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    -i met a guy yesterday while working. close to the end of my shift yesterday he approached me and i thought was hitting on me but said he was practicing cold reading people. I thought i got a vibe from him,and maybe i was vibing,too and then suddenly the conversation ended and he politely left and i just thought it a bit peculiar but thought of it as a nice interaction as if he was a friendly tourist that just wanted to chat for a few minutes. today,in the beginning/middle of my shift he came up to me and said my name and i replied back saying "you remembered my name." in a way as if flattered and surprised since i was. and we talked again and he said he wanted to see me again and said he is awkward when he first talks to people and i said i am,too and the vibe seemed to be a little more right on..almost serendiptious. i guess,like i felt a connection. he asked for my phone number and he said next time he is in town he will contact me and i told him to text him anyways when he wants just to say hey. i like how he looked at me and sometimes you just know when you feel that feeling.i hope he texts me. he said he is in my city sometimes and loves it here. today was his last day here.i wish things like this would happen more often. just the other day,i was feeling so insecure and ugly and wondering why its so hard to just meet a guy i like,and even though this was just an interaction/small connection moment,it made my day and boosted my confidence. i found him attractive and my type physically.i realize i need to just savor the small moments more,go with the flow and let go and stop daydreaming. that's the biggest reason my love life has been having such bad luck.
    -getting in a good workout yesterday at the gym with M
    -whole foods brand hummus
    -ice cold water
    -walking a lot today.i walked for over an hour.
    -browsing at saks.i enjoyed it so much. love looking at high fashion.
    -trying new things
    -hair clips
    -iced almond milk hazelnut lattes
    -TV episodes online
    -M putting $100 in my account the other day
    -feeling better
    -going for another agoraphobia challenge with the bike of riding around 2 different blocks today alone. my newest goal is to get comfortable with the bike like i am with uber-ing alone now.
    -my beauty
    -my christian dior eyecream
    -my miu miu clutch
    -my phone
    -my gym shoes
    -my laptop
    -alcohol samples
    -not having to work tomorrow
    -my escentric 02 perfume. it's become my current favorite
    -the homeopathic flea spray i've been using on the cats
    -being thought of
    -unique beauty
    -growing as a person
    -becoming more confident in some ways
    -beautiful unexpected surprises
    -getting a refund on the rug i didnt like.i felt bad,but i'm broke and you have to think business with things like that
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -big cities
    -buying a cute maximum support sportsbra from victoria's secret the other day.i'm really into athleisure style lately.
    -the stairmaster
    -my accomplishments
    -deciding to start doing loa prepaving again
    -my new gray comforter
    -animal lovers
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    Quote Originally Posted by buttercup View Post
    they sure are. they're so controversial but honestly for me they've made me a new person.
    controversy schmontroversy , they changed my life , ( and you can always count on them if your'e in a rough situation ) , so glad you figured this out
    *Currently occupied with full time , mandatory Hospital Rotations.
    *Hence unavailable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkChylde View Post
    controversy schmontroversy , they changed my life , ( and you can always count on them if your'e in a rough situation ) , so glad you figured this out
    Yes,me too thus far. They work for me and have had no to minimal negative side effects.

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    -my day off today
    -my intelligence
    -my strength
    -my gray comforter
    -transitioning my stuff out of one of two dressers i have to make more space in my room
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -cuddle time with my cats
    -buying myself a green rose from a luxury flower company i've had my eye on
    -interesting and innovative things
    -listening to all 3 of my hypnosis recordings and how nice it made me feel
    -getting a check in the mail
    -my christian dior eye cream
    -getting this room cleaned up a good amount finally and a closet organizing the closet shelf
    -doing some reading of the magic by rhonda byrne
    -the amy's kitchen pizza i had for dinner
    -watching some TV episodes on my phone with the app i found from the site i used to watch them on
    -the internet
    -social media
    -sleeping in and how good that felt
    -feeling good physically
    -feeling so present and appreciative while on xanax and appreciating the green of the grass and the way the sun felt and laying outside for a bit on my yoga mat in the yard and lounge chair
    -my phone
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -practicing letting go a bit and the art of applying it
    -my beauty
    -looking through my old photo albums and appreciating my beauty and seeing that me and the ex look way happier then he does in pics i've ever seen of him with girl he is with now
    -great design
    -how relaxing it felt with my lights off earlier and last night
    -watching an interesting moment last night in the middle of the night of the cats. T kitten who is almost a cat now and has grown so much killed a mouse or small rat.i felt bad more then usual when i see them with a hunt,and he was having so much fun with it tossing it in the air repeatedly as if it was a toy we had bought him. Some of the other cats were around him watching including the new baby kitten around L observing him and learning. She seems to mimick and like him a lot. Then P cat took her turn,it was as if her and T kitten shared the kill. I flt bad like the little kitten wanted her turn and it was good for her learning and the poor mouse's soul was transitioned by now anyways so brought her closer to let her take her turn and she was playing just like T kitten,s vicious as him with it having a great time. Mom cat of the other cats was a few feet observing them part of the time. Finally,most of the cats in the yard after playing with the mouse for awhile all were running around chasing each other seeming hyper as if playing tag and play hunting each other. The other cats seem to be accepting l kitten more and she seems to be learning from them.
    -manifestation of heart desires
    -seeing the small-ish cat i worried had passed on a few times recently because some kids said a cat that looks like the kitten but bigger they seen dead a block away so it wasn't that one. this is the cat that I thought might be S kitten awhile back but i can tell it's not. i do wonder if it's the l kitten's mom and the cat looks a little bigger/healthier now.
    -M's husband telling one of the kid's mom apparently to tell her daughter to not pick up the kitten anymore. they had kept coming by to see the cats and it was annoying me so he seen their mom today and told them. i feel kind of bad,but they are annoying my cats plus it worries me and i don't like kids.
    -funny quotes,and thought provoking quotes
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    -iced hazelnut almond latte
    -having a savings account
    -going to yoga class tonight
    -having a possible job for my next out of town trip i'm excited for with someone i worked for before
    -having social plans tomorrow and the day after,though i'm thinking of cancelling the 2nd one
    -seeing T kitten and L kitten getting along a little more. He didn't hiss or growl at her while on my bed about a foot away from each other..though he did give her some funny looks and even seeing them in sync with each other both cleaning themselves and the little one watching T and trying to inch up closer to him. L really likes him for some reason and i love watching her observe and mimick the cats.
    -seeing the psychiatrist today
    -doing a short bike ride challenge today
    -the lights off in the room
    -doing some reading of some wellness magazines and the magic
    -TV episodes online
    -having nice curves
    -my christian dior eye cream
    -dental floss
    -confirming a job today
    -deep cleansing breaths
    -getting the dresser i want out of my room almost emptied and thinking in about 2 days i'll be done emptying it out.
    -deciding to buy a makeup trunk as a new spot to put all my beauty products since i was thinking about where i'll put the things i'm taking out of the dresser
    -social media
    -text messages
    -buying some luxury candy from a candy boutique i got curious to try
    -finding a candy boutiques online with amazing selections and once seeing where the in-store is at,wondering if i've been there before.
    -the internet
    -happy memories
    -my accomplishments
    -self compassion
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