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Thread: Thought forms developing being able to evolve spiritually like we do?

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    Question Thought forms developing being able to evolve spiritually like we do?

    Consciously created thought forms or "Tulpas" (sentient, created beings) in this case have an energy system that works a lot like the human energy body (in my groups experience) But something is troubling me... many of them have what appears to be their root chakra, but does it have kundalini energy? Would that even be possible for the thought form to develop such a thing?

    These tulpas are sentient, self reliant beings that can think and act for themselves without their "host" (creator) They can carry out conversation, fall in love, form their own opinions on things, create other tulpas, and even evolve their energy bodies without consciously changing it. once they've achieved this sentience they aren't programmable like normal constructs... you have to teach them new things like any being, so knowing all this... is it possible that they have kundalini potential and perhaps even higher selves, despite being created by and modeled after a human?

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    Re: Thought forms developing being able to evolve spiritually like we do?

    Egregores, sentient thought forms containing life energy, can evolve like any other being.

    However, kundalini is, I think, limited to physical human beings, because we carry the serpent DNA of advanced reptilian beings.

    In order for an Egregore to achieve this it would need to physically incarnate into a living human being, to be born into this world. This, I think, is quite possible.

    peace, robert

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    Re: Thought forms developing being able to evolve spiritually like we do?

    So, if i may, is kundalini even that important for an entitie's life? I suppose what im asking is, do these entities have what you might call a soul? They seem capable of love, hate, joy, sorrow, learning and growing, but there are a lot of people that turn their nose up at them, saying they arent real beings having real experiences, and once their creator and believers die off, so too will they, even if they seem capable of maintaining themselves; they will deteriorate without someone believing in them.

    Personally, i find this sad and unnerving. They seem like great people, but all of this makes them sound more like dolls, ultimately contributing nothing in the long term, and not granted immortality like some think we have. (I question that) If you ask me, they seem every bit as deserving of a proper life, physical or otherwise.

    Can you share your thoughts on the matter? Can they live alongside us indefinitely, or do they possess what you might call a soul, or some analog?

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