teacher takes me to one side and tells me my first class is 9.15 but then the next isn't till 5.15. So after my first class I'm told by the teacher to go and practice inbetween the classes. Someone comes up and asks if my teacher has dark framed glasses on. We have the same teacher. So now I'm having fun flying up and down high in the sky above people. It was exilerating. I could feel the breeze on me. I even tried to give someone a lift on my back but they weighed me down.
    Woke up.
    This was a dream and the characters were dream characters but I think a couple of things were thrown in for me to notice.

    1) the mention of the teacher with dark framed glasses.
    a) same as when I believe I visited the after death zone and saw my late father and the man had dark framed glasses on.
    b) 3-4 years ago when I had contact with a bad energy and dreamt I was taken to a place made of crystal to be cleansed ???
    Clairvoyantly I saw an image of a woman with dark framed glasses on and at the time thought she was teaching me the reason for the crystal.
    2) the gap between the lessons was for practicing.
    After I went back to sleep just upon wakening I thought I heard ' unaided exit.'.

    I'm feeling the urge recently to concentrate on developing the brow more as well as keeping the energy throughout the body free flowing and strong. I've had tips on energy work mentioned above.
    So this was just a dream with dream characters but I think ' practice' may be a point to note.
    At the end of the day it doesn't matter if a dream of my own creation because I feel I 've been laughing and having so much fun flying high in the sky . What a way to spend a night. Beats wrestling with monsters, aliens, negs, any day.

    Ps to anyone who read the previous post about meat and alcohol, cholesterol levels have gone down also. Below risk level.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    After posting thoughts in a different section about the priest who saw God as a female during an NDE, whilst cooking I got an image.
    Just my imagination but this is my space for my journal so would like to record.
    I saw my red bucket filled with water , full of animals, plant life, sea creatures and us. I saw red cochineal put in in the minutest drop.
    The colour was lost in some forms of life within the bucket showing no sign of turning red but was absorbed more in others. The point here is the red cochineal was in fact present in every part inside the bucket but more obvious in some. If we see God as the red cochineal, it is present in everything, but lost in some. Needs to be looked for , needs to be found, which is what we try to do. If we think of God as a most powerful feeling that we all thrive to find in life 'LOVE' ( whether it's a person, job,pet, hobby) maybe that is the answer to a query I never got to answer a while back in the journal where I picked up.....

    Just thinking out loud.

    Search for love in your life.
    Find a job you love doing.
    Find a hobby you love doing.
    Be around people you love being around.
    Listen to music you love to hear.
    Surround yourself with this and you've found God ( the red cochineal)
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