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Thread: The Goddess Laxmi.

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    Re: The Goddess Laxmi.

    How did you get Lakshmi Ji to open your crown? I thought she’s the one to ‘lift up our hearts’ and bring the heart chakra to bloom. You are so lucky you have that sort of connection with her.

    lakshmi is my mums kul Devi and since my dad passed away before I became a mystic, she is the main deity in our house. Her and Durga/parvati.

    Lakshmi is much more than just wealth, she is the spark of light which leads to the manifestation of anything. not just abundance and wealth but popularity and most importantly love.

    Beleive it or not lakshmi is the Polar opposite of a omnipresent deity holistically opposed to our happiness, when lakshmi appears, this ‘negative lakshmi’ disappears. Getting lakshmi to stay in one place or around one individual is not easy. She’s very easily distracted and very quick to move but when she’s around she has value in our lives. This is because of how we treat her avatar ‘money’ in the world. She demands respect.

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    Re: The Goddess Laxmi.

    Funny you should write that, I was just thinking of Laskmi this morning and she came, indeed it is the heart now. Time eh?

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