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Thread: Success Stories

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    Success Stories

    G'day Robert & fellow energy workers!

    I wanted to start this new thread as there were many about the technical aspects of this program and some minor glitches that Robert is working on, but not much from what people have been feeling and experiencing. As familiar as i am with computers and the internet, I am new to posting on forums so if this post/thread is misplaced please let me know.

    Apologies, but I would like to give a quick summary of my journey using Roberts techniques over the past 10 years as this has lead to some fantastic realizations since commencing the Raising Kundalini Program.

    About 10 years ago my good friend was kind enough to give me a bunch of interviews where Robert was describing his experiences with OBE's (out of body experiences/astral projection). Like a hammer to the face, I was struck dumb.. memories of my childhood and many instances where I too had experienced OBE's came flooding back to me. At the time I had discussed these experiences with my mother and she had helped me come to terms with what was happening (I was very young and "grew out" of these experiences as I matured through my teenage years). I had been Profoundly influenced by the rediscovery and fact that certain things were not known about by the average person and that reality was quite different then I was lead to believe. Over the next 10 years I delved into everything Robert has offered (which is no small amount of information) along with much other information and can personally attest to the profound changes and experiences that have resulted. Following is a summary of the most impacting and influential material/courses that I sourced from what is available to the community at large which I list, not to promote but to highlight what I feel has caused recent profound shift in my consciousness. There is much that has not made this list, believe me..

    • Roberts NEW energy work book
    • Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now & A New Earth books.
    • Roberts Practice Psychic Self-Defense book
    • Pranic Healing courses, inc. Basic, Advanced, Psychotherapy, Om Mani Padme Hum, Meditation on the Heart Chakra, Meditation on the Lords Prayer & many books on Pranic Healing.
    • Roberts Astral Dynamics Book
    • Robert and Brian's 90 day guide to OBE's including audio companion
    • Far Journeys HEMI SYNC CDs from TMI (The Munroe Institute)
    • Franz Bardon's Initiation Into Hermetics, The Key to the True Kabbalah & The Practice of Magical Evocation
    • Roberts PAPI (Practical Astral Projection Intensive) course.. which i did twice and strongly recommend to those who are newer to energy work and OBE's
    • Robert's Perth workshop on Energy work and OBE's (including a very plesent dinner at the Kalamunda hotel with Robert and some other very special people, which I will remember always).

    Following the instruction given by Robert, I have;

    • Succeeded in OBE's and many other energy body experiences. (though not yet at will to my regret, though my effort has limited this factor) Including a profound OBE where I was instructed by Bodhisattva Padmasambhava (spiritual guide for Grand Master Choa Kok Sui & founder of Tibetan Buddhism among much else) an experience that brought tears to my eyes.
    • Had many instances where I have seen peoples Auras and Chakras including seeing the energy channels and structures of my arm and hand during the PAPI
    • Seen my girlfriend floating above her physical body while she slept
    • Experienced the vision screen that Robert mentions along with a beautiful kaleidoscopic flashes followed by an OBE.
    • Experienced the Madusa effect that Robert mentions in his Raising Kundalini Supplemental Material

    I sat listening to the first parts of the Raising Kundalini Course the other day (after buying it before Christmas but not feeling it was time) and all of a sudden my computer started to have some issues. So thought to restart it (a common solution for computer issues). As it was restarting, it said there were issues and it had to repair so I clicked OK and on it went trying to resolve said issues. I sat there patiently and thought that I might as well read some supplemental material for the course while I waited. I began to read when all of a sudden a torrent of previous experiences (some listed above) all joined together to form a cohesive whole, like a experience jigsaw puzzle. I was already a buzz with energy that I had been bouncing and drawing in to my basic/root and sub naval areas while listening to the first few parts of this program but Instantly I felt profound energies shifting in my body in ways that I had never experienced and within a space of about 20 seconds I went from being stressed (until now i thought that i was relaxed..) to a profound place of peace and serenity and it was like I was getting a huge energetic pat on the back from 'the universe', 'god', 'my higher self', what ever you want to call it. This 'pat', told me (in feeling not words) that all of the tedious work I had embarked upon almost 10 years ago and had been practicing on and off since then had come to fruition. Since then (2 days ago) I have been in the best place i have been in since my childhood, energy sensations in my body and flowing more easily then ever before I'm smiling all the time at nothing in particular.. I just feel, FANTASTIC. (note. the computer repair failed to work and when I powered it back up there were no issues were apparent)

    I wanted to share this with everyone in the program even though this post goes back to before this course to show that the information that Robert is putting out into this world has changed/is changing my life for the better and for ever. I am so excited at continuing and even the prospect of the Raising Kundalini Program and cannot wait to push my previous limits of energetic development further and further. An eternal love and thank you to Robert for making this course happen and to you all that are making the journey.

    Wow that was long, sorry everyone.
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    Re: Success Stories


    Thank you very much for your kind words.

    It is so nice to be appreciated.

    This is a wonderful post.

    Your computer issues were likely caused by your higher self (whatever you like to call your higher aspects). I have had similar things happen myself. Once, I tried to send an email to the wrong person that would have caused me and others enormous problems. But the email program just would not work. I tried several times, and shelved it and did some successful tests sending email to myself, and then back to the email I was trying to send. But it was still blocked. I started from scratch and rewrote it completely, but it did the same thing again. So I gave up and went to bed. The next day I realized what could have happened if I had sent it.

    (A woman was consulting with me about her marriage and I accidentally chose her husband's email address. This would have betrayed a confidence and caused a lot of heartbreak...and my name would have been MUD).

    Someone was certainly looking after me that night, and my computer just would not work properly. This demonstrates that spirits can influence electronic devices and computers.

    And that's a great list of books and courses you have included....nice.

    I'll have to do some more WA workshops soon.

    peace, robert

    ps, I might see if i can share this in my newsletter, if that's okay?

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    Re: Success Stories

    My pleasure Robert.

    It really is nothing compared with what you have brought to my life.

    Whats mine is yours, feel free to use my posts where you like.

    I would definitely be there if you do have another Perth workshop so please do let me know


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    Re: Success Stories

    Good morning everyone!

    Prior to making a couple of posts last night on these forums I had been listening to rk_s06 from the program and had been water fasting since breakfast yesterday. In the program, Robert was describing various methods of moving energy and activating certain areas. I was following along bouncing energy, raising and storing energy, activating my sole(feet) minor chakras and hand chakras including about 3-5 minutes of intense energy work on my feet which left me absolutely buzzing with energy, so I felt that I should take a break. I wrote the posts which took an hour or so and then went and watched some of The Mentalist with my girlfriend, a TV program that we have been enjoying together as of late. After about 1-2 hours of laying on the couch, I developed a little nigerly tension headache in the back of my brain stem area. So as I was laying down on the couch, I was sweeping all the used and excess energy from my energy body using the Pranic Healing techniques and by feeling and imagining all the excess energy that was lingering and had accumulated was draining from my aura back to the earth. After about an hour of doing this the headache completely disappeared and although still feeling a fair bit of energetic sensations it had lessened and as it was getting late (for me in any case) about 10pm local time I was not interested in stimulating my energy body further that day.

    This is when things got interesting. As i were laying there my energy body slowly started to start buzzing heaps, with far more sensations then I had felt in even my feet earlier. I probably shouldn't have, but I thought what the heck, and started doing the whole body energy bounce (I knew that I didn't have to work today so was not overly phased if I stayed up a bit longer..). After a hand full of bounces I felt my energy body reach that peak of energetic activation that those of you who are familiar with OBE's will know about.. That point where you are buzzing so much that you can start moving energetic limbs out of your body and to move them about, the point where if your relaxed enough, can have a conscious OBE. My energy legs begun to separate and float up at about a 45° angle from my physical legs, a phenomena that is very common for me from previous experiences, however I felt allot of tension from my naval chakra up to my crown a feeling as if something was holding me in my body. This was again common for me, being a very intellectually based individual and not yet mastering Roberts physical relaxation exercises (from the 90 Day OBE guide CD companion) I have had some problems with this part of the process before. I would have done the tensing and relaxing exercises but it didn't come to me at the time and I was just enjoying the experience and it would have been enough.

    This is when things really got interesting. I thought that I would do some thorough cleansing of my aura while I was in this altered state as the benefits and heightened sensations have been highlighted by Robert numerous times. The memory from the Supplemental Material of when Robert discussed his experience with seeing the critters inside his physical body had been coming back to me a couple of times in the past few days and I figured that it would be safer if I tried to remove any of these little nasties before I went much further with the Raising Kundalini program and also thinking that some things inside of me may have been what has halted the OBE moments before.. All of a sudden I was driven to start praying, something I practice throughout the day along with other affirmations. I started repeating in the name of the supreme god, Jesus, all the holy gurus etc. etc. I command that all used energy, negative elementals, smoking elementals, negative thought forms and negative entities be banished from my body and so on I went. After repeating it twice, my mind was forcing me to wander and to stop saying the prayer but I kept on holding onto it and restarting it if i had to, doing it again until i had done it perhaps a dozen times. Suddenly I heard a nasty sounding voice, not audibly as Robert describes, but more inside the mind saying something like 'I have been inside you for a long time and your not getting rid of me that easily, sounding almost smug..'. Truthfully I was a little bit spooked by this.. memories of Robert discussing schizophrenia and dementia washing over me. I was again driven instinctively to once more, imagine all the used energy draining out of my feet and at the same time do nothing but to focus on my breathing... So i did. Over the next few minutes I felt all sorts of chunky energy getting flushed out through my legs with the intent of it returning to where it came from or the earth as might be required. At times when I nearly thought it was done it felt literally as if things were trying to climb back into me by my feet and spurred again my the gut instincts I did a massive gesture of the cross with my energy arms that extended to the edges of the universe (I believe this may have come from Roberts, Practical Psychic Self-Defense book, though I may be mistaken, its been a while since I read it). As I went up then down then to the left and then to the right with my cross, I felt massive amounts of energy in each direction and also my aura strengthening and by the time I completed the down leg of the cross it was as if my aura had been locked and shielded and I was protected from those things trying to get back into me.

    After this I got a distinct impression (it seems corny to say it but I will no matter how it sounds) that's enough for today, as if it was coming from Robert himself. This may just have been a voice I feel I trust and therefore heard or may have been his higher self I have no idea (Robert please do let me know if you recall anything). I lay there after all this happened for 30 mins or so before I felt I could get up and did my best to sweep the excess energy from my aura for the next hour or so and eventually felt tired enough to try to go to bed. Probably got to bed about 4am and woke up at 7am this morning feeling much better then I usually do having had little sleep, I suppose it feels as if i'm spaced out a little bit but that's about all. It just seems very quiet now, similar to when I had a WA ex police Chaplin and clairvoyant associate come and do an exorcism on myself and property.

    Anyway, obviously I had to share this experience with everyone. So thanks for listening.
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    Re: Success Stories

    Courage is required, and your higher self will test you on this.

    It is possible that you had an OBE here, and that the energy of your projected double was affecting you. Typically, this will case gut instinct level fear with no rational explanation; just fear. It can be quite intense.

    you are doing really well. Just be patient and keep doing what you have been doing.

    That's enough for today.....


    ps, you can give mental 'commands' to relax your physical body further. your body will respond if you tell it to. you can also use commands to activate chakras, etc.

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    Re: Success Stories

    Cheers Robert, I will keep that in mind.

    Have had a few days off from any serious work and feel as if I'm getting back to normality now so might start doing some more work again. I was a bit of a space cadet for a few days there.

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    Re: Success Stories

    The space cadet thing is quite normal.

    i've been there

    Observing yourself and knowing yourself helps, so you know who you are even while you are in a peak experience.

    "Man, know thyself." is the wisest saying ever.

    peace, robert

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    Re: Success Stories

    Hey hey Bob,

    Its strange though, in the highest peak experiences that I have had I am everything that is, the planets and all the life forms that there is, but in those moments time stops and it seems such an information overload that no focus can be made on any independent existence including my own.. I guess more training would be required in this area to have the expansion with the ability to use it?

    I suppose the closest example I could give of it would be when you have overlapping memories of the same time period, like with OBE's but on an incomprehensible scale (a limitation of the mind and physical body no doubt).

    The saying "Man, know thyself." is a very deep saying. To me the more that I know/become my true self, chip away at the layers of the onion the belief's and limitations imposed from childhood there is less to know.. I can know and either dismantle or build additional layers to the conditioned experience I have become but that is only knowing the mind and the ego.

    So I guess the real question is.. is there a self to be known or should the saying be "Man, just be." or "Man, you are" It appears that "Man, Know thyself." literally means that there is no man to know and once you realize that and have it as a constant state you would be in a very nice place.

    All the best.

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    Re: Success Stories

    Well said.

    A difficult topic to discuss, because to discuss it 'can' take you further away from the core you seek.

    When you strip away all the layers of ego and programming, something is revealed. This is not a glorious super being. It is the essential you that you have always been, since before you were born.

    I have spent many hundreds of hours pondering this. I still ponder this extensively. And after many years I continue to make progress in my understanding of what I am, who I am, where I am, when I am, and why I am.

    And the programming we all have is more than extensive. This is 99% of who we are. Not much is left over once you prune it all away. And by 'pruning away' I do not mean that it is permanently removed. I do not think this can be done. But when you become aware of it, it loses its power and influence.

    I have wallowed in my programming, rather than trying to suppress it. I have done this in order to 'see it' more clearly. To see in what part of 'me' it exists. This is counter-intuitive and not efficient. But, again, it allows me to see it more clearly.

    I have been who I am since before my birth. I am the same mind, the same person. I call this aspect 'me'. Everything that has been added since then is window dressing. But this is important window dressing. it allows me to interact with this world and to be who I am.

    Programming and habit are extremely efficient. Anything new is a struggle until it becomes a habit through repetition. Then it becomes easy, second nature. This applies to 'every' aspect of life, from riding a bicycle, to reading and writing, and to thinking and reasoning.

    My current focus is on the question 'What part of me eats popcorn?' and what can I learn from this aspect.

    This is important because 'me' and all my other aspects, including my divine aspect (my higher self) share the same body and mind. They are so closely integrated that this 'collective' appears to be who I am. But this is not 'me'. The 'me' is my eternal aspect. It is what all true spiritual seekers seek. But it is too small and insignificant to warrant much attention, not until everything else has been examined and discarded. Only then does it become important, because there is nothing else left.

    So, my questions are...."What aspect of you performs the action of... eating popcorn?"

    ...and... "Why am I craving popcorn right now?"

    peace, robert

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    Re: Success Stories

    I completely agree, aspects of the ego continue to grow like a forest, its recognising something new has grown that is not part of the pure you the 1% that is unconditioned if you will. This is where I think Eckhart T struck gold in his work as if you can be fully present realising that you are not your physical body, you are not the mind or ego, but you are a complex multi dimensional, interpenetrating, energetic being your then capable to observe from presence the other 99%, not suppressing it but letting it flow through you with detached interest. This is coupled fantastically with your energy work as becoming sensitive enough to feel the energy connections and energies not of your true self helps. When you mention that you have wallowed in the programming, I think this is a good thing because, "if you can't see the dirt how can you clean it up", of course dirt will continue to accumulate but so long as you can see it you can deal with it in time.

    This IS a difficult topic to discuss and this is probably not to place to do it, I wanted to mention it with regards to this program though because in my experience the more that I have dismantled these onion layers, cut the energetic ties/cords, harvested my forest, however you would like to put it, the more progress I have made with energy work, altered state work, personal development and the more experiences that have occurred which I would never have considered reality.

    I'm up to rk_s08 on the program now and finding that I am doing really well with the advanced energy stimulation methods. I have not allocated a long session as of yet though which I will hopefully try and do this week sometime when I have the house to myself.

    There was one energy work method that I have been using for some time now and i'm not sure if you have it later in your program but i would like to share in any case as I have found it very good for helping control energy. If it is a pre-existing method please let me know. Its similar to the plank and twin tubes methods but what I do is I make energy balls (they can be any colour you want or just white is good) and they are about 50 cm in diameter and I start one rolling but outside of the extents of the inner or outer aura as you will, and using the body awareness tactile imaging methods you sense that area in the auric field that is being stimulated. Its great as you end up with 4 different energy balls swirling around you like the electrons of an atom at various angles. As with the other methods you can then stimulate/sense further and further out at will by just increasing the radius of these balls from your body. Anyway someone give it a try and see if they like it.

    Hahah, as for the popcorn.. thats a whole other conversation..


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