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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Babies are back and I'm not sure if I'm the baby or I'm nursing the baby or I'm both . I think both. A short dream recalled where there is a baby sitting up on the bed being supported by me. Someone gets up and goes away. Baby says something and I am so pleased because it can talk. The baby repeats what I say with " yes isn't it wonderful" . I pick up the baby saying lets go and tell Daddy. As I pick it up the body is so limp and I'm afraid I'll drop it . I then hear a very tinny metal type voice, high pitched speaking in a language I don't understand. End of dream.

    I've heard this same sound before and the same type of words before about 2 years ago around the beginning of this journal. I don't think the words are important just symbolic .
    Is this to do with communicating and understanding . Maybe I have a chakra that still needs work on to interpret messages coming through. Could this be connected to the previous dream of being told a message was coming through and seeing a mobile phone with a load of geometry symbols I didn't understand.
    Kurt talks of the development of each chakra associated with the different energy bodies needing to be working.
    Don't know, could just be my dreaming mind and wishful thinking but I have a feeling not.
    Going to bed with the intention of trying something and wakening up plenty of times but just cannt be bothered.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Revised edition of C W Leadbeater The Chakras, ( annotations by Kurt Leland) suggests the western system of chakras relates to the mortal personality, linked to the etheric double, and the astral and mental body. ( physical health, emotional happiness and intellectual and psychic power) Also that the eastern system concerns the immortal individuality , often linked to the casual body. This is suggesting the reason why chakra systems may be perceived differently .
    Suggestion being made is that there could be 7 chakras for each of our 7 bodies( vehicles of consciousness) . Each wheel/ chakra/ revolving disc, are points of connection where energy flows from one body to the next body. So I suppose each chakra is connected to its similar chakra to its higher body. 49 Chakras !
    I suppose there's only so much we can do in physical.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Lovely image upon wakening the other morning. This was viewed as a faint outline. No dream recalled
    The only colour here was white. The ground was covered in pure white snow. Then viewing from right to left I saw two adult white polar bears, then at the end was a small baby polar bear. It was so sweet and just started to turn away when the vision ended.

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    Re: Nursing babies


    I heard this as I woke up. Tried to recall dream straight away but got a complete blank. Nothing.
    When I got up I googled London Plague and from 1348-1665 every 20-30 years London was hit with a deadly plague that killed approximately 20% of the population .
    Could this have been someone I've been in the past, a self aspect ( if that's the right term) letting me know how life was in those days?
    The reason I think this is because the night before I picked this up I'd been watching a TV program about life in England way back in the past. Didn't know what era it was but the poverty and harsh conditions just to earn money to eat and the crowded conditions to live in got me thinking how bad this must have been for poor people in those days . I enjoyed the program but did not continue any thoughts about this when the news came on. Went to bed not thinking about this topic.
    If we want to try to visit someone in astral we are told to think of that person, as astral is a thought/ emotion place. So if I was wondering about a time ( and without knowing have actualy experienced life then) but can't remember, then who better to teach me what it was like then than a part of ME that has lived it.


    Went back to sleep and woke up trying desperately to free my right arm to swat a bee that had got into my hair on the left side and was going to sting me. The buzzing was so so loud, right in my ear.
    Recalled dream and I'm walking into a bathroom and see hundreds of bees swarming round something in water in the bath.not wanting to get stung I quickly got out closing the door behind me but one bee got out and got in my hair . This was I think as I was just starting to wake up because I was trying so hard to free my arm to swat the bee but couldn't free my arm. ( I presume by this time I'm back in body otherwise my astral arm would have no problem) As I struggle I'm now wakening up knowing my physical arm is trapped under my husband's shoulder. I free it but by now know this was a dream. ( but I still could have slapped him with frustration) not sure how I would have explained the reason.

    The previous 2 days I'd started some crown work and was noticing how loud the ringing and noises were in my ears. ( I usually do notice this when working the crown).I read that the buzzing is just Bio- E electrical noise sounding like a bee. Whilst asleep in a light sleep had I tuned into this noise and created a dream about bees.? The buzzing getting louder as I am closer to wakening up.

    This is the most sensible explanation.
    Another way to look at this is.....
    Taken from Aunt Claire's own experience.

    " The inner shell of the female tan then is called the golden bowl of the bees chamber.
    A vision of bees followed by their loud buzzing.
    Projection to the death chamber of the Great Pyramid in Shamballah will occur at this stage.
    The hidden chamber below the queen's chamber is also called the bees chamber.
    We begin to manifest our future here.
    During this stage kundalini both ascends and descends.
    A cobra will sleep here coiled up in the golden bowl and nadir will manifest from her egg.
    This is the beginning of the Alchemical structure called the crown and chandelier of the goddess.
    It will form an internal obelisk descending from the scalp.
    Humble Bumblebees take flight up into our heads into the chambers but not into the bees cave yet as these make the little snakes waken stirring them from slumber to grow and eat and grow some more."

    The Alchemical structure? I googled these symbols as I had no knowlege in this field. So many. Could these symbols have been mixed in with what I saw on the text message of a mobile phone when it didn't make sense. I couldn't understand as it was all symbols. I described them as geometry symbols as I was ignorant to these others.
    Could these different interpretation of the meaning of bees have the same meaning, just interpreted differently.
    After all one of the first signs I ever saw were hundreds of Ankha symbols against a white background and I had to describe them to people before someone told me what they were.
    Last edited by susan; 2nd May 2015 at 12:43 PM.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Clairaudience definately on silent mode just now and I think I know why.
    Events in physical with a close family member is requiring me to help with understanding both parties and give reassuring advice. This flares up periodically . The Auther Robert Peterson wrote of his inner voice telling him that it was there to help him in life but would be silent when involved with certain lessons. For me, compassion was highlighted a while back.

    Loud buzzing in head gone although still getting all the different ticking clocks and ringing but a lot quieter. Still working on all chakras daily and bringing energy up and down spine starting outside body above head but it hasn't instigated the loud buzzing ( bio- electrical noise) again. Was this just because at that time I had just increased the focus on the crown more ? I think so.

    Yesterday settled to a planned 45 mins NEWS using binaural so followed by 15 mins focus and silencing mind.
    Think I fell asleep before music ended as it was still on when woke up to a quick flash of an egg dropping.
    So- is the sub- conscious playing around with the previous post about bees and eggs?
    I do display humour in physical life and in dream state and inner voice sometimes.
    But there we have it .
    Susan has laid an egg.
    Laugh all you like because I am.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Well the last post suggesting clairaudience was on silent mode has changed this morning .
    I feel I've had a camera and microphone attached to me at work and home yesterday and this morning teacher has gone over everything with advice but I suppose I'm my own teacher here. Self critique.

    Woke up from main sleep to
    ' thinking' ...."whatever BW wrote about doing to her house I should do the same".

    Recalled dream. Nothing to do with this topic.However I had visited the Neg Forum last night for a nosey but this is an area I prefer to stay away from. Mainly because I don't feel I would be much help there, and I wouldn't like to go to bed creating a dream from what I may have just read.
    So shielding and creating protection around us all seems to have been an issue in the last few days here and advice was given out by BW after the banned poster.
    So this was advice.

    Little energy work back to sleep.

    5.15am- 7.20am
    Each time wakening up quickly to watching a television screen and a man , then a woman talking to me.

    1st). "Not to be so shallow- look deeper within."

    Recalled dream and it was about choosing my favourite dog because he looked lovely.
    ( through the day at work I had been making a fuss around 2 dogs because they were lovely to look at) so I dreampt this but I
    feel this is reminding me to discard the outer appearances and find the beauty within a person. To look deeper.

    2nd). " Search deep down to eliminate the bitter" ( I then saw a lemon flash up)

    Could not recall any dream. I don't think this is to do with food although it may but I feel this has to do with how I was talking
    to someone yesterday about the family situation I'm dealing with. I'm not saying bad things of the third party but I think I am
    harbouring deep thoughts that she is at fault and has caused all the problem.

    I realise as I read this that it isn't enough just to say the right things, to appear to be showing compassion (although it can help a situation ,) but I cannt hide my true feelings from myself. I have to turn these deep rooted feeling around and believe truly what I say. Easier said than done.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Just a note for the journal.
    Relating to the previous statement " search deep down to eliminate the bitter" .
    The only way to eliminate the negative thoughts I may be harbouring of this person is to imagine being her.There is no other way.
    Knowing everything about this person, events leading up to events, reasons for reactions. Therefore seeing from her point of view.
    Therefore showing compassion, but truly meaning it and speaking from my heart.
    Going in circles here because this takes me back to my class room experience where I suddenly was this girl in the chair who threw the toys in fear of the man, but I was also the man witnessing the girls anger and couldn't understand this.
    ( page 37 , 25/01/15)

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Not taking notice of a particular dream has cost me 100.00 fine.
    Few weeks ago one of many short dreams early one morning had me sitting on the shore looking out to sea. Someone was with me .
    ( It's one of those short dreams where someone is there interacting with you but does not display any features to note, meaning I have not used any stored memory of someone I know in physical who can be used to represent something.)
    Suddenly behind us both some racehorses come galloping along the sand. As I turn I notice that one rider on the back of the horse has a helmet on like the type cyclists wear for racing. This person is going at such a speed and positioned realy low down as they do.
    As I notice this I comment to my friend that he's going realy fast.
    My friend replies, " yes some people take this very serious".

    That's all there was to the dream but remember thinking it may have just been my thoughts dreampt out to do with my commitment to energy raising.
    The other day the letter came.
    Caught speeding, 40 miles in a 30 mile zone. Fined 100.00 with 3 points on license. First time ever!
    Checked date of speeding..........2 days after dream.
    ( reason I know is I logged it in working dairy just as interesting)
    Will take more notice of dreams involving a friend who does not represent anyone I know in physical.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    yesterday morning woke up listening to a voice sounding like Frank Sinatra singing " I love you more each day with the sadness and excitement. " (" ups and downs " I think would have sounded better placed in the song but this is what I heard.)
    This almost put me on my guard to look out for anything that may cause me to get either excited or sad.
    i don't want to write the details but just to note how important and much needed these words were by the end of the day .
    This is almost as if this is my husband re-assuring me and thanking from the spirit world as we sleep before the event.

    I remember posting somewhere once before viewing Clairvoyantly in black and white of watching what was like a movie of a man and woman playing with a young child in bed and hearing at the same time a song " you make me feel so good" .
    I recognised the man as my husband when he was younger and me younger playing with our son ( 35 yrs now) who was a toddler.
    Recorded somewhere here.
    Is this my higher self working with me sending me this?
    Is this my husband in his dreaming state sending me the song. ( don't think so. Frank Sinatra isn't his thing)
    Is this my husband's higher self/ more evolved part, watching over us and helping and communicating?
    Don't know but this isn't the first time I've felt confused over this .

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Just missed focusing on some kind of air show about to take place this morning I think.
    People were all on top of a hill sitting down .(Two people had the same coat on . I think they were coral/ pinky). In the dream I'm leaving work and walking towards them to join them. So this could have just been my own dreaming mind but I'm becoming lucid at this point because as I approach them I'm wondering if they are the same person.
    This is the lovely bit.
    As I look into the sky ahead, high up is this giant figure of a woman suspended in air but she is facing downwards as if lying on her stomach. Others are in the air but not quite as large. Her colours emanating from her were beautiful. I could see the colours like waves of energy pulsing out from all over her. I cannt think of any other way to describe her. A lot of green/ turquoise/deep red.
    Just as I focus on her amazing colours it fades as I wake up fully. Tried to focus on brow, it was white and speckly flickering. At one stage I thought the flickering was stabilising but it just faded.

    (The spirit world seem fond of air shows. They've been seen a few times and others write of witnessing air shows.)
    Just wondering if this could be linked to the mental plane. Could the very large lady floating flat facing the ground be symbolising a more advanced spirit watching over others?

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