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Thread: factoids factoids.

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    this thread has officially made it to 5 whole stars (thankyou all those who voted)

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    Some bona fide biblical angels.

    Raziel - the angel of Mysteries.

    When the fall of angels and the birth of mankind was foretold Raziel was pegged down to be the one most likely to be like Lucifer , but he did not.It is said next to God and Metatron , Raziel knows of "The Grand Mystery of Life" ( the question "what is the meaning of life")
    Raziel holds . wisdom , mystery , magic , control over the Astral Realm and the right to delegate angelic ascension and ranking (within the elite angelic hierarchy).
    His wings are EPIC , it's weird , the artists often draw them so ridiculously large it drowns out half the work , here in this rendition we can see them in their awesome glory.He is suspected to be with a very handsome face (which is difficultly and rarely seen because as a superior angel his halo outshines everything in umbra).As a high ranking Archangel , Raziel is said to be of a pensive despondent mood - forever worrying about the fate of mankind.
    It's kind of funny , in the biblical texts it has been said hey have things as glorious as to "gaze upon the size of Raziel's wings."It's like God saying "for the devout christian lady we definitely have eye candy , waiting in the after life".
    What is Raziel's wing span? It is said that to answer this question one would have to imagine that each and every book written on Majick ,Mystery , Occult and the Astral since the beginning of mankind , is first read into Raziel's Mind before the author makes the written word , as the word hits the paper the paper becomes a feather in the wings of this awesome creature.Collectively that would mean Raziel's wing span out does all other Angels or his wings represent his wisdom of mystery since before paper words were written on papyrus or vellum (indicating his wings are made of feathers which aren't all of the same material).
    He holds "The Book of All Mysteries" on his appearance.

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    Some bona fide biblical angels.

    "Israfel - The Angel of Final Song

    Israfel is a high ranking archangel , another seraphim , who's ♥♥♥♥♥et isnt the warning but instead heralds the end of the world.
    She is raven black and burns like interminably pure fire inside.She is the final word , she is the ultimate for she has the timer on time - she ends it or she can start it anew.
    So how strong is she? Ok let's go by "angels for dummies laymen here" and say , the last time she blew her final song , it was a big bang , and it didn't do too well for the dinosaurs , it was the end of times for them. That's final boss skill (so interms of power Israfel is one of the mightiest angels of biblical lore ; let's assume in a battlefield full of incredibly powerful demons , Israfel doesn't have to engage in battle , all she has to do is blow on her ♥♥♥♥♥et and it's literally end game).Another hint at her awesome power is given in the biblical angelic lore , that by controlling the size of her destructive blast , Israfel can annihilate worlds and galaxies (size is irrelevant to her).Pure Cosmic scale power.
    Israfel's beauty is legendary for something to exquisitely potent in caliber she is just as breath taking as she is the end of it all.
    Israfel's wings are said to be so wide in span she has to wrap them around her waist or lest they spread and cover all that eye can ever see in a singular shadow.
    Israfel's demeanor is said to be one of poise , elegance and a deep rooted savoir faire , she is intensely feminine and slender.

    let's hold on a minute here and look at how lengendarily beautiful Israfel is.She's a knockout.
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    Some bona fide biblical angels.

    right now i'm having a real swell time , posting these awesome images and saving them to factoids , I'll fill in the details regarding each angel later on.No one really seems to be reading into these awesome creatures so I guess the research wasn't too cool to go in.
    Either way the fact these are bona fide biblical angels is ceaselessly rad.


    "For he who holds the memory of man
    For he whose arcane business is long forgotten
    Why should he bless you?
    If you cannot even remember his face
    He who holds the past upon his shoulders
    And the future in his hands
    Hail Zachriel, Angel of Memory"
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    Some bona fide biblical angels.


    "O lonely fountain, bless us mortals that dwell beneath you
    Let our gratefulness abate your sadness
    Let our prayers reach you, lonely Matariel
    All men and beasts seek your embrace
    We beg that you may stretch your hand out to us
    So we may continue to praise your generosity
    O great muse of rain, O sustainer of life
    Patiently we await your blessing"
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    Some bona fide biblical angels.

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    Yes men DO dance en pointe.

    I'm taking up dance again , and a lot of things are going into it.Practice is one part of it and putting up with paranoia and prejudice another.
    While packing bags and hitting home , colleagues caught sight of ribboned shoes I was stuffing in for practice and making eyes at me like I'm into cross dressing or something.Later on the thing was spread and I was joshed about it.I'm still taken aback by how instantly one get's "labelled" by the apparatus used by a person in his or her profession.

    I thought to myself that I won't take rumor to heart and have it ache me so , so for the sake of equity I talked to a couple of other non-judgmental people (I showed them the shoes and asked them whether they were a men's or women's) - they all said were women's.

    Men DO take lessons in dancing en pointe (classical pointed toe ballet) and training to dance regular (counterpart to the prima ballerina) or man himself as the lead starts as early as ballet itself (this is a huge distinction in terms of training since the class for either is usually separate).I have strong sturdy calves , ankles and feet but the training is just as rigorous , being a man doesn't spare you either the hard work or the punitive training.Most parents don't let their male children take en pointe with the rest of the girls saying "ballet itself is enough , making him into a girl isn't OK" - thank my lucky stars I didn't have that kind of parents.

    Once your'e a trained pointe dancer , the classes then intensify immensely , in the peak of your training , the footwork becomes more intricate , more complicated , the body work more demanding , the practice more assiduous.Growing up and dancing en pointe kept me disciplined , focused , hardworking and frankly let me dance in a way that regular ballet couldn't have given me access to.Training demands a lot of respect specially in the earlier part of your career.This part of your career either makes you up or breaks you down.I do remember being jeered for wearing "girl shoes" but I was one of the only two male dancers training en pointe , people at dance looked at me with respect and awe (while they left after class I stayed on take study more for en pointe) , somehow their respect and admiration of my work gave the shield I needed to survive the stigma and derision that comes with dancing and being a man.

    Pointe can wreck your feet if you don't monitor your technique properly , if don't watch out for bone-misalignment or don't pay diligent podiatrist visits.Furthermore pointe work calls for exquisite balance within the rest of your body , while working with feet you can't say "I have more leeway to relax practice on my body since I tire out my feet too much" - It doesn't work like that , regular training keeps up and if it doesn't , your footwork looks sloppy.Again a lot of serious dedication and commitment goes into this part of your career too.At this part of my career I was keeping incredibly demanding study as a pre-med and taking training.I used to take it day at a time.Again the love and respect of teachers and peers in dance saw me sail through.

    Getting back into shape for dancing pointe isn't easy , infact most people are too intimated to look back since the regime is draconian in scale of being tough, (getting back into ballet itself after year or even months of neglect is automatically deemed "out of shape , out of game").However life doesn't quite work like that , not all of us get to dance , or dance professionally , no matter how excellent your credentials (trust me I know).Many opt out at this stage into other careers.Pilates was originally intended to help retired dancers get back into shape , it doesn't help , yoga doesn't help , gym class for elasticity and balance might help in terms of re-gaining stamina but do little to the body that was once so exquisitely lissom that it was deemed acrobatic.Again another exceptionally difficult stage in a dancers life.Trainers and teachers that guide back dancers in this stage are known to be the most inordinately expensive in their remuneration.

    So why do male dancers put up with the pain , the training they call punishment , the hard work , the difficulty getting accepted as"regular men"?
    Is it the pink pointed toes and the pretty ribbons?

    True dance is free of gender , there are no "ribbons" that denote gender , no movement of the body that makes you gay or straight , no persecution that calls you feminine or masculine - it's liberating as it is profound and soulful.

    I told my friends I was training again and I told them how I got joshed for wearing pointe shoes.They chipped into get me these awesome shoes as a reminder to tell me that they were all rooting for me and their support for me standing up for myself was solid.
    I'm so blessed in so many ways that prejudice , labelling and ridicule rolls of my back.I thank my lucky stars every single damn day.
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    DC in love.

    DC has given his heart away.

    I take one look at this person and that entire day is blessed.At night when I rewind my day , it's the highlight .. a mere glimpse lasting seconds.

    It's pretty obvious we won't run into each other and even less likely ever to get to know each other but yet still , it's definitely love.

    I'm writing this down to tell everyone that , never for a second assume your own worth because someone somewhere might be wondering "isn't it amazing how a simple human being , just by giving a glimpse of themselves can grant you pure unadulterated happiness and joy?".

    This gives me reason to believe that maybe just maybe someone could possibly be feeling the same way about me too , there is such untold joy in secrecy.I'm reveling in the delight of it.

    I haven't told a single soul yet.It's one of those things that isn't meant to be.

    Maybe if I was younger and had the insouciance of youth to pursue , to wish and simply reach out and take.Sadly that's just not the case anymore , cold factual logic is burden to bear.

    I'll write more about this happy news , once I get sight more of my beloved and if something more than wishful thinking transpires.

    "The heart dies a slow death
    shedding each hope like leaves
    until one day nothing remains"
    ~ Memoirs of a geisha.

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    Awwww. Good luck.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Part-1 My new ritual - that's working.

    {{posted by DarkChylde on 15th November 2015 }}
    so I've been doing this ritual lately (for wellbeing , prosperity , success and gain) , so far the results are really good.

    the ritual itself is pretty simple , but requires time and effort , I wanted to write about it here so that I can get back to it and write more of it later on too.

    I'll write about the ritual once all of the results are manifest.
    wish me luck

    *Edit : the results are manifest please refer to Part-2 as the results are stated right here down below.
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