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Thread: factoids factoids.

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    I logged into write about something else , when I saw the post above , seriously with the awful bad luck I've had (or just a generally really tough time) the ritual could've done either nothing or mitigated what went on.
    what a life.

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    this is really pretty , I might use it for my dp one day.Very Kundalinish.I like how the kundalini is flaring her hood around the person whom she is arising in , that and how there's a maternal aspect in her coverage , I can relate to it.Belonging to a higher protective force inside of you.
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    Re: factoids factoids.

    I like this too.
    Very "Star Child" (I love how it implicates DNA-tampering but still denotes a basic connection) , plus the visceral organs are very accurately placed.
    I'm constantly watching UFO/Alien documentaries on marathon , and when this popped up on my feed I felt it had to go into factoids factoids.
    I'm one step more closer to the great beyond I feel.
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    Re: factoids factoids.

    Salem is the best television series ever to be made (to me it's better than Game of Thrones , The Walking Dead , Big Bang Theory , Super Natural or their ilk)

    This the pagan/witches lullaby (I don't know what the actual version goes like) that the protagonist Mary sings.It was so incredibly well done it sounded like an ancient soothing chant.

    Hush, little baby, don't say a word,
    Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird.
    If that mockingbird don't sing,
    Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring
    If that diamond ring turns brass,
    Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass.
    If that looking glass gets broke,
    mother's gonna buy you a black she-goat
    and if that black she-goat won't milk
    mother's gonna buy you a roll of silk"

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler View Post
    Awwww. Good luck.
    it's totally done and finished
    I was casting love spells on him CONSTANTLY , the minute they stopped , he was replaced by another in duty.

    sad but true

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    this is my artwork from when I first took up art (about 14/16 years ago) .
    I mostly do jewelry design and intricate motif.
    I like this the best of my art at that point in time.
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    Re: Yes men DO dance en pointe.

    2016-05-18 12.40.10-1-1.jpg

    PhoeNix -
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    Of the end the beginning•In the beginning Our Self.

    "I can tell you,when people cling to bitterness,there is nothing you can do about it,because it's how they define their power.If he [they] can learn to get power from joy, good-" ~ CFTraveler

    "Kundalini is known by many names through different cultures, including The Cosmic Christ.
    I think there is only one mechanism built into all humans, but it has been given many names and interpretations." ~ Robert Bruce

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    Re: Yes men DO dance en pointe.

    absolutely awesome , just when you think why mess with perfection , this , this is why
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    Re: factoids factoids.

    kundalini isn't a menace or an ominous beat , it's verdant and giving.

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    Re: factoids factoids.

    some sort of a peak experience earlier in the morning today , felt really really good - no idea what really was going on though.

    very peaceful.

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