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Thread: Last night

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    pj0wnzu Guest

    Last night

    Well I just really got into oobeing and I have read up on it. I went to psipog and read to get ur body to sleep so I relaxed it for bout ten minutes then I tried to relax my brain. After bout 20 mins my heart started to beat real quick and then I lost control. I did the started the process over bout 5 mins later and then I got the heart beating real quick and I tried to focus. I did this thing where I don't know but its weird, I kindda like really loosen my legs up from the inside and it tingles kindda and feels weird well I did that and my whole body went into that sensations and my hands felt really warm and I could feel the kindda rising or floating and it felt like my whole body was kindda floating. My hand more then anything I didn't know if it was my actual hand or my like oobe bodys hands so I didn't want to check but then the sensations subsided. Am I doing this right to oobe?

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    pj0wnzu Guest
    can anyone else do that thing where they focus on there legs at anytime and they feel tingly and weird?

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    pj0wnzu Guest
    if u wouldn't mind get on one of ur messengers so I can talk to u.

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    pj0wnzu Guest
    well I added u on msn but my eyelids were like twitching too when the stuff was going on last night is that normal for obeing

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    pj0wnzu Guest
    I think me doing that thing with my legs like induced it because all was happening was my heart rate increasing and then I was like oh shizzle ITs gonna come and nothing did the next time my heart rate increased I did the leg thing which made my legs feel tingly and then like it spread to my whole body. So is that like a help to the oobe process?

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    pj0wnzu Guest
    its cool, I'm just frustrated I really wanna oobe lol and then go astro pee on people lol j/k but I really wanna oobe.

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    Wes Guest

    I think I experienced the same thing yesterday, I am fairly new at this.
    I find it very easy to relax the legs, and indeed get that tingeling feeling. The legs is the easy part for me. Now the furthest I came was when my eyelids became to tingle really powerfull and it was kind of hard to keep them closed.

    So I guess my biggest problem is keeping my eyes relaxed and closed.
    Anybody else had this?


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    pj0wnzu Guest
    I tried again last night I couldn't even consentrate so I guess I have to go for round three tonight . Hope its good.

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