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Thread: Publishing your own manuscript as an eBook

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    Publishing your own manuscript as an eBook

    Dear authors,

    We can convert the text of your manuscript into a sparkling eBook, professionally formatted and published on Apple and Amazon and Kobo iBook stores.

    Please submit your eBook publishing proposal here:

    Or just send an email to:

    We will help you to find the perfect eBook publishing solution.

    Best Regards
    Magic Light Press

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    Re: Publishing your own manuscript as an eBook

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    Re: Publishing your own manuscript as an eBook

    No doubt this would be handy for someone with no wordprocessing or IT skills. But it is also possible to publish a book yourself on Amazon, quite easily. I have never done it, but I have a colleague who wrote a book and published it herself as an ebook.

    By all means use an intermediary if you feel you need one. But if you have the determination, it can be done yourself.


    There are others as well. A search on Google will show these.

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    Re: Publishing your own manuscript as an eBook

    I'm on bookrix, it's fine and without cost. I first wanted first to write an AP book, cover and concept all standing, including further installments - should have been a series. Now after inspirations this year it went completely the other way and it turned into a (mainly spiritual/metaphysical) Poetry book for this and a second volume planned for maybe late 2016-17 (have a music publishing project in between that'll take up the space and time).
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