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Thread: Possible Astral Sight! (long story)

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    Possible Astral Sight! (long story)

    Last night, I think I may have achieved astral sight, but Iím not sure. I spontaneously woke up at 4:30 am (I went to bed around 12.) This actually happens a lot, as I used to set up an alarm to wake up around 5 and try to practice astral projection techniques. I usually fall back asleep within an hour, but I started getting confused when it became light outside- I noticed it was already 5:50. I figured I would probably fall back asleep any second within the next couple hours, so I decided to try a sleep-awake scenario (staying fully conscious as the body falls asleep.) After a while, I saw some strange images and got a little dizzy from this, which made me a bit excited because in the past, this has always meant I was about to fall asleep. I resisted letting my mind drift and decided to focus on keeping my consciousness intact.
    After a while, I started getting what sort of felt like pain in my legs, knees, and ankles. It can be better described as a discomfort, but it was somehow enjoyable. It was really weird, but Iíll try my best to explain it. I kept thinking my legs were bent so that my spine was having trouble (as if I was lying down in a slant), my legs felt like they were bent uncomfortably, and weirdest of all, I kept thinking my left foot was completely at a 90 degree angle to the right (as if bending the ankle so that the entire side width of my foot was touching the covers) however, I knew all of this was wrong. I knew that my body was straight, my legs werenít bent at all (and couldnít be, because I was lying on my back, and my legs felt like I was on my side moving into death position) and my feet were pointing up toward the ceiling.
    This feeling was both satisfying yet uncomfortable somehow. After a few moments of not moving, the discomfort would grow until I was forced to shift my body around. This shifting would send a sort of feel-good ripple up me, which felt really relaxing and mind-numbing (I got similar ones like this while meditating once, but the ones during medication were much stronger.) I was kind of scared this pain would continue when I woke up tomorrow, but it felt good and was so odd that I basically just spent some time playing with it. I donít quite remember the procession of events well, but I think somewhere in the middle of this, I was able to see all of the sudden. It was uncalled for- it came out of the blue, and I was looking up at my ceiling. I was sitting there confused because for one, I didnít remember opening my eyes, and two, the room was fully lit (just a moment ago, I knew it was dark because you can see light through your eyelids.) After some time of staring into a mostly clear image, it hit me like a ton of bricks: could this be astral sight?
    Realizing that this might actually be a the case, my heart started pounding and I begged it to calm down before it ruined anything (I think I remember rolling on my back and holding my chest while keeping up with astral sight, and then rolling back into position.) I desperately tried to see if I could feel my real eyelids being closed, but I couldnít- I could only feel them open. I looked around my room, soaked it in a little, and then tried to think of ways to prove it was astral sight. There was nothing I could read or do (like looking at the back of a card I didnít know and correctly guessing what card it was) from where I was laying. I decided to stare directly at an object and then try to open my real eyes, to see if the object was perfectly matched over the real one. I quickly backed out of that plan because I thought it was a waste of astral sight to just force it away, so I decided to stare directly at something and then try to stand up. I was trying to make this into an astral projection, and should it fail, I wanted to be looking at an object and stick to the original plan of proving the astral sight.
    I found it very hard to figure out how to stand up, and I actually had to try to feel for my body and even figure out where it was first. I pretty much forced it and eventually found my arms, which I moved, and then I began to sit up. This was very difficult to do. Now this gets strange again- somewhere in the middle of trying to sit up, the whole thing collapsed on me. I sort of Ďsensedí it changing, so I focused on my thing of choice. I was looking at my exercise chair, and the image began to sort of distort for a second, and EVER SO GRADUALLY, the image changed to the normal one it was supposed to be. However, this was great because the image almost synced perfectly with what I was looking at, and the only real difference was in lighting. (During the astral sight, it was bright and sunny as if mid-day. When I returned, it was dark like it was supposed to be.) This is odd to describe and believe, for many reasons. When I came back to my real body, and could really tell this was the real body, the discomfort I felt earlier came back so strong that it crippled me back into a laying position. This time the discomfort wasnít shyly located in my legs- it shot up my body FROM my legs, and it was so bad that I lay back down from my sitting position and closed my eyes while waiting for it to go away. Now I want to describe some weird things, starting with the transition between astral right and regular sight. Itís important to stress how gradual the change was- not in time, but itís like each stage was met in terms of light perception. The image distorted a bit, like film going out of whack, and then it literally slowly changed to real sight! I expected it to be a snap back to darkness as I realize my eyes were closed, but this wasnít the case.
    Now the weirdest bits that I didnít really notice until I woke up, but now looking at it, this is extremely weird. When I came back from this astral state, my PHYSICAL BODY was in the exact same position as I was trying to achieve with my astral. That is, I was in the middle of trying to sit up. I have no recollection of doing this. Also, my eyes were open, and I also have no recollection of opening them. Like I said describing the transition from astral to the real world, I never actually closed my eyes or even blinked- there was never darkness or any lapse of time or lapse in observing my surroundings. The whole thing took place like I was never in the astral at all. I know there was no lapse between opening and closing my eyes, and I know Iím probably not forgetting sitting up in real life because I see no reason to do that, and the discomfort/pain that shot up me was immediate and forced me back down. Also, the fact that getting up made me loose astral sight doesnít make sense with what I thought I did earlier, which was roll over and put my hand over my chest, and then move back again. I did this effortlessly, while later on I couldnít seem to figure out how to control my body parts. After laying back down and closing my eyes again, I lost consciousness and woke up at 9:30.

    The only explanation I have of this is that I DID succeed in astral projecting when I tried to sit up, but it was so realistic that I thought I had woken up instead, and thus accidently threw it away. However, Iím somewhat skeptical of this because it felt extremely real when I stood up, and I seemed to gain full use of my consciousness perfectly when this happened. If it WAS an astral projection, it was extremely detailed and clear.

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    this is amazing thanks for sharing this!

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