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Thread: factoids factoids.

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    psychic posession

    what adepts or masters of telepathic communication , exceed the simple limitation of telepathy , the start to acquire telepathic possession

    In such a state one can actually feel , taste and entwine the person on whom telepathic possession is made.

    In such a state , there is flavor , sense and the ability to "taste" the person.

    Following depicts it well , psychic tendrils wind over the subject while the telepathic overtakes him/her , what is to note here is that you don't have to envision it , all your faculties are present and working (entirely different from regular telepathic communication)



    Psychic or telepathic vice , does not mean you control the person or their thoughts , it simply means you have a tight grip over them.

    The sensation of it is gustatory , there is taste , flavor and the sensation of relish in the whole experience.
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    How telepaths undertake a psychic surgery.

    A basic comic based rubic , showing how telepaths perform psychic surgery on the subject under psychic and telepathic control ( a critical situation)


    The two telepaths making ready to enter the operation theater , silence is of sublime importance

    Just like any other surgery , friends and well wishers sit and pray , again the silence screen is made salient

    Goodbyes are being and it is stressed the well wishers maintain strict silence

    Entrance into the operation theater and a first cursory look

    The psychic "scalpel" is the point of contact , notice how emma frost chooses to drink whiskey first (this isn't a big job for her)

    The "Dive" into the mind of the subject

    Emma frost being dissed for not being helpful or lending help (banter)

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    this list was SUPERB

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    did a very casual , very easygoing image based manifestation thing ,before going to bed and it worked.

    sometimes taking it easy is far more effectual then fussing over it or adding more then necessary thought or procedure.

    got what i want : feeling so good.
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    Re: factoids factoids.

    put your headphones on and hear loud music while trying to meditate

    it's like lifting weights for spiritual muscle

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    I wish I had eyes like this , slant , angular and going up to the temples at the end.

    mine aren't bad , but I'd just would trade these for anything .

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    hardwork , aim , ambition ,practice.

    strive and wear your marks of strife with ardent pride.

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    mysticism chakras and 3rd eyes in Islam

    Islamic history is rich in material of spiritual and mystical artifacts and data

    here there is written the "Kalma" over a bronze relic of Muhammadien times.

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    Fact is DC , the threads that connect everyone aren't really meant to be assessed , far too much of that deviates you from pleasure

    surrender in each instance , even if it is desire for a particular need , like sex or a certain type of a man , fact is these ideas change over time and so does the person bearing them.

    When you change so does your need , the trick is to hang on until you are on an even keel , like say not barking back to vicious abuse.

    The spiritual self feels this and withdraws in itself further and deeper down , out goes the hard work of putting effort into it , yet on a deeper level still all this BS is going to pull its toll , so do what is required , practice the art of self-possession.
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    Confusing imagination and fantasy with reality and supernatural

    there's far too thin a line between fantasy and daydreams and construction of actual energetic practice

    where the line blurs is where is what lies the absolute danger , to tread it is to learn things that most people simply cannot.

    at that point pat yourself on the back and tell yourself that you have put in years of pure hard work dedication and ambition.

    most men simply don't make the cut.
    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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