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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Fab so excited with what happened this morning .
    One of the most awake Fully conscious OBE...FAB.
    But first the background.
    Yesterday decided I need to do more visual exercises for the third eye using colour a lot as I seem to be starting to see auras.Cut down on the NEWS just for a little . Remembered a classroom type dream a while back of coloured balloons but substituted balloons for pieces of colourful fruit. Did 30 mins exercise yesterday.
    Woke up this am ,too early to get up,did some more exercises with colour , followed with only about 5 mins of bringing energy from feet up to heart then from crown down through third eye down to heart.
    Decided I'd done enough,started thinking about the pile of ironing to try to get through today,could hear my neighbour taking her dog out, could hear my husband breathing behind me, could feel my feet raising from the bed.
    I was going somewhere,lifted from body travelling upwards but no effort on my part,no roof to go through,no visual signs of house or sky or stars. I knew I was going to be shown something so just stared ahead ,I did however get the feeling of movement.
    Saw cartoon characters,big sizes and lovely bold colours but they were upside down.In my mind I said " turn them round" .They turned round but soon disappeared.

    This is the best bit.
    In the distance I could see a side profile of my oldest son. My vision then went to the right and a little baby was lying down propped up so you could see the face.I wanted to see more clearly but I seemed to be at a distance and didn't have any awareness of having a body.Then my son came closer facing me and he was holding the baby for me to cute...lovely round face and I'm not sure if the eyes were slightly oriental.then it faded and I opened my eyes immediately.
    Now there are options for me to consider.
    1) was this a baby that in the future my son will have?
    2) was this me?
    3) was this AKEO?
    4) 2+3 was this me- AKEO.
    This was the son who in my recorded dream brought a little boy for me to see called AKEO.
    I have listed above other past life holograms or pictures that all have taken more than one night .like a continuation,a build up to the event.
    Fab, Fab, fab

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    Re: Nursing babies

    22nd march I posted an OBE where the message was not to let children or fear get in the way.This was shortly after the tunnel vision of the boy in a silver / white wig to shoulder length . I felt I wanted to know more but when I got this message I decided not to focus on learning more about this boy but just .....go with the flow......
    I am thinking more of this today . Cockroaches ....fear... Not to get in the way.... Children to get in the way....
    I learnt no more of my young boy in period costume, I've had a build up to AKEO. The previous nights dream in animation with humour that ended in many babies in prams being pushed by many men up into the sky.
    I will leave my thoughts open till the next event ,but a possibility is --- was this another?

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Wow! Didn't think anything could beat the last but I'm as high as a kite with the one this morning.
    Sparkling silver pink stars. FAB.
    Woke up about 7am after restless sleep. No energy raising last night. Too early to get up and decided not to raise any energy at all this am but would do visuals. Did the usual fruit cutting,peeling dissecting,smelling ,tasting( like the water melon because of it's layers of bright colour and dark pips. I could just feel the cool juice in the mouth and the dark pip to bite.
    After about 15 mins mind wandered to other things to do with physical matters,then must have just got to that stage when the noise started.So so loud,obviously knew what was going on and this was my opportunity to exit.
    I concentrated hard on the noise trying to get inside the noise when the vibrations started and they were really really strong this time. I felt my whole body was shaking intensely then ...Woosh....up and away with no effort .
    Travelling very fast,no vision at first,the noise was like standing next to a planes engine waiting to take off.
    Things started moving in the eyelid,flickering then I see.
    I'm speeding past stars,they are beautiful sparkling,stretching out as far as I could see. Some were in clusters in the distance and others just sparkled spread out.This seemed to go on for a while but it was impossible to get bored just for the awesome sight.
    My thoughts at this stage turned to distance as we perceive it and for a couple of seconds I felt myself get a little anxious ,what if I got lost,but I quickly binned this thought because I knew it would spoil everything.
    Then I'm surrounded by pink,I don't know if it was the stars that were now pink or if there was pink energy surrounding the stars.
    I've now past this and can see the pink sparkling area to the left of me .I had gone through it and passed it now , then..
    BANG. This wasn't like a POP.Just like a small explosion.
    The loud noise stopped and replaced by the sound of birds singing.
    Slowly I'm descending,floating down till I'm standing on grass. I,m in a garden hearing birds,there is a slight breeze.
    Leaves were on the ground. I'm looking at two bushes,one with red flowers on , the other was a lovely red maroon colour. Cann't think of the name of it but we have it here.This was the border of someone's garden and in the back of my mind it felt a little familiar but I couldn't work out who's it was.
    The clarity was as it is right now looking out at my own garden. Colours were seen as clear as they are here. I feel that if someone had walked up to me I could have had a conversation with them and remembered it just as we do here. Nothing was hazy.
    Then it just disappeared and I'm back in body,I don't know why,I didn't think of body.

    Awesome but a little disappointed that it was just like a duplicate of earth.Had I travelled so far just to end up in a neighbours back garden.?
    When I felt that slight fear could I have been drawn back to the Real Time Zone? I don't think so because I passed the pink area after the fear.
    My vision was not 360,not even a full 180,.I was standing looking closely at 2 bushes so my focus was directed there rather than ahead. I was just starting to look along the lawn whenI came back.
    When I have remembered previous experiences that I've logged as magical , the sounds were soft and musical,colours were shimmering and translucent. I've even smelt the sweet sweet smell of the grass,but there was no smell,
    Could this have been a part of the astral that authors say can replicate the earth for those who have died.
    Wished I could have experienced a more interesting final destination.
    Well as I've said before...I'll just go with the flow......the journey there was incredible.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Another OBE but first I'm wondering if maybe, if I was travelling in my Astral body,( the previous Posted OBE) could I have reached the boundaries that this body would take me and the bang returned me to the Real Time Zone? Also important for me to correct that I " perceived" a breeze because of fallen leaves .

    OBE this morning. Now I'm understanding why the 'fear' issue has been cropping up .
    This morning woke up 6 am .good nights sleep,no worries. Back to sleep.Woke up to a short dream. Bit strange,yes a toddler was involved but a bit violent. Could not understand , but hey how go with the flow.
    Did visual exercises, few minutes of NEWS usual way. Within minutes I feel myself rocking backwards and forwards. Seems good idea but had a concern incase I was rocking my physical body and rolled off the bed. Woke up to check. Was fine . Back to silence the mind ,then rocking again backwards and forwards. I seemed to encourage this and try harder because I had checked physical body.
    Then I roll off the side of bed and down and down and then sideways.
    I knew the whole time what was going on.
    The feeling of moving, everything dark, I could see but it was dark. No astral noise, no vibrations. Was this a dream lesson???
    This was the start, now I'm in a dark environment floating around, things are floating in the distance,dark. I enter a building ,everything dark and just seem to float around wondering where I am . I seemed to know at this stage that something not nice was going to happen. At this stage of floating around I was aware that this was deliberate ( I was thinking this )
    I could see a spiky ball in the distance, it was black and heading towards me. I felt tested. ( because of this ,it was fun) very quickly this black spiky ball is in front of me and turns to show a gruesome threatening face.
    I was ready and just said .....P..S off and go away . Just leave me alone!!! It passed by . I didn't see it again. Few long worms floating in the background but woke up.

    NOW ... Psychiatrists would have a field day with me . I woke up absolutely fine, no problems. I've mentioned recently about dreams involving fear and wondering why.
    Could I have been encouraged on a spiritual level to lower my vibration by funny but violent dream? to give me an experience of the fears that one could experience in the lower astral. .
    Only 24 hours ago I had a fab experience
    I felt great at the end like winning a test.. Bring it on......

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Another OBE again with the same 'fear issue"
    Woke up early am ,no energy raising ,only visually peeled a banana twice. In and out of small dreams just to do with physical life.
    8 am decided nothing was going to happen, shouldn't expect 3 nights in a row. Checked I was not at the edge of the bed.settled down.
    A few minutes later I can hear a radio switched on. This was very quiet but was an American presenter talking about the weather in an American state. I was wondering if it was coming from my radio but knew then that this was astral noise just to ignore.
    Started rocking gently backwards and forwards and felt myself gently raise up.
    I was still in my bedroom,this was Real Time Zone. At this stage I was flying around my room but I was viewing as if my eyes were half closed. Thinking that I may have my physical eyes slightly opened quickly decided to just accept what I had or I could blow the experience. This time I was perceiving with 360 vision. I could see the bedroom wardrobes then came thousands of little yellow flies.
    They headed straight for me and now I'm surrounded by thousands of flies.all yellow, I've had these before and knew they couldn't hurt me. I couldn't even feel them.
    I'm now flying fast towards the bedroom cupboards and just go through them.It was darker now. Back into the bedroom and facing the mirror and saw my face vaguely but I think I saw an outline of a young boys face next to mine.he appeared about 6-8 years old.
    Turning round now and landed on the floor,lay down and woke up.
    Time was 8.20.
    Not nearly exciting as the last 2 nights but still grateful to be getting out.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Your experiences have been very rich lately susan. Nice.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Thank you CFT.
    Been thinking about the last few and wondering if this is my spirit helpers getting closer to me ?
    The OBE posted above had me perceive a young boys face at the side of me just when looking into the mirror.Now we know they can and do take on any form for reasons such as not to frighten us.
    There is no reason I can think of as to why a young child would be assisting me.I just went with it when flying round the bedroom not knowing which direction I would be going next. The experience ended when facing the mirror.I believe I was meant to look,( even though I also perceived from behind looking at the back of me and the side of the young boys outline.Was this my guide?
    Secondly,the OBE where I was in a room with someone who looked like my mother but I knew it wasn't,and the two men with her.
    An OBE written in my paper journal before starting this one where I looked up and saw my husband carrying me in a sling.I could see him as clear as if he was standing in front of me in physical awake stage
    If nothing experienced soon will post this one

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I imagine it could be.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Okay, I don't know what happened this morning but I think I still have a lot of learning to do with what appears to be real all the way through and maybe learning when we phase into the dream world.
    I will reluctantly put this in the category of OBE turned into dream them back into OBE.
    Yesterday through the day had been on this site talking on the dreaming forum about a previous recall .
    Went to bed fine,slept till 5am. Remembered a dream where I was looking at a tiny new born baby and I wanted to put it into a comfortable position so the head was well supported. ( telly has gone out of tune) Tucked the head into a really comfy position so it could sleep and sleep . It was very cozy , I felt the coziness.
    Woke up, went o the bathroom,came back,decided to lift my top off the floor and put it on the chair ( this is relevant)
    Got myself cozy decided to do token effort to raise energy but really didn't feel like it. Within seconds of finishing I get that jelly vibrations,no astral noise just jelly feeling as I feel myself raise up from the bed. I have 360 vision and can see a 360 of myself. My face. I'm now heading straight upwards fast with the feeling that someone was behind me.
    The same beautiful stars sparkling,I'm in space travelling fast but there was no pink energy amongst the stars this time.
    I saw what looked like a space station in space in front of me slightly to the left.

    I am entering onto the space station,a little dark with corridors.Slowly lowered to the ground with someone behind me . I feel a little frightened but know that I have to stay calm and not get frightened or this will spoil the experience.Is this what this has all been about?
    ( telly playing up again)
    Men about 6-7 just standing there in different positions. But they were all in white all over. Someone came from a corridor with a lovely loving voice and came forward. I felt little in awe and fear but tried to stay calm. Male voice he says in a soothing voice .
    "My dear come with me"
    His whole body was in a white suite that took the contour of his body and including his head. Hence the apprehension.
    ( telly is really playing up)
    The others were all the same but a woman was at the side and to my relief she had the body suite to the neck which showed a head as real as mine, with a normal hairstyle? I felt no love or connection to this person ,just as if she was there doing a job.
    I was taken along a corridor,some other people were around with the same white suites on but I didn't focus on them.
    I felt at this stage that I was being carried. Entered a room that I felt was an " interview room" .
    Remembered nothing until travelling back, spinning over dry land area saw ' sketching 's ' of wild animals then dry land with no grass then felt jelly like back into body .

    Woke up and have been trying to put an explanation to this. Hence the intro on the other part of this site.
    Please please if anyone can come up with any suggestions (other than what I have decided could be the only possibility,) please advise. I really don't want to loose credibility on this site. Open to suggestion .

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I need to add the revelance of going to the toilet and lifting my top off the floor. I could not at this stage have dreamt of wakening up because my top was on the chair in the morning.

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