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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Dream but was it a continuation of AKEO.
    Woke up just at the point of looking at the face of a young baby I was holding. It didn't have good skin,it was flaking all over the face.
    Recalled 2 dreams.
    The first dream was just a mish mash which I know had contents involving things I had read about in the newspaper.
    The second dream was completely different. I'm looking out of a square window in a house. The house is made of wood and I get a feeling of poverty. The house is in the middle of a river and its getting dusk.There are high mountains in the distance and bad weather ahead in the sky.I sense danger ahead and men are getting out of the water. They were to the left of the house and had what could have been like large lobster pots they were holding by a hook at the top of each one.A father and son are in the river still.

    Don't remember the rest ,just woke up to looking at the face of the baby.
    I wonder if it's possible to hypnotise your self into waking up holding babies???

    What I didn't understand at the time and regrettably left out was at the end a speeding modern train came in the scene travelling so fast from the direction of the mountains towards and passed the house in the river.
    I think now this was to mean that a devastating storm passed through so quickly.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    I've hesitated with posting this one but after thinking that spirits can take on any form then there may have been a reason for this . I was dreaming and I was on my own,nobody was around me.( this is reflected in my writing on occasion when I'm getting nothing)
    I'm sitting down leaning against a wall when a group of people come towards me and joins me by sitting to the left of me. It's the next bit that seemed strange. A female came right up to me and sat to the right of me but was directly facing me and she was smiling at me. She was lying on her stomach with her arms just the way a horse would. She had long hair but also a long face which looked almost a bit like a horse which made her look strange to look at. I remember thinking this in my dream.I'm just wondering why I would make up a character like that in my mind ?

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Golden threaded universe.
    I am currently reading Jurgen ZIewe's 'Multi Dimensional Man' and I love his style of writing. It's one of the best books I've read but what I am encouraged by are the similarities of experiences.
    A few years ago in my paper journal I wrote of viewing behind closed eyelids an exquisite fine gold threaded universe,so fine and sparkling with golden planets and gold lines like thread seemed to connect them.
    I have just read today that Jurgen experienced the same.
    He describes" ......unfolded the universe in front of me. A vast space opened up, and a giant symmetrical web made from golden threads, each junction studded with an enormous golden sun. Each sun casting off golden patterns, which interacted with each other."

    He writes of being with a group of friends that he appears to know but not in physical.
    I am currently experiencing the same,( I'm sure many are on this site)
    Just love his book.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Have almost finished Jurgen's book and feel so happy to read his descriptions of the beautiful sounds, colours, plant life giving off sound etc. he has experienced in higher dimensions.
    I feel confident now that what I have experienced and then written about in my magical sections were real.
    My near collision with a car,
    The mushroom that gave off a beautiful sound.
    They are so beautiful to remember and out of this world that when faced with physical reality I would be the outsider considered ' not quite 100% , or there. or with it.
    I don't care anymore what people think ,because they are the ones who are ' not quite there yet'.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Yes. More experiences for us. The ones who are considered the outsiders. We are spirits living in billions of packed atoms that we call bodies. Most people will never be where we are at now in our lives. Not in this life is what I claim.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I have nothing of interest to record here for people to read but for my own record I feel I should.
    I feel a little deserted which is not the first time, nor the second.Meditation and energy raising almost every day. No energy surges.
    The other day woke up to an ariel view of a white city with pink cloud around.
    Recalled dream and a really pretty girl looks at me and then my husband and takes us to a table to look at a pamphlet on the table
    It was folded in 3 as pamphlets are and on the front are 2 people. She says these are your parents...look ( now I was only dreaming this so I don't have any vivid recall of the features of the male and female.) Inside the folder was a lovely white city with dome like tops to the buildings and I remember zooming down to an area that had a large seating area but larger than normal. In the dream I thought this was not real because of the pink colouring around it, pink clouds.
    Now I am going to dismiss this dream because the book I was reading had a front cover which showed a part scene with pink clouds around . Just a reminder to me that when I am not connected I can have dreams recalled in detail that are so easy to think of as real.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    It seems a long time to me since I actual had a consciously induced OBE,well 2 months,but it happened early this morning..
    Conditions were perfect, in a good frame of mind looking forward to gardening tomorrow and buying some new plants. In other words no negative thoughts,happy frame of mind.2 am awake with hubby snoring,started energy raising just in feet up legs and base chakra. 4am still awake with snoring,at some stage after this the symptoms started,no vibrations but loud astral noise like a plane waiting to take off.Knew I had succeeded so concentrated hard on the noise. Felt myself raise up slowly and made a quick decision, not interested in wandering round house just get out there,straight up as quick as possible but I felt everything was so slow. Felt resistance in the roof but got through it. I had no destination in mind but I was still focusing on the sound hoping I could increase speed. ( bit like watching Appolo take off from the ground,plenty of noise but seems to go so slowly at first. )
    For some reason I was travelling now sideways then found myself in a dark looking room.( no colour) A television was in front of me and when I turned sideways there was someone who looked like my late mother sitting on a chair.I knew immediately that this couldn't be her because if it was really her she would welcome me or hug me but she was just ignoring me.A man was sitting watching telly as well and I didn't recognise him. I was wondering why I was seeing this and realised they couldn't see me. A younger man was sitting also but he was in a very comfy position. I walked in front of all three wondering who the two men were. Just then the younger man sat up and he was a younger version of the older man. Father,son seemed the obvious. Knowing that they couldn't see me I decided to see if they could feel me. I got my astral arm and attempted to punch the young man in the leg.( violence in the astral)
    I made some kind of impact because he let out a joking kind of sound as if he had been playfully hurt. He let out a big grin and looked over at my mother even though she was too far away to have done it.I was being ignored or I couldn't be seen? So decided to leave up through the roof and once again very very slow but raised up and just travelled seeing small square drawings in the bottom of my vision.ignored them and ended up back in bed,felt myself come back into body, bit like jelly again. Opened eyes.
    What was that all about?

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Strange couple of dreams . The fear factor seems to be emerging but I didn't think I had any issues. Great day gardening ,re-arranging, being creative in a way.Went to bed very happy.
    Dreams this morning involved me being in my garage and cockroaches came in all over the floor.( okay in physical life I would run) In my dream I did jump up on something making a bit of a fuss when two big dogs came in and chased them away. I remember thinking how strange they looked as they all scurried towards a flap in the garage door leading outside.If you can imagine a big magnet and a load of pins close to it they just seemed to bang and pile up to the flap and rush outside. The two big dogs came up to me and for a stroke because they had helped me.
    Other dream I'm being rushed along by a woman to board a small plane. It all happens so quickly and when boarding I'm told my seat number is 80. I go to the end of the small plane looking for my seat but the plane has taken off already and the numbers only go up to 34.I have to stand but I have to hold on to the sides and balance myself because the female young pilot is having fun with the plane and doing risky manoeuvres.One is to go under a small arch sideways leading to a public high street with people on.
    Everyone else seemed to just enjoy the experience.
    Third dream an undesirable character seems to be in my company and offers me a chocolate mars bar to eat. Under the wrapper it's been chewed at, it would be horrible to eat.
    Seems strange to be experiencing fear related dreams or undesirable people. Can't think why? Bring back the magic (subconscious) please

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Now forgive me for anyone reading this as it is only a " non private thought" not interesting, but for me I need to log this.
    Really tired other day and saw same green aura round red bath mat.
    Today,working,not so tired , waiting for next patient , looked at chair saw aura , not trying. ( same colour chair - deep red therefore saw pale green)
    What I'm trying to record here is that I have a lot of tiredness going on. Since January\ February ( holiday,eating too much) but when it comes to raising energy I want to and get so far but there is something deep in my mind telling me not to or I don't need to.
    Now I have had physical symptoms such as .... Sore throat

    ( after brushing dry cement from patio) ....spots on face ..( a lot of perspiration with the heat , only 2 , went away quickly. ) Mouth ulcer on gum, went away quickly. For the last 2 days ulcer on tongue. Not big and getting better but I have always boasted on having a great immune system .
    We all know what the benefits are of raising the NEWS WAY. so my query is .. Not.... Why is my immune system a little low ?
    ...but... When I need to improve it why during this time am I feeling I don't want to raise energy. Is my subconscious telling me that my immune system is a little low and my energy levels are low therefore don't because it will use up even more energy.??
    I truly feel this is why I can not get back on track at the moment .
    I can recall Obe or dreams but can not concentrate on deliberate energy raising or meditation.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I'm producing dreams in animation.
    When I woke up this morning and recalled dream it had me laughing because of the way it was acted out but was definitely related to my thoughts yesterday through the day . To do with judging people by their appearance,not to,but to look deeper inside. And who to trust. A hard exterior on a person can hide the true person.
    It was like watching an old film when they had jerky movements and the characters were like cartoon style.Humour at the end where I'm in a pram being pushed by someone, other prams are being pushed by men, then we all raise up into the sky and disappear.
    One pram runs away sideways and the man runs after it.
    Now the points are,
    The style of the characters.
    The humour at the end.
    The last time I was watching animated characters behind closed eyelids but whilst awake. This was of Tarzan and Jane in an arena and they were fun fighting. The same kind of movements. At that time I got the words ..."TIM CARTOONIST".
    I've checked my paper journal and it was the same week last year. Coincidence.
    Steven Spielberg watch out,but I'm thinking that sometimes we could all do with just a little humour. If we have it here we'll still have it over there. Just my thoughts.

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