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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Have been really tired recently which I think is a combination of heavy workload as well as not sleeping well.
    Woke through the night and felt I should try raising energy when so quickly I heard " No Chocolates, No flowers, No Ice cream".
    This came so quickly so wondered if I should just go back to sleep,seemed a good idea so I did.
    Woke up this morning with a bumpy re- entry back into body. I felt a thud at the sternum and all morning feels like trapped wind. ( had this before). Also saw a small circular spinning disc in the centre of the brow area spinning fast then slowed down then stopped and disappeared. This took about 5 seconds.
    I feel I've been laughing. The main part of the dream I need to work out before posting but at the very end I'm facing four friends all sitting on a red sofa and they ask me if I want to come with them. I take a run and jump up standing on the sofa when we all take one big leap into the air and dissolve -gone. Then captions come up as this was the end of a film .
    This made me laugh when I recalled it and I feel I've been laughing a lot.
    What a lovely way to wake up.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I feel a little stupid posting this but for my own benefit I will.
    Had a really grounded day, loved it , re-arranging garden and all thoughts of what has to be done before going on holiday.
    5 pm came and it was the time at week-ends that I allocate for meditation.
    I could have easily stayed in the garden to finish but felt I must do my daily meditation to stay connected.
    Finished off odd jobs , only 40 mins left to meditate ( after that a program I like to watch.)
    With such a short time I had left to allocate I wondered if I should use I phone for the binaural beats meditation which I ALWAYS USE? Or just silence the mind.
    Chose music , didn't work. I have never had a problem on my I phone with music but everything I pressed - nothing happened.
    Spent allocated time trying to get music to play. Could not retrieve any downloaded music, everything else on my I phone worked
    Co- incidence or not ?..

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Just a quick thought here but this is two evenings in a row (after the tiredness) that I have been willing to raise energy but something has stopped me

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Quote Originally Posted by susan View Post
    Just a quick thought here but this is two evenings in a row (after the tiredness) that I have been willing to raise energy but something has stopped me
    I'm curious as to what.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Yesterday woke up to a telephone ringing in my head then saw my face on the screen of a mobile phone as if I was looking at myself.
    This was just black and white and me as I probably looked .
    This morning woke up to a swan take form in the third eye ( black and white again) , then a seal formed behind it and was moving as they do ,then a crab appeared,sideways walking towards me, then a duck walked towards me.
    They were all walking towards me in their own fashion then disappeared.
    Don't know if the fact that they are water creatures means anything.
    Music on eye phone still not working.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    My bath mat has an aura. Saw it this morning.
    Very very tired this am when getting up due to heavy workload.( no energy raising for a while, too busy)
    Sat on the loo looking down at white floor tiles feeling very sorry for myself . My eyes just seemed to be fixed to the floor but my brain was elsewhere .I saw a wide pale green colour take shape around the dark red bath mat that was under the sink in the periphery of my vision. Thinking this must be a shadow from the sink I moved it away from the sink and again same colour but thin line formed round it then got wider ,about 9 inches. Up to this stage I had thought that only plants and living creatures had auras till googling this pm.
    So ,learnt something new today but what I'm wondering is how is the colour determined?
    Is the aura colour determined by the Colour of the mat, the shape of the mat, or the material of the mat?
    Anyone passing by with the answer I would appreciate insight.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Okay, on holiday now, exhaustion gone, found out simply on Internet that colour red has green aura. So tired state helps me see auras.Energy surges up the body felt again during meditation.been a while since this was felt.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I want to record an experience I had we'll before starting this journal.
    Until now I wasn't sure " Who" I had had contact with one night whilst sleeping but I knew it was a special moment.
    This fits into one of my "Magical Experiences" .
    Background to the event------ Was in a very confused and emotional state due to events concerning spiritual matters. Having been drawn a photograph of " my guide" whom I've spoken of before. Within hours of having that photograph I was being drawn to it over and over again. Just staring at it as if it had some kind of magnetic power( but I had no memory of the person)
    Within days I was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at the photograph asking questions.Strong energy sensations would travel up my body and the feeling of intense love would fill me. The drawing had both male and female characteristics.
    This continued for a long time( since then this journey started with a lot of humour around. I used to have a lot of that) I feel this person has the same sense of humour as me . I would hear words that sometimes seemed to be a bit dated ( not used these days)
    I had been told that we had shared lives together. Were from the same soul group. By the artist and a while later from this person.

    Now on to the experience,
    One night whilst sleeping I recalled a beautiful gentle figure approach me from behind and hold me by the shoulders. It-He-She, whispered gently in my ear words of re-assurance and I felt such love coming from It. Personal words were spoken which took me by surprise and I felt a little embarrassed that these were known by other , not just me.( bit like invasion of privacy)
    I was being slowly turned around as it spoke. I could vaguely see shimmering translucent outline of a person but no obvious dress or trousers. The love emanating from this person left me feeling so protected and loved.It turned me round staying behind me the hole time and told me now to go to sleep and I was gently lowered and let go of and I remember slowly bouncing like jelly onto something soft. Slept....woke up.
    Who was this?
    It knew my private thoughts, it loved me so much and it came to me when needed.
    I can understand why people with strong beliefs could think this was an " angel" and in fact this had been an option to consider but the problem here is that I have seen this type of shimmering being before. Once when phasing , when colours were like rainbow and people were slowly moving around. Another when taken to meet with a young boy whom I immediately loved from the bottom of my heart.
    It could have been this guide. Strong possibility but the words were spoken as a loving parent would speak to an adored young child.
    I think it more likely that this was my higher self coming forward when needed.
    In this physical life it is considered natural for a parent to look after its young. After a while it goes to school and others with special skills will take over the teaching but the parent is there in the background for emotional issues and cries of help.
    I think the same may apply in the spirit world
    However, getting back to the title HIGHER SELF.
    Reading " Robert Munroe" again he talks of future selfs coming back to help.Does it depend on how old the soul is as to how many future selves we have? How many times we have decided to return to physical?
    If I am made up of what I have learnt up to now including all previous lives, these future selves/ higher selves must have the same plus their own experience to add to ,therefore it would make sense that they also have a higher self looking over them.
    Think I'm getting confused now,but just to add confusion to the pot,,,,
    People whom we may believe to be guides helping us on our journey have themselves passed through the lessons and many lives on the physical plane therefore have been many different people with different personalities. We know they can present themselves in any form( even just for a joke) This is well documented.
    So my thought is not can they but do they change to adapt to what is required from them at the time ?
    Could my guide show love and compassion when needed , laughter and humour when needed, gentleness, seriousness?
    My guide is so like me .
    If we are from the same soul group and have shared many lives I suppose we came from( the same melting pot)
    I don't know if my guide and higher self are the same ( I don' think so ) but the love I felt from whom I believed to be my higher self is all the love anyone would need on the other side.
    I can understand why gender has no relevance on the other side.
    Time for a glass of wine.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Checked my paper journal and found similar thoughts just after my last holiday. Feeling so distant from the other side.Last time it took 2-3 weeks or maybe more of energy raising to have really memorable contact.
    However this morning just at the point of wakening I felt the energy rush up my body again. Could this be me re-entering my physical?I think so .
    I remember being on a small rowing boat with someone and the sea is so calm,lovely sky ( not the rainbow colours). I see 2 boats in the distance then she( the other person) tells me to take a good look around.I do and am surprised to see so many boats of different shapes and sizes and colours , some I've never seen the shape of before). All so close to shore but just standing still in the calm sea forming an arch,semi-circle.this was very vivid but certainly not one of my memorable experiences.
    Just at the point of wakening I thought I heard "we'll have to give you a new goal " ( have been given a goal of "To Pray" a while back.) ohhhh that reminds me , a few days ago woke up to ," Search the land and Sea and put a shout out for God"
    Now I feel silly writing this because I have never used the term Shout Out. It's just not my vocabulary.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Another brow centre strobe this am. Woke up about midnight to an explosion like two live wires touching and sparks. Immediately sat up in bed and looked out the window( which was open) and heard footsteps . First thought was someone had exploded something outside the house but all was calm. For the last couple of days now my brow has felt tight, not throbbing nor painful just I suppose as if I can feel it.
    Exhaustion gone. Loads of energy today.Still working out the water creatures but what I did notice in my paper journal is that the " search the land and sea and put a shout out for God" was recorded within a couple of days of the water creatures. This world is made up of water and earth . I suppose I feel God is thought to permeate everything therefore we should feel love towards everything.
    Well that said I still have mouse traps down in the garage. I'm no angel but I am off to hug the bath mat.

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