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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Last two hours before getting up, in and out of very light sleep is the best time for me so sent out clear thoughts, questions. ( sometimes I find it can take a few days for the answer but it comes eventually)
    So impatience is my middle name and was wondering if I should be trying something different for a projection.
    Woke up to lovely singing, repetitive .....Everything Stays The Same......Everything Stays The Same.......
    I see a man standing on a ladder leaning against a fruit tree with a pair of shears as he cuts fruit off the tree and the fruit bounces on the ground.
    The bouncing ( part of NEW)
    The visual excercises I do with different fruit.
    Back to sleep slightly and woke up to a few home truths about myself played out in short sketches like above.
    These were pointing out areas about myself I could improve on in my daily physical life. Feel a bit down today because of this but the last little sketch I saw was.
    I'm with a friend in a large room full of people and this is a dating event. My friend tells me he has found a partner . I walk over and find my partner. It's a cardboard cut out of me.
    For me I interpret this as meaning in life we look for partners to share our lives with but the most important thing is to love ourself.
    We should love ourselves, take care of ourselves just as we would a partner.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I think I may have had a suggestion that my late father may be contactable soon, or if not yet then may be coming out of his sleep state on the other side.
    Prior to dream.
    Yesterday was a down day for me. Did my chores, shopping etc but feeling quite low. Thoughts going on in my head that this could all be a load of rubbish . Hypnotising myself and hallucinating. Sad old woman. Spends too much time on my own just thinking rubbish.Cooked husband a lovely steak for when he came in and I had cheese macaroni! What was I doing this for? I loved steak ,I just wanted to take a big chunk off and eat it.
    I've written of being shown failures in myself yesterday morning.
    But the thing is the previous day the sun was shining and I started the day with fruit and fresh orange juice, so healthy. Had a lovely day out at work and laughed and talked with my clients. Came in great mood.( had I exhausted myself with talking and laughing?)
    I had had such a grounded day the day before that this all seems so impossible.
    Slept through night till about 4.30 am. Back to sleep, couldn't be bothered with raising energy.
    Woke up 9.15. Recalled dream.

    I'm looking out the window of a small caravan. My son is outside and a bird takes his hat off his head and flys away with it. I was alarmed because it meant he didn't have a hat to wear. ( he went through a uni student thing a while back of wearing strange hats most of the time . Pleased to say he's out of that now) As I move in the caravan the thing starts to tip to one side. This means the soil underneath is very soft. I'm thinking what a stupid place to put the caravan. As I go outside some boys are playing, there are a lot of people around. After all this is a holiday camp.A boy is trying to take a picture of his friends but I get in the way thinking my caravan is to the right but it isn't its to the left.I take a seat outside the caravan where the parents of the boys are sitting. They come over to tell the parents the funny story of me going in the wrong direction to my van but they are talking in a different language but I seem to know what they are saying.I can understand the mother clearly, she was talking with a Scotish accent.
    I realise there is rock as high as me right next to me. The ground is so uneven and rocky that I get a knife and stab the rock and it crumbles. I'm thinking this is a realy low life holiday camp. The site is right on top of a volcano. We are parked on top of a volcano!

    My sister calls me. The family photo has arrived of dad and the rest of us. It's about 1 meter tall. I see it and it has all the family on but the second one is the same but I point out that I'm the only one missing in it. I've been cut off. My sister comments what a shame dad wasn't here to see this, he would have loved it and he had ordered the picture and arranged to have it delivered.
    My husband calls me over to the field he's standing in.
    This is the bit that recalling was magical to look at.
    High in the sky over in the distance what seemed so far up into space he points to Stars sparkling in a group and moving closer. They are so so high up this is like seeing deep into space and has me mesmerised . There is a large cluster in front that almost looks like a cloud made up of stars, followed by other smaller stars behind on both sides of it . As I stand and watch this I was starting to think I've seen this beautiful kind of sight before in a dream.
    My husband tells me today we are all celebrating. This is a flyover. They are aeroplanes and the fly over is in celebration of a famous battle.
    That's all I can remember of the dream.


    This speaks volumes to me but I shan't list all possible meanings due to my previous downer on possible wishful thinking.
    So If I leave out where I think I may be involved in this.....
    I hadn't been thinking of my father for a few days but 2-3 weeks ago I had wondered about trying to contact dad if I could be lucky enough to have a conscious exit. The problem here was that I didn't want to put myself in the same spot as the last time.
    ( page 33 , 06/09/14) ( conscious exit taking me to I believe to be after death zone( as described by Kurt) ) If I was responsible for translating the energy I was perceiving ,then I formed a sight of my father's dead body ontop of a stone being monitored by a man in a white lab coat with a clip board and wearing dark rimmed glasses.
    So I decided 2-3 weeks ago just to forget it. Might not be a nice experience if he still hasn't woken up yet , or whatever the image meant.
    So this dream was involving my late father who I had not gone to bed thinking about. The photograph had been torn and I was not on it. (I had been separated from him)
    My father was Scottish.
    The bit that means more to me is in real physical life my father was ex Royal Air Force and he was aircrew and used to fly around the world. I have a picture in the house of his plane where he took part in the flyover of Buckingham Palace on the day of the Queens Coronation in 1953.
    In the dream this is a flyover in celebration to a previous battle.
    Could this be the battle , my father winning the battle and coming round at last, if that was the case?
    I think this may be the case and I don't think it was just wishful thinking in a dream. In fact looking through the posts trying to find the date of the visit to record how could I have thought this could have All been hallucinating.
    I would be writing blockbuster movies by now if I had such an imagination.
    So , back on track. Next goal is to send out thoughts of him and try for an exit.

    This is twice now when I have had serious doubts( previously about eating meat) that a dream follows straight after that puts me back on track.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Beautiful giant boys face made up of stars with colour added just flashed up in view as I was turning sides in bed. I must have slowly started to wake up as I turned.
    This was once again like staring into deep space filled with stars. The boy looked about 12-14 yrs old. The outline of his head was made up of stars. He had a white scarf/ sheet wrapped round the top of his head. I think he had a white scarf round his neck. His face was coloured in in brown. Behind him was just black space with stars shining.
    This was how I remember seeing head gear round the time of Jesus in biblical pictures. Like a shepherd boy. I may have the time period wrong . It doesn't matter, this was beautiful. This will go down as another of my magical experiences.
    Just love this one. I mustn't let anything get in my way again preventing me from experiencing this kind of beauty.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Soul star. I've just read this mentioned in Siners's post.
    I can show my ignorance in this subject of chakras. I learn as I go and often after the event. I've only consciously focused on the chakras within the body but it seems there may be more outside , above body. ( thank you for pointing this out Sinera.)
    I read it is supposed to link to the higher self and enlightenment. I feel the communication I'm getting may be from my higher self or an aspect of myself ( if that is the correct term) because sometimes the communication is very loving as a parent, and sometimes as a female and sometimes seems to have a slightly male lower sound. ( higher self, male , female characteristics)
    Sometimes it is just like my kind of way of speaking as you would do to a friend. So, although different at times I believe all connected to me in some way.
    My thoughts are about the beautiful star like experiences I've had, and even the last one where the boy was outlined in stars. Is this me having opened up the chanel of this chakra which I did'nt even know existed.?
    Another thought, when twice saw the same boy in period costume but a few years in age difference, then lying dead on a battle field and I was a young boy, now seeing this young boy mentioned above,........why always a boy?
    I was told this morning that I have to visit people, they don't come to me. ( encouragement to get out myself unaided is what I feel here )

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Went to sleep yesterday after doing energy raising and decided to just end with circling the feet, but to keep at it till I fall asleep. Fell asleep.
    Woke up with vibrations and I was still circling my feet. I seemed to have continued doing this whilst asleep( or started up again immediately upon wakening and could feel the circling) I was aware this was a good state to be in to try to exit but immediately after that thought I picked up " no I'm sorry but you misunderstand" . I then got a picture of a man in a wheel chair with a glass of wine in his hand and a big cross in front of it.
    By now the vibrations have dissapeared. I felt so dissapointed at having wasted an opportunity. The problem had been that hubby off work so I had 2 decent sized glasses of wine. ( 1/2 a bottle) I knew I was having more than what seems to be asked of me but that was my decision to make.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Time to address this now . Through the week I've had a lot of work with elderly. Done some good work in physical. But once again last night / this morning waking up to many different short dreams all seeming to point to areas I could improve on in physical. It would have been a complete waste of time trying any kind of projection. As Kurt says, the four levers have to be in place.
    Even one dream suggested that the queen was watching.
    I'm either creating my own problems here or realy getting the push.
    The only reason I'm recording this is for my own encouragement. It worked with the meat.
    So intentions.
    For the next three days will
    Have NO wine.
    Will address what goes in my mouth, .... Salads.....fruit......water......soup.....vegetabl well I reckon if Robert still eats fish then..)
    Plenty of meditation.
    Plenty of energy raising.
    Plenty of sleep.
    Will try to work on other areas pointed out not to do with food.

    I intend to still have one mug of Nescafé in morning but honey instead of candarel.
    1 crumpet on Sunday as a treat, ( it's Mother's Day)
    If after 3 days, having attempted to address my intake and actions, then I will have to re- think.

    One of the dreams was suggesting that I was the only one who had not made the effort and did not get a summer dress to go on holiday and I was left behind.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Yuck! Or use stevia, it's natural.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Thanks for the advice. It arrives tomorrow.

    No wine and attention to food went well but this is a long slow process so I might slip along the way but will do my utmost to think about everything that goes on my mouth in regards to chemicals and health.

    Through the night as I wake up I couldn't be bothered to do anything just go back to sleep .As I was waking from my final sleep I was aware I was looking at a single white ballet shoe ( but without the ties) . It slowly started to move and turn and take small steps in different directions and kept folding in as if the edge around was made of elastic. By now this has got my full attention and I know I am lucid enough to know I'm lying in bed watching something through the brow. I didn't want it to end but slowly it just fades and left with white fluffy cloud like screen so I concentrate on the screen and clear any thought from wandering in that would spoil it.
    I can now hear rustling of paper, then as if rustling of the contents of a drawer. As if behind me and a woman's voice saying " Jimmy,
    it's a one pound postal order. Must have been from when we were in Foxton Crescent".) Nothing after that .( picking up just chatter, nothing to focus on) then a new scene started up.
    I'm standing in an area for parking directly in front of a church looking into a massive hearse. The coffin isn't inside ( in the church) .
    The back door of the hearse is up and all I see are flowers and 6-7-8 young children inside the hearse all looking sad. As I'm watching I couldn't work out any meaning because I've had hearses and deaths over a period in the last two years but not for quite a while.
    I realise I'm sitting on a bench next to people and someone says to someone behind us something about do you know what I do?
    "I'm the air freshener".
    This fades and finally I'm looking at a section of a large wooden wheel with spokes on ( the same image I was given when advised to
    " try spinning the wheel". I took this as advice on spinning the chakras which I hadn't been doing and to be honest this was good advice as I can feel each chakra as I do it.) As I look at the wheel there is a small white sticker on it with writing so I focus hard on this and it comes closer. It reads ... ' NYLON MATERIAL'.
    It disappears and that everything finished now. I'm trying to work out the nylon and all I can come up with is nylon cannot break. Is this something to do with the chakras, energy bodies being indestructible ? ( but I know that already) or , just had an after thought as I'm writing this, could this imply that the chakras are strengthening? Becoming stronger?
    Maybe wishful thinking on my part but I'll leave that to ponder on.
    Now. The air freshener. An air freshener eliminates bad, stale odour. Is this something to do with me trying to cleanse the body and eliminate the bad before I can experience anything of a higher vibration?

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I can now put a meaning to the hearse with children inside it posted and perceived yesterday morning.
    Last night I got informed by my sister that our Aunt 200 miles away had just died. I didn't even know she had been ill.Although her children were now grown up she has 7 children but gave birth to 8.that would explain the unusual sight of seeing children inside the hearse looking sad.
    And I assume the air freshner was addressing the bad feelings that caused arguments between her family and the rest of the family. Things happened that were not nice so my father lost any contact with that side . I was not brought up with them so it had no affect on me,.I just felt it was sad to know my father was dying and he would never see his sister again and she would never see her brother in physical again. When dad died they did not call, send a card nor attend his funeral.

    This is my opportunity to practice what I preach.
    On this forum I replied to a question suggesting that we could all do with showing respect and if it isn't shown to us we should still show it . Lead by example.
    So I shall contact my cousins. I shall send a card because she was my aunt and I believe she was a wonderful mother to her 7 children from the occasional visits we had together and as a child I realy realy liked her. They must be very sad.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Have I been given the meaning of a new symbol to look out for?
    This morning waking from that very light sleep ( approx 30 mins) recalled the end of a dream.
    I've drawn a picture. ( not good at drawing) It was a bird with its wings stretched out flying in the sky. Someone ( who I felt was my leader) asks to have a look at it and tells me " every time you see one of those it will mean a Soul Reunion".
    I woke up but it was one of those times again when you feel you are suddenly woken up and the picture and words were the first thing to recall.
    Yesterday through the day I had felt so grounded. Spent all day potting up seeds, plants, painting fence. Was in my element, loved it didn't want to come in. So last night when going to bed I had no intention of trying for anything through the night . The only thought I sent out before drifting off was for help in understanding the significance of seeing the young boy outlined in stars.
    I wrote previously wondering why I'm always seeing a boy. The first page of this journal details me going on a journey and seeing a train stationery with green lights ahead. A very conscious OBE where I was put down on a verandah on a child's plastic chair and given a bowl of fruit and asked " haven't you ever seen a boys kindergarten before? " The boy I was taken to meet , that I loved from the bottom of my heart and there was a mother figure in the background.He had my hair colouring.
    This is all listed in my first post of the journal.

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