Meditation on Free Will

I have been paying attention. Fun is a free-for-all. Everybody wins, everybody loses, everybody laughs and everybody cries. People, upon realising this, choose to realise everything else instead of fun! It is that free will, with all of it's ups and downs, forgot about pain only to have it upside them as though life was but a problem to be solved. And that problem is human nature. What is the solution? The answer is paradoxical. On the on hand, one must be alone to be happy, and on the other, one must count on the truth that all are going to be alright. All are going to be alright OK - that's the only reassurance you can give yourself.

Elsewhere I have written that "to be human is to be founded in knowledge." What is knowledge? Knowledge is the right to choose. To have knowledge is to summon the "normality" to describe a choice as sensible. Once made, a choice is determined (first cause), and its fate is derived from that. There is no need for right or wrong in the realm of knowledge, where realisation abides. This is the nature of intelligence - to know right from wrong and be willing to see beyond both into infinite. A person who cannot choose is a person who lets others choose for them. They are evil, they will perish.

When knowledge evolved to choose "no more fun for me, please," it had evolved enough. Simplicity is more normal than free will and all of its mishaps. The person has become conscious. It's new, a new way to think, feel, breathe. When you don't doubt evil anymore your choice is determined by truth - evil doesn't know the stuff, in fact doesn't like it, doesn't remember it either. So, bury your unconscious species in the truth about choices. Some people will get tired of the lie about pain, that it will not suffer the truth about evil. The truth is, suffer evil and you have your soul - not theirs of course, that sort of up and down rollercoaster would be the illnesses they bring. Those illnesses are your brand of euthanasia. Worry not, evil didn't like Earth much either. Suffer good and you have them.

What happens when a tree falls in a forest? It only makes a sound if you let it. Be in the right place at the right time and you really don't need the noise happening to your "probable" others. Quantum physics was an interesting study - it realised chance - there was no danger in being happy, with one's self. If you want to be happy with "the 21st century Jesus," do it, but he has to force you to do something for yourself, OK? I know this, it happen to me. Jesus knew this much: The only answer to happiness is anger and that's where energy starts, and miracles eventually happen. Let yourself be happy alone, and let anger bring you the answer to the seemingly eternal health crisis. You are not a fate when compassion > anger. Jesus or the Buddha: follow your anger or watch anger follow you.

Pure thoughts are the ones that have no immediate effect. Turn the erroneous mindsets back into energy by breathing through. Not energy is not good!.. But compassion will unthink it.