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Thread: factoids factoids.

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    My dad spoke fluent Japanese and Korean- he picked it up from when he was in the military and stationed in Japan for three years. I can count to ten in Japanese (and say yes and no and stuff like that) and I know how to say "come here" in korean. I certainly heard it enough growing up.
    When we were younger, my family went on vacation and stayed in a place managed by a chinese family. My youngest brother immediately fell in love with one of their daughters (who matched him in age.) So eventually my dad had to speak to her dad to allow them to go to the movies or something like that. Except that he didn't speak spanish or english, but both spoke japanese. It turned out that this couple were from different parts of China and spoke different dialects, so they both learned japanese as a second language because it was so much easier than to learn each others' dialects. So my dad was able to strike up a friendship (at least as long as we were there) with the manager, and my little brother went out with his short-termed girlfriend. It was sweet while it lasted, we eventually had to come back home.
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    Re: factoids factoids.

    my father grew up in a province entirely separate and different from the province my mother grew up in , but in his early 20's him and his older brother (who shortly after finishing medschool immigrated to Australia , married and eventually settled there for good) moved to my mother's province (which is capital territory and where we currently reside) , there after he started speaking our regional language (he now speaks the language as if he were born speaking it!).
    My grandmother who lives with us ever since my mom got married and me were since bunked up as room mates (up till my pre-teen years, till my sister moved to the US for college) as room mates we talked in her dialect and she made surely I learnt each of the languages perfectly well , (i can understand them entirely but can't speak them out or converse in them with fluid ease) , naturally me and my grandmother have that special sort camaraderie that develops between room mates that have lived with each other year in and year out.
    My grandmother is a staunch devoted practicing muslim , i remember when she would sit down to pray and make recitations from the Quran (considered to be a very pious virtuous act of prayer) i would sit up next to her and tell her rowdy song lyrics i had picked up here and there (i was young enough to understand stand they meant hanky panky but not old enough to discern what exactly they meant) , recently i was telling my mom of it and she literally went nuts laughing , she couldn't believe i'd been making mischief with her mom like that (some of the songs were well , lets say better not repeated in front of company)

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    i always tell folks that if they lead out with their left foot, there right foot is sure to follow
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    Save these large sized plastic bottles.

    this really appealed to my inner house-wife , goes pretty well in the factoid section.

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    Re: factoids factoids.


    "magic" , i smiled at that

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    Re: factoids factoids.


    "there are so many things i want to try
    gotta do them all before i die"

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    this picture said everything without a single word.


    so cliche but true , about a picture and a thousand words , amazing , how it hit bullseye.

    i had a gander at it and was silent (amazing right?)

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    a duck walks into a pharmacy

    he asks the pharmacist for a tube of lip balm

    the pharmacist goes "Yeah Right! How is DUCK going to pay for this??!"

    the duck says "Easy! just put it on my bill"


    just picked this gem at the nurses station

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    *Why is there a fence around the grave yard? ~ Because everyone was dying to get in

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